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I'm thrilled with the flow of tidbits (and how easy it is for me to add them as I see them), but still need to come up with a way I think to better alert people or highlight them.
In the meantime, you should keep checking the site on a regular basis, and I'll post new threads up every so often and invite people to check out what they might have missed, which in this case includes:
* News of the neighborhood's "Rooftop Hop" on Saturday starting at 2pm (RSVP required).
* A farmers' market at Nats Park on Sunday, June 3 starting at 10 am.
* A Post article on complaints of excess vibrations with the new Virginia Avenue Tunnel(s).
* Greystar's purchase of the big CSX parcel that runs from New Jersey Avenue behind ORE 82 and 70/100 Capitol Yards.
* The folks behind Circa deciding not to bring their Open Road "concept" to 99 M, but instead a new venture. And Circa is still coming, too.
* Chase opening a branch at New Jersey and M.
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jdc says: (5/30/18 1:11 PM)
Just imagine if that ugly highway did not exist as an elevated one.

RMP says: (5/30/18 2:27 PM)
I don't know if there's a way around it, but the Eventbrite for the Rooftop Hop has been showing "sold out" for a few days now. Glad I got in early enough!

JD says: (5/31/18 10:12 AM)
Aug. 15 is apparently the official date that the Wells Fargo at 20 M Street SE will be closing.

202_cyclist says: (5/31/18 12:37 PM)
JD--- how excited are you for this?


JD says: (5/31/18 12:50 PM)
Me, excited. Charlie, bummed that he is not invited.

202_cyclist says: (5/31/18 1:04 PM)
It looks like the sidewalk between 3rd and 4th St, next to the VA Ave tunnel project, is being installed.

JD says: (5/31/18 1:06 PM)
Nats announce that Saturday, July 7 will be Caturday at Nats Park. (Cats not invited.) link

202_cyclist says: (5/31/18 2:47 PM)
Yes-- the cats will be home plotting our demise...

NavyYahd says: (5/31/18 4:26 PM)
Rooftop Hop postponed due to weather. New date is June 30th.

RMP says: (5/31/18 4:34 PM)
First JDland happy hour and now the Rooftop Hop. Stupid rain.

202_cyclist says: (5/31/18 6:06 PM)
A bunch of us are cancelling our RSVPS for the rooftop event, so there will be more slots available. It was a great event last year.

202_cyclist says: (5/31/18 6:06 PM)
A bunch of us are cancelling our RSVPS for the rooftop event, so there will be more slots available. It was a great event last year.

snakegriffin says: (6/2/18 12:01 PM)
Refreshing to see the sidewalk reopened and 1st Street re-striped over by 99M. That intersection has not been fun to navigate on foot or in a vehicle.

202_cyclist says: (6/2/18 1:55 PM)

I agree. They did a good job. The additional trees and bike racks will help improve the neighborhood.

snakegriffin says: (6/2/18 2:14 PM)
The only thing they need to figure out is where the sidewalks join to form a natural crossing point for pedestrians to get to restaurant row from the east side of 1st. Although I guess at some point soon those sidewalks will disappear with construction. But right now the pedestrian traffic funnels to that point and everyone just crosses there. With all the lanes open now, traffic will move much faster and make it much more dangerous to jaywalk there. Maybe a temporary speed bump and crosswalk combo would work well there. Also doesn’t help that MPD/DHS constantly use the east side bike lane as temporary parking for lunch. :-|

JD says: (6/3/18 10:55 AM)
A good Twitter thread by Alex Block about the large-but-challenging lot that Greystar bought from CSX. One interesting notion: another new block of H Street, west of New Jersey? link

202_cyclist says: (6/3/18 11:36 AM)
Indeed, interesting analysis by Alex Block. Would Greystar utilize the land under the highway for parking or other uses, similar to the parking under I-395 west of So. Capital Street? Also, I am interested in what will happen with the land immediately north of the highway, between the highway and the rail tracks. This is probably forty feet wide. This could be a nice greenbelt, with some trees, helping to absorb the cancerous auto emissions.

202_cyclist says: (6/3/18 11:55 AM)
Is that little strip of land between 70 I St and ORE 82 to small to build on? There are multifamily residential buildings elsewhere in DC on narrower parcels of land.

JD says: (6/3/18 12:04 PM)
I would assume they would want that little strip as a "street" to access whatever they build. It's basically an extension of 1st Street north of I.

202_cyclist says: (6/3/18 12:08 PM)
*too small — (suffering from fat finger syndrome, but not tiny hands...)

jdc says: (6/5/18 9:34 AM)
Window installation is beginning at West Half.

NJAve says: (6/5/18 12:39 PM)
Does anyone know if 100 Mondaditos is still open? I tried to go for lunch yesterday but it was locked and all the tables were gone. But there were empty trays and dishes on the counter which made me wonder if there was an event the night before?

Alex B. says: (6/5/18 1:46 PM)
Glad you all enjoyed my twitter thread on that ex-CSX property. I'll be fascinated to see what kind of ideas they come up with for how to develop it.

To answer a question, no, I don't think the little strip at 1st and I is too small to build on, but it all depends on what they'd like to use that portion of land for and what kind of site access they need.

202_cyclist says: (6/5/18 2:11 PM)
Wow! An unnamed deep-state source sent me photos of flooding (GLOBAL WARMING HOAX/WITCH HUNT!!!) at the boardwalk at Yards Park. I hope there is no significant damage to two restaurants there.

RMP says: (6/5/18 3:29 PM)
Welp. I saw the photo of the Anacostia river water filled pool in Yards Park and probably won't be able to set foot in that again for a while.

JD says: (6/5/18 8:23 PM)
A WBJ piece on how hotels near the ballpark are starting to fill up for All-Star time: link

jdc says: (6/6/18 8:28 AM)
Parc Riverside Phase 2 is now above ground level in spots. Also the National Association of broadcasters building is really moving these days. They're well on their way to topping out this fall.

202_cyclist says: (6/6/18 10:35 AM)
I hope the DC region gets a viable commuter ferry system and not just the tourist boats that take people for $12 per ride.

D.C. might be large enough to support commuter ferries, says study

NavyYardNittany says: (6/7/18 12:22 AM)
One Hill South phase two work has started - small excavations around the perimeter. Notice from the building says real work will begin within the next two weeks. I Street traffic getting better and better.

JD says: (6/7/18 9:16 AM)
Two things (tidbits within tidbits!):

* Readers are reporting that 100 Montaditos appears to be closed. But I will always remember it for Mr. JDLand's dedicated trip through all 100 offerings.

* A bunch of raze permits have been put in for buildings in the 1500 and 1600 blocks of South Capitol Street, SW, presumably in connection with the new Douglass Bridge.

JD says: (6/7/18 9:22 AM)
Re: One Hill South Two, it does look like their excavation permit is approved, or just about to be. Foundation permit application is in process.

RMP says: (6/7/18 9:53 AM)
Bummer about 100 Montaditos if true. That would be the 3rd casualty at the Yards in the past year (after Evo and 18-8).

202_cyclist says: (6/7/18 10:49 AM)
JD— can we call it Two Mountain Morth instead?

Unfortunate news about 100 Montaditos. I always enjoyed that restaurant. Also, it is outside of JD Land but that Capitol Hill Corner blog has an update today about several new developments planned for Barrack’s Row.

202_cyclist says: (6/7/18 11:01 AM)
Yuck— North, not Morth....

Snacks says: (6/7/18 12:34 PM)
What?? NOOOO. 100 Montadito's french fries were the best.

NJAve says: (6/7/18 3:14 PM)
The sign for Pete’s coffee has gone up on the insignia building.

202_cyclist says: (6/7/18 3:26 PM)
JD-- any update on the JD Land happy hour?

conngs0 says: (6/8/18 1:50 PM)
I agree with those who expressed disappointment in the news that 100 Montaditos closing. I enjoyed that place as well, but the closing seemed inevitable given the relatively small crowds and somewhat subpar service. I worry that Willie's is heading in the same direction.

JD says: (6/8/18 1:58 PM)
I'm guessing that if Willies does bow it that it won't take long to find a replacement, especially now with the Parcel L hotel/residential going up. It's a prime location.

jdc says: (6/8/18 2:12 PM)
I agree in part about Willie's finding a quick replacement (as well as 100 Montaditos - darn, I never made it there over 3 years I've worked in JDLand...guess I may have been part of the problem), but you'd think someone would have snapped up Chix's empty spot, but alas that prime location sits empty (though I cannot imagine for long...right?).

JD says: (6/8/18 2:39 PM)
Re: the happy hour, I am thinking on it, but needed to get past the Stanley Cup first. Will try to get it in before the All-Star Game.

RMP says: (6/8/18 2:50 PM)
I enjoyed 100 Montaditos but every time I went I questioned how the concept could possibly be profitable. Willies, unfortunately, I've pretty much written off as a place to go in the neighborhood. Too many subpar experiences to make it worth it over going anywhere else.

JD says: (6/8/18 2:52 PM)
Willie's is a Pepsi house so my religion* forbids me to go in.

*The church of Diet Coke.

JD says: (6/8/18 3:31 PM)
OT, but of interest, I am sure:

Just in time for soccer season’s main event, there’s a new spot to get your kicks in the District. Situated at Buzzard Point next door to the soon-to-open home of DC United, Audi Field, World Cup Bar DC, will win the title of largest outdoor venue in the area, boasting daily screenings of World Cup games on a massive 20-foot LED video wall, a main bar serving specialty flights and beers hailing from the countries playing each day, a wine bar, wait staff dressed in referee garb, a social games lounge featuring Velcro soccer darts, food trucks aplenty, a faux Astroturf seating area and picnic tables with strategically placed sails to drink in the experience under the sun or in the shade. With 42,000 square feet on tap to watch, cheer and celebrate with friends and fellow fans, this pop up bar is housed within the permanent Field House DC, a pavilion, bar and entertainment space at Buzzard Point. link

202_cyclist says: (6/8/18 3:51 PM)
The World Cup Bar looks like fun but the fact that the US isn't in it and that Russia is hosting the World Cup saps my enthusiasm a bit.

stacycloyd says: (6/8/18 5:51 PM)
Hill Rag had a confusing-to-me discussion about pizza options in the neighborhood: link p.108 says that Wise Guys is coming to 200 M St but also says that Damn Good Pizza, "the latest spinoff of a national chain" is ALSO coming to 200 M Street to the "building behind the fountain" that used to be Il Parco. But I thought that's where Wise Guy was going!

Can anyone shed light on this? And can we do a JDland Giro di Pizza and visit all the new spots?

JD says: (6/8/18 6:01 PM)
Isn't Damn Good Pizza just Wise Guy's tag line?

CJBabyDaddy says: (6/8/18 7:41 PM)
I loved the food at Montaditos. The #94 combo was my go-to. But if I had a dollar for every time I had to stop eating to kill a roach crawling across the bar there, I‘d be at least a six dollar-aire by now. I had to stop going. I hope none of their sanitation-challenged staff gets picked up anywhere nearby.

stacycloyd says: (6/8/18 11:02 PM)
@JD, that makes sense--maybe the Hill Rag reporter got confused.

There is a DamGoode pizza in Arkansas, it turns out... link

NavyYardNittany says: (6/10/18 12:18 AM)
@conngs is worried about Willie’s closing, and I’m over here making burnt end offerings to the restaurant gods that it never opens its doors again lol. What a horrible waste of a great location and a very expensive Texas Pride smoker.

Re 100 Montaditos, they are the Madrid equivalent of Dunkin Donuts in Boston - one seemingly on every corner, and always busy. Having said that, when they opened in Courthouse first and then here I found their choice of locations - curious - (would have been far better suited for DuPont or Logan Circle/14th) and the experience was not similar to Madrid, to put it very kindly. Shocked they lasted as long as they did.

202_cyclist says: (6/10/18 10:30 AM)
FOUND: My wife and I found a kids Hello Kitty bicycle under the I-395 overpass on 3rd St, SE. If it is yours, I hope you are able to recover it.

202_cyclist says: (6/10/18 5:59 PM)
True story— Max Scherzer has a better batting average than Trea Turner, Ryan Zimmerman, and Bryce Harper.

smitty2k1 says: (6/11/18 8:41 AM)
A co-worker is friends with someone in the management chain at Willie's parent company. They recently (within last month or so?) brought in a new GM and new pit master and are planning on unveiling a whole new menu.

Might be reason to try them again. When they first opened they had great food and great service with reasonable beer prices. Things quickly went downhill. Maybe, just maybe.

202_cyclist says: (6/11/18 10:01 AM)
@smitty2k1: When we walked past WIllie's yesterday evening after the Nats game, it sure smelled delicious.

JD says: (6/11/18 10:02 AM)
Stay tuned later today or tomorrow morning for a post of actual interest.

Shogungts says: (6/11/18 10:20 AM)
@asmitty2k1 - we will see where it goes, but color me skeptical after that group has basically done the same thing redoing Ill Parco, Lola's, Chesapeake Room, Finn McCool's, Tio Javier and probably some other location that I am forgetting and they are all mediocre at best.

And Willie's might be the worst of them all which is saying something considering there are so few bbq options in DC.

walt says: (6/11/18 12:15 PM)
Does anyone have an update on the road closures on First & M? WaPo is reporting a bomb threat.

JD says: (6/11/18 12:41 PM)
DCPoliceTraffic DC Police Traffic
Traffic Advisory Update/Police Activity & All associated Street Closures in the 1000 block of 1st St SE have reopened.

GarfieldPark says: (6/11/18 12:42 PM)
I was wondering same thing. Why were roads closed on block behind 909 this morning?

smitty2k1 says: (6/12/18 9:16 AM)
@Shogungts - Good to know! As for good nearby BBQ check out Kenny's on 8th and Maryland NE. They have also been making some changes recently and I've found it damn delicious.

202_cyclist says: (6/12/18 10:52 AM)
For barbecue, King Ribs, located in the parking lot across from Arena Stage in Southwest was the best. Unfortunately, Bufus’s barbecue shack is no longer there. I really hope he can relocate elsewhere along to waterfront.

Brich says: (6/19/18 10:51 AM)
I pray to God that Willie's closes. It is the biggest waste of prime real estate. The food is terrible and the service is worse!

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