Diamond Teague Park/Earth Conservation Corps/Old Capitol Pumphouse
Diamond Teague Park is an $8 million 39,000-sq-ft public plaza with water-taxi piers at the terminus of First Street, across from Nationals Park, with its first phase completed in August, 2009. The park is named for an Earth Conservation Corps volunteer who was murdered in 2003 (see this story on Diamond Teague from NOW With Bill Moyers).
The Earth Conservation Corps is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989, providing environmental education, job training and community service programs for disadvantaged youth between the ages of 17-25 years old. The pumphouse building itself was built in 1903 to pump Anacostia River water for steam heat for the Capitol building. The building stopped its activities in 1950 because the river was too polluted to continue.

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Looking at Diamond Teague Park and the Earth Conservation Corps pumphouse from the viewing platform above Potomac Avenue at Nationals Park. Poplar Point is across the Anacostia, and the Display Ship Barry at far left marks the Navy Yard. The park extends from the pumphouse to the trees at center and then east along the (currently gravel-lined) shoreline; an additional floating pier is seen in the water toward the left. The parking lot at far left is part of the WASA property, some of which will eventually become part of Diamond Teague Park (as well as perhaps an extended portion of Potomac Avenue). The white sandy/gravel-filled area at right behind the red fence is part of the RiverFront redevelopment project, and is scheduled be another public plaza that will abut Diamond Teague Park. For more photos, see this gallery and this one. (4/5/10) Click to see all available photos of this location.

A reverse view of the park and piers and the stadium, as seen from the Douglass Bridge. (9/29/09) 

The view from the water taxi pier up toward the ballpark. (8/27/09)

The land-based boardwalk, looking toward the ballpark and the eventual RiverFront development. (8/27/09)

To the right on the way up the gangplank is a view of in-water plantings and the floating boardwalk, with the Yards Park footprint at rear. (8/27/09)

The water taxi pier, with its view of the Navy Yard, the display ship Barry, and the Yards Park. (8/27/09)

The view of the Anacostia shoreline (and the Yards and the Navy Yard) from the very end of Teague's boardwalk,
at least through early 2011. (8/27/09)

A slightly different angle of same location, with the new 627-foot bridge connecting Teague Park to the Yards Park.
(See a gallery of photos of the new bridge.) (11/25/11) 

Heading onto the new bridge from Teague Park. (11/25/11) 

A "before" view of the Diamond Teague Park footprint, as seen from the under-construction ballpark viewing platform, in September 2007. (9/1/07)

Basically the same view, more than two years later, with construction complete. (4/5/10)

Zooming in to look at the old pumphouse from across the Anacostia River at Poplar Point, in March 2005. (03/05)

The same view, five years later, with construction completed. (5/31/10)

The site plan for Diamond Teague Park, as of February 2008 (see enlarged versions of the site map and the pier plans). The images show the expected first-phase construction of the park, including the piers and the southern on-land portion of the park. The northern portion, currently behind fences on WASA's land, will be built at a later date. showing the park areas and "educational piers", along with a water taxi pier (bottom center). Eventually there will also be a floating boardwalk providing a link to the Waterfront Park at The Yards. Images courtesy of the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

The First Street entry to the ECC property, in May 2003. (05/03)

The same location, in January 2012, with construction on the park completed. The expanded intersection of First and Potomac has changed the curbline somewhat. (1/08/12) Click to see all available photos of this location.

Walking toward the pumphouse, through the First Street Plaza/Diamond Teague Park footprint, south of P Street. (03/06)

The same location, in April 2010. (4/10/10)

In September 2009, limited water taxi service for some baseball games began between Alexandria's waterfront and Diamond Teague Park. Here the Miss Christin prepares for docking. (9/29/09)

Dusk. (9/29/09)

Another view of the piers, from the Douglass Bridge. (9/29/09)

One more view, this time as seen from across the Anacostia River at Poplar Point. (5/31/10)

Diamond Teague's parents Ivory and Florence, along with Mayor Fenty, Councilmember Wells, and members of the Earth Conservation Corps, perform the ritual shovel hoisting at the February 2009 groundbreaking ceremony for the park.

On April 30, 2007, Mayor Fenty, the parents of Diamond Teague, and Ward 6 councilman Tommy Wells accepted a check from the JBG Cos., $1.5 million of which will help fund the creation of Diamond Teague Park (the rest goes to Canal Park). The contribution was required as part of the zoning order that established the Department of Transportation HQ. (see ceremony video from DC16)

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