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Let's round up the news items that have trickled in from readers and via Twitter:
* HELLO, BISHOPS: Signage and the company web site indicate that the salon coming this year to the ground floor of the Harlow at 1100 2nd Street (across from Wiseguy) is Bishops, which, as an oldster, I have not heard of, but which apparently was founded in Portland in 2001 and offers the full lineup of cuts, color, styling, and facial hair grooming "that will empower local residents to feel more confident in their individuality" as well as "creating a space where everyone is accepted." (h/t eat_dc and reader BD)
* HELLO, LITTLE BUILDING: This has been on the boards for a very long time, but it looks like developers may finally be moving forward with the plans for a two-story-with-roofdeck retail building on the northwest corner of 1st and N (where the Aslin beer garden pop-up was, nestled between the wings of the Hampton Inn). The leasing flyer says that it would be delivered in 2020 (We Shall See) and shows what the design could be. Would certainly seem to be a prime spot for a large food and beverage operation... (h/t commenter NavyYardRes)
* HELLO, SHILLING (ALMOST): The long-awaited restaurant near 4th and Water in the Yards has started the job interview process, so maybe we are in Any Minute Now territory.
* HELLO, MORE ITALIAN: Looks like Union Square Hospitality's new restaurant offering at the Thompson Hotel at 3rd and Tingey will be "Italian fine dining," according to recent job listings. (h/t sjb11)
* HELLO, TOPGOLF CRUSH: As someone who did little this weekend other than lay on the sofa and watch the US Open at Pebble Beach, it's my duty to inform you that "Topgolf Crush," a four-day festival of food, beverage, music, and, oh yeah, golf, will be coming to Nats Park Aug. 22-25. You'll be able to play out your own Cinderella Story by getting to smack golf balls from the third-base line at targets on the field, which will be lit up at night if you want the After Dark experience. Tickets on sale at
* HELLO, STRAW MOCKERY: The Daily Show was in town last week, and one of their taped pieces was showing a DC "straw cop" enforcing the city's ban on plastic straws, much of which was filmed here in the Hood, with festive visits to Bluejacket, Philz Coffee, Willie's, and Nando's.
* GOODBYE, PHILLY WING FRY: The upscale wings and cheesesteaks counter inside the SoChill Whole Foods has departed, replaced with a WF burger and fries counter. (h/t @minnesota_nicer)
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jdc says: (6/17/19 1:23 PM)
Philly Wing Fry did not last long. I never ate there, so maybe that was part of the problem. Anyone have any thoughts? Taste, price, market demo as culprits?

JES says: (6/17/19 2:08 PM)
The one time I ate there, i thought the sandwich was exquisite. But it was also 16 dollars, which is sticker shock steep for a sandwich from a grocery store takeout counter.

JD says: (6/17/19 5:06 PM)
From Washingtonian: "Dacha Navy Yard has been open just under two months, but the modern American restaurant with 800-person beer garden is already facing legal and financial trouble. Owners Ilya Alter and Dmitri Chekaldin are the focus of a lawsuit from TriMark Adams-Burch, one of the major restaurant supply companies in Washington. In the complaint, filed in early June, TriMark Adams-Burch alleges the business owes over $277,453 in outstanding bills and accuses the restaurateurs of “fraud, ill-will, recklessness, wantonness, oppressiveness, and willful disregard of Adams-Burch’s rights with evil motive or actual malice.”" link

JD says: (6/17/19 5:09 PM)
And there's also lots of conflict with wait staff about paychecks, tipping, etc. Long article.

conngs0 says: (6/17/19 5:39 PM)
Unfortunate news about Dache. FWIW, I went there for the first time on Saturday afternoon and it was awesome. The automatic service fee, once it was explained to me, was super convenient (and well-deserved). I plan to go back but hope this controversy gets resolved.

RMP says: (6/17/19 11:39 PM)
The Dacha article is really bad. Please tell me the folks at Brig are running everything on the up and up because I need at least one beer garden in this neighborhood I can support.

RMP says: (6/17/19 11:40 PM)
By "really bad" I mean really bad for the Dacha owners. Can't complain about the quality of the journalism.

walt says: (6/18/19 10:26 AM)
re: Philly Wing Fry
I ate there a few times and the cottage fries were the best I'd ever had. The wings were inconsistent - ranging from also the best ever, to ketchup-soaked-fat. The good times were enough to send me back again, but then the wings were so-so, and at $16, I just didn't want to take the chance on tossing it in the garbage again.
I think the quality control was a problem. When Kwame was there, the food was top-notch. When he wasn't, it just wasn't worth the price.

walt says: (6/18/19 10:34 AM)
That is super-fun to watch TV with our local shops in the background!

bdj says: (6/18/19 9:27 PM)
@walt seems like it was hard to train a backup executive chef for a counter in a WF. I went one of the first nights and it was great. Sounds like the change to a WF burger bar matches the quality of the restaurant and what you'd expect in a WF.

JNB says: (6/18/19 9:27 PM)
Cheesesteak was not that great to be honest. Tried to do too much. Fries were decent. Wings were ok. Whole thing felt like an afterthought from the beginning.

jdc says: (6/19/19 9:15 AM)
Weren't we waiting on another restaurant for WF, too? Also, construction is really moving along at TwoValleyNorth.

smitty2k1 says: (6/19/19 10:32 AM)
re: philly wing fry - I'm devastated. Those honey covered Brussels sprouts were the best thing ever. I loved the whole menu!

re: Dacha - no surprise given the bad press they got about interactions with locals at their old location.

re: Bardo - that location and setup is awesome, but the beer is awful.

Westnorth says: (6/19/19 2:13 PM)
PWF is still open at Union Market, and pretty popular the few times I've walked by. Agreed that the pricing was out of place given the other counters have $3 slices of pizza; it fits in better at UM.

Jaybird says: (6/20/19 2:50 PM)
Top Golf is fun. A new one is opening tomorrow at National Harbor.

monkeyrotica says: (6/21/19 7:37 AM)
The bulgogi cheesesteak at Al's Famous Deli on 8th is still solid. I've been eating it for years and it hasn't killed me yet.

walt says: (6/21/19 8:50 AM)
Okay, I need an honest assessment of Al's Famous on 8th. I go past it all the time and I've never ever been tempted to go inside. Should I give it a shot?

Also, just noticing the recent crime incidents...ADW on 4th and M back on the 12th. Anyone know details on that?

RMP says: (6/21/19 10:04 AM)
WaPo writeup about Smorgasburg link

I agree with the author that last Saturday's was a bit rough around the edges. Hopefully it gets better with time.

conngs0 says: (6/21/19 12:54 PM)
I don't think the vendors were remotely prepared for the turnout. I walked by on Saturday afternoon and there was really no point to trying to get food in my view because it was so crowded and the lines were so long. That said, I take that turnout as a success, so I'm glad it's working out so far!

RMP says: (6/22/19 5:07 PM)
Smorgasburg seemed much more chill this week (at least when I went around 1pm) but man, they've gotta figure out what to do with that block of Tingey. Letting it become a 1-lane road with 2-way traffic is not a safe situation. Why not just close that block down to traffic?

GAK says: (6/23/19 5:19 PM)
There was a fatal shooting in the 300 block of K Street yesterday afternoon link

conngs0 says: (6/24/19 11:53 AM)
My condolences to the victim of this crime and his loved ones. I hope the murderers are caught soon.

GAK says: (6/24/19 5:12 PM)
It looks like the 1250 Apts at 1250 Half have been renamed The Kelvin link

jdc says: (6/25/19 10:48 AM)
That website makes me cringe. But, maybe it's because I am 'old'.

walt says: (6/25/19 12:15 PM)
oh my, the website for The Kelvin is really terrible. Flyover links use outside content, resizing the map changes the location of the Kelvin, and every image is just bad, bad, bad.

This is the type of website that we used at a 9-person company in 1996. We thought it was really cool, but it was just a bunch of things we had learned to do using html with no real big-picture.


Dan says: (6/25/19 12:39 PM)
The electric blue link text on a white background is not a great choice, either

JD says: (6/25/19 12:41 PM)
So, you guys are saying that the Kelvin's web site rates an absolute zero?

conngs0 says: (6/25/19 12:48 PM)
Well, they have a website, so do they get a point or two for that (kind of like how you used to get like 400 points just for putting your name on the SAT)?

maximillion says: (6/25/19 4:43 PM)
Nice JD. I think the joke may have flown over conngs' head by a few degrees.

conngs0 says: (6/25/19 5:14 PM)
Ha! Yep. That doesn't mean it wasn't funny!

caphillguy says: (6/26/19 7:34 AM)
As long as we're hating on The Kelvin, I'll take this time to be pedantic - Kelvins are not considered degrees, so the degree symbol in front of the K should not be there.

JD says: (6/26/19 12:55 PM)
Looks like MRP Realty is making moves toward starting its residential building at 41 L Street, SE, on the Navy Yard Metro station "Chiller plant" site on the southwest corner of Half and L. Permit applications are in process for shoring/sheeting/excavation and the full building permit and a raze permit has been filed for what's currently on the site. Here's my past posts on the site, going back a long ways through WMATA's multiple attempts to hand the site to a developer: link And note that this is separate from 37 L, where digging is underway for a sliver of an apartment building: link Both are expected to be 11 stories tall.

walt says: (6/27/19 9:33 AM)
Excellent JD!
We really shouldn't be so harsh on the website because there are no negatives in kelvin.

MRB says: (6/27/19 10:16 AM)
There were a series of gunshots last night on the block in front of the Capper Community Center . The police were going door to door, and said that nobody was injured. Has anyone else seen any information?

Gamble Rogers says: (6/29/19 3:40 PM)

Sounds like someone is trying to settle scores based on the killing just blocks away. Whether current NNTNY (Neighborhood Next to the Navy Yard) residents are a) involved or b) targeted, all residents should be calling for this “stuff” to stop.

MPD shouldn’t have a hard time determining who was involved. Why not ask them what they know so far? Doesn’t sound “random.”

202_cyclist says: (6/30/19 9:46 PM)
We were on vacation (or holiday as the Brits say) in Portugal for th me last two weeks, so this might be old news but it looks like the site of the new DDOT HQ now has a tower crane. Exciting times for the neighborhood!

walt says: (7/1/19 9:04 AM)
This weekend's Smorgasburg was fantastic, although I think the BID should invest in a few flagpoles and some solar sails. It was so hot out there and we were just baking in the sun, but it was delightful where there was shade.

jdc says: (7/1/19 10:17 AM)
Shade truly makes all the difference, especially if there is a breeze, too. It makes being outdoors SO much more pleasant.

freddiking says: (7/4/19 11:12 AM)
This is a nice and informative post thanks for the information!

dcgent says: (7/8/19 11:47 AM)
Eater has pics and more on Shilling restaurant link

walt says: (7/8/19 1:24 PM)
Update on Philly Wing Fry being gone: my dog is no longer finding chicken bones every 2 feet. So that's a plus!

conngs0 says: (7/8/19 1:59 PM)
I'm in favor of anything that reduces the number of chicken bones on the ground. Zero class to just throw those about.

Thanks to dcgent for sharing the link to the Shilling Canning Company update. I'm excited for this one. That brick oven looks pretty awesome!

jdc says: (7/8/19 4:50 PM)
Is it me, or is Shilling really that small?

CJBabyDaddy says: (7/8/19 8:59 PM)
Popped into Shilling this afternoon as they were pulling the paper off the windows and asked, “When can a hungry neighbor come in and get something to eat around here?”

The reply? “Wednesday, July 10 at 5pm!” Is

Who’s with me? Nom, nom . . .

jdc says: (7/9/19 4:07 PM)
Is there still no menu for Shilling?

CJBabyDaddy says: (7/9/19 6:27 PM)
@jdc: Do like me. Get real hungry tomorrow, walk in ravenous, open the menu and go on an adventure!

jdc says: (7/10/19 8:15 AM)
Unfortunately, I am never in JD land around dinner time, so I miss eating at restaurants like Shilling. If I lived in the area, then it would be easy to walk past and see what's on the menu, then keep walking if nothing caught my fancy. But what seems odd to me is that Shilling takes reservations - so you'd make a reservation for days/weeks ahead of time, but have no idea what you'll be able to choose from. That just strikes me as odd.

JNB says: (7/10/19 9:32 AM)
Does anyone know what the plan is under the highway across from Wholefoods? I thought part of the construction project CSX was going to do something with the space. It is a mess again just like before they closed the walkway before the tunnel project.

CJBabyDaddy says: (7/10/19 12:39 PM)
@jdc: The reservation app only went live a few days ago. There was a Washingtonian online menu preview. I assume the Day One menu will be posted in the window and online today. I’m a block away but will wait until I head there at 5.

DCCyclist365 says: (7/10/19 1:25 PM)
@JNB i'd love to see that space under the freeway converted into an urban mountain bike park, similar to the I-5 Colonnade trails in Seattle: link Granted, we don't have the elevation change for much downhill, but it would still be feasible to build artificial berms, ramps and hills using the existing land.

202_cyclist says: (7/10/19 3:22 PM)
DCCyclist365-- YES! How do we get this done. Also, a whitewater park like the one in Boise would be fantastic!


Ampersand says: (7/10/19 4:36 PM)
Last Friday my girlfriend and I were walking past Shilling on our way to Conte's and stopped to admire the herb planters. While we stood there, a guy passed by walking a dog and stopped to chat with us about the restaurant (and planters). I didn't realize it until reading the Eater preview, but it was Reid Shilling! Given the dog, I wonder if he's a neighborhood resident. He was super friendly, and mentioned that they expected to open this week. (Obviously I failed at promptly reporting to JDLand, oops.) I hope the restaurant is successful; it looks beautiful.

CJBabyDaddy says: (7/10/19 9:31 PM)
Dined at Shilling tonight. If the oysters, gnocchi, soft shell crab and corn cake dessert I had are any indication, Y to-the U to-the M!

My wallet’s a little lighter. But it was well worth it. A great addition to the neighborhood!

jdc says: (7/11/19 8:39 AM)
I saw the pricing - seems extraordinarily high, even if the food is very good.

RMP says: (7/11/19 9:38 AM)
Opening night at Schilling was overall very good. They have some kinks to work out, as does any new restaurant. I was floored to see the beer prices (technically 2 beer, 1 cider) were $12/$14/$14. That's roughly double what you get across the street at Bluejacket. Maybe that will reduce or they will offer some kind of half off happy hour at some point. If forced to choose an Arris dining establishment I would probably opt for Chloe over Schilling but of course need to give Schilling another try before drawing any definite conclusions.

RMP says: (7/11/19 9:39 AM)
Ice Cream Jubilee is making a 100-foot long Sundae on July 21st. link

202_cyclist says: (7/11/19 10:59 AM)
Bom dia! We recently returned from a vacation in Portugal where the beers were 1.5 - 2 Euros at most restaurants and bottles of wine, even at nice restaurants, were 8 - 10 Euros.

Speaking of restaurants in the neighborhood, we went to Walters on Tuesday and were impressed with both the food and service.

walt says: (7/16/19 11:01 AM)
I was wondering if I was just old...I am still waiting for the 75 cent beers to come back. Hell, we used to get 75 cent PITCHERS on Thursday nights.

walt says: (7/16/19 11:03 AM)
Is there any possibility that the SE/SW freeway will be removed in my lifetime? Let's say I live another 100 years.

conngs0 says: (7/16/19 2:25 PM)
Walt, I like where your head is at. Before the folks currently living on Virginia Avenue get too comfortable after the CSX construction, we should definitely knock down the freeway and redevelop that entire expanse! In all honesty, I'm skeptical that this would happen, even in the next one hundred years (I'm still sad that the Metro 2040 plan isn't happening).

CJBabyDaddy says: (7/16/19 3:16 PM)
As a pedestrian, I say we give sidewalk scooter jockeys a taste of their own medicine and limit them to the SE/SW freeway.

conngs0 says: (7/16/19 5:22 PM)
I second your motion, CJ!

JD says: (7/17/19 9:33 AM)
I know, I've gone AWOL. Been traveling, plus it's hot. :-)

But will pass along that I see a bunch of approved permits in the past few days for the Hatoba space.

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