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There's another condo option in the neighborhood now officially confirmed, as the Jair Lynch company announced last week that the portion of its 1250 Half Street project facing N Street will be a 123-unit "boutique" condo building known as eNvy, with the N uppercased to meld with the building's address of 70 N Street, SE.
Sales are expected to begin "early" this year, and it will probably deliver in 2020.
The official web site is basically a placeholder, but you can get on the VIP list if you choose.
This is not the entire project you see on the northeast corner of Half and N--the portion of the building facing Half Street is still for now known as 1250, and will have about 310 rental apartments and about 55,000 square feet of retail, with Punch Bowl Social having already been signed as the anchor tenant, occupying 24,000 square feet on two floors.
Envy* is the third new condo building in the neighborhood, joining the Bower at the Yards and the still-under-construction Avidian on South Capitol just south of M. (Velocity, the neighborhood's first condo building, is now 10 years old. Wow.) But it is the only condo offering with views into the ballpark from some units (unless the new solar panels on top of the garages interfere), so expect the marketing to heavily tout that fact.
Here's a couple more renderings, first showing Envy from N Street, where you can see at right how it nudges right up against the Hampton Inn (and is built above Cushing Place). The second rendering is the view from the Center Field Gate at Half and N, showing Envy as the darker building at right along N and the 1250 Half apartments running up Half Street..
* Mr. JDLand would haunt me if I used "eNvy," so I will be going with Envy.
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JES says: (1/16/19 1:34 PM)
4th condo... dont forget us! (Velocity)

JD says: (1/16/19 1:37 PM)
Eek. I massaged it. :-)

CJBabyDaddy says: (1/16/19 2:21 PM)
eNvy? sHeesh. oNe hOpes tHat nAming cOnvention bEgins aNd eNds tHere.

202_cyclist says: (1/16/19 4:56 PM)
eNvy is certainly a dumb name but just glancing at it, it suggests a linkage to the Navy Yard.

VelocityChris says: (1/16/19 6:16 PM)
It's the digital Navy, or "e-Nvy".

202_cyclist says: (1/16/19 6:35 PM)
The cyber Navy!

jdc says: (1/17/19 10:27 AM)
Our cyber navy will beat Russian's cyber navy.

RMP says: (1/18/19 11:49 AM)
eNvy is certainly bad but I still think F1RST takes the cake for the worst. Why is it necessary to put the street IN the name of the building when it already has a street address?

RDC says: (1/18/19 3:02 PM)
Maybe I missed this earlier, but apparently Bozzuto sold the Capitol Yards buildings to Greystar? I can’t find any posts about it online but that seems to be the takeaway from this Facebook post:


JD says: (1/18/19 3:04 PM)
They didn't sell them, at least not outright. Greystar Management is taking over management of 70/100. I do think that Greystar has bought a stake in 909, but it's not a full purchase in any of the cases.

CJBabyDaddy says: (1/18/19 3:50 PM)
@RMP: The Twelve12 at 1212 4th Street just tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hold my beer.”

RDC says: (1/18/19 5:42 PM)
Got it, thanks JD

Section314 says: (1/19/19 12:41 PM)
Wasn't 1250 Half Street to be known as the Joule at one time?

JD says: (1/19/19 1:10 PM)
For about five minutes, yes.

202_cyclist says: (1/19/19 6:18 PM)

Folks— if you have a dog, remember to clean up after it. We were walking this afternoon and there is crap everywhere on the sidewalks. It seems like people forget to pick up after their dogs when there is snow or the temperature drops.

Nobody wants to step in this, let alone go through it with a stroller or wheelchair. Also, the dog crap washes into both the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers and makes them an environmental hazard.

jdc says: (1/22/19 8:49 AM)
JD - the link to the Avidian in the post is broken.

JD says: (1/22/19 9:57 AM)
Thx, jdc. It's fixed.

202_cyclist says: (1/22/19 7:36 PM)
It’s SWTLQTC territory but there are plans to build on the large property immediately east of Audi Field. I didn’t realize the Capitol Riverfront BID is also responsible for Buzzard Point.


jdc says: (1/23/19 8:49 AM)
202's link had an error - try this link

CJBabyDaddy says: (1/23/19 10:59 PM)
Trapeze School news from the Jan 23 ANC meeting:

Brookfield (the artist formerly known as Forest City) proposes to move the Trapeze School at the end of the summer to Parcel E, in space bounded by M Street on the north and Tingey Street on the south, east of Navy Yard Bldg 74 (which is east of Bldg 202, which is east of Twelve12/Harris-Teeter).

Replacing the old one, the virtually identical new Trapeze School building will be set back 140 feet from Tingey. Access to the school and its adjacent parking lot will be from Tingey.

Brookfield expects to be back before the ANC in February/March for further review/ approval.

NavyYardNittany says: (1/24/19 10:00 AM)
So presumably the trapeze school move doesn’t signal plans for eminent development of Bldg 74 - just relocation onto that property. Still
hoping for a mixed use development there with office/residential on top and a Union Market-style facility on the bottom floor. Similar development being built in Alexandria.

nsfw says: (1/24/19 4:15 PM)
@CJBabyDaddy News scoop. I heard a rumor that the Bower would start some closings as early as Feb 15th.

RMP says: (1/24/19 4:48 PM)
Not long ago the whispers were that Bower closings were starting on Feb 1. So I'm going to put Feb 15th into the "believe it when I see it" category. I did get a chuckle when I walked past and saw the prominent "The Bower - 2018" sign on the front door. I assume they ordered the sign in more optimistic times.

nsfw says: (1/24/19 8:52 PM)
@RMP: I was a little kidding there in note to CJ... I have a closing date the following week at the Bower. Almost officially a JDLander.

CJBabyDaddy says: (1/25/19 9:43 AM)
@RMP: The Bower Certificate of Occupancy on the front door was issued 12/1/18. That may be what gives them 2018 cover.

In any event, my back is notoriously unreliable. Could you be a dear and carry a bunch of really heavy boxes into the Bower on the 15th for me?

202_cyclist says: (1/25/19 1:20 PM)
A couple of updates:

It looks like there is considerable construction activity for the future Dacha location at Dock 79.

District Dogs at 1221 Van appears to be open now.

While running today, I saw the owner of Shilling Canning Company. He expects the restaurant to open by this spring. I don’t eat seafood but this will be a great addition for the neighborhood.

It does nothing for me since Inna proud heathen atheist but new windows have been installed at the Blue Castle as part of the church taking ownership of the building.

202_cyclist says: (1/25/19 1:21 PM)
*I am a (I came down with a case of fat-finger syndrome today).

jdc says: (1/25/19 1:58 PM)
Oh, I thought you were going for the "inna gotta davida" thing lol.

202_cyclist says: (1/27/19 6:22 PM)
Quit the gunplay people.


202_cyclist says: (1/27/19 7:41 PM)
It looks like a construction trailer has been installed next to the taxi lot on NJ Ave. I don’t know if it is part of the 1st and K Street development or if construction is about to start at the taxi lot.

GarfieldPark says: (1/29/19 10:22 AM)
Stay alert out there guys! link

202_cyclist says: (1/29/19 12:01 PM)
Speaking of staying alert-- please help look out for our most vulnerable neighbors as the temperatures drop today and tomorrow.

"??Hypothermia Alert Activated??

Tuesday, 1/29: An arctic blast will dangerously drop temperatures.

If you see someone in need of shelter:

?? 202-399-7093 or 311
?? 911 for an immediate safety risk

Please check on neighbors, elderly and vulnerable. #DCvalues"

TJM says: (1/29/19 12:19 PM)
@nsfw: How did you receive word of your closing at the Bower? Did you get a letter or call? When I spoke to them two weeks ago, they said did not have the go-ahead to schedule any closings yet, and they've gone radio silent since.

JD says: (1/29/19 12:46 PM)
Reports from the ground indicate that Circa appears pretty close to opening--people inside doing training. And that's confirmed by this Circa Facebook post: link "Opening date announcement coming soon."

nsfw says: (1/29/19 2:33 PM)
@TJM: I think they are doing the lower floors first. I don't think the upper floors are ready yet. I got a heads up from my lender a week ago to call them, and called the person at PNH that scheduled the initial walk through.

Glad to have a neighbor here!

bdj says: (1/29/19 10:18 PM)
@202 if you mean the trailer on L in between 1st and NJ, that's been there for a few months now. It's just supporting the ongoing construction.

JD says: (1/30/19 9:14 AM)
If you really want to go into the weeds (or grass, or trees, or paving stones, or pedestrian flow) of the two traffic ovals coming to either side of the new Douglass Bridge, these two documents supporting final approval for the designs from the National Capital Planning Commission are for you: link and link

JES says: (1/30/19 5:00 PM)
Not gonna lie, I'm actually pretty impressed with the plans for programming and landscaping those ovals. Especially interesting that they called out gamedays on the planned usage diagram, and had some spaces set aside for tailgating., will they be heavily used? That's the question. Time will tell I guess, but I bet as the neighborhood gets closer and closer to buildout, people will utilize at least the west oval pretty heavily. Yards Park already feels too crowded on some Summer days, so we're gonna need more green space as more and more buildings come online.

CHTBill says: (1/30/19 5:41 PM)
JD — Wasn’t Captiol Hill Tower the FIRST condo building in the neighborhood? I think Velocity didn’t go online until a couple of years later. When I moved into CHT the fall of 2006, the only housing seemed to be the empty housing project behind chain link fences and some derelict townhouses where 909 is now...

JD says: (1/30/19 5:43 PM)
CHT is not technically a condo building, it's a co-op.

RMP says: (1/31/19 7:53 AM)
The Bower now has a real model inside the building. It's the 3rd floor corner unit at 4th and Tingey.

jdc says: (1/31/19 9:31 AM)
Very jealous of folks moving into Bower in the coming weeks/months.

dcgent says: (1/31/19 2:21 PM)
Buzzard Point development/river trail update link

CJBabyDaddy says: (1/31/19 5:28 PM)
@RMP: Once residents start to move in to a condo project, it’s been PNH‘s MO to select a few unsold units to show to prospective buyers who want to kick some actual tires before signing on the dotted line and handing over their hard-earned/borrowed fortunes. Unit 304 always seemed like it would be a prime candidate. It and its twin 204 are the biggest non-penthouse units.

@jdc: Just don‘t let that get in the way of your making generous donations at their GoFundMe pages.

conngs0 says: (1/31/19 5:33 PM)
Looks like a few answers are starting to come out regarding the fire at the Capper Senior Center.


No surprises in this story, but hopefully some lessons can be gleaned from the ATF report.

jdc says: (2/1/19 9:22 AM)
Smoking on the roof? Squatters (doing drugs?) on the roof or attic? That seems...troubling.

conngs0 says: (2/1/19 12:19 PM)
Troubling? Absolutely. I'd go as far as to say it's alarming and infuriating. Surprising? Not so much.

RMP says: (2/1/19 2:19 PM)
The Navy wants to build a flood wall around their property that "can increase the flood risk to neighboring properties". link

RMP says: (2/1/19 2:19 PM)
Perfect timing as everyone starts moving into the Bower.

CJBabyDaddy says: (2/1/19 5:20 PM)
One thing’s for certain. When that 2080 super-flood hits, I‘m going to be one very nervous 124 year-old Navy Yard neighbor.

nsfw says: (2/1/19 9:34 PM)
@CJBabyDaddy: Well, sounds like you're gonna be dead. I'm only going to be 113 though, so better check into flood insurance.

RMP says: (2/2/19 9:03 AM)
Backpacks are now banned at Nats Park. The change does not seem to be going over well in the Twitterverse. link

CJBabyDaddy says: (2/2/19 10:12 AM)
@RMP: Hallelujah! No more standing in line waiting for stadium staff to search folks who seem to have packed for multiple apocalypses.

DC United’s bag policy forces people to leave unnecessary crap in the car/at home and makes getting into games (and traversing one’s row) a breeze.

JD says: (2/2/19 10:33 AM)
As soon as they started checking bags I stopped bringing one. Credit card, phone, keys, and the "No Bag" line!

JD says: (2/2/19 10:33 AM)
From Twitter: New ABRA license app for Punch Bowl Social (1250 Half St SE; ANC 6D); "food made from scratch"; food with "social activities"; 250 seats; 40-seat sidewalk cafe; 20-seat summer garden; live entertainment link

202_cyclist says: (2/2/19 3:14 PM)
@JD— but how do you smuggle your cat in?

JD says: (2/2/19 3:15 PM)
"Aren't you a little old to be pregnant, ma'am? And why is your stomach meowing?"

202_cyclist says: (2/2/19 4:14 PM)
Related to pets and Nats Park, I saw someone letting their dog relieve itself on the grass in front of the stadium. I hope this wasn’t any of the readers of this blog. I wouldn’t borrow our friend’s dog and do that at Citizens Bank Park.

VelocityChris says: (2/2/19 4:40 PM)
Purses and small bags are still permitted, just not backbacks. So I'm assuming those will still be searched, here's to hoping it will speed things up. I wonder how this will compare to the no bags except clear bags policy? I wish they'd have a "season ticket-no bag" line!

snakegriffin says: (2/3/19 10:21 AM)
This. The STH line is supposed to be a convenience. Having at least one STH no bag line would be a good compromise. Seems like every 5th person in line last year was bringing a dang smorgasbord or organizing a potluck, and while I applaud the effort of getting around the stadium food, it slows things down considerably. I almost always took the no bags line because of this.

VelocityChris says: (2/3/19 10:30 AM)
100% agree; we almost never used the STH lines because of that. Cash, credit card, ID and phone only, meant the no-bags line over the SHT-line every time. There are two SHT lines, make one a no-bag SHT line!

VelocityChris says: (2/3/19 12:43 PM)
Any chance the backpack ban is the first step (or testing the waters) to banning all bags (or going to clear bags only)?

RMP says: (2/3/19 1:09 PM)
Given the state of world world in 2019 I have to imagine that this is the first step toward a much more draconian bag policy. As a resident of JDLand this doesn't personally affect me as I almost always go home in between work and a game, but as a previous non-resident of JDLand I would have not been allowed into weeknight games with my work bag, so I understand the frustration.

As for the speed of the line, it seems like they could just update the system (at least at the CF gate) to something like: 1. STH no bags, 2. STH with bags, 3. Everyone else no bags, 4. Everyone else. Or am I missing something?

202_cyclist says: (2/4/19 2:40 AM)
The bi-annual river clean-up that the Anacostia Riverkeeper group organizes is scheduled April 13, from 8:30 AM - 12 PM. If you are interested in volunteering, RSVP via the EventBrite link: link

202_cyclist says: (2/4/19 2:40 AM)
We’ve volunteered in previous years and this is a great activity and a good way to help improve the quality of the river.

RMP says: (2/4/19 2:24 PM)
Nats promotional schedule is up. Five fireworks nights this year! link

conngs0 says: (2/4/19 4:09 PM)
Pretty solid promo schedule. They usually add a few here and there throughout the season too, no? I'm also curious about the garden gnomes. Did Ben Revere ruin that? I don't know if the Rendon or Werth gnomes can be topped, but Eaton would be a good candidate!

CJBabyDaddy says: (2/4/19 5:19 PM)
@conngs0: Nothing at any art gallery or museum, MOMA, the Smithsonian, the Tate, Ufizzi, Gugenheim, — heck, even the Sistine Chapel — will ever come close to the beauty, spirituality and graceful perfection of the Jayson Werth garden gnome.

conngs0 says: (2/5/19 11:49 AM)
True. The Werth Chia Pet was a pretty solid promo item too!

nsfw says: (2/5/19 1:37 PM)
A bit seasonal, but the Sherzer snow globe ranks up there.

GarfieldPark says: (2/5/19 3:51 PM)
My vote is the Teddy Roosevelt window figurine. Every building in JD Land has at least a few of them!

conngs0 says: (2/5/19 5:44 PM)
Well this is getting fun. Don't forget the R2D2 can koozie! I think that I likely will still prefer that to the Obi [Sean] Kenobi bobblehead doll coming out this year, but we will have to wait and see about that.

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