A rendering showing the Yards from above the Anacostia.
Developers: Forest City Washington and GSA
Lead Office Architect: Shalom Baranes Assoc.
Designers: SMWM, M. Paul Friedberg and Partners
"The Yards"/Southeast Federal Center

A huge public-private partnership spanning 42 acres, 1.8 million sq ft office space, 2,800 residential units, 160,000-350,000 sq ft retail, and a 5.87-acre riverfront park. The first construction began in 2008, with the entire project to be completed in three phases over 10-20 years.

Official Web Sites: The Yards (Facebook, Twitter) | Yards Park (Facebook, Twitter)
Foundry Lofts (Facebook, Twitter) - Fully Leased
Yards Virtual Tour (6/11) | Yards Park Ribbon Cutting (9/7/10)
5/28/09 Park Groundbreaking | 10/3/07 Groundbreaking (Release, DC16 Video)
SFC Overlay (Zoning rules and regulations for the site) | SFC PUD Order (3/04)
Southeast Federal Public-Private Development Act of 2000
JD's Yards News Items & Additional Links

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See the map of The Yards to orient yourself
to the locations of the parcels mentioned below.

Parcel O/Trapeze School New York

The southeast "corner" of Fourth and Tingey, in September 2007, before Fourth was extended southward. (9/07)

The same location, with a new street in place, and with the tent for the Trapeze School New York just erected. The Trapeze School is an "interim use," perhaps through 2014, before this lot is developed as most likely a residential building. (12/15/13) Click to see all available photos of this location.

Other Parcels

Parcels H and I run along the south side of N Street between New Jersey and First. This photo shows Parcels H and I, as seen from First and N, in February 2007, as it looked for a long time. The red building at far right is on the WASA site. The second photo, taken 10/27/13, shows the demolition of the GPO building, the completion of the parking lot, and a new Yards pavilion with information about the project.  Click to see all available photos of this location.

Another view of Parcel H, as seen from the ballpark side of First Street. (04/07)

The same location, with the new temporary surface parking lot completed. (3/23/08) Click to see all available photos of this location.

Building 74, the most eastern of historic buildings at the Yards, as seen from just inside the brick wall on M Street. This building finally came into view from M Street east of Fifth in summer 2008, when a hole was punched in the historic brick wall to make way for the eventual 5 1/2 Street, SE (to the right of the building). Building 74 will eventually be redeveloped into townhouses. (10/29/08)

Peeking westward down Tingey Street into The Yards from the western edge of the Navy Yard, on Hull Street. The building at left is part of the Navy Yard; the building at right is Building 74. The parking lot at right will also eventually become a residential building of some sort. (04/04)

The eastern boundary of the Yards, from Tingey looking south at "5th." The power plant at left belongs to the Navy Yard. The Anacostia River is straight ahead, even though you can't see it. (05/04)

Basically the same location, in October 2008, as a brick wall separating the Yards from the Navy Yard is under construction, in advance of the addition of Fifth Street. This location, known as Parcel O and temporarily the home to Trapeze School New York, will eventually have a residential building. (10/29/08)

Another view near Parcel O, the planned residential building on the eastern edge of the Yards. This is on Tingey, near what will be the new Fifth Street, looking west. The Foundry Lofts are under construction in the distance, and eventually another residential building will be built on the land (Parcel N) just in front of the Foundry lofts. (10/29/08)

Standing in what has since become the Yards Park, looking to the northwest across Parcel L, another eventual residential building. The 1905 Beaux Arts WASA main pumping station is at left. (10/29/08)

Work is underway to create the extension of Fourth Street south of Tingey; this is the southeast corner of that intersection-to-be, between Parcels N and O. (10/29/08)

Looking south from Tingey between "2nd" and "3rd," with construction underway on one of the temporary surface lots and before work began on the Foundry Lofts (left). A new residential building will eventually be built on this empty lot, known as Parcel M. (3/15/08)

This northeastern footprint of the Yards is slated to be redeveloped during the project's later phases, except for the large building, the Broadside Mount Shop, which will be renovated into a 270-unit condo building called "Factory 202" perhaps by 2011. The smaller brick building (Building 74), until recently home to the Federal Protective Services, and the parking lots surrounding it will become residential areas in later phases of the site's development. (11/1/07)

The northwestern edge of the Yards complex, at 1st and M Streets, SE; this building housed the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency until September 2011. (01/03)

A view into the western side of the Federal Center, on N Street, looking eastward across 1st Street. The white building at left is currently empty used by unnamed cloak-and-dagger Federal agencies. (5/07) Click to see all available photos of this location.

            Overview            First Phase Renderings/Photos            More Photos/Later Phases            Yards News Items            

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