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The party's over, the All-Stars have gone home (except for the three who already live here), and it's time to catch up on a few things that were easily missed during the five-day brouhaha.
* HATOBA: The neighborhood will finally get a ramen outlet in early 2019, when Hatoba opens in the old 100 Montaditos space in the Boilermaker Shops at the Yards. (You may have caught their pop-up with "Japanese hot dogs.") Washingtonian has more about this fourth venture from the team behind Daikaya, Bantam King, and Haikan. (And apparently "hatoba" means "dock.")
* EL BEBE: There's finally an official replacement for Open Road as Circa's sibling in the ground floor of the 99 M office building at 1st and M, and that's "El Bebe," which is billing itself as "tacos and tequila." Eater DC has more, including that both Bebe and Circa are shooting for a "late 2019 2018" opening. {fixed my own typo}
* WALTERS: The sports bar in the ground floor of 1221 Van isn't coming until next year, but they tweeted out this rendering of the planned interior.
* ALL-PURPOSE: Their rooftop is now open.
* DEEP DIVES: The Post had a long piece this weekend on the neighborhood 10 years after the ballpark's arrival (with some photos that will look familiar), and Washington Monthly has a long and interesting look at Business Improvement Districts, with a focus on the Capitol Riverfront BID.
* CAPPER MEETING: The DC Housing Authority is having a public meeting to give an update on the status of the Capper/Carrollsburg redevelopment on Wednesday, July 25, at 7 pm at the Capper Community Center, 1000 5th St., SE. I imagine this will discuss the remaining three blocks of the redevelopment footprint, which are planned as mixed-income residential buildings, including one condo building, if that is still on the boards. (UPDATE: The 25th is the correct date, but the flyer called it Tuesday instead of Wednesday. Waiting for an updated flyer.)
* BRIDGE SURVEY: Interested in the new Douglass Bridge? DDOT wants to hear from you in this survey.
* ME ME ME: I always feel weird about including these links, but if you want the quick version of how this crazy project came to be, read Urban Turf's look at the "Unofficial Historian of the Ballpark District."
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CJBabyDaddy says: (7/18/18 12:47 PM)
Went into Hatoba yesterday for my inaugural sampling.
My inquiry of the waiter/bartender was interrupted by a crawl across the bar by a very large roach who was apparently a holdover from the Montaditas era. I walked out. I hope they can their sanitation act together. I likes me some ramen.

dude says: (7/18/18 10:03 PM)

I’ll pass on the ramen, but I can definitely never have too many taco options.

RMP says: (7/19/18 9:54 AM)
The Japanese Hot dogs left a lot to be desired. I trust the actual ramen will be better. I'm curious to hear how the businesses did over the weekend. It certainty didn't feel like they were much busier than for a typical weekend baseball game, at least over on the Tingey corridor.

jdc says: (7/19/18 12:23 PM)
New Google Earth imagery for JD land is available, per GGW link

jdc says: (7/19/18 12:33 PM)
So it seems it's limited to the Half Street corridor, and the zoom is very limited. It's definitely a very bird's eye view with the new data, unfortunately. But it is fun to zoom a bit each way and see the difference in the maps from approx. 2 years ago.

conngs0 says: (7/19/18 1:51 PM)
There's room in the neighborhood for a number of tequila and/or taco places, but I've found the bartenders at Agua 301 to be a tremendous resource when it comes both their selection of tequila but also their knowledge of what they do serve.

Snacks says: (7/19/18 3:15 PM)
Asked Bluestone Lane twitter when they would be open, was told the goal is end of August. That seems aggressive, but i'd love to see it happen.

NavyYardRes says: (7/19/18 4:19 PM)
Late 2019 for Bebe and Circa? Seems like we have another Whole Foods situation!

JD says: (7/19/18 4:22 PM)
Ack! My typo. Fixed.

conngs0 says: (7/20/18 8:31 AM)
Re the rooftop for All Purpose, it's not going to be able to handle much of a crowd, but it is super nice up there. Great views of the river, good amount of shade from the sun, and decent cocktails.

JD says: (7/20/18 12:49 PM)
New slides from the Virginia Avenue Tunnel's monthly "Coffee with Chuck" public meetings say that the 2nd and H intersection is expected to open in mid-August, which I am interested in mainly because I have not been able to take photos from there in three years. It also says that Virginia Avenue itself should be reopened to traffic (even if streetscape work is continuing) by late summer.

202_cyclist says: (7/20/18 1:26 PM)
JD-- t hank you for the update.

It looks like the apartments at 816 Potomac Ave SE are close to opening. The developer did a nice job with the rehab. It will be good to have more activity at that end of the neighborhood.

JD says: (7/20/18 1:27 PM)
Thanks for that, 202--I was going to head to 8th Street and eastward to take pictures this weekend, but the forecast has ruled that out. Will be interested to see.

dude says: (7/20/18 4:39 PM)
It’s hard to believe that the Virginia Avenue Tunnel project is coming to an end. It’ll be weird to navigate around without having to think about which roads are opened or closed. Cool!

JD says: (7/21/18 9:44 AM)
There was a shooting last night/early Saturday morning outside the Capper Community Center in the 1000 block of 5th Street SE. This is the report from the MPD-1D Yahoo mailing list:

"At approximately 0320 hours unknown number of suspect(s) approached the victims that were in front of 1005 5th Street SE in dark colored vehicle. The suspect(s) opened fire on the victims wounding both of them. One victim was shot multiple times and transported to the hospital, the other victim was shot in the leg and transported to the hospital.

"The suspect(s) and suspect vehicle fled in an unknown direction. It is unsure how many individuals were in front of 1005 5th Street SE. Two weapons were recovered in front of the recreation center, also multiple shell casings found on the scene and there are rifles casings among the shell casings."

202_cyclist says: (7/21/18 9:50 AM)
Unfortunately, my wife heard it. Hopefully there weren’t any injuries or fatalities.

There are more than 10,000 gun homicides every single year in America— quit the gun play folks.

JD says: (7/21/18 9:52 AM)
(I updated the comment/tidbit with the report from MPD.)

202_cyclist says: (7/21/18 10:18 AM)
I posted without seeing the report of the injuries (the earlier MPD tweet didn’t mention any injuries). Very unfortunate.

dude says: (7/21/18 6:18 PM)
Our dog likes to bark when she hears sirens which woke me up. Despite being just around the corner I didn’t hear anything else.

As my grandma used to say, there’s never any good reason to be out at that time of night.

stacycloyd says: (7/23/18 9:40 AM)
@ dude, if you work at a bar or a restaurant you're going to be out between 3 and 4am so you can get home. There are plenty of such other jobs (custodial, warehouse, health care, etc.) that require commuting in the middle of the night. Not saying that the shooting victims here were headed to or from work, because I have no idea, but gun violence happens at all hours and puts all sorts of people at risk.

willinrm says: (7/23/18 4:42 PM)
LOL @dude yeah how dare you! But i do agree with your grandma*, if i ever tend to be up that late I always check to see if there is anything odd happening outside and if it looks like it, i will drop the police a line, never hurts to have it checked out, you will never know if you prevented something bad from happening. About a month back at 1am there was a white SUV with 3 males sitting in it flashing a light around in the back alley on 3rd place for a solid half hour; could they just have been friends hangin' out? sure, but you never know seemed like an odd place to chill. Ppl shouldn't be afraid that they will offend anyone just for having the police check it out you could be saving lives.

*unless you have to be out at night for work

conngs0 says: (7/24/18 10:41 AM)
Any update on the victims' condition? The only news article I was able to find was scant on details but indicated that the injuries weren't fatal, which is great, but I wonder if they are in a position to help the police with the investigation.


dcgent says: (7/24/18 3:25 PM)
Popville has an update on Dacha's Navy Yard outpost, claiming construction starting and Thanksgiving target

Section314 says: (7/24/18 10:00 PM)
Regarding the neighborhood shooting, I went to a police PSA meeting tonight. One victim was shot in the stomach and one in the foot. Two guns recovered. It sounds like the victims are in a position to help the police with the investigation but are not helping. Commander Kane made it sound like the victims were not returning home from work, either. It also sounds like the police are getting close to identifying the culprits through detective work, including surveillance video.

JD says: (7/25/18 10:10 AM)
The Douglass Bridge team has unveiled "Progress," a spiffy quarterly update about the project: link

Also, props to the graphic artist who came up with the project logo.

conngs0 says: (7/25/18 10:20 AM)
Thanks for the update, Section314. It's disappointing (albeit not all that surprising?) that the victims aren't willing to help the police in their investigation.

Given the police are saying they're close to identifying the culprits (and the victims aren't helping and they weren't merely returning from work), is it fair to assume that the victims were targeted? I suppose some might feel better that the shooting wasn't a random act, but I'm not so sure. Just right off the bat, it's not like the perpetrators of shootings are expert marksmen who never miss (a lot of houses in that area). Secondly, I hope to eventually learn why the victims were targeted - that might provide a better idea about to prevent this type of tragedy in the future. Until then, this is still very concerning.

JD says: (7/25/18 1:10 PM)
Via a reader, Capitol Hill Corner's summary of the PSA meeting that discussed the recent 5th Street shooting: link

jdc says: (7/25/18 1:17 PM)
Circa now has signs up in its windows.

JD says: (7/25/18 2:54 PM)
After years of the question Whither Nicoletta, there's an answer: it will be opening at 901 4th St., NW, this fall: link

conngs0 says: (7/26/18 11:24 AM)
Interesting that Nicoletta is opening just across from Alba Osteria and also around the corner from Alta Strada. I'll be excited to give it a shot and see how Nicoletta stacks up (in my experience, Alba is low-hanging fruit for competition, but Alta Strada is actually pretty solid).

202_cyclist says: (7/26/18 11:58 AM)
Folks-- time for a public service announcement. If you drink something, please use a reusable bottle and, if you are going to use a plastic bottle, please recycle. The Anacostia River is disgusting today after all of the rain.

conngs0 says: (7/26/18 12:18 PM)
Thanks for attaching the capitolhillcorner summary of the PSA meeting, JD! That's very helpful.

I was a little confused by the following sentence: "She said it was not certain that some of those involved were residents of the community – 'because someone has an address in the community doesn’t necessarily mean they live here.'” Aside from perhaps some confusion regarding the terms "residence" and "domicile", I'm just curious about why the police haven't ascertained where those involved in the shooting live (assuming of course they already know who the shooters were and are merely building the case before making an arrest). And I suppose the relevance of that information depends on whether those involved are living in DCHA facilities (and thus subjected to additional conditions of their residence)? Or is the residence of those involved only brought up so that folks attending the meeting have an idea of whether most of the run-up to the shooting took place in the neighborhood or elsewhere?

At the end of the day, I sure am glad that this isn't a regular occurrence in the neighborhood and hope that we don't have to ask and answer these questions again!

JD says: (7/27/18 2:10 PM)
Looks like one piece of news that came out of last week's Capper update meeting is that the under-construction mixed-income building at 2nd and L that we have been forced to call the Square 769N Apartments is going to be named "The Harlow." It's expected to be finished in early 2019. It has 179 rental units, of which 38 will be low-income units (as part of the continuing replacement of the 707 public housing units in the old Capper/Carrollsburg). (This will bring the total number of built/replaced units to a little under 500.) It's also going to have 4,000 square feet of retail space.

If you don't know which building I'm talking about, it's this one: link

They are still looking at starting "Square 767" next, as a two-building project, one being an eight-story 135/unit condo building and the other being a four-story 57-unit building. They're expecting to file plans with the zoning commission this winter, and it will be interesting to see how the ZC reacts.

This is the Square 767 project page, with links if you want to read more:

202_cyclist says: (7/27/18 2:21 PM)
Any word on the retail space? Bank? Dry cleaners? Another cell phone store?

Also, we received an email from our building that a tower crane will be installed at the lot across the street from Justin's (behind Eagle Academy) this weekend. It is always exciting when the neighborhood gets another tower crane but get ready for some more 4 AM tower crane action this weekend!

GarfieldPark says: (7/27/18 2:37 PM)
My building receiving similar notice on 88 K ST. 3 cranes coming in from Clark: tower crane, plus 2 cranes assisting the tower crane. Happening this weekend. Welcome to the neighborhood friends!

jdc says: (7/28/18 4:15 PM)
I think they're laying the foundation for a tower crane in the pit of what used to be square 696.

VelocityChris says: (7/29/18 7:54 AM)
Crane for Square 696 went up yesterday, that seemed really quick. The mobile crane to assemble it wasn't even on site on Friday, is that normal? Anyway, all but one piece of the boom (which is currently sitting on 1st Street) and I think the counterweights have been installed!

VelocityChris says: (7/29/18 7:58 AM)
Also, I'm just surprised that the 696 crane got up before the Paradigm building which started at least a month earlier and is a smaller building.

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