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I am, shall we say, a bit distracted these days, and so have been taking full advantage of that whole "I'm only going to post when I feel like it" pledge from a few months back. (And I still need to write a longer post on news of Greystar's plans on the CSX land west of New Jersey, but there's only so much blogging blood that can come out of this stone right now.)
Most of these items will sound familiar to the commentariat, but for those who haven't been following the conversation:
* LULULEMON COMING: Yoga pants and other accoutrements will be coming to the Boilermaker Shops on Tingey Street in the Yards, according to the company's web site. It will move into the space vacated by Steadfast Supply's move to Water Street.
* SOMEWHERE COMING: "Somewhere", an "intergrated retail and cafe concept" from folks on the team that created Maketto on H Street will be coming to F1rst in 2019. The press release says it will combine "a highly curated retail mix of high end clothing, sneakers and other footwear, unique brand products, as well as planning and orchestrating community events. The team will also develop programming for the residents of F1RST, including interactive social media opportunities, style consultations and more."
* RETAIL INDUSTRY COMING, SORT OF: WBJ reports that the Retail Industry Leaders Association has agreed to lease nearly 13,000 square feet at 99 M.
* MODERN NAIL BAR ARRIVES: New signage for "Modern Nail Bar" has appeared above the corner space at the Courtyard Marriott at New Jersey and L. I have not poked my nose in, so I do not know if this is one of those newfangled places where they ply you with alcohol while clipping and coating the tips of your digits. (h/t @202FSUNole)
* HALF STREET WAREHOUSE HALF GOING: Partial demolition is underway on the red brick former GSA warehouse on the southeast corner of Half and L, which was purchased by the Lerner Companies last year. According to the permit, they are taking off the roof and the top part of the walls, down to a height of about four feet. What's the plan? An "open uncovered parking lot," according to the permit.
* JUSTIN'S GONE: After eight years, Justin's Cafe has closed its doors. (h/t reader JES)
Enjoy your fresh thread, commenters!
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RMP says: (11/5/18 4:20 PM)
It appears the build out for Shilling Canning has also just begun.

Ampersand says: (11/5/18 5:09 PM)
That Justin's opening day link has pretty funny comments, looking back with eight years' perspective. Justin's had very mixed reviews, although everyone agreed that the SW Waterfront Safeway was amazing.

202_cyclist says: (11/5/18 5:18 PM)
Modern Nail Bar doesn't do anything for me. Such a waste of a corner with outside seating. I was saying it would be much better if Modern Nail Bar was a construction-themed bar for all of the construction workers in the neighborhood. They could serve drinks like the Jackhammer.

202_cyclist says: (11/5/18 5:21 PM)
@Ampersand-- Indeed, 2010 was such a simpler time.

Also, this: "new and improved Safeway at Fourth and M, SW."

Jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja! It's only been open for eight years and that store is incredibly depressing.

dude says: (11/6/18 8:51 AM)
Wow! "including interactive social media opportunities." Sign me up!

JD says: (11/6/18 10:44 PM)
In local local local election results, ANC 6D07 (Meredith Fascett's open seat) has been won by Edward Daniels, while in 6D02 Anna Forgie clobbered incumbent Cara Lee Shockley.

RMP says: (11/6/18 11:23 PM)
Brandt Miller got the endorsements from Meredith herself and GGWash. Both made him out to be the obvious best choice. However I barely saw any evidence he was running aside from a few small signs. Edward, on the other hand, had signs up everywhere with his picture on them so I can see how he had the name recognition in the voting booth. Edward's platform makes it seem like his top priority is parking which I personally find pretty disappointing. I hope he doesn't lose focus of the many other important issues around here.

RDC says: (11/7/18 12:23 PM)
@RMP, I agree. I was surprised by the high turnout (85%+!) for 6D07, which makes me think a sizable portion of those voters may not have known anything about the GGWash or incumbent endorsements.

Hcl16 says: (11/7/18 12:43 PM)
I saw the GGW endorsement but went with Edward Daniels instead. As a house dweller, I really don’t agree with Edward’s hope to open up street permit parking for apartment folks but he actually came around and introduced himself to us and asked what issues we were concerned about etc. Brandt never did that — all we got was a flyer stuck in the door and we were home at the time, would’ve opened the door and talked to him had he (or his representative) knocked!

RMP says: (11/7/18 2:35 PM)
Well as a non-driver I don't really feel like my rep's time and energy is well spent on an unrealistic pursuit like getting everyone with cars access to free street parking. I mean, I get it, paying $200+ per month per car sucks and if you ask anyone if they'd like to trade their garage parking space for effectively free street parking of course a lot of them are going to say yes. The problem is that it's not realistic in a high density neighborhood like ours.

I did a back of the envelop and figure than once the Parcel O and L buildouts are done, the Yards phase 1 area will have a little over 1,300 housing units in 6 buildings. The streets around that area (from NJ to 5th south of M) maybe have space for 200-250 cars. Even if you assume a third of households have zero cars and the rest has just one, the math doesn't work. It's not like those streets are empty right now.

Anyway, I haven't gotten to meet Edward yet and hopefully will soon. It sounds like he's open to hearing everyone's concerns. With ANC of course it's very good to have someone who is engaged in the community since it's the kind of position that's easy to phone it in if you want to.

willinrm says: (11/8/18 8:32 AM)
i second that, (without the math), just looking at it logically, there is already 0 parking without letting apartment owners have street parking, how in the world would that be feasible??? (maybe rezoning could help?)

Fingers crossed he focuses on some realistic and more problematic issues, like increased police in the area / crime / dcha issues (and those they contract out to).

Westnorth says: (11/8/18 2:57 PM)
Not to mention that local retailers do have a legitimate reason to want at least some access to short-term street parking.

JD says: (11/8/18 9:17 PM)
By the way, I've always said I want no part of elective office, but I've decided that my calling is running the board of elections. I could definitely make the train run on time, so to speak.

Sally M says: (11/9/18 8:39 AM)
JD, if you run the board of elections, I promise to sign up as volunteer! My precinct is always staffed by a cheerily resolute band of seniors, but it's a crazy long day, and they're enthusiastic about the idea of some younger assitance.

Bruce says: (11/9/18 9:09 PM)
I saw the endorsements and voted for Edwards.

202_cyclist says: (11/10/18 2:52 PM)
It looks like all of the CSX construction equipment has been cleared from the lot that Greystar purchased. Does this suggest construction might begin soon?

VelocityChris says: (11/10/18 3:36 PM)
Anyone heard any updates on the Hatoba ramen place that's going into the 100 Montaditos old location?

JD says: (11/10/18 3:38 PM)
@202, they say they are "nearing the end." But I'm also guessing the sale of your property went through.

@Chris, Hatoba's liquor license application was just posted in the Register.

spiritequality says: (11/12/18 2:40 PM)
Any update on the project that rhymes with smoothly bee eater?

JNB says: (11/12/18 10:52 PM)
HQ2 to Crystal City. Just announced.

CJBabyDaddy says: (11/12/18 11:18 PM)
@spiritequality: Rhymes with “groovy tea waiter” and “newbie fee hater?”

202_cyclist says: (11/13/18 8:14 AM)
Folks— what big event is happening at the Courtyard Marriott this week?

AllIsNotWells says: (11/13/18 10:04 AM)
@202 New member orientation for the 116th congress.

202_cyclist says: (11/13/18 10:21 AM)
@AllIsNotWells -- that is what I thought. Thank you for confirming.

202_cyclist says: (11/13/18 10:21 AM)
@AllIsNotWells -- that is what I thought. Thank you for confirming.

jdc says: (11/15/18 9:20 AM)
Misc updates: NBA HQ has most of its front-facing glass installed, and former GSA warehouse is about 50% razed.

CJBabyDaddy says: (11/15/18 11:58 AM)
@jdc: NAB HQ?

(Asking as a San Antonio Spurs fan.)

202_cyclist says: (11/15/18 12:23 PM)
National Association of Broadcasters.

RMP says: (11/15/18 3:24 PM)
New Capital Bikeshare station at 4th and M!

Niu-Samo says: (11/16/18 4:58 PM)
Regarding the parking conversation. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the issue is street parking south of M Street which is all metered, and Mr. Daniels wants the city to allow renters of apartment units in that area (presumably including himself) to have "the chance to avoid the high cost of garaged parking" by parking at certain (25%) metered locations which would become zone 6 exempt. It's just too expensive to park in the apartment garage so the proposal is to take away parking that is intended for patrons of the restaurants and businesses, and give it to renters of nearby apartments. If I understand all this correctly, then can I just say 1) I can't believe this ranks within the top 100 issues facing the neighborhood, 2) parking is just expensive in DC, whether you're a renter or an owner, that's a fact of life, ask any condo owner who paid $40,000 extra for their parking space, or for townhomes with a garage, those doesn't come cheap either; 3) it seems to me that the scant street parking in the baseball district should be made available to the patrons of businesses in that area, regardless of whether or not it is baseball season.

CJBabyDaddy says: (11/16/18 10:18 PM)
@ Niu-Samo: Preach.

RMP says: (11/16/18 11:42 PM)
@Niu-Samo Yes, you are correct. Street parking south of M is metered and at least in the Yards area, pretty much always at or near capacity. I don't have any reason to believe DDOT would ever think giving everyone in the multi-family buildings Zone 6 permits and letting them park at meters for free will actually happen or solve any alleged problems. The bigger thing to me is that I assume commissioners have a certain amount of political capital with DDOT (and all the agencies) and I hate to think of it getting burned on something like this.

RMP says: (11/17/18 12:58 PM)
Apparently Peet's is closed until after Thanksgiving due to a "flood" which I assume means a plumbing problem. They were handing out free coffee and cookies on the sidewalk this morning. I hope the staff can pick up shifts at other stores if they need the work.

NavyYardNittany says: (11/19/18 1:51 PM)
Washingtonian piece on two new places in the ‘hood scheduled to open next summer. “Rising Stars Chef Michael Rafidi and Sommelier Brent Kroll Will Open a Restaurant and Wine Bar in Navy Yard”. Another location of Maxwell Park from Shaw and a restaurant called Albi. They say they are slated to open “in the Yards development.” Would assume they’ll be in one of the new apartment buildings on either side of Arrris/Foundry lofts.

jdc says: (11/19/18 1:56 PM)
Isn't parking also metered north of M Street, too? It seems to be on Half, L, etc.

ColoradoCane says: (11/19/18 5:35 PM)
Justin's Cafe closed seemingly due to money troubles. The business filed for bankruptcy on October 19th. See here: link

As Chapter 7, the remaining assets will be liquidated.

dcgent says: (11/19/18 10:40 PM)
Some more restaurants coming link

dcgent says: (11/19/18 10:41 PM)
Rising Stars Chef Michael Rafidi and Sommelier Brent Kroll Will Open a Restaurant and Wine Bar in Navy Yard
The two are collaborating on Albi, an Eastern Mediterranean restaurant, and another Maxwell Park.

Westnorth says: (11/20/18 1:29 AM)
WBJ reporting that Chemonics, a contractor for USAID etc., is going to anchor the Yards A offices with a 1,200-person headquarters. That's the northeast corner of the Trapeze School block, across from Starbucks and Bethesda Bagels. They're moving from the Farragut West area.

JD says: (11/20/18 9:53 AM)
Via Meredith Fascett, the long-awaited Navy Yard transportation study is finally happening. The kick-off mtg is Wed Nov. 28th, 7PM at the Capper Community Center. link

202_cyclist says: (11/20/18 10:57 AM)
1) Kurt Suzuki is coming back to the Nats. We finally have a catcher who can hit again!

2) Albi sounds like it will be a fantastic restaurant. I am looking forward to trying it.

3) Hopefully the transportation study will support a traffic signal for NJ Ave and I St, SE.

4) Is Chermonics the consolation prize for Amazon II?

RMP says: (11/20/18 11:35 AM)
Wow! Big news week. Does anyone know specifically where the two new restaurants are going? The article says "The Yards development" and the only available spaces for a summer 2019 opening I believe are in the Bower and Guild?

@202_cyclist Meredith's flyer says the NJ Ave and I St traffic signal is expected in 2019.

CJBabyDaddy says: (11/20/18 10:53 PM)
@RMP: Take a look at the 4th Street side of the Bower at your next opportunity. The two center street level window panels have been modified. The original panels had panes that were predominately horizontal, in line with the building’s general design. Those two street level panels now have panes that are shorter in width. And the panels seem to be set up on garage door style tracks for rolling up and down. Hmmm. What sort of business would want that option? Exactly.

jdc says: (11/21/18 12:35 PM)
What's the justification for a traffic light at NJ and I as opposed to K or L? Sight lines? Bike path? Just that much more traffic on I vs K or L?

202_cyclist says: (11/21/18 1:04 PM)
@jdc-- I think it is based on the volume of vehicles at that intersection. Based on personal observation (very rigorous, I know) it seems like there are more vehicles at NJ and I Street than the other intersections on NJ Ave.

JD says: (11/21/18 1:06 PM)
I Street is the only one that actually crosses South Capitol. It is a much larger street with more lanes than K or L.

malatesta says: (11/21/18 4:47 PM)
Yeah, I guarantee if you polled neighborhood residents on which intersection is the woooorsst, like 90%+ would say nj and I.

RMP says: (11/21/18 6:35 PM)
@CJBabyDaddy well now I'm confused. What you said makes sense. The press release posted on Popville says the restaurants are going to be at the corner of 4th and Tingey (which would be the Bower) but then it specifically names The Guild, but then it also says there's going to be an outdoor patio. Where exactly is that going to go? Maybe they've got the names of the buildings mixed up? link

JD says: (11/21/18 7:57 PM)
ZOMG, something on Popville is WRONG?!?!??!

202_cyclist says: (11/22/18 10:42 AM)
I hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Also, I saw a preview for ‘Vice,’ which was filmed in the neighborhood last year. It looks great.

jdc says: (11/22/18 2:07 PM)
Yes, that makes sense - I is indeed a second spine road, along with M Street, through SE/SW. I wonder if lights at K and L might be warranted once S. Capitol becomes a boulevard (I don't recall offhand whether there will be traffic lights at each intersection or drivers would turn onto Capitol and then make a U turn at specific intersections to go the opposite direction).

202_cyclist says: (11/23/18 10:27 AM)
I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I saw that there is construction activity at the parking lot off of M Street where DDOT is going to move its new headquarters to.

Also, it Harry's is having a big Black Friday sale today. People were lined up outside early this morning, with several people bringing chairs.

CL85 says: (11/26/18 12:46 AM)
Perhaps I missed it, but is this new detail and rendering on the Square 696 development? link

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