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Yards/Icon Theater
1000 South Capitol
25 M
Chiller Site Condos
Yards/Parcel A
1333 M St.
New Douglass Bridge
More Capper Apts.
250 M St.
New Marine Barracks
Nat'l Community Church
Factory 202/Yards
Agora ('18)
1221 Van ('18)
District Winery ('17)
Insignia on M ('17)
F1rst/Residence Inn ('17)
One Hill South ('17)
Homewood Suites ('16)
ORE 82 ('16)
The Bixby ('16)
Dock 79 ('16)
Community Center ('16)
The Brig ('16)
Park Chelsea ('16)
Yards/Arris ('16)
Hampton Inn ('15)
Southeast Blvd. ('15)
11th St. Bridges ('15)
Parc Riverside ('14)
Twelve12/Yards ('14)
Lumber Shed ('13)
Boilermaker Shops ('13)
Camden South Cap. ('13)
Canal Park ('12)
Capitol Quarter ('12)
225 Virginia/200 I ('12)
Foundry Lofts ('12)
1015 Half Street ('10)
Yards Park ('10)
Velocity Condos ('09)
Teague Park ('09)
909 New Jersey Ave. ('09)
55 M ('09)
100 M ('08)
Onyx ('08)
70/100 I ('08)
Nationals Park ('08)
Seniors Bldg Demo ('07)
400 M ('07)
Douglass Bridge Fix ('07)
US DOT HQ ('07)
20 M ('07)
Capper Seniors 1 ('06)
Capitol Hill Tower ('06)
Courtyard/Marriott ('06)
Marine Barracks ('04)

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Getting There Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 3/26/15


1. What Metro stations are closest to the ballpark?
The Navy Yard-Ballpark Metro station, on the Green line, is the closest to Nationals Park. The station's west entrance, at Half and M streets, SE, is one block north of the stadium. A second station entrance at New Jersey Avenue and M Street, SE, is approximately two blocks from the ballpark's northeast corner.

The Waterfront station, also on the Green line, is approximately 7/10th of a mile away from the ballpark, which is a 10- to 12-minute walk.

The Capitol South station, on the Orange and Blue lines, is approximately 8/10th of a mile away from the ballpark, which is about a 12- to 15-minute walk. (See more information on walking to the ballpark from Capitol South.)

The closest Red line station is Union Station, approximately 1.8 miles away. The Circulator bus shuttles between the Union Station, Eastern Market, and Navy Yard subway stations, running every 10 minutes.

The closest Yellow line station is L'Enfant Plaza, where riders can connect to the Green Line for the trip to the Navy Yard station or to the Orange/Blue lines to go to Capitol South.

The Anacostia station, on the Green line, is approximately 9/10th of a mile away (though walking from there to the ballpark would require a trip by foot across the Douglass Bridge). It is one stop from the Navy Yard station and is the closest station with a parking garage. (See Metro's Daily Parking page for details on all its parking lots.)

See Take Metro to Nationals Park for additional information on riding the subway to the ballpark, as well as bus lines and parking.

2. What about Circulator or other bus access?
The city's red Circulator buses run every 10 minutes between Union Station (which has a Metro Red Line station), the visitors' center at the U.S. Capitol, the Eastern Market Metro station on the Blue/Orange lines, and the ballpark. See maps and schedule at

Other Metrobuses that run close to Nationals Park include the 70, P1/P2/P6, and V7/V8/V9.

See the Take Metro to Nationals Park page, with additional information on riding the subway to the ballpark, as well as bus lines and parking.

There are also for-profit bus services from the suburbs, such as Ballpark Bus.

3. Can I ride my bike to the ballpark?
Red bike racks have been placed in many locations around the exterior ballpark. There is also a "bike valet" service, where riders can drop off their bikes at the eastern parking garage at First and N streets for storage during the game. And the city's Capital Bikeshare service has a dock at 1st and N, SE.

4. Is there water taxi service?
In 2009 the city built a water taxi pier on the Anacostia River at Diamond Teague Park on the southeast corner of the ballpark. Potomac Riverboat Company has been operating the Ballpark Boat service from Alexandria to the stadium since September, 2009. There are also plans for a water taxi pier at The Yards, two blocks to the east of the ballpark, which is expected to be constructed beginning in 2015.

5. Where are the close-by parking lots?
There are 1,325 spaces in three garages on the site of the ballpark, and thousands of additional spaces in garages and temporary surface lots near the ballpark. See my Stadium Transportation and Parking page or the Nationals WaytoGo page for more information on parking options.

6. I bet the lots are pricey. Should I just try to find on-street parking?
The Nationals and the city actively discourage stadium-goers from trying to park on close-by streets. In January 2008 the council approved a "performance parking" pilot plan around the ballpark area that raises the cost of on-street parking signficantly during gametimes and also in some locations prevents parking for longer than two hours. Parking in metered spaces covered by these restrictions cost $40 for four hours, to encourage drivers to use the lots rather than on-street parking.

7. Isn't traffic around there already a nightmare?
Traffic was expected to be a huge problem with the opening of the ballpark, especially given the existing rush-hour delays, particularly at the South Capitol Street ramp from the Southeast Freeway. This is why the team and the city are emphasizing Metro and other alternate forms of transportation, in hopes of preventing total gridlock.

8. How is getting to the ballpark for fans with disabilities?
A March 2008 Nationals press release says:
"Prior to every Nationals game at Nationals Park, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) will allow passengers to be dropped off along 1st Street, SE or along South Capitol Street; both locations are adjacent to Nationals Park, as near as possible to the two HOK designed accessible elevator entrances. After games, passengers may be picked up at the South Capitol Street location only. There are curb-free areas along South Capitol Street between O and P Streets." Season ticket holders with parking passes and state-issued disabled parking placards/license plates will be able to park in Lot E at First and N on a first-come first-served basis, or may purchase single-game access to those spaces for $35 per game. See for more information.

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