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West Half Street

Site of the WMATA Southeastern Bus Garage until bought by Akridge in 2008; currently home to the Fairgrounds
Southern two-thirds of site sold to JBG in February, 2015
Northern third sold to Brandywine Real Estate Trust in April, 2015

In the Pipeline
One M/10 Van
Yards/Icon Theater
DC Water HQ
New Douglass Bridge
Yards/Parcel O
JBG/Akridge/Half St.
Lynch/Half St.
Chiller Site Condos
Yards/Parcel A
1333 M St.
Capper Apts.
250 M St.
New Marine Barracks
Nat'l Community Church
Factory 202/Yards
Congressional Square
1000 South Capitol
Southeast Blvd. ('15)
11th St. Bridges ('15)
Parc Riverside ('14)
Twelve12/Yards ('14)
Lumber Shed ('13)
Boilermaker Shops ('13)
Camden South Capitol ('13)
Canal Park ('12)
Capitol Quarter ('12)
225 Virginia/200 I ('12)
Foundry Lofts ('12)
1015 Half Street ('10)
Yards Park ('10)
Velocity Condos ('09)
Teague Park ('09)
909 New Jersey Ave. ('09)
55 M ('09)
100 M ('08)
Onyx ('08)
70/100 I ('08)
Nationals Park ('08)
Seniors Bldg Demo ('07)
400 M ('07)
Douglass Bridge Fix ('07)
US DOT HQ ('07)
20 M ('07)
Capper Seniors 1 ('06)
Capitol Hill Tower ('06)
Courtyard/Marriott ('06)
Marine Barracks ('04)

In 2015, Akridge sold its Half Street stake to JGB and to Brandywine Realty Trust. JGB is planning two residential buildings; no word yet from Brandywine. Until more is available, this page contains information on Akridge's plans for the site before the sale.

May 6, 2008 - The western side of Half Street between M and N (across from the Navy Yard Metro entrance) was home to WMATA's Southeastern Bus Garage operations until March 2008. Monument Realty negotiated for a long time to gain control of this land to develop it; but in Sept. 2007 WMATA awarded the sale of the 97,000-acre site (including an adjacent parking lot) to the John Akridge Development Company for what was a winning bid of $69.25 million. However....
October 11, 2015 - The same location, with the garage three years gone and the Fairgrounds container market in place. After Monument sued WMATA over the bidding process for the site, an out-of-court settlement was reached in June 2008 that gave Akridge the right to buy the bus garage and Monument the right to buy the parking lot across from the garage on Van Street. Both deals were closed in late August 2008, with Akridge paying $49.5 million for the bus garage site. Click to see all available photos of this location.
March 2006 - This corner used to be home to the Good and Plenty Carryout.
October 11, 2015 - The same location, where outdoor bar The Bullpen opened in 2009 and ran for three seasons before being replaced by the Fairgrounds in 2012.  Click to see all available photos of this location.
September 29, 2007 - What the middle of the block looked like for a long long time, showing the considerable frontage of the bus garage along Half Street. The entrance to the Navy Yard Metro station is at far right, near the yellow crane.
April 3, 2012 - A zoomed version of the same location, with the shipping containers of the "Fairgrounds" in place.
April 3, 2012 - The southern edge of the Fairgrounds, on Half just north of N.
April 3, 2012 - The Fairgrounds entrance on Half, just south of M, across from the Navy Yard Metro station entrance.
November 2006 - The WMATA bus depot building as seen looking north on Van Street, with 20 M Street looming behind.
April 3, 2009 - The same spot, one day after the completion of demolition.
June 2007 - The bus garage's facade along M Street, looking east from Van Street, in July 2006.
April 26, 2015 - The same location, with the garage long gone, 55 M Street looming across Half Street at left, and the Fairgrounds shipping containers in place. Click to see all available photos of this location.
October 2007 - Sneaking a peek at the M Street entrance to the bus garage, and its roof, looking down from the 20 M Street office building.
May 2007 - The WMATA parking that Monument got the option to buy from the lawsuit settlement is nestled between the Public Storage building and Domino's.
A rendering from 2008ish showing Akridge's plan for an office building at the corner of Half and M, which could still be in the works even after the sale to JBG. The other buildings shown behind it are on the land now owned by JBG, and should be expected to change.
Akridge had planned one residential building directly across from Nats Park at Half and N, seen above. But this land is now owned by JBG, which also is developing the 1244 South Capitol residential building immediately to the west. Akridge had purchased this portion of the block in summer 2008 from Monument Realty.
Two drawings from when Akridge was expected to develop the entire block. In both cases, the building at far right in the drawings (25 M) is an office building on land still owned by Akridge, so could still be close to what may be built on that site. The other buildings on the left side of the drawings, though, are on land now owned by JBG.
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