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Pulling myself together to pull together recent tidbits for those who don't wander by the site often or don't follow me on Twitter (or don't wander by the site to see my tweets in the handy box on the home page):
* ICE CREAM SOCIAL/MEET AND GREET: On Thursday, May 30, the Capitol Riverfront BID is kicking off its summer lineup of events with an Ice Cream Social at Canal Park, starting at 6 pm. In addition to having free scoops from Altani Gelato and live acoustic music, the event will celebrate the Then and Now photo exhibits, and I'll be on hand to say hello and point at the photo displays and say "I did that!" Hope to see everyone there! And if you haven't been to the Yards Park in the past few days, that portion of the photo exhibit has now been moved down to the boardwalk, which is a pretty cool spot.
* NATS PARK RETAIL SPACES: For 11-plus years now, readers have been asking me when the empty retail spaces along Nats Park's 1st Street facade would get any tenants. Now, WBJ is reporting that the Nats have a deal for a year-round 35,000-square-foot "restaurant and entertainment venue." Given that a similar announcement about Capital One Arena quickly morphed into confirmation of a sportsbook there, it's being assumed that this Nats Park venue will be a sportsbook as well. More as it becomes available.
* WELCOME TO WALTERS AND DACHA: If you haven't heard yet, Walters Sports Bar is now open at South Capitol and N in the ground floor of 1221 Van (as previewed by Washingtonian), and Dacha has now opened its interior space in Dock 79 at 1st and Potomac across from the Nats Park grand staircase (as also previewed by Washingtonian). Its 800-person beer garden on the plaza is expected to open later this month.
* MEDSTAR PRIMARY CARE: On the heels of the news that CVS will be coming to the corner of Half and I in the ground floor of One Hill South, I've received confirmation that Medstar has signed a lease to open a primary care facility in the building.
* SALON?: A recently approved building permit indicates that a hair salon will be coming to the Harlow, the new apartment building at 2nd and L facing Canal Park. That's all I know for now.
* SUMMER SERIES-ES: The lineup has been announced for the Friday Night Concert Series at Yards Park for the Friday Night Concert Series at Yards Park, which will run from June 7 through Aug. 30. And, if I didn't already share it, here's the lineup for the Thursday Outdoor Movie Series at Canal Park, which runs from June 13 to Aug. 22.
* CONSTRUCTION AT 1ST AND K: For those wondering about the new construction happening at the old A-1 Tires garage at 1st and K, it's becoming additional space for the Waterfront Church. (The wrangling over whether developers can build a "sliver" residential building on that site is as-yet unresolved.)
(A new post also means a fresh thread for the JDLand commentariat. If you don't read or participate in the comments, you should--it's a great place to talk about neighborhood goings-on.)
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michaelj says: (5/5/19 5:37 PM)
Does anyone have contact info for the keepers of the keys to the Virginia Avenue Community Garden? Website is out of date and I've received no response to any of my queries.


202_cyclist says: (5/5/19 9:43 PM)
The email for the garden is:

SWag says: (5/6/19 7:42 AM)
We need a target or Walmart. Where do you guys get things like light bulbs and Epsom salt?

I realize you can get those at CVS/HT, but what if you wanted a flat screen tv or a fan? Amazon?

RMP says: (5/6/19 7:58 AM)
The rise of delivery-everything has greatly diminished the need IMO for a neighborhood megamart. Warlmart, Target, Home Depot, Best Buy and just about every retailer delivers now. You don't even need Amazon if you don't like it. I recently purchased a flat screen TV from Best Buy and had that delivered. I suppose if I needed light bulbs or something similar and didn't want to wait I would walk or bike up to the shiny new Fragers.

I know folks have talked about the small footprint Targets like the one in Rosslyn but I am personally not a huge fan of the concept. It just feels like a big CVS or Walgreens to me with different generic brands.

michaelj says: (5/6/19 8:12 AM)
Thanks 202_cyclist - sent an email to that address on 13 April - no reply - any other ideas?

bdj says: (5/6/19 10:45 AM)
@SWag - I order everything online from a combination of Amazon and Target. With a red card from Target shipping is always free and you get 5% off. I do this for all household non-perishable items. To match your examples, light bulbs, tv and fan would be from Amazon, Epsom salt from Target. The benefit I've found for Target is that they price everything equivalent to the store price, whereas with Amazon it's a marketplace, so the prices can fluctuate. The prices are sometimes better and sometimes worse, but a good example is try to buy toilet paper on Amazon, it's mind boggling.

BWWNY says: (5/6/19 3:19 PM)
In response to a comment from a while back re: various activities in and around JDLand w/ Anacostia Watershed Society - AWS is hosting a watershed trivia night at Red Bear Brewing this Wednesday (5/8) at 6pm. A great opportunity to learn about the work they do, their forthcoming summer boat trips, and drink beer - err, I mean play watershed trivia.

RMP says: (5/7/19 10:09 AM)
What exactly is The Sun Deck going to be? I looked on the Yards website and social media and can't seem to find any real info on it.

jdc says: (5/7/19 2:05 PM)
Do we still not have any official images of square 696? I walked by today and the buildings do not appear how I had imagined - two U shapes facing each other. So far, there is a U-shaped building on the eastern part of the lot, with the 'empty' portion facing 1st street. That rather blocky U-shaped building then has a very rounded building attached to it that occupies the middle of the lot. The western-most area is still at ground level, so it's hard to tell what that building will look like. Also, build out continues on the church of the A1 tire, with new windows/doors installed and drywall going up inside.

CJBabyDaddy says: (5/7/19 2:06 PM)
@RMP: C’mon, no peeking. Imo sit back and let the Big Reveal take my breath away! Let’s do it together!

NavyYardRes says: (5/7/19 3:00 PM)
New Yards Office Building - Commission on Fine Arts really doesn't like the building...Also, the submitted Brookfield document is a great look into the Yards development. All but confirms the parking lot outside The Guild/District Winery will be residential. link

NavyYardRes says: (5/7/19 3:57 PM)
Well this is cool! Combining world-class fashion with Vigilante Coffee, the brains behind Maketto are bringing you Somewhere in Navy Yard this month. link

NavyYardNittany says: (5/7/19 5:26 PM)
RMP says: (5/7/19 10:09 AM)
What exactly is The Sun Deck going to be? I looked on the Yards website and social media and can't seem to find any real info on it.

What is this Sun Deck of which you speak?

RMP says: (5/7/19 9:40 PM)

CJBabyDaddy says: (5/8/19 10:24 AM)
@RMP: The Installation is underway this morning. Apparently, one man’s Sun Deck is another man’s Astro Turf.

What’s the over/under on the number of times in the first week we get to hear some LabraShepDoodle’s owner feign surprise over their beloved’s Astro Turf “accident” or respond to a frustrated neighbor with “what dedicated dog park less than a block from here?”

JD says: (5/8/19 12:05 PM)
A short video from DDOT showing the installation of new wooden barriers on the I Street SE cycletrack: link

smitty2k1 says: (5/9/19 8:42 AM)
Moar coffee! Moar retail!

JD says: (5/9/19 8:57 AM)
For the record, the news of Somewhere itself isn't new: link

JD says: (5/9/19 8:59 AM)
Washington City Paper reports on the arrival later this month of "Somewhere," the combination clothing-and-coffee venture from the DC native behind Maketto and streetwear brand DURKL coming to the retail row on 1st Street SE south of M: link

JD says: (5/9/19 9:04 AM)
Also, a reader reported on Twitter last night that the Dacha beer garden is operational (in such perfect weather!): link

NavyYardRes says: (5/9/19 9:26 AM)
1299 First St. SE is for lease...but without a building. Says it will be ready in 2020 link

JD says: (5/9/19 9:33 AM)
The rumor had been that the Bullpen was going to lease it, but I guess not.

JES says: (5/9/19 9:39 AM)
Lol, "35,000 to 47,000 game-day population swell."

...not if this season continues to head down the crapper

202_cyclist says: (5/9/19 10:34 AM)
@JES-- when do we start panicking about this season?

JES says: (5/9/19 3:35 PM)
Panic meter's probably already at about a 7, but if we get swept by LA this weekend, you can probably bump that up to a 9.5

202_cyclist says: (5/10/19 10:34 AM)
JES-- the Nationals doomsday clock was pushed back a little bit last night. It is nice to have Anthony Rendon back in the lineup.

Speaking of baseball, it looks like new grass was installed at Yards Park between Osteria Morini and District Winery. It almost looks like a baseball diamond.

conngs0 says: (5/10/19 12:46 PM)
As long as Martinez needs (or feels the need) to bring in Doolittle in the eighth inning with a six-run lead, I'd say the Nationals doomsday clock continues to tick faster.

JD says: (5/11/19 8:14 AM)
A nice piece in the Blade on the owner of Tracks, who has died at 76. Good descriptions of the legendary bar at 1st and M, up until its own death in 1999. (right before I started photographing). link

JD says: (5/11/19 10:01 AM)
From the MPD-1D mailing list: "At approximately 2am, members of the first district were called to 2nd and K Street SE for a call for a robbery. Officers met a female complainant that advised that a male subject snatched her purse and pushed her down to the ground …. The suspect took off running and is described as black male, light complexion, age 18-25 wearing a white t-shirt and Khaki pants ……The victim was not seriously injured during this event...Anyone with information relating to this is asked to call 202-727-9099 or email me directly at"

GG says: (5/15/19 9:57 PM)
New sign out for "Meridian on First" on 1st. Between K and L. Says move in late 2019.

GAK says: (5/16/19 9:03 AM)
Looks like a website for Meridian on First is up too link

202_cyclist says: (5/16/19 9:14 AM)
Apparently, there was a homicide last night right outside of Scarlet Oak around 11:30 PM. We saw the crime scene tape this morning but there is nothing on the MPD Twitter feed.

JD says: (5/16/19 9:22 AM)
MPD mailing list says it was an assault:

The First District is currently investigating an assault that occurred at approximately 3:30 am in the 100 block of K Street SE. The complainant got into a dispute with a group of individuals, ultimately leading to the complainant being assaulted. Anyone that may have seen anything or may have any information about this case please contact the First District Detectives Office at 202-299-2025 or the Command Information Center at 202-727-9099 and reference case # 19083798. Thank you all.

And a follow up e-mail said: Some additional information: Suspect lookout is for a white male, 20-26 years old, dressed in a cream colored jacket or sweater.

JD says: (5/16/19 9:48 AM)
A reply to my query on the mailing list from Commander Kane:

At this point detectives are still investigating. The incident outside Scarlett Oak is the same event outlined below by the Captain. The person assaulted was transported to the hospital and is being treated. We will release more information on the circumstances as soon we can.

202_cyclist says: (5/16/19 10:03 AM)
JD-- thank you for the information. This not good but fortunately, it isn't a homicide.

Admittedly, I am old and boring but nothing good happens on the streets at 3:30 AM.

NavyYardRes says: (5/16/19 10:23 AM)
Over/under for meridian being early 2020?

JD says: (5/16/19 10:24 AM)
Always take the over.

202_cyclist says: (5/16/19 10:34 AM)
Any updates on the movie theater?

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