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The Stadium and the Zoning Commission
Jun 26, 2006 8:06 PM
Starting a thread for whatever news comes out of tonight's Zoning Commission hearing on the baseball stadium (and the parking garages!)--Mayor Williams planned to testify, and here are his prepared remarks. UPDATE: The Washington Times says that the Zoning Commission was not anywhere close to impressed with the new garages plan ("Garages Proposal Roundly Criticized"). The short Post story ("Mayor Asks For Stadium Plan Approval") doesn't include any actual detail from the hearing.
UPDATE, 6/29: Here's another Washington Times story, talking about the short timetable the city has to address the Zoning Commission's concerns, and also discussing the additional environmental issues that appear to have cropped up at the site.

Preview of Ballpark District (But No Pictures!)
Jun 26, 2006 7:57 AM
Adrian Washington of the Anacostia Waterfront Corporation gave a preview of the soon-to-be-released Ballpark District plans to the Washington Post last week, as described by Dana Hedgpeth ("Anacostia Group Looks Beyond the Ballpark"). From the article: "Under those plans, about 9 million square feet of residential and commercial buildings and parking garages will be built over the next decade on 50 acres around the stadium, said officials with the Anacostia Waterfront group. They estimate that the new development -- on land that is now mostly auto repair shops, nightclubs and empty lots -- will be worth about $4.5 billion." However, "Washington declined to release any sketches for publication, saying they were not final." Waaaaah!

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