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It's been a while (I've been out of town), so I'm now catching up and giving you updated construction photos of 20 M Street and Capper Seniors #2, which are both making good progress. I also added two new shots to my Stadium Construction Gallery, but I didn't visit my perch on the South Capitol Street Bridge today, and until the stadium skeleton actually starts to appear, I probably won't have too many new photos, and it might be just as interesting to visit the Clark/Hunt/Smoot Stadium Construction Cam every so often. Holes in the ground are tough to make exciting from street level :-). As always, let the icon be your guide. (I'd post updated photos of the continuing Capper demolition, but for crying out loud they're STILL not finished with the tiny block bounded by Virginia, I, 3rd, and 4th, which they started eight weeks ago. I think I could have done it faster with a hammer and shovel.)

A beautiful afternoon for a photo excursion, and you can see a smattering of new shots on my pages for 20 M Street, the Ballpark District (with shots of the new bright-yellow Monument Realty signs), Capper/Carrollsburg (where in one month they've managed to demolish just two of the two-story buildings at 3rd and Virginia), Capper Seniors #2 (which is showing good progress) and of course the baseball stadium. The icon is your guide for the latest offerings.

Both the office building at 20 M Street and the wraparound construction at Capper Seniors #2 are starting to become much more visible, so I've added new pictures to each of their pages.

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In addition to the pictures I posted earlier from the site of the new baseball stadium, there's also new pictures now on my Capitol Hill Tower, DOT HQ, and 20 M Street pages. I've also got a few new shots and some additional information on the project at 801 Virginia Ave. (if you've been past there, you may have noticed that the buildings on the lot have been demolished.)

I have so very many photos of Near Southeast that I've never posted, but as a block or corner begins to get developed I look through them a lot to see if there's any angle that maybe I'd now like to show. I've been doing this lately as 20 M Street's construction continues, and as I've browsed through my pictures of Half and M lately, something started to jump out at me from the edges of some of the shots, something that it now appears I've been unintentionally tracking for the past three years. So, I bring to you: Gas Prices at Half and M. No pressure, Sunoco!

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It's a beautiful sunny day, so I went on a photo expedition. (Except that trying to take pictures toward the south at this time of year is almost impossible, no matter what time of day.) Check for new photos on my DOT HQ, Capitol Hill Tower, Capper Seniors, Florida Rock, M Street, and 20 M pages. As always, the  icon is your guide.

It's Photo Updates day, and I've added a pile of them--look for the   icon to see my latest photos on these pages: DOT HQ, Capper Seniors, Capitol Hill Tower, Canal Park, 20 M Street, East End, M Street, Marine B.E.Q., and New Jersey Avenue, and even one if you dig enough on South Capitol Street. Whew!

Anyone who's lived in DC for any amount of time will be stunned to read today's Post story, "As Stadium Clock Ticks, DC Officials Bicker," detailing the difficulties of getting a design for the new baseball stadium agreed upon. Much of the trouble revolves around the desire (pushed most vehemently by Jack Evans) to have views of the Capitol Dome from as many seats at the stadium as possible. More from the story: "Evans argued that a view beyond center field of one of the city's signature buildings would give fans a sense of place and provide grand shots for national television cameras. At Evans's urging, city planners recently stopped work by Lerner Enterprises on construction of a 130-foot office building on M Street SE, one block north of the stadium. People familiar with the matter said the move angered the company, founded and run by Theodore N. Lerner, who is among those bidding to buy the Nationals. City officials said late last week that they will allow the company to resume work because it has abided by city building regulations. Company officials declined to comment. Evans also has discussed limiting the heights of buildings being planned by Monument Realty, which owns land on N Street SE that abuts the stadium site. City planners worried that such a move would inadvertently harm the creation of an entertainment and shopping district around the ballpark, which has been promised by another powerful player, the Anacostia Waterfront Corp." The article also says that groups are bickering over who has final say on the design. The stadium is supposed to begin construction in March, 2006.


Fences have gone up, and construction equipment has begun to arrive at the 20 M Street lot. This building will be the 5th new office tower on M Street since 1999. With more to come, I'm sure.

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It's site update day! I've posted new photos on the following pages: DOT HQ, Capitol Hill Tower, Nationals Stadium, and M Street. And because I don't always put the latest photos at the top of these pages, I'm now including a   icon with the pictures to help you pick out the fresh content. Also, as I threatened a few days back, I've created a page for the 20 M Street SE office building project. Not exactly a barn-burner of a page at this point, since I can only post so many pictures of an empty lot without going crazy, but it's a start.


Lerner Enterprises announced today that construction will begin this summer on 20 M Street, a 10-story 190,000 sq ft office building, with completion scheduled for Summer, 2007. The property, designed to be "Green" and which will also have retail on its first floor, is on the northwest corner of the Half and M intersection (currently a parking lot), diagonally across from the Navy Yard Metro station and one block north of the new Nationals stadium site. No tenants have been announced. Whiting-Turner will be the general contractor. You can see a few photos on my M Street page, and I guess before long I'll be creating a 20 M page!

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News continues to pick up:
· Linda Cropp appears to be backpedaling, and now says she supports the Mayor's baseball stadium financing plan but wants to "explore" private financing options.
· Demolition continues at Capper/Carrollsburg between 4th and 5th Streets. The section south of L is about 70% demolished, and work began today on the section north of L Street. A worker told me that the demolition phase is expected to last about 90 days, and will also include demolishing the buildings on the southwest corner of 3rd and L. (I presume this is to help clear the way for construction of 250 M Street, but I don't know for sure.)
· A Lerner Enterprises new press release included a tidbit that construction of 20 M Street SE will start in Spring, 2005. There didn't seem to be any hint of it in a recent WBJ article on the area, so I'm a bit skeptical, but we'll see. Maybe the pending arrival of the baseball stadium has jump-started their market.
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