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The Yards: Yards Park

A 5.8-acre park along the Anacostia River; construction begun in 2008, officially opened Sept. 7, 2010

In the Pipeline
1000 1st St.
Yards/Parcel L
The Garrett
Square 696
Yards/Icon Theater
1000 South Capitol
25 M
Chiller Site Condos
Yards/Parcel A
1333 M St.
New Douglass Bridge
More Capper Apts.
250 M St.
New Marine Barracks
Nat'l Community Church
Factory 202/Yards
Insignia on M ('17)
F1rst/Residence Inn ('17)
One Hill South ('17)
Homewood Suites ('16)
ORE 82 ('16)
The Bixby ('16)
Dock 79 ('16)
Community Center ('16)
The Brig ('16)
Park Chelsea ('16)
Yards/Arris ('16)
Hampton Inn ('15)
Southeast Blvd. ('15)
11th St. Bridges ('15)
Parc Riverside ('14)
Twelve12/Yards ('14)
Lumber Shed ('13)
Boilermaker Shops ('13)
Camden South Cap. ('13)
Canal Park ('12)
Capitol Quarter ('12)
225 Virginia/200 I ('12)
Foundry Lofts ('12)
1015 Half Street ('10)
Yards Park ('10)
Velocity Condos ('09)
Teague Park ('09)
909 New Jersey Ave. ('09)
55 M ('09)
100 M ('08)
Onyx ('08)
70/100 I ('08)
Nationals Park ('08)
Seniors Bldg Demo ('07)
400 M ('07)
Douglass Bridge Fix ('07)
US DOT HQ ('07)
20 M ('07)
Capper Seniors 1 ('06)
Capitol Hill Tower ('06)
Courtyard/Marriott ('06)
Marine Barracks ('04)
A pre-construction rendering showing an aerial view of the Yards Park at dusk. The "Great Lawn" is the green patch at left, the expanded Canal Basin with its pedestrian bridge is just to the right, the Lumber Shed and its plaza is at top center, and the boardwalk runs across the bottom past marinas and piers and west to Diamond Teague Park. The park officially opened on Sept. 7, 2010.
Sept. 7, 2010 - The Pedestrian Bridge and Light Tower, seen at the park's Sept. 7 grand opening. For many more photos from the ribbon cutting, see this Gallery.
Sept. 7, 2010 - Near the water's edge, when the Display Ship Barry was still docked up river.
  June 9, 2016 - And sort of the same angle, with the Barry gone but with the park's new 50-slip marina close to opening.
March 7, 2016 - An on-high view of the central area of the Park, seen from Arris, while the marina was still under construction.
And coming perhaps by late 2017 to the grassy area at 4th and Water seen at lower left in the marina photo above will be District Winery, with a restaurant and event/meeting spaces, in addition to the District's first-ever winery. (Technically this plot of grass was always planned to be built on, but fans of the park will probably consider it a loss of park space nonetheless.)

A before-and-after-and-after of the park as seen from Poplar Point, looking north up Third Street, SE, first on March 3, 2005 (top), then and Jan. 8, 2012 (middle), then on Feb. 27, 2016 (bottom ). The large bunnies were a temporary art exhibit, not an invasion. Note the changes to the building housing the Foundry Lofts and the Lumber Shed, along with the arrival of the Arris apartment building. Not to mention the appearance of the US Department of Transportation HQ. Click to see all available photos of this location.
Sept. 24, 2010 - A nighttime shot at the park, showing the canal basin, the Lumber Shed, and the ghostly presence of the Foundry Lofts building. For more nighttime shots of the park, see this gallery.
Jan. 1, 2015 - The Yards Park bridge has become quite a destination for photo shoots, and it now gets a holiday touch each year with its mistletoe ball.
Nov. 25, 2011 - In late 2011, the bridge connecting Yards Park with Diamond Teague Park and Nationals Park opened. (See a gallery of photos of the new bridge.)
April 17, 2016 - Looking at the Yards Park and the Foundry Lofts and Arris from downriver, on the Douglass Bridge.
Aug. 6, 2005 - A "before" view of the park's footprint along 3rd Street south of Water, in August 2005.
Jun 9, 2016 - The same location, now known as the Third Street Plaza. For many more before-and-afters in the park, see the Expanded Archive.  Click to see all available photos of this location.
Aug. 6, 2005 - Turning around and looking north up Third Street from south of what would become Water Street, in 2005.
Aug 5, 2017 - The same location, showing off the canal basin, the waterfall, and the fountains at the Third Street Plaza.  Click to see all available photos of this location.
July 17, 2008 - The riverfront near the bulkhead, before.
Sept. 7, 2010 - A similar view of the same location, with the park completed.
July 17, 2008 - The historic Lumber Storage Shed, built in the 1930s and showcasing its decidely non-historic salmon-colored tin exterior.
June 9, 2016 - A similar view, with the shed long since de-skinned and now open as a retail pavilion. (More details here.) Click to see all available photos of this location.
Walking on the bridge at night. For more nighttime shots of the park, see this gallery. (9/24/10)
A view from the overlook toward the open grass and boardwalk. (8/27/10)
The boardwalk and the light tower, looking toward Diamond Teague Park and the Florida Rock site and the Douglass Bridge (and Buzzard's Point in Southwest) in the distance. (9/7/10)

Looking at the park footprint from the southeast viewing platform at Nationals Park, first on 9/1/07 while the stadium was in under construction, and then at the end of the ballpark's third season, a few weeks after the Yards Park opened. (9/25/10)
Standing on the Great Lawn the day of the park's opening, looking back toward the Canal Basin and the Foundry Lofts. (9/7/10)
June 9, 2016 - A slightly shifted angle of the same location, not quite six years later, with the Foundry Lofts' renovation long since complete and Arris now finished next door.
Standing south of the axis of Fourth Street, looking east toward the Navy Yard and the Display Ship Barry, in 2005. (8/6/05)
The same location, with the location known as the "Virginia Avenue Gardens" getting some down-to-the-wire work done just before the park's opening. (9/7/10)
Another nighttime look at the park, showing the canal basin, the pedestrian bridge, and the light tower. For more shots of the park after dark, see this gallery. (9/24/10)
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