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Greetings from an Undisclosed Location, where I am thinking even less about blogging than my recent cutting-back level. That said, here's a very quick roundup of recent tidbits, plus some new ones. (And a nice fresh thread for continued speculation on the opening date for Whole Foods, which appears to be sometime next month, but We Shall See.)
* NEW DOG PARK UNLEASHING: On Thursday, Sept. 6 at 6 pm, the new "Bark and Go Dog Park" on H Street SE east of New Jersey Avenue (across from THAT not-yet-open grocery store) will have its official "Unleashing Ceremony." All are invited.
* DACHA UPDATE: This tweet reports that the latest "Beer Me" podcast says that Dacha Navy Yard is shooting for a "tentative soft opening" this winter, with a grand opening in March of 2019. It will be 4,000 square feet inside and double that outside (because it's, you know, a beer garden.) It will be in the ground floor of the Dock 79 apartment building across from Nats Park, alongside The Salt Line and All-Purpose.
* STREETSCAPES: I have not seen these with my own eyes, while most of you probably have, but it's still worth mentioning that the first section of the new bike path along Virginia Avenue is completed (per @Wash_Cycle), and a new "bulb-out" on the Teeter corner at 4th and M is or is about to be in place (per @MeredithFascett)
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RMP says: (9/5/18 12:51 PM)
Great roundup, JD! Anyone know anything about Morini's Boardwalk Block Party on the 16th? It seems that $35 gets you in and some food and drinks but it's unclear what else is happening beyond that. link

CJBabyDaddy says: (9/5/18 5:48 PM)
@RMP: Cap Riverfront and other Googleable websites shed a bit more light. Morini’s not the only nearby source of grub and liquid refreshment. There’ll apparently be music. The beneficiary is the charitable endeavor Project Sunshine.

rdotis says: (9/6/18 8:56 AM)
Bump out is completed.

Edna says: (9/6/18 10:21 AM)
JD, please give us a hint on your location. The photo has some clues, but not enough. Where in the World Is JD?

JD says: (9/6/18 11:04 AM)
Ummm... It's where the deer and the antelope play?

JNB says: (9/6/18 11:09 AM)
Any update on when Wiseguys Pizza might be opening? Looks pretty finished?

202_cyclist says: (9/6/18 3:23 PM)
@Edna-- It's no Idaho...

JD says: (9/6/18 4:58 PM)
Here's another look.

RMP says: (9/6/18 7:59 PM)
The new Bark and Go dog park is pretty nice, except that my dog easily slipped under the fence chasing after a ball. I'm not quite sure they hired an architect with much dog park experience to design this one...

caphillguy says: (9/7/18 1:04 PM)
The base of another tower crane was just installed at Square 696

revitalizer says: (9/7/18 11:19 PM)
JD is in Sheridan, Wyoming.

CJBabyDaddy says: (9/8/18 5:11 PM)
@revitalizer: I think you meant to say “Sheridan, Wyoming, SE.”

spiritequality says: (9/10/18 9:32 PM)
The bulb out is complete and now Harris Teeter is a nightmare to get out of. They also changed the arrow signage in the underground HT parking lot, so now there are two separate lanes of traffic to get out of the exit. Cars zipper in one at a time when people feel polite. The southbound lane on 4th has about half a car of space from the parked cars next to the curb.

202_cyclist says: (9/11/18 8:45 AM)
IMPORTANT— my wife was walking to work this morning and saw someone’s pet blue parakeet sitting by a tree on NJ Ave, next to the Capitol Hill Tower/Marriott. If you lost your pet, hopefully it is still there.

202_cyclist says: (9/11/18 9:51 AM)
There is some pretty serious flooding at the Yards Park boardwalk, including next to Due South dockside and Morini. This is the second serious flooding this year but noneed to worry, however, because Dear Leader has assured us that global warming is a Chinese hoax and we’re doubling down on 19th century coal instead of investing in clean, renewable, energy.

202_cyclist says: (9/11/18 11:36 AM)
Here's a couple of photos of the flooding at Yards Park. Hopefully there isn't too much storm surge with the hurricane later this week.


CJBabyDaddy says: (9/11/18 5:45 PM)
As of 5:30pm today, Moroni/Due South boardwalk floodwaters have receded. Everyone who safely evacuated is invited back for the rebuilding effort. It may be minutes before things ever get back to normal.

202_cyclist says: (9/11/18 6:38 PM)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, JD! Any news you'd care to share with us about potential development in the neighborhood?


JD says: (9/11/18 8:57 PM)
@202, I know nothing. Just read the Post article about the whole Amazon board coming to town.

Tell you what, I'll just buttonhole Jeffy in the hallway at work on Friday and ask him to tell me.

CJBabyDaddy says: (9/11/18 10:16 PM)
Boardwalk Block Party rescheduled for Sunday October 7.

GarfieldPark says: (9/12/18 12:30 AM)
DC VegFest cancelled due to impending hurricane. It's a rain or shine event, but DC State of Emergency forced them to cancel. Unfortunately, it will not be rescheduled.


202_cyclist says: (9/12/18 9:56 AM)
With all of the discussion of the catastrophic flooding, the lost parakeet, and your planned Jeffy B. meeting, I forgot to mention yesterday that it looks like there is construction activity on the lot off of L St, between the WMATA chiller plant and the parking lot. Here’s hoping to more tower cranes in the coming months!

jdc says: (9/12/18 11:18 AM)
@202 - yes, looking down onto the site from 1015 Half Street it appears they've dug a large rectangular hole and also dug a trench along the perimeter of the property's western boundary. I also see stacks of plastic piping and wood.

BethD says: (9/12/18 10:01 PM)
Barre3 emailed its founding members to say opening is tentatively set for September 24.

JD says: (9/14/18 1:31 PM)
From the Virginia Avenue Tunnel folks:
"Due to inclement weather preventing work on the I-695 exit ramp this past week, as early as this Monday night, September 17th, the I-695 exit ramp will be fully closed overnight in order to remove old pavement and install a new pavement surface for the motoring public. The work will result in some noise, but CSX will implement mitigation measures to minimize noise from this activity. Work will begin as early as this Monday after the evening traffic rush and is expected to be completed before the Tuesday morning traffic rush. Workers and equipment will also be in the 400-block of Virginia Avenue supporting this effort.

"This work is heavily dependent on favorable site and weather conditions in advance and during this work activity. This nighttime activity could be moved to later in the week based on the weather."

Ampersand says: (9/14/18 2:44 PM)
Brand new bikeshare station across from Gordon Biersch at 1st and M!!! I am selfishly super excited. Even seems to have a key dispenser! And new bikes; I took one out for a brief joyride.

JD says: (9/14/18 2:47 PM)
@Amp, is it moved from one of the other ones near there? (Starbucks, or the 1st and K one?)

Packinblackandred says: (9/14/18 2:51 PM)
@JD I'm pretty sure it's just an extra one--my bikeshare app still shows the 1st and K and Starbucks docks.

JD says: (9/14/18 2:52 PM)
Yes, I'm seeing it now on Twitter. Stand by for tidbitting. :-)

JD says: (9/14/18 2:54 PM)
There's a new 19-dock Bikeshare station on the northwest corner of 1st and M, SE (across from Gordon Biersch). This is in addition to the existing stations at 1st and K, New Jersey and M, and 1st and N. A cornucopia of bikes! link

GarfieldPark says: (9/14/18 9:52 PM)
Looks like Clark is bringing in another crane for 88 K. Closures on half st happening this weekend.

VelocityChris says: (9/15/18 11:03 AM)
Looks like the start of a second crane is being built at Square 696 (Congressional Square) on the half street end of the hole in the ground.

JD says: (9/15/18 1:21 PM)
I've watched a lot of buildings go up, and I can't believe how fast both 696 and 1000 1st are already going vertical.

ZinNY says: (9/15/18 1:25 PM)
It's happening! link

YardD says: (9/16/18 2:31 PM)
Didn't see a mention in a quick scroll...but 18|8 mens salon has bailed. link

JD says: (9/16/18 3:55 PM)
18-8's bailing was mentioned in spring. So too far back for scrolling!

YardD says: (9/16/18 5:26 PM)
Doh! That explains it!

BethD says: (9/16/18 9:21 PM)
Posted on twitter that permanent signage is up at Wise Guys/Altani: link Also Barre3 emailed to say they are targeting September 24 for opening.

JD says: (9/16/18 9:30 PM)
Starting to think about a JDLand happy hour in October? (I decided to wait until 202 stopped asking) Maybe at Mission? Perhaps Oct. 4 or Oct. 11? (both Thursdays) Could also possibly shoot for Sept. 27. Was thinking the back bar at Mission might be a nice spot for the five of us who show up. :)

JD says: (9/16/18 9:38 PM)
Plus maybe we should do a group shopping trip at THAT store when it opens.

202_cyclist says: (9/16/18 10:19 PM)
Oct. 11 would be my preference. There is an event already scheduled for Oct. 4.

snakegriffin says: (9/17/18 8:18 AM)
Haven’t seen this mentioned here (via PoPville), District Dogs coming to 1221 Van: link

(Added by JD: I don't know if 1221 Van is really the location, but it's definitely now in the neighborhood for dog walking services, and will have a brick-and-mortar location here in the future: link )

CJBabyDaddy says: (9/17/18 9:07 AM)
@JD: Make that a flash mob shopping trip to TSFKAWF and I’m all in.

If someone else wants to choreograph and organize rehearsals, I can suggest some Prince tunes that are NSFWF and won’t stress anyone still recovering from hip surgery.

NavyYardGuy says: (9/17/18 9:44 AM)
October 11 is good date for me as well -- looking forward to meeting up!

202_cyclist says: (9/17/18 1:47 PM)
JD-- how did your meeting with Jeffy B. go on Friday?

JD says: (9/17/18 1:52 PM)
I'll never tell!

jdc says: (9/18/18 9:28 AM)
Thought I saw a dumpster on a flatbed parked at old GSA warehouse this morning - finally beginning process of abatement and then demolition? If so, that's a lot of construction at this corner of JD Land.

202_cyclist says: (9/18/18 11:16 AM)
@jdc-- let's do some dumpster diving this evening!!!

jdc says: (9/18/18 2:15 PM)
The only dumpster I'd dive in is at Jeff B's digs. I bet he tosses nice stuff.

JD says: (9/18/18 3:09 PM)
The GSA warehouse isn't being demolished. This is the bldg permit description: "Interior and exterior alterations and repair to the building to include the removal of the top portion of the building down to 4' above grade, waterproofing, enclosure of the L shaped stair to cellar level, and enclosure of the chimney to create an 'open uncovered parking' lot."

JD says: (9/18/18 3:16 PM)
Also, jdc/202, the 37 L Street site (next to the Chiller site) doesn't have any excavation or foundation or building permits approved yet.

JD says: (9/18/18 3:25 PM)
DDOT is having two public meetings next week to "discuss the status of the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Project." There will be an overview and also discussion of training, job, and business opportunities.

The first meeting, on Tuesday, Sept. 25, is from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at 3100 MLK Jr. Ave, SE, in Congress Heights. The second meeting, on Wednesday, Sept. 26, is from 6:30 to 8:30pm at the King Greenleaf Rec Center at 201 N St., SW. The same information will be presented at both meetings, and the project overview portion of the agendas is scheduled to start at 6:45 pm each day.

202_cyclist says: (9/19/18 10:36 AM)
Folks, I have some unfortunate news to report. The tower crane for the West Half Street is being removed this morning. It looked like such a sad, pathetic, little thing when they were disassembling the crane.

greb22 says: (9/19/18 1:04 PM)
I wonder why?

202_cyclist says: (9/19/18 1:37 PM)
@greb22-- They are mostly done with the structure of the building and are installing windows now. These cranes are probably expensive to lease.

202_cyclist says: (9/19/18 3:47 PM)
JD-- I saw that you re-tweeted it but there is a big fire at the senior housing on 5th Street SE. I hope there are no injuries or fatalities.

JD says: (9/19/18 3:52 PM)
Everyone who took Oct. 18 in the Whole Foods pool wins! The official announcement is here: link (I will actually write a post about it, but want to wait until the Capper Seniors fire is passed.)

jdc says: (9/19/18 6:29 PM)
So GSA warehouse is essentially being razed and turned into a temporary parking lot ("the removal of the top portion of the building down to 4' above grade"). If it's not excavation per se, they're definitely doing a lot of digging at that site.

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