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A few small things as we head into summer:
* DC CROSSING: We still don't have an officially sanctioned rendering (so you know what that means!), but we now know that what we've been calling Square 696 will now be known as DC Crossing, with an address of 949 1st Street, SE. The new placeholder web site says that apartments will be delivered in 2020, and it will be managed by Bozzuto. My photos from last week show that the eastern half of the project, along 1st Street, is making good progress, and, if you can decipher it, this site plan schematic I found in public records shows the layout of the block, from above.
* CONGRESSIONAL CLEANERS 2.0: This is not quite as exciting as neighborhood cafe concepts or Nashville chicken, but I've confirmed that Congressional Cleaners will be returning to the neighborhood this summer, this time in the ground floor of the Park Chelsea on I Street just east of New Jersey. This is the cleaners that was located at Capitol Hill Tower from 2007 to 2017. Hopefully it won't get robbed on its opening day, like it did last time. But that was a different era.
* COOL PIC: A reader on a flight leaving DCA last week happened to be in the right place at the right time and got this great overhead shot of the neighborhood and the Douglass Bridge construction. Guess I'll need to start paying a fortune in airline tickets.
* ICE CREAM SOCIAL: A final reminder that--weather permitting!--there will be an Ice Cream Social at Canal Park on Thursday, May 30, at 6:30 pm, with free scoops from Altani Gelato and Ice Cream Jubilee, to celebrate the BID's "Then and Now" exhibits. And I'll be there, pointing at the photos and saying, "I took that. I took that. I took that one, too." RSVP on the BID's Facebook page, so that there's enough scoops to go around and we don't end up with The Great Ice Cream Riot of 2019.
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JD says: (5/28/19 11:56 AM)
A present for the people who actually read the comments: link

JD says: (5/28/19 1:04 PM)
In other news, I have heard a rumor about some construction plans that would never have occurred to me as a possibility. Don't get your hopes up--no MOVIE THEATERS or anything truly interesting--but construction geeks would find it of note, should it come to pass.

jdc says: (5/28/19 1:24 PM)
Ok, that rendering with the green roofs makes a lot more sense to me than that schematic. Whatever the final design, it sure will be a big structure.

FromTheTurret says: (5/28/19 1:45 PM)
Your rumor comment you just floated out sounds to me like it is begging for a question. Is it the former trash transfer/future Capper replacement block on NJ Ave between I and K?

JD says: (5/28/19 1:46 PM)
No. I can safely say it is nothing we have ever come close to talking about. Again, don't get your hopes up for something really amazing--just construction coolness.

FromTheTurret says: (5/28/19 2:32 PM)
Apparently I will never guess it correctly, so I give up.

Westnorth says: (5/28/19 2:59 PM)
whatwhatwhat? Gondola across the Anacostia? Ping-pong + skateboarding tournament complex? Bergdorf Goodman? I-695 being closed for a Cirque du Soleil tent? Up Top Acres expanding down the side of a movie theater? (Oh, you said no movies.)

I don't think DCHA will get anything out of ground at the former trash transfer site during this economic cycle. They have their hands full with a bunch of other stuff.

And ahhh, how I enjoy the rhythmic fenestration of 88K!

JD says: (5/28/19 3:01 PM)
Think downtown Hecht's.

202_cyclist says: (5/28/19 4:45 PM)
It looks like the BID is having two ice cream social events, one on May 30 and one on June 6.


JD says: (5/28/19 4:48 PM)
They're doing multiple ones this summer, since they aren't doing the Roof Top Hops.

CJBabyDaddy says: (5/28/19 5:07 PM)
Downtown Hecht’s? OMG! The Lerners are going to put an office building on top of the press box?!?!

stacycloyd says: (5/28/19 11:37 PM)
We're getting a Macy's?

JD says: (5/29/19 8:47 AM)
CJ was closer, albeit not in the right location.

walt says: (5/29/19 9:56 AM)
No Roof Top Hops? Those were my favorite neighborhood events! Will they bring something like that back again?

walt says: (5/29/19 9:56 AM)
Residential on top of the Geico garages?

JD says: (5/29/19 11:17 AM)
No, residential on top of the garages has been talked about for 12 years. But a good guess!

Okay, we're far enough down that only the diehards are reading. I've heard a RUMOR that 80 M might be getting more floors of office space. (Told you it wasn't exciting to anyone other than construction nerds.) I haven't seen any permits or any such to confirm it.

202_cyclist says: (5/29/19 11:32 AM)
JD--added to the top of the existing building? I was thinking about this building the other week. The building is only 7 - 8 floors tall. There is a lot of value that the developer/owner of the property could capture by adding another 4 - 5 floors, if that is possible.

JD says: (5/29/19 11:47 AM)
It should be able to be as tall as 99 M across the street or the Homewood next door. I count seven floors, and I think the Homewood is 11.

Westnorth says: (5/29/19 8:51 PM)
yowza! I suppose someone could've engineered it to take more floors once upon a time; it has struck me at times as suspiciously short.

otherwise, I have no idea how they'd do that given its pretty healthy occupancy. most of the other office re-skin/pop-up jobs around town (and I'm always surprised at how many there are) are done on much older buildings that are mostly empty at the time, since the structural work involved is very intrusive.

jdc says: (5/30/19 10:38 AM)
Interesting. I, too, wonder about how economically practical it would be to add just a few more floors - it would be one thing if the building were, say, only 5 floors. That said, this building and the one behind it seem primed for potential redevelopment into taller, newer buildings, perhaps with residential added.

202_cyclist says: (5/30/19 4:02 PM)
JDC-- but the office space on the 10th and 11th floors with the prime views of Bank of America and Shake Shack across the street would probably be able to get higher rents.

202_cyclist says: (5/30/19 4:02 PM)
JD-- is the ice cream social event still happening this evening?

JD says: (5/30/19 4:04 PM)
Yup, still happening. Rain is about moved through, and there's still two hours until start time.

202_cyclist says: (5/30/19 4:21 PM)
Excellent! JD, we're counting on you this evening to give a live update on the status of the movie theater.

RMP says: (5/31/19 8:01 AM)
After weeks of anticipation the barbed wire is down and The Sun Deck is revealed as... a patch of AstroTurf with some shrubs in the corner.

Am I missing something? Why did we need barbed wire for that?

JD says: (5/31/19 12:55 PM)
From a reader, the page for the retail leasing for DC Crossing/Square 696 has the closest thing yet to a real rendering: link

202_cyclist says: (5/31/19 2:27 PM)
Thanks to both the Capitol Riverfront BID and JD. The ice cream social event yesterday evening was a great time.

32,000 square feet of retail at Square 696 seems pretty significant.

FromTheTurret says: (6/3/19 1:13 PM)
It looks like "Somewhere" will be between Barre 3 and Declaration on 1st street. The construction crew had the door open and it looked like they had shelves for shoes.

JES says: (6/3/19 3:34 PM)
Lol, their market arial shows the Showplace ICON both (1) still existing, and (2) actively under construction! There's your update, 202!


jdc says: (6/3/19 4:28 PM)
JES - yea, I noticed that too and had a good (sad) laugh.

JES says: (6/3/19 5:15 PM)
Someone on Facebook just posted a picture of a bunch of fire trucks and smoke pouring out of the morini/agua building right now...

RMP says: (6/3/19 9:31 PM)
Glad to hear that no one was hurt in the fire. It was quite surreal.

I was walking down 4th St with my dogs and wondered if they had installed grills at The Sun Deck(TM) because it smelled kind of like burnt food. As soon as we got to the corner by the old Bower sales office the alarm at the Lumber shed went off and everyone evacuated. It took about 5 minutes for the first fire engine to arrive. I didn't get a count on the total number of response vehicles but it was a lot. The response was definitely intense.

Morini posted on Facebook that they hope to re-open tomorrow which seems a little baffling. DCFD definitely went in with a fire hose so I imagine there is water damage that you can't see from the outside. Plus with an incident like this I imagine DOH or DCRA or some other governing agency would want to sign off and you know how quickly they move. I hope none of the businesses are too badly impacted.

WCP is covering it:

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

RMP says: (6/3/19 9:32 PM)
Corrected link to article: link

Daedam says: (6/4/19 10:39 AM)
Maybe I missed it, but I haven't heard anything about Hatoba (the ramen spot that was supposed to open in the old 100 Montaditos location) lately. I thought it was supposed to open this past winter. Anyone know if that is still happening?

walt says: (6/4/19 4:05 PM)
My dog didn't want to leave the area because he thought it smelled so good. Fire was out and everyone safe by the time the pup was drooling over the aroma of charred whatevers. :)

walt says: (6/4/19 4:10 PM)
Just catching up with previous comments.
1. Ice Cream social was great. Sorry I didn't have a chance to say hello to JD
2. building more floors on top of an existing building? Sounds challenging. My window-washers can't even clean a window without trampling the only living bush below them, so I'm crossing my fingers for the tenants!

202_cyclist says: (6/4/19 4:57 PM)
Does anyone know if there will be any concerts this summer at Nats Park?

D’ohboy says: (6/9/19 9:32 AM)
I’m hoping folks here can provide some advice to a longtime reader/first-time commenter... My wife and I live on the other side of the highway and we’re looking to move into JDLand for 6-9 months while our house is renovated. The only issue is our dog. She’s a sweet, loving 45-pound girl that we rescued from the Humane Society. Her paperwork lists her as a boxer mix, but people sometimes mistake her for a pit bull mix. All the buildings in JDLand have breed restrictions. We’re worried that we’ll run afoul of these rules, even though our dog is a boxer mix. Does anyone here have advice or experience with this issue?

bdj says: (6/9/19 5:35 PM)
@d'ohboy - I do dog adoptions and I'd be very very careful about the breed restrictions. I live in the Velocity and we don't have any breed restrictions. There's usually a unit or two being put up for rent in the building.

202_cyclist says: (6/9/19 6:43 PM)
@D’ohboy— one of our neighbors in 909 NJ has a boxer.

202_cyclist says: (6/10/19 8:51 AM)
Since SWTLQTC doesn’t appear to be active these days, I might as well poet this here. I think this space is operated by the person who operates Blind Whino.


CJBabyDaddy says: (6/10/19 2:51 PM)
@202: You posting stuff about stuff all the way over on the other side of South Capitol? Might as well be the other side of the moon.

202_cyclist says: (6/10/19 4:05 PM)

Or Mars, which the moon is part of....


UpEarly says: (6/10/19 5:56 PM)
Plans to build 2 stories of retail at 1st and N (currently Rockland's BBQ pop-up):

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

UpEarly says: (6/10/19 5:57 PM)

202_cyclist says: (6/10/19 9:17 PM)
On one of the listserves of a building in the neighborhood, there was discussion recently about DCHA developing the vacant lot next to NJ ave,
between I and K Street.

JD says: (6/11/19 9:26 AM)
@UpEarly, our own NavyYardRes posted a link here in the comments to the leasing brochure back in early May. Brochure: link

walt says: (6/11/19 9:56 AM)
"...the corner of First and N streets SE, basically Main and Main of the neighborhood around Nationals Park."

oh god, please let it be called "Main & Main".

walt says: (6/11/19 9:59 AM)
@202_cyclist -- since you're talking about the other side of the moon, I'm told by my DC United sources that they're moving the bike valet from it's current location and adding a coffee shop.

202_cyclist says: (6/11/19 10:32 AM)
Walt- That sounds like good news (except for the anti-coffee JD).

202_cyclist says: (6/11/19 10:34 AM)
Yes, UpEarly-- if you stayed up late reading the comment threads, you might have seen it!

JES says: (6/11/19 1:37 PM)
Schilling Canning must be getting close. Walked past today and saw a "now interviewing" chalkboard, along with some jackhammering being done around its periphery, presumably for patio fence posts. Ignore my dog doing his best to block the sign while drinking out of their water bowl... link

bdj says: (6/11/19 9:58 PM)
@Walt - the coffee shop that's going in has signs up and everything on the outside. I can't remember the name from the last time I was over there, but it looked like a local spot, not a big chain (or else I'd probably remember the name)

JES says: (6/12/19 12:26 PM)
Its called 39 Steps, and its other locations are in Europe: link

willinrm says: (6/12/19 1:20 PM)
talked to the shilling canning owner/manager earlier this month, and he said that they plan on opening at the end of June.

Ampersand says: (6/14/19 2:39 PM)
The Altani side of Wiseguy had a serious spread of pastries today, and the three we tried were all amazing. The owner was there and he was also experimenting with and offering samples of Belgian waffles. I love that place and am so happy to have it in the neighborhood. It seems like the perfect business for the location.

DataNerd says: (6/15/19 6:09 PM)
In my search of info about 39 Steps, I came across this relatively "Martian"/Buzzard Pt neighborhood blogger: link

It doesn't have a comment section ??

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

RMP says: (6/16/19 12:43 PM)
Smorgasburg was absolutely packed. I couldn't believe how many people turned out. The nice weather and novelty of it helped, I'm sure. They really need to figure out what to do with Tingey between NJ and 3rd because that was a completely dangerous mess the entire day and there are still cars illegally parked on the entire block this morning.

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