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When last I put a tidbit up on the site, on March 9, I mentioned a few new retail announcements, then added this: "[B]ut with the current news of the world, I think any forward-looking items now need to be viewed through the edges of an N95 respirator and a collapsing stock market."
I'm sure a few people thought that was a little over the top, but now, nearly seven weeks later, I think the scope of not only the health impact of COVID-19 but the societal and economic impact is becoming clearer, even to those who don't own Prophet of Doom t-shirts like I do.
This site is not only a site that looks backwards, with tens of thousands of photos, but it also spends a whole lot of time looking forward, at not only renderings of new buildings but also rumors and announcements of new restaurants, new bars, and new retail. And new baseball seasons.
I think it's safe to say that anyone trying to predict what this little corner of the city is going to look like in three, six, nine, 12, or 60 months is on an ultimate fool's errand.
We've already seen Willow close at 4th and Water, and the XFL (which looked on its way to being a healthy draw to Audi Field across the way) fold up its tent. How can any of us know how many of the restaurants and bars we have watched arrive over the past 15 years will make it through not only the current #StayatHome world, but also a world that, until there is a vaccine and until that vaccine can be widely deployed, people will be weighing heavily any decision to go anywhere that might be remotely crowded? Will every restaurant or bar that announced its plans to come to the neighborhood actually end up opening? Do we really know when MLB will return, and under what strictures? How many people are going to decide that maybe having a little more personal space back out the 'burbs is a safer environment?
If you think I am too doom-filled, I might pass along this article in the Atlantic that does a very depressingly good job of imaging the sort of scenarios that are coming for American retail.
Construction still continues (essential workers?), and of course I have always been the queen of "We Shall See" when it comes to projects and plans, but I think 'the Hood, and DC, and the U.S., and the world are all one big "We Shall See" right now.
This is of course a big reason why I haven't been posting, and have been scarce around here and social media in general, but I'm also now the Keeper of the Numbers at the Post for US cases and deaths, the numbers that power the big tracking map, plus I've had to build all manner of administration tools and other stuff as part of The Cause. Plus I'm old and so am pretty well bunkered in.
Anyway, the JDLand commentariat continues with its perpetual discussions of tower cranes and movie theaters, and are also some good eyes and ears on the streets (where you'd BETTER BE WEARING MASKS), so check in on the comment threads while you wonder whether the Prophet of Doom will again return. The answer is yes, of course, but only when there starts to be some concrete sense of where this is all heading.
And even then, We Shall See.
Stay safe and well, everybody.
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Sasq says: (4/29/20 7:20 AM)
Since construction has been deemed essential, and while I'm so ready to move into the eNvy, I would prefer that the construction crews stay safe. In my anxiety, I had to pause to ask myself, "What's more important?" I'm thankful to be staying with friends throughout this time but I'd prefer the crew members are staying safe and healthy, even if that means, I have to wait a little longer. I am in the area at least once a week and have witnessed some recent changes, i.e. newly bricked Half St and paved N St SE. But I imagine social distancing being difficult when working together to finish certain tasks. Last update on closings have been moved to early-mid June. Waiting and seeing what will happen and praying health and safety for all!

DAW says: (4/29/20 11:53 AM)
What is going on next to The Hampton Inn on the corner of First & N ?

Jscott280 says: (4/29/20 1:31 PM)
@Sasq -well said. I am on the 2nd floor at envy so hopefully it will be early June. The building is going through the permit process right now

@DAW some sort of 3 story retail/office space.

MalS says: (4/29/20 4:14 PM)
Thank you JD! You are doing such important work at the Post.
I know that when the new Douglass Bridge opens (and we are able to have a cheeseburger at Nats Park again) you'll be there!

Take care of yourself.

202_cyclist says: (4/29/20 8:40 PM)
It is SWTLQTC territory but there was soil boring today for the parking lot immediately south of Audi Field, where the pop-up event space for the World Cup was two years ago. Does anyone know what is planned there?

bdj says: (4/29/20 9:43 PM)
@DAW, cross posting from the previous thread. It's a basement and 2 story retail. I'd imagine a large bar space.


JES says: (5/1/20 2:04 PM)
It's interesting to me that they've started building at 1st & N without a tenant lined up. Or maybe they have one signed, but haven't announced it yet.

Edna says: (5/1/20 2:16 PM)
JD, when you said you were checking in from your bunker, I thought maybe you had a secret base under Devil's Tower.

JD says: (5/1/20 2:37 PM)
Haven't gotten fiber piped in yet.

Edna says: (5/1/20 4:19 PM)

TJ31 says: (5/2/20 6:40 PM)
avidian is saying late summer now for completion!

Jscott280 says: (5/5/20 8:47 AM)
I wouldn’t be surprised if some envy units close around that time as well.

Jscott280 says: (5/5/20 8:47 AM)
I wouldn’t be surprised if some envy units close around that time as well.

Sasq says: (5/6/20 8:44 AM)
@jscott280 I'm on 3rd....hopefully early, early June! And we can do a socially distant air hug on moving day! ;)

Jscott280 says: (5/6/20 11:53 AM)
@Sasq hahaha sounds good.

@TJ31 we have to do a big avidian/envy happy hour spring 2021

202_cyclist says: (5/6/20 10:11 PM)
It looks like there is serious construction activity at the lot next to the Maren. There is a excavator and various other tractors on site.

202_cyclist says: (5/6/20 10:50 PM)
I realize that there likely won’t be the Guns N‘ Roses concert at Nats Park this summer but Axl Rose and Steve Mnuchin got into a Twitter war.


Sasq says: (5/8/20 4:43 PM)
Looks like Somewhere may be closed. The building was empty and they covered the windows with some type of blue film, possibly to remove the logo. I wondered how a clothing/coffee shop would fare, especially at this time.

jdc says: (5/11/20 7:15 AM)
I am sort of surprised it lasted this long - I may not have been around during the right hours for clothing shopping, but I do not think I ever saw anyone patronizing the coffee part of the store.

CJBabyDaddy says: (5/11/20 8:39 PM)
Per tonight’s (5/11) ANC meeting: The lot west of the Maren that is being regraded and cleaned up is apparently going to be occupied by The Sandlot, which currently holds a liquor license to operate outdoor events at 1800 Half St SW. The Sandlot says they will be working with Maren management on amenities and events geared toward Maren and Dock 79 residents. The Sandlot expects to occupy the space until the completion of the FDMB project allows for permanent development 3-5 years from now.

202_cyclist says: (5/12/20 6:05 AM)
Thank you for the update with that parcel. That assumes our quarantine ends within 3 to 5 years...

NWtoSE says: (5/13/20 2:00 PM)
@Sasq & @JDC Looks like Somewhere put up the window covering to launch a window shop.

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

NWtoSE says: (5/13/20 2:00 PM)

Sasq says: (5/14/20 7:58 AM)
Thanks! we make our way through these times, more retailers might have to get really creative in order to sell their merchandise.

NavyYardNittany says: (5/14/20 9:37 AM)
Not in the neighborhood right now - is the “lot west of the Maren” the space occupied by Bardo? And isn’t the Sandlot Inc. the Bullpen folks? So are we essentially talking about swapping Bardo for a relocated Bullpen?

Also, isn’t the Sandlot the outfit behind the three story bar/restaurant next to the Hampton Inn at the corner of N and First?

So many questions :)

202_cyclist says: (5/14/20 1:05 PM)
You’re killin’ me smalls.

NavyYardNittany— the parcel for the Sandlot is behind Bardo (between Bardo and the street, immediately adjacent to the Maren).

Sasq says: (5/15/20 11:45 AM)
Any idea what Bammy's is/serves? I saw the sign on the location where Whaley's used to be.

CJBabyDaddy says: (5/15/20 12:47 PM)
Bammy’s is the brainchild of two former Maydan’s chefs who are keeping the cuisine concept under wraps for now, other than to reveal that it will not involve an open flame, if I recall what I read online elsewhere correctly.

202_cyclist says: (5/15/20 1:35 PM)
No open flame might be wise choice, considering the roof (the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire) of the Lumber Shed building caught on fire last year.

jdc says: (5/17/20 1:40 PM)
+1 to 202 ;)

CL85 says: (5/18/20 8:28 AM)
After no signs of life for many weeks, there appears to be progress being made again inside the new liquor store next to Bonchon, including painting and the installation of a point of sale system.

Andres4Mayor says: (5/18/20 10:25 AM)
Am I remembering correctly that a previous set of Tidbits had news of Jeni's ice cream coming to the Yards? Now that they are definitely building out a Jeni's store on Barracks Row they wouldn't open another so close, right?

202_cyclist says: (5/18/20 11:53 AM)
Andres-- yes, it is supposed to open at 4th Street, SE (via JD).


202_cyclist says: (5/18/20 11:54 AM)
Folks--- I hope you're all sitting down for this because this is enough to stir you out of your coronavirus blues... the neighborhood's second CVS looks like it will be opening soon at One Hill South. There are already signs installed.

Sasq says: (5/18/20 2:14 PM)
A few weeks ago I saw a permit in the window at the corner below the Bower. I assumed it was going to be Jeni's. Last week, it was not there...

ValveetaChz says: (5/18/20 3:12 PM)
It's still coming! They had to cut a door through the window. I was also wondering where they were going to put a door and now I know!

202_cyclist says: (5/19/20 1:58 PM)
During my quarantine run today, I saw that a tower crane is being installed at the 1000 South Capitol development.

Now that is very exciting, of course, but continuing on to the other side of South Capitol, into SWTLQTC-territory, I saw two workers surveying the Randall School site. One of them mentioned that construction is going to begin on that.

jdc says: (5/21/20 6:41 AM)
Next week, I'll be in the neighborhood for a bit for the first time since mid-March, and what may be last time until....fall? winter? next year? Very sad.

Jscott280 says: (5/21/20 12:54 PM)
Looks like more retail is coming to N street (across the street from mission/ Walter) JBG portion.

VelocityChris says: (5/22/20 11:04 PM)
I remember someone posting what I think was just speculation that half street between N and M was going to be closed permanently to vehicle and be a pedestrian mall. I don't remember that being officially announced, but with 1) that brick they're laying down, 2) the fact there is no curb (street is flush with the "sidewalk") and 3) the large black poles for hanging banners or stringing lights separate from the street lights, it's really seeming like maybe it's true?! Do I dare dream it's true?

Sasq says: (5/22/20 11:52 PM)
@velocitychris I saw one of the foreman and asked. He confirmed that it would be a pedestrian street.

VelocityChris says: (5/24/20 9:00 AM)
@sasq excellent, I hope it's true, surprised it hasn't been announced, even if it's only proposed and awaiting final DDOT approvals or something. Just the fact that it's being officially proposed would be exciting news. Now I'll move on to speculating what the large black poles with eyelets are for: banners or lights strung across the pedestrian mall or something more creative than I can come-up with?

JD says: (5/24/20 4:40 PM)
I have not heard anything about Half Street going full pedestrian all the time. It was always planned that it would be streetscaped like a ped-only street, since it is closed much of the time, but that during non-stadium events it would remain open. But maybe that's changed.

Also, the various oversight boards have always shot down lights strung across the street. Again, maybe that's changed, but....

SWneighbor says: (5/25/20 7:18 PM)
Could someone please post a few photos of half street as it is now? I am stuck out of town and won't be able to return to DC until August.

Jscott280 says: (5/27/20 8:15 AM)
@SWneighbor - how does one post a picture on this thread. I have pics of Half Street i can share.

jdc says: (5/27/20 12:39 PM)
@Jscott280 - you'll need to upload them somewhere else then create a new post here and use the option below to paste a URL into the post. JDland itself does not allow uploading of photos.

202_cyclist says: (5/27/20 1:00 PM)
@SWneighbor-- I'll try.

Jscott280 says: (5/27/20 3:02 PM)
Nice pic

jdc says: (5/27/20 3:41 PM)
Wow. It looks great! Meanwhile, the construction around Half St. and K is such a disaster. I am glad to be home during all of it.

SWneighbor says: (5/27/20 9:37 PM)
Thanks for posting!

jaal says: (5/29/20 1:39 PM)
@Sasq & @ Jscott280
Fellow envy here! Any updates on closing?

Sasq says: (5/30/20 12:56 AM)
@Jaal @jscott280 Hey neighbor! Last I was told, the 2nd floor "should" close around June 20th-ish. Didn't seem like a definite....

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