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Hi. You may remember me from such blog posts as "Neighborhood to get Baseball Stadium" and "Oooh, Shake Shack!" I am still here, reading all of your comments, but alas, I remain very deep in tracking the ongoing global catastrophe while now adding in trying and failing to harness my incoherent rage at Wednesday's national catastrophe.
I can however steal a few moments at least to open up a new thread for the JDLand Commentariat to keep passing along news and tidbits while I toil away at retrieving and database-ing cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and now vaccinations, while bracing myself for what the coming weeks will bring, both in COVIDLand and in InsurrectionistLand.
Stay safe, everybody.
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Gte578e says: (1/10/21 12:42 PM)
Glad to hear you’re doing ok JD!

conngs0 says: (1/10/21 1:31 PM)
Happy New Year, JD! There are, unfortunately, inevitable similarities between this year and the "old year" and there likely will be times when it feels like we're moving backwards, but it isn't the same. It's like the days getting progressively longer - you don't notice the progress on a daily basis, but it's happening. Hang in there!

FedInExile says: (1/11/21 6:47 AM)
Happy (!) New Year, JD! It's good to hear from you again. I certainly miss the JDLand neighborhood, Fr. Andy Gonzalo at St. Vincent de Paul Church, and WiseGuy Pizza.

Any news from JDLand will be happily received from out here in exile.

MalS says: (1/12/21 9:18 AM)
Happy New Year and take care JD! Thanks for everything you are doing.

202_cyclist says: (1/12/21 11:55 AM)
JD -and everyone else— Happy New Year?

Wasn’t coronavirus supposed to miraculously go away in April (2020)?

202_cyclist says: (1/12/21 11:56 AM)
I meant Happy New Year!, not ?

CJBabyDaddy says: (1/12/21 10:06 PM)
JDeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yay! 2021’s starting to turn around!

WilyTibbs says: (1/14/21 8:06 AM)
Thanks for keeping the site going JD. It is an outstanding resource and always fun to check in on. Anyways, I noticed yesterday that an AC Hotel and Rooftop bar are going to be the tenants at the one of the three new buildings on New Jersey opposite Park Chelsea and Whole Foods. I would imagine that bar will be a big draw city-wide with the view of the Capitol.

bdj says: (1/15/21 8:42 PM)
Look's like a new sports bar with the exact same layout is going in at the old Willie's spot

Andres4Mayor says: (1/22/21 12:19 PM)
Window wrap is now up for Tap99 so I guess that is still happening.

Shogungts says: (1/22/21 9:23 PM)
@bdj - went by there tonight and the only difference (aesthetically) that I could see is that the lighting seems to be much darker with a lot of blue light under the bar and even the overhead lights. It's almost like they are going for a lounge feel - and a dated one at that.

Sadly (IMO) this looks even less appealing than the previous iteration.

tw81 says: (1/25/21 8:30 AM)
Seems like a rebranding for the existing Capitol Yards buildings, to include the new "Illume" buildings: link

Andres4Mayor says: (1/27/21 2:07 PM)
Bearded Goat opening Feb 1st per their newsletter.

NWtoSE says: (2/1/21 4:56 PM)
Updated renderings for the office building planned for Parcel F at The Yards

NWtoSE says: (2/1/21 4:56 PM)

Westnorth says: (2/8/21 1:43 PM)
The wall of TVs at Willie's meant it was pretty much just a sports bar anyhow. Not sure why they didn't just lean into that, rather than even trying with the (unimpressive, IMO) BBQ.

Shogungts says: (2/16/21 12:54 PM)
@westnorth - I don't think the BBQ was a bad idea as they aren't any BBQ options nearby (never mind good ones).

The original chef tied to it (Rock Harper) was a bit of a celebrity chef as he was on a season of Hell's Kitchen (but left after ~year). I am not sure if he is the one that pushed for BBQ, but they apparently spent $60K on a smoker so I am guessing after that expenditure they decided to stick with it for a while:

"The restaurant has a huge, $60,000 smoker that can fit four whole pigs into it. That means they'll be smoking up everything from pulled pork and ancho-rubbed brisket to St. Louis ribs and jerk chicken, with four different sauces. "

But the place overall (including BBQ) was just very bleh. I am sure it didn't help that it was part of the Xavier Capitol Hill empire of very mediocre restaurants that really started going downhill shortly after Willie's opened.

Shogungts says: (2/16/21 12:56 PM)
But I agree that they could just have some decent sports bar food and a mix of cheap beer and decent beer and do just fine.

As far as BBQ, I really wish that Federalist Pig would consider opening an location in Navy Yard or Capitol Hill.

dcgent says: (2/16/21 2:32 PM)
Not sure this Washingtonian "exclusive"it adds much to what has already come out but the name, Stacks, was new to me for Akridge's Buzzard Point big development that should provide some new dining options near the ballpark...Looks like my bike rides around that Point will have construction to watch for years to come link

dcgent says: (2/16/21 3:20 PM)
And more pics of what's coming nearby: "As the first phase of The Yards continues build-out and plans surface for the second phase, Brookfield Properties is sharing the first views of the pedestrian-friendly street that will bisect the Anacostia Riverfront development. Yards Place will be a curbless, cobblestone street running between Navy Yard Metro and Diamond Teague park on the waterfront. The street will be multi-modal and pedestrian-friendly and will span the six blocks of Phase II, just west of New Jersey Avenue and continuing south to the river." link

dcgent says: (2/21/21 9:31 AM)
more from slightly outside JDLand, at the reborn Coast Guard headquarters on Buzzard Point. Woodburning grilled fish place from the folks at Profish and Ivy City tavern plus "a boardwalk-type atmosphere with a market called Beside the Point that sells soft serve ice cream, calamari cones, lobster rolls, fries, sushi, bagels, spreads, and Ivy City Smokehouse products like smoked salmon." link

JD says: (2/22/21 10:25 AM)
For the gents:
A look at Scissors and Scotch, now open at 1 M SE (but still waiting on its liquor license): link

And if you're still feeling scruffy, the Bearded Goat is now open on Tingey St.:

Jscott280 says: (2/24/21 2:55 PM)
24 hour silver diner coming to the corner half and N street( across from Gatsby)

dcgent says: (2/25/21 6:18 AM)
I've been skeptical the 11th st Bridge project will get built and this studiously doesn't note the status of money for it, but design/permitting proceed as as if it could be ready in 2024 link

dcgent says: (2/25/21 7:06 AM)
Not to flood the comments but this seems cool: When Sandlot Southeast comes out of winter hibernation next month, the shipping container bar and events space that rocks to a Go-Go beat in Navy Yard will host a rotating group of chefs, caterers, and food truck operators representing Black-owned businesses. Under a new social equity program sponsored by Uber Eats, Sandlot Southeast (71 Potomac Avenue SE) will grant temporary, rent-free access to two kitchens — a fully equipped food truck outside its lot and a 600-square-foot catering setup with an indoor dining area inside the Maren DC building — to chefs picked by a selection committee. link

JD says: (2/25/21 9:34 AM)
On the Bridge Park, let's go to the videotape.

On track for 2023: link
Aims for 2019 opening: link
Me in 2016: "Did we say 2018? How about late 2019." link
My first post on it was in March 2012. So we're now at 9 years, and every year or so they put out a press release saying "we're getting closer," but somehow nothing ever seems to happen....

Blorty says: (2/25/21 12:38 PM)
@JD - I think it's been lapped by the new Douglass bridge (original announcement was late 2012, from what I can tell).

JD says: (2/25/21 1:27 PM)
@JScott280: I am intrigued by your Silver Diner tidbit. Do you have a link?

Jscott280 says: (2/25/21 2:56 PM)
@jd: I do not have a link yet. I spoke to the construction crew that is building tap 99 and kikwins, he mentioned that his crew is prepping to start on silver diner (next door) in the next few weeks.

Jscott280 says: (2/26/21 5:46 PM)
Also heard that they are close to naming a replacement for punchbowl social, as well as a smoothie bar , luxury sports bar concept and a boutique fitness concept on the half street retail.

bdj says: (3/3/21 12:23 AM)
Anyone heard any rumors about what's going into Crossing DC? With the news about half street starting to fill up, that seems like the logical next major group of retail to be leased.

DCbaseball says: (3/3/21 10:29 AM)
Any word on what's coming to old Justin's/Roy Boys? folks have been in there last few days, tvs have been on as they work, looks like something is in the works.

DCbaseball says: (3/5/21 10:00 AM)
Also looks like something is being built underneath Dock79 in the open retail spot, any rumors/news?

bdj says: (3/6/21 11:53 PM)
@DCBaseball - rumor around The Velocity is that it's a Vietnamese restaurant. A box labeled "Pho" was seen being brought in the other day, so I'm excited!

Dock79 I thought was American Ice Company, but that was before Covid.

Andres4Mayor says: (3/7/21 2:30 PM)
Vet coming to The Garrett . Per the application it looks like it's going to be Heart + Paw Veterinary Care. link

dcgent says: (3/9/21 5:27 PM)
Urban Turf sums up the development pipeline for Navy Yard apartments/condos link

JD says: (3/10/21 3:13 PM)
From @eat_dc: ".@SolaceBrewing has started construction on "Solace Outpost Navy Yard", planning to open this summer. It will feature experimental IPAs and small batch beers in addition to their four staple brews. A casual food menu will include burgers, sandwiches, and refined "ballpark" bites."

JES says: (3/11/21 2:43 PM)
From @barredindc, Pho Junkies is taking over the Roy Boys space in Velocity: link

JES says: (3/11/21 2:50 PM)
Also to lend more credence to the Silver Diner rumors, reps from their management team were in our building today talking to our GM about promotional events..

JES says: (3/11/21 2:53 PM)
... From our GM: half and N Street
Two stories
1st floor -Diner
2nd floor -Bar overlooking the ball field

JES says: (3/19/21 4:35 PM)
Chicken and Whiskey confirmed, but this Eater article also mentions Silver Diner in this write-up. link

sharksfansd says: (3/25/21 6:09 AM)
The cat was already out of the bag, but here is another Eater DC article on the Silver Diner after it was officially announced by the chain. Looks like it will be open by this time next year. link

sharksfansd says: (3/25/21 6:14 AM)
Last comment that included link didn’t take. Trying link one more time, but article will also populate via The Google machine (also has rendering).

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

Shogungts says: (3/25/21 7:10 PM)
Excited about Chicken and Whiskey!

jdc says: (3/26/21 9:07 AM)
Ahh. I'm back. Great to see all these developments, but sad to see ones go that I never visited (Roy Boys). Fingers crossed that I'll be back in the office this fall, which I'll celebrate by eating out as much as I can for lunch (and I am sure everyone else will, too).

JD says: (3/26/21 2:30 PM)
The BID says that Gatsby is opening April 6.

JES says: (3/29/21 12:03 PM)
This probably doesn't come as much of a shock, but Declaration is officially not reopening: link

Shogungts says: (4/1/21 10:14 PM)
Washington Post article today on DC bridges touching on two near and dear to jdland readers' hearts:


(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

dcgent says: (4/9/21 7:05 PM)
Gatsby across from Nats Park just opened link

Andres4Mayor says: (4/15/21 3:39 PM)
Khin's Sushi opening April 16. link

Andres4Mayor says: (4/18/21 4:24 PM)
Gregorys Coffee coming soon. Signage up at the former Peet's at Insignia.

Jscott280 says: (4/19/21 8:57 AM)

Jscott280 says: (4/19/21 8:57 AM)
Juice bar coming beside scissors and scotch. link

bdj says: (4/20/21 8:12 PM)
PopVille saying that we may be getting a Chick-Fil-A!


DCbaseball says: (4/21/21 12:10 PM)
Any insights on this place?


Keep seeing them post on Capitol Riverfront social but have not seen anything about where/when.....

ValveetaChz says: (4/21/21 2:37 PM)
Ho-hum. Another juice bar...because the last juice bar did so great!

JES says: (4/22/21 12:52 PM)
@bdj, That article went up on april fools day, and i'm STILL not sure whether to take it seriously or not

Jscott280 says: (4/22/21 4:36 PM)
Looks like Initial construction has started on Parcel I ( south of the chemonics HQ)

JES says: (4/26/21 2:20 PM)
Emmy Squared now hiring, opening "Spring 2021": link

FstSE says: (4/26/21 2:52 PM)
Tend Dentist coming to new DDOT headquarters @ 250 M St SE. according to google maps.

joining other locations as they expand into DC…

Tend Capitol Hill: 600 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Tend Downtown: 1300 F St NW
Tend Golden Triangle: 1901 L St NW
Tend Logan Circle: 1441 U St NW

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

FstSE says: (4/27/21 2:47 PM)
Tend Dentist @ 250 M St SE fronting Canal Park

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

FstSE says: (4/27/21 3:00 PM)
Last attempt…

Tend at 250 M St. SE

202_cyclist says: (5/3/21 5:10 PM)
Crap! Not another dentist. I would take a bank, cell phone store, or another CVS over another dentist in the neighborhood.

202_cyclist says: (5/4/21 10:52 AM)
Excellent news! The District Dept. of Transportation is planning to build protected bike lanes on New Jersey Ave, SE, from Tingey St, SE, to H Street, SE.

Jscott280 says: (5/5/21 12:33 PM)
Eat DC is reporting that Toms watch bar is coming to one of the half street locations.

sharksfansd says: (5/15/21 8:32 PM)
@Jscott280, thanks for sharing the news on Tom's Watch Bar. I had never heard of them before and looked up their site. Definitely looks like it is an establishment that will work well for ballpark area.

RAWR says: (5/17/21 2:55 PM)
Looks like a new District Veterinary Hospital location is coming to the SE corner of the Garrett this fall, according to new window signage.

Andres4Mayor says: (5/26/21 2:18 PM)
Got a sales email that "eNvy is Now 75% Sold". That seems... pretty bad? I know the condo market is not the single family market, but certainly doesn't track with all the anecdotes flying about the "insane" real estate market.

dcgent says: (5/28/21 8:51 AM)
Small Navy Yard-adjacent tidbit in proposed DC budget: funding for "a new South Capitol Street Trail to National Harbor."

Shogungts says: (6/1/21 1:49 PM)
Does anyone have a link to a rendering of what the building across from the Whole Foods ("CSX East" on Jdland) is supposed to look like when it is complete?

I am all for not having cookie cutter buildings or any more sandstone buildings (thankfully that fad seems to be over), but they really went with an... interesting... color choice if the exterior that is currently on the building is the final product.

Jd Land link: link

Shogungts says: (6/1/21 1:49 PM)
Does anyone have a link to a rendering of what the building across from the Whole Foods ("CSX East" on Jdland) is supposed to look like when it is complete?

I am all for not having cookie cutter buildings or any more sandstone buildings (thankfully that fad seems to be over), but they really went with an... interesting... color choice if the exterior that is currently on the building is the final product.

Jd Land link: link

right-toe says: (6/2/21 3:22 PM)
They have a rendering on their site

link or link

Shogungts says: (6/2/21 5:00 PM)
Thanks - I didn't realize CSX East was the official name so I didn't even know what site to search for.

Can't say that I am a fan of what it is looking like in person. Maybe it will look better when complete.

sharksfansd says: (6/3/21 7:43 PM)
Not sure if this was mentioned in a previous comment thread, so sharing just in case. &pizza is moving into the spot between the ballpark Metro entrance and Buffalo Wild Wings on Half Street.

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

FstSE says: (6/4/21 12:41 PM)
United Bank signage at DDOT HQ 250 M st. Filling retail space next to new Tend Dentist going in.

right-toe says: (6/5/21 6:36 PM)
@shogungts The leasing site calls it Illume but I dont think I've seen the name anywhere else tbh

202_cyclist says: (6/8/21 3:40 PM)
This is good news. There are several thousand people who now live in the neighborhood, in addition to many visitors. DC regularly has 90+ degree temperatures. We need more public drinking fountains, it is a good amenity.

No word on whether the waste stations are for dogs or people...


Andres4Mayor says: (6/8/21 8:26 PM)
AT&T store now open in the former Capital One Bank space.

Just a Verizon store short of the trifecta.

Andres4Mayor says: (6/9/21 8:49 AM)
Varnish Lane nail salon coming to the former GNC space.

JD says: (6/9/21 12:08 PM)
Emmy Squared Pizza opening Friday at 5 pm at its space at 4th and Tingey, sez @thehillishome: link

rpb says: (6/16/21 11:30 AM)
Taxi garage at New Jersey & L is being demolished today. Guessing the old Eagle Academy building is next. Any word whether developer got financing to build something new there? I had heard last year that they had been having a hard time securing the funding. Would they demolish before financing came through?

dcgent says: (6/17/21 8:57 AM)
I don't have a WBJ subscription but fyi Felice Development buys big Southeast development site, looks to expand Navy Yard neighborhood: Felice Development Group is planning to build roughly 900 apartments over retail at 1333 M Street SW, not far from the rest of Navy Yard. link

sharksfansd says: (6/29/21 9:21 PM)
Kilwins opened up yesterday across from Nats Park. Didn't wind up going in, but looked like a pretty nice setup from the outside.

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