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Navy Yard-Ballpark Subway Station

Line Cars Destination Minutes
green 8 Greenbelt 10
green 6 Greenbelt 18
green 8 Greenbelt 28
Line Cars Destination Minutes
-- - Train 9
green 8 Branch Ave 12
green 6 Branch Ave 27

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NJ Av. SE And M St. SE
(Navy Yard Metro entrance)

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Heading to Union Station

  • New Jersey and M
  • Fourth and M
  • 600 M
  • Eighth and L

    Heading to Navy Yard Station

  • Eighth and L
  • 600 M
  • Third and M
  • First and K

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    Upcoming West/Northbound Buses


    Maryland Transit Authority Commuter Buses

    MTA 903 Charlotte Hall & Waldorf / Downtown Washington DC
    Stops on M at New Jersey, 4th, Hull, 10th
    See Timetable

    MTA 915 Columbia & Silver Spring/ Downtown Washington DC
    Stops on M at 1st, 4th, Hull, 9th
    See Timetable


    Potomac & Rappahannock Transportation Commission (PRTC)

    Dale City/Washington Navy Yard/Bolling AFB
    Stops at Half and M, 12th and M,
    Points in Between
    A.M. Timetable,
    P.M. Timetable