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Tis the season....:
* TREE LIGHTING: Friday (Dec. 6) brings the neighborhood's annual tree lighting festivities at Canal Park, starting at 6 pm. The ice rink will be appropriately decked (and there's free skating), and there will be a life-sized snow globe available for your selfie-snapping pleasure. The tree lighting itself will be at 7.
* LIGHT YARDS: Also on Dec. 6, the Yards' interactive holiday light installation returns for its fifth year, running through Dec. 23. This year's illuminated adventure is "Airship Orchestra" by ENESS. It is free and family friendly.
* ENCHANT: And of course the big holiday shindig continues at Nats Park, through Dec. 29.
And, in non-holiday news:
* ABC PONY NOW OPEN: Erik Bruner-Yang's combination coffee bar/all-day restaurant/co-working space/bar officially opened on Dec. 3 in the ground floor of Novel South Capitol, at 2 I St. SE, on the northeast corner of South Capitol and I. Here's the restaurant menu, which "explores the intersectionality between Italian and Asian cuisines."
* 41 L MOVING FORWARD: The long-gestating residential project by MRP Realty on the site of the Navy Yard-Ballpark Metro station's chiller plant on the southwest corner of Half and L has secured its construction financing, and should probably get underway before too much longer. It will feature 161 rental units, 3,500 sq ft of retail, and 59 underground parking spaces. Targeted completion date is late 2021.
* SNEAK A PEEK AT DC WATER: If you've been wanting to get inside the DC Water headquarters--that curvy building with the blue-green windows you see from the Riverwalk--but haven't gotten an invitation to get through security, you can go to ANC 6D's next business meeting there, on Dec. 9. It starts at 7 pm, but leave plenty of time to find the pedestrian entrance, which is at New Jersey and N (well, Canal and N, if you read my post on Tingey Square).
Fa la la la la, indeed.
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JD says: (12/4/19 8:33 AM)
And, has no one noticed the cool slideshows I've now added to the top of the home page? (randomized with the sliders?)

Hamburglar says: (12/4/19 10:24 AM)
I took my wife over to try out ABC Pony for dinner. Be careful with the SPAGHETTI...the 'XO Sauce' mentioned in small letters on the menu has a strong seafood (fishy) taste. Not what I thought I was ordering, which is admittedly my fault for not googling ingredients ahead of time.

NavyYardGuy says: (12/4/19 3:08 PM)
@hamburgular --I had the XO spaghetti last week too VERY fishy taste -- they said it was more of a soft opening and they were trying menu items out but yeah I would recommend they revise/remove that one.

Other than most of the items were pretty tasty and its a cool(er) vibe.

Westnorth says: (12/5/19 5:38 PM)
XO sauce is fish-based, as with many Cantonese sauces:

dcgent says: (12/6/19 8:29 PM)
Detroit-style pizza coming to undisclosed navy yard location link

JD says: (12/7/19 9:19 AM)
Longtime readers may remember the many trips with Mr JDLand to Michigan, where he grew up and I lived for a few years in my youth, which mainly centered around getting as much pizza as possible from Buddy's and other purveyors. Mmmm....

VelocityChris says: (12/7/19 5:38 PM)
The description and picture of the Detroit-style pizza sounds/looks just like the "Grandma" slices at Wise Guys, which is one of my favorites there. Sounds great!

jdc says: (12/9/19 7:39 AM)
Love the grandma slices at Wise Guys. And being from MI too, I also love Buddy's and of course Pizzapapalis.

dcgent says: (12/9/19 12:44 PM)
I posted the link partly because I'm a Detroiter. Folks in SE are championing Della Barbar, a "pop-up" pizzeria operating out of Union Kitchen in Ivy City as having real Detroit style pizza but I have yet to get them to answer the phone and Grubhub's cost for delivery seems excessive. They do multiple styles, which is odd. Yea, Buddy's!

JD says: (12/12/19 9:58 AM)
Skansa reportedly cashing out of its 99 M office building (now 76% leased) for $170 M, says Bisnow: link

JD says: (12/12/19 9:59 AM)
And how would you guys feel about an urban-fast-casual version of IHOP? (not, not announced for the neighborhood, just looking to come to DC in 2020) link

202_cyclist says: (12/12/19 10:02 AM)


GaryRKarr says: (12/12/19 10:28 AM)
Instead an IHOP, I'd rather see a traditional diner, like Bob & Edith's. I also wish for a bookstore.

GaryRKarr says: (12/12/19 10:28 AM)
Instead an IHOP, I'd rather see a traditional diner, like Bob & Edith's. I also wish for a bookstore.

202_cyclist says: (12/12/19 2:27 PM)
It is SWTLQTC territory but the P Street SW bike lanes (that, unfortunately, our ANC commissions unanimously opposed) looks great. This will help to connect to both Audi Field and the Anacostia Riverwalk.


CJBabyDaddy says: (12/12/19 10:35 PM)
My niece from San Antonio is visiting the ‘hood this weekend for the first time. I need everyone in JDLand to avoid sullyIng her image of her beloved Uncle with anything resembling the truth for a couple of days. I’d do the same for you. Thanks.

jdc says: (12/13/19 10:26 AM)
I've twice eaten at the Bob & Edith's in Springfield and it left much to be desired. Maybe it's just that location, as I otherwise love greasy spoon type joints.

RMP says: (12/13/19 10:46 AM)
I don't know if these planters were added for the specific purpose of stopping people from using the crosswalk as a parking lot, but I sure hope it works.

GarfieldPark says: (12/13/19 11:55 AM)
Silver Diner is hands down best diner in the area. Reminds me of my NJ diners!

JD says: (12/13/19 11:57 AM)
For NJ-type diners there's Metro 29 in Arlington and Amphora in Vienna. Silver always struck me as trying too hard for the 50s vibe, whereas Metro 29 and Amphora have the massive menus, hard liquor, etc.

jdc says: (12/13/19 3:31 PM)
I love Silver Diner, but I find it does not quite have the greasy spoon feel that I am looking for and have yet to find since moving here from CT.

JES says: (12/13/19 3:34 PM)
an "urban style" IHOP or waffle house down here would be awesome, mainly bc we lack any 24 hour places in our neighborhood. silver diner would be welcome too. hell, gimmie ALL the diners.

@RMP if those things keep people from blocking that crosswalk, i'd be favor of putting them at ALL crosswalks. can't walk 2 blocks around here without encountering at least one jerk idling in a crosswalk.

CJBabyDaddy says: (12/13/19 11:20 PM)
@RMP: If anyone’s organizing a GoFundMe for more of those awesome crosswalk-blocking planters, let me know. A pair in close proximity to the fire hydrant in front of our place would be welcome, too.

VelocityChris says: (12/14/19 8:14 AM)
Agreed JES, 24 hour diner would be perfect! To add another decent DC diner, Ari's in Ivy City is pretty good. Like Roy Boys, maybe they could open a second location in Navy Yard!

CJBabyDaddy says: (12/14/19 12:43 PM)
Two things everybody might agree on:

A popular 24-hour diner somewhere in the ‘hood would be perfect!

A popular 24-hour diner down below in MY building? No way!

bdj says: (12/15/19 9:51 AM)
DC crossing (the place being built on 1st between K and I) has some pretty massive retail locations in the ground floor. Could be a perfect spot. Unfortunately I think we’re more likely to get something like Unconventional Diner (in the convention center), which is good but is definitely a bit more boujee than your typical diner.

JD says: (12/15/19 10:03 AM)
A long time ago, in a neighborhood not so far away, Huey's 24-7 Diner was in the initial lineup of eateries coming to the Boilermaker Shops: link (Austin Grill Express and BRB never came to fruition, either)

NavyYardDogMom says: (12/15/19 5:26 PM)
Is anyone else as excited as I am for the UPS store on New Jersey? Anyone know when it officially opens? Also, forgive me if it's already been talked about, but what's going on with the Taylor Gourmet on 1st? Is it just going to sit vacant forever?

CJBabyDaddy says: (12/15/19 11:32 PM)
@NYDM: Yeah, if only someone would invent Google and you could just type in some basic search terms and all sorts of question-answering Taylor Gourmet information would appear!

JD says: (12/16/19 2:30 AM)
First, let's not ding people (especially brand new commenters!) for asking questions.

@NYDM, welcome! They haven't announced any new tenant for the space, since it wasn't one of the Taylor's that got resuscitated. I always think it's weird that owners will leave the signage up for a long-gone tenant, but I guess they think it's better than an "empty" space.

As for UPS, I think it's a great addition. Haven't heard about an opening date yet.

CL85 says: (12/16/19 10:19 AM)
I saw people (employees?) in the UPS store last night - looked like a holiday (pre-opening?) celebration and gathering. Maybe soon!

jdc says: (12/16/19 2:10 PM)
Walked around JD Land just now (picked wrong weather day). Novel is really a nice looking building - I thought the interior courtyard was a cool idea. DC Crossing continues to be an eyesore; what an ugly design. Also, construction on the liquor store coming to 1015 Half St. is moving along and the industrial coolers/refrigerators have been installed.

sharksfansd says: (12/17/19 8:40 PM)
I am happy to report the UPS Store located by the CVS and across the street from Peet's is now open, as I was in there earlier to ship a package.

A few of us in the store let the gentleman that assisted us (think it was the owner) how appreciative we are that his store is part of the neighborhood.

GaryRKarr says: (12/18/19 1:24 PM)
My wife went in the UPS Store on Monday and she said the employees there were super helpful and great to work with.

conngs0 says: (12/18/19 2:58 PM)
Awesome news on the UPS Store! That'll be a nice addition to the neighborhood. Also nice to know that the folks staffing it are helpful. The people who work on the Pennsylvania Avenue store are also delightful (even though that store can be pretty crowded).

RMP says: (12/18/19 4:58 PM)
Car2go is done at the end of February. Wonder what will happen to those parking spaces behind the winery. link

RMP says: (12/18/19 5:05 PM)
Game 7 watch party at Walters on New Year's Eve with the final out at midnight link

202_cyclist says: (12/18/19 5:23 PM)
Does anyone know who is responsible for renting the kayak racks at Diamond Teague Park, immediately next to the DC Water headquarters (not the spaces on the dock).

NWtoSE says: (12/19/19 2:09 PM)
@NYDM & @JD: The Taylor situation is particularly complicated since they went through a bankruptcy, they didn't just close that 1 location. The landlord may or may not have had the right to remove signage per the lease, and with creditors and a judge involved, leaving it up was certainly the path of least resistance. Rumor has it they are very close to landing a new tenant but likely wanted the sale to JBGS to go through before announcing anything.

jdc says: (12/20/19 9:52 AM)
I am still waiting for Chix location to fill up, now that construction on Half. Street is nearing completion.

202_cyclist says: (12/20/19 1:30 PM)
It was with a heavy heart that I learned that Car2Go is ceasing operations at the end of February. There is a new car-sharing service, however, Penske Dash, which uses 2019 Volkswagen Jettas. You can park the cars in DC and Arlington. I saw two of these cars this morning.


NavyYardDogMom says: (12/21/19 12:46 AM)
@JD: ThanksI I appreciate the welcome and the backup :) Thank you for all you do to keep us informed!

@NWtoSE: You definitely answered my question, which, was actually why it was still sitting there empty. That does make sense. Thank you :)

sharksfansd says: (12/21/19 3:04 PM)
Walked by the Thompson Hotel today and I think the "now hiring" sign for the restaurant group might have shown three bars/restaurants they are hiring for. Or maybe one will be something of a quick bite type place. Going to try and get a better look at sign next time I walk by.

@NYDM, thank you for posting the information and link for Penske Dash. I hadn't heard of them and glad there is another product in the market with ShareNow (Car2Go) exiting North America.

CJBabyDaddy says: (12/23/19 8:56 PM)
@sharsfansd: Rooftop: Anchovy Social bar facing north and a private event space facing south, both with terraces.

Ground floor: West end — entry/registration/lobby. Nice lobby bar in the north center, with the Maialino Mare restaurant space dominating the east end. A nice private dining space in the southeast corner. First floor restaurant space is split and will serve B/L/D. I got a tour today in response to an event planning inquiry. If I knew how to do such a thing, I’d post the B/L/D private dining menus. If the food’s as good as the pics, the ‘hood’s dining scene will be getting a nice boost. (And if we all get second jobs, we’ll be able to afford it). Dining prices are all service-included.

Lots of “pardon our dust” activity still underway and staff training going on with an expectation of opening in the second week of January. Rooftop opening will lag.

Garsh. I feel all JDLand-ish.

202_cyclist says: (12/25/19 8:35 PM)
I can’t stand the movie but JD and the mom in Home Alone 2 could be the same person.


CJBabyDaddy says: (12/26/19 7:49 AM)
@202: You might be on to something. Has anyone ever seen “the two of them” in the same place together?

JD says: (12/26/19 10:28 AM)
Needs big heavy glasses worn mainly to hide the massive dark circles and bags under the eyes.

dcgent says: (12/28/19 11:32 AM)
Walters Sports Bar is having a neat NYE event--no cover affair featuring Game 7 of World Series timed for the final out at midnight.

CJ1 says: (12/30/19 11:30 AM)
Maialino Mare is on the January restaurant week list, which is January 13-19.

CJBabyDaddy says: (12/30/19 2:01 PM)
@CJ1: Peeking in the restaurant windows this past Saturday night, we were approached by a gentleman on his way out who was curious about our snooping. After we explained, he identified himself as the chef and encouraged us to come back on January 8th for the opening.

He walked away without saying it would be on the house, but I’m going to delude myself into thinking he meant to.

202_cyclist says: (12/30/19 8:31 PM)
That’s a high-stakes gamble.

Also, ice cold that JD didn’t get an invite.

GaryRKarr says: (12/30/19 9:17 PM)
Our area is featured in this Upshot NYT story:

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

GaryRKarr says: (12/30/19 9:18 PM)
Trying that again.

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

Jscott280 says: (12/31/19 7:52 AM)
Will we get an announcement on the dc water parcel( where they hold all their trucks) or a movie theater in 2020?

CJBabyDaddy says: (12/31/19 7:57 AM)
@GaryRKarr: Here’s my try—. link

In any event, folks, Google NYT Upshot for a sense of what JDLand sliders look like from way up in the sky.

GaryRKarr says: (12/31/19 12:57 PM)
Thanks @CJBabyDaddy ... apparently it didn't like me, or at least not my Ipad.

conngs0 says: (12/31/19 1:22 PM)
Cool article. The illustration of the neighborhood even missed a few buildings that were constructed during the decade. It's also easy to see how much more the neighborhood will change in the next few years!

jdc says: (1/3/20 12:59 PM)
They really did miss some notable developments with that slider. Hum.

CJBabyDaddy says: (1/3/20 7:48 PM)
@jdc: Yep. Makes me appreciate our very own professional slider-paloozarist.

JD says: (1/4/20 10:34 AM)
@202 will be thrilled to know that Tower Crane permits have been approved for the CSX East site and the Chemonics site. Top and bottom of NJ Ave!

202_cyclist says: (1/4/20 3:50 PM)
Woo hoo!!!! Are there any renderings yet for the CSX site?

jdc says: (1/5/20 9:40 AM)
@202 - the more important question is 'has JD created any renderings for the CSX site'?

CJBabyDaddy says: (1/5/20 5:44 PM)
I’m waiting for the JDLand-reader rendering of JD creating her rendering of the CSX rendering.

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