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11th Street Bridges Construction Progress,
October 7, 2011


A photo tour of the progress on the 11th Street Bridges project, which is constructing three new bridges for freeway and local traffic across the Anacostia River, replacing two bridges that are not aging gracefully.
A stitched-together panorama of the 11th Street Bridges project, as seen from the new southbound 295 flyover bridge. See the enlarged image to get a closer look.
Looking westward at the bridges construction. On the left is the new 11th Street Local bridge, which when it opens in the fall of 2012 will move two-way traffic between old town Anacostia and 11th Street SE next to the Navy Yard. To the right are the two new freeway bridges, inbound and outbound, which will connect the Southeast Freeway to DC 295, and which are expected to open by the end of 2011. In the middle is the new ramp that will take traffic from the outbound bridge toward northbound DC 295, a connection that doesn't exist with the current bridge configuration.
A close-up look at the 11th Street Local Bridge, which will have wide pedestrian/cycling paths in addition to four lanes for vehicles. (This is the bridge that streetcars will run on, if the city's plans are ever implemented.)
The two freeway bridges, and the new ramp that will take outbound traffic to the northbound DC 295 freeway. At right is the existing inbound 11th Street Bridge. You can also see, at the spot where the barrels are just beyond the girders, where a ramp from southbound 295 to the inbound freeway bridge will be built, though it must wait for the existing inbound bridge to be closed.
A close-up of the new outbound ramp, which kind of has to wait until the old inbound bridge stops being used before it can be fully constructed.
On the west side of the river, work is underway to construct a new ramp (at right) from M Street SE to the outbound freeway bridge and to demolish some of the existing embankment. At left is the Navy Yard and also 11th Street, which will become a two-way street with traffic coming on and off the new 11th Street Local bridge.
Looking at the structural steel of the new 11th Street Local bridge, under construction just upriver of the existing outbound bridge at right.
The outbound approach of the 11th Street Local Bridge can't be fully constructed until portions of the existing outbound bridge are demolished, so for now this is the westbound end of the new bridge. At rear is the embankment of the new outbound freeway bridge.
On the east side of the construction, at DC 295, part of a new ramp for the local connection has already been completed (bottom right), though this photo is really more notable for the new east of the river Circulator bus seen on the rear ramp.
The new bridge that will cross DC 295 and connect to Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. is partially completed, with the rebar visible on its right side in preparation for the second half of construction. The girders for the approach to MLK and downtown Anacostia are also visible at rear.
At Anacostia Park, shown merely because it cracks me up.
Standing under the new freeway bridges (right) and northbound connector ramp girders (left) in Anacostia Park. The 11th Street Local bridge is visible at far left.
Under the new freeway bridges on the west side of the Anacostia River, where the Anacostia Community Boathouse used to stand. And no, the bridges aren't going to be painted red, that's primer.
The spot at O Street SE just east of the Navy Yard where the new 11th Street Local Bridge reaches street level. This can't be completed until the old outbound ramps seen at rear are demolished.
The 11th Street Local Bridge girders.
Looking upriver at where the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail will run beneath the new bridges, with the local bridge in the foreground and the freeway bridges at rear. There will also be a small park/plaza area near this location, as you can see in these DDOT slides.
Blue skies through the local bridge's girders. You can also see the embankment where it is beginning its rise to cross the river.
The freeway bridges, as seen from the old Anacostia Community Boathouse spot on the west bank of the Anacostia.
The very large embankment for the freeway bridges as they cross onto the west bank of the river.
The new freeway bridges crossing O Street, SE, just east of the Navy Yard.
Farther north and west from the river, there is additional project work underway. This pier, on the east side of 11th Street, shows where the new inbound freeway bridge will turn toward where it will merge with the existing Southeast Freeway. And, to the right, where the gravel pile and construction work is visible, is where traffic coming along the old freeway route from Pennsylvania Avenue and RFK will rise up to a new signalized intersection at 11th Street, with the option to continue straight onto a new ramp to access the Southeast Freeway, or turn on 11th.
The piers for the new inbound freeway traffic at the point where it begins its westward bend to meet up with the Southeast Freeway.
Looking back toward Pennsylvania Avenue and RFK on the old below-grade access road to the Southeast Freeway, beneath 11th Street. These concrete towers, which will hold sewer/infrastructure stuff and will be topped with manholes, show how the new ramp will rise to meet 11th Street.

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