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I start with this photo of some recently posted signage, which I'm pretty sure debuted at the top of the list of Most Ignored Signs in Washington. (No one ever believes me when I tell them that riding bikes isn't officially allowed on the Navy Yard portion of the Anacostia Riverwalk.)
And now to a way-too-long pile of tidbits:
* PLAYOFFS: I doubt anyone at this point needs to tell me that the first of what will hopefully be numerous playoff games this October at Nats Park is tonight (Friday), when Game 1 vs the Cubs starts at 7:31 pm. They'll play again tomorrow at 5:38pm, and would return on Thursday Oct. 12 for the fifth game of the series, if necessary. Here's a rundown from the BID of playoff-related festivities and deals that might be of interest.
* WILLOW: I have been remiss in not passing along that DC-based clothing and gift shop Willow is going to be opening a second location in the ground floor of Arris, at 4th and Tingey in the Yards. As described in the BID newsletter, "The store brand adds a distinctive local twist with DC neighborhood-inspired gifts and clothes designed in-house by members of the Willow team."
* DOCKSIDE?: I have not confirmed this personally, but a reader reports being told by workers putting out tables on Thursday that the new Yards Park boardwalk kiosk outlet of Osteria Morini is expected to open this evening. UPDATE: Reader now says that no, it's Due South Dockside. But that's what I get for not reporting it out myself. {hangs head in shame}
* BYE BYE 37 L: Photographic evidence on Twitter of the demolition of the Empire/DC Flyer Cab company building, which is making way for a new residential building. It becomes the 175th entry in my Demolished Buildings Gallery (up a spot from its brief designation as #174, after a reader pointed out that I had neglected to add, of all things, the McDonald's, though I will give myself a break on that one, given the maelstrom in my life at the time).
* THIRD STREET CLOSURE UPDATE: Flashing signage north of 3rd and Virginia says that the four-month-ish-southbound closure is now scheduled to begin Oct. 11. (After the first two games of the playoffs, I might add.) I saw from the freeway yesterday that the huge reinforcing beams (more like tubes) that were installed across the footprint of the two tunnels are being removed between 2nd and 3rd Streets, and there's even now some small square footage where both tunnels are covered with dirt. (UPDATE: The sign was changed this morning to read "On or About Oct. 10," and now the latest VAT newsletter says "as soon as Oct. 9.")
* GARRETT TEA LEAVES: The building permits have been approved, and construction trailers arrived within the past few days at the staging lot on the former trash transfer site at 2nd and K, and so signs are pointing to work getting underway on The Garrett, the last of WC Smith's "Collective" troika. Joining siblings Park Chelsea and not-yet-open-but-newly-landscaped Agora, the Garrett will have about 375 rental units, and ground-floor retail. (No, I don't know when Whole Foods is opening.)
* PARC RIVERSIDE PHASE II: A reader who lives at Velocity says that management informed residents that work is expected to resume Any Second Now (or maybe already has) on the excavation for what will be the second phase of the Parc Riverside residential project, at Half and K.
* BOWER FLOOR PLANS: If you have been desperately awaiting the condo project known as the Bower to start selling, well, that hasn't happened yet, but floor plans are finally available on their web site. (h/t RMP)
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JD says: (10/6/17 9:46 AM)
If you read this in the first few moments after I posted it, read again, because I thought of more stuff to add.

Ampersand says: (10/6/17 10:31 AM)
My office looks out at the park riverside ii site and I spent a meeting yesterday watching workers moving dirt around. It was mildly fascinating and I considered posting about it here but by the end of the meeting I forgot.

RMP says: (10/6/17 10:34 AM)
Huh. When I heard the Willow rumors I assumed they were going into the former Evo space. Which retail space in Arris is still unaccounted for? Maybe in between Schilling and the Bower office on the Water St side?

202_cyclist says: (10/6/17 10:39 AM)
JD & Ampersand-- you both beat me to the updates I saw this morning, so I will just say NATS! NATS! NATS!

jdc says: (10/6/17 10:43 AM)
So interested to see what prices end up being at the Bower.

202_cyclist says: (10/6/17 10:49 AM)
Regarding the prohibition about biking along the Navy's portion of the riverfront, one of my colleagues broke her wrist biking there last year. The pavement is in terrible condition, with many grooves in the pavement, so it is probably best to heed that restriction.

I really wish the Navy would improve the condition of that section of the river walk.

NavyYardRes says: (10/6/17 10:56 AM)
RE: Bower - Units seem small. Less then 700 sq. feet for a 1 bedroom.

RE: Whole Foods - An official update from WC Smith would be wise. The lack of transparency on the timeline is unwarranted and the talk of ALL those who live in the Navy Yard. Especially those in PC who were told it would be open already.

RE: The Garrett - Given the extremely slow pace of completion for the Agora, I would bet the Garrett is completed in 2020 or later.

JD says: (10/6/17 11:05 AM)
Re: Navy Yard Riverwalk, that concrete was poured in about 2004. But the lack of real "fencing" (can't think of a better word) on the water side of the path is an issue, too--the intersection of bikes and peds could very much result in someone going into the water in the current configuration.

JD says: (10/6/17 11:06 AM)
Meant to include this, though it's not really in my coverage sphere. Note the expanded list of items that DC now accepts in recycling bins:


(and you're not supposed to bag your recyclables, just toss them in the bins. Oops! Sorry! Sorry!)

202_cyclist says: (10/6/17 11:36 AM)
@JD-- I think the real risk of falling into the might Anacostia is getting hepatitis rather than sustaining an injury from falling.

JD says: (10/6/17 11:46 AM)
With CSX removing those beams/tubes in the 200 block of Virginia, I am wondering when the intersection of 2nd and H might open (even if you can't go eastward on Virginia to 3rd for another few months). Opening that would make the new block of H in front of Agora a not-dead-end, which might be an important step. (Not hinting at anything, just my own observation.)

RMP says: (10/6/17 1:03 PM)
Sorry if this is already known, but I just found an old article that says the name of the Forest City building on Parcel O is going to be "Guild"? I didn't see any reference to that here on JDland so I'm not sure if it's official or not.

JH_105 says: (10/6/17 1:51 PM)
I saw someone actually walking a bike on that section of the path earlier this week, but to be fair I just assumed it was a Navy Yard/BID plant.

Speaking of bikes, there's still a big pile of shattered glass from a busted-out car window right in the bike lane at New Jersey & I on I eastbound, just on the north side of Harry's/909 CY. It's pretty clear that the streetsweeper has been by and whiffed. I put in a 311 request, but anyone know a better way than that to have the city get the mess out of there and save some tires?

Ampersand says: (10/6/17 2:59 PM)
JH_105, about three weeks ago (or more?) I encountered some almost-certainly-maliciously-spread broken glass along both of the North Carolina Ave bike lanes between Eastern Market and Lincoln Park. (Almost-certainly-maliciously-spread because it was several colors of glass mixed, spread over 50+ feet, only in the bike lanes, and on both sides of the street). I made a 311 request and then tweeted about it and as best as I can tell, it never got taken care of but did eventually get ground up by cars and kind of dispersed. Which is to say, I don't think 311 really cares, although I've seen the pile you're talking about and it's much more obvious than the NC Ave stuff. Maybe try reaching out to Meredith Fascett? She's great and almost certainly knows who to poke about getting it done. If I still lived nearby I'd go out there with a broom and dustpan myself, but alas...

As for biking on the Navy Yard riverwalk, I did it this morning at 9am on my ride into work. Saw the signs and tried to decide whether I'd seen them before. Nobody yelled at me, although it was sparsely populated and I rode slowly. The stretch from 11th to the bend at the gazebo is BAAAAAAD - there is a gap of about two inches between concrete panels that could very easily eat a tire and cause a rider to flip/fall, and I suspect this may be where 202's friend may have been hurt. Anyway, most of the path is very very wide, so I don't see why it's any harm to ride slowly and conscientiously on the river side of the path (to avoid possibly colliding with people exiting the gates). I'd walk the narrow footbridge, too, if anyone was around. Anyway, it's not a good route for anyone in a hurry. I won't plan to ever use it if I don't have time to stop and walk if it's busy or I'm asked to do so.

Mere says: (10/6/17 6:33 PM)
It's actually due south dockside that's open. Morini has its doors open but no action yet.

RMP says: (10/7/17 11:35 AM)
The Arris cleaning staff were pealing the paper off of the windows at the Bower office and getting it cleaned up, so I imagine the opening is imminent.

Here's hoping for some actual offense at tonight's game! My personal postseason record has dropped to a pathetic 1-6.

JD says: (10/7/17 4:27 PM)
I know everyone in the neighborhood is issued a dog, but if anyone has cats and uses the Breeze litter box system, give me a shout, because I have about ten unopened bags of pads that I'm happy to give you.

JD says: (10/9/17 10:24 AM)
Eater has a piece on Rasa:


"Hope to open by November." We shall see!

202_cyclist says: (10/9/17 4:32 PM)

202_cyclist says: (10/9/17 6:00 PM)
I'm not going to turn your comment section into a live update of the Nats but a couple of hits would be nice.

jdc says: (10/9/17 9:28 PM)
Juice Laundry is not open, right?

CJBabyDaddy says: (10/11/17 8:47 AM)
Juice Laundry's been open for weeks and was open yesterday (10/10).

jdc says: (10/11/17 9:04 AM)
Oh. Gotta get over there.

walt says: (10/11/17 3:41 PM)
@Ampersand - re: the broken glass.
I've had a recycling truck come through my alley on multiple occasions that takes bottles in, crushes them, and then broken glass shards fall out of the rear right side of the truck when it starts moving. It's almost comical! At first I thought it had to be malicious too, but I have security cameras and finally found the entire thing on video. I sent the video in to DPW and they promised to fix it, and I haven't had another problem since then, but it's possible that another truck has a similar problem. Whatever the problem was in the truck, the hole that allowed glass to escape must not have been big enough to allow cans or paper out because only glass fell (in sizes about a quarter to half-dollar in size). It was a HUGE amount of glass, and only dropped when the truck started up again after a stop and possibly a crush.

malatesta says: (10/11/17 6:07 PM)
Looks like 769N is above ground.

202_cyclist says: (10/11/17 7:24 PM)


JD says: (10/11/17 8:20 PM)
Well, well, well....

202_cyclist says: (10/12/17 11:16 AM)
Two construction updates this morning.

1) There was a soil boring machine on the lot at 1st and K Street SE. Speaking of that lot, I highly recommend the bike mechanic there. He provides excellent and honest service.

2) There was a big concrete pour this morning with about a dozen cement trucks at the West Half Street site.

RMP says: (10/12/17 11:56 AM)
With all the news of the Wharf and the new water taxi, is there still a plan to expand that to the neighborhood? I recall hearing something about this before but can't find much.

JD says: (10/12/17 12:08 PM)
The Yards Park marina has a water taxi slip built in. I know they are wanting one, but who knows behind the scenes goings-on.

202_cyclist says: (10/12/17 12:43 PM)
We were visiting NYC this past weekend and took water taxis between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn and Manhattan and Governor's Island. It was very scenic and convenient. I hope there is expanded water taxi service (and it is not just some tourist amenity with expensive tickets) for the Capitol Riverfront.

Ampersand says: (10/12/17 5:34 PM)
@202_cyclist - I second your rec of Handy Bikes. Pete does a great job and has very fair prices.

202_cyclist says: (10/12/17 8:50 PM)
As the kiddos say, that Wharf though.

202_cyclist says: (10/12/17 8:55 PM)


202_cyclist says: (10/13/17 7:14 AM)
Is it April yet?

jdc says: (10/13/17 9:11 AM)
Lots of excavation going on at Parc phase II these days.

202_cyclist says: (10/13/17 10:53 AM)
" How do you think I feel? Betrayed, bewildered..."

JD says: (10/13/17 11:22 AM)

stacycloyd says: (10/13/17 12:36 PM)
For those of you listening to the game on the radio (which we learned is about a batter ahead of the TV broadcast, so you can get your heart broken a couple minutes sooner) did you hear the commercial for the Bower?

dude says: (10/14/17 7:26 PM)
There's always positives folks: we'll never have to cheer for Werthless ever again!

Three guys performed in the postseason: Strasburg, Doolittle and Taylor. The rest...

And yes, I'll still be buying playoff tickets next year despite the repeated disappointments!

malatesta says: (10/15/17 1:06 PM)
I've been our of town since Friday, so I'm not sure when it went up, but there's a new tower crane at the NAB HQ site. I think that brings the total to 8 inside JDland borders.

Ampersand says: (10/16/17 4:40 PM)
This may be ancient news, but yesterday I noticed for the first time that the garage on the NW side of Nats Park has apparently been branded the "Geico Parking Garage". I was amused that of all things, the parking garage was sponsored. No fewer than three prominent signs along S Capitol.

Of course this probably happened in March and I'm just unobservant.

Ampersand says: (10/16/17 5:40 PM)
Oh, hey, what's this email I just got?

" Thank you for your interest in The Bower, the only condominium residences located in the heart of The Yards.

The website is now live and floor plans for select units can be viewed at Preview appointments may be scheduled starting October 18th through October 27th and sales will begin with the grand opening of The Bower Sales Center on Sunday, October 29th, at 12:00 pm.

If you would like to learn more about The Bower, please call 202-869-5233, and a member of the Sales Team will be happy to assist you."

RMP says: (10/17/17 9:46 AM)
Branded window dressing for Chloe is now up.

There's a shipping container in the middle of Yards Park (mobile art space, it looks like?)

Initial bower unit pricing appears to be 400-mid 500s for 1brs, 500-1m for 2brs.

The Anacostia Riverfront proposal for HQ2 looks awfully interesting. But I have no idea how the city would manage to get the hodgepodge of different owners of all the parcels to go along with it.

JES says: (10/17/17 11:08 AM)
Given what Velocity's been selling for, those Bower numbers seem kinda low... may I ask where you found them? I can't find any pricing info on their website.

RMP says: (10/17/17 11:34 AM)
Called the number that Ampersand just posted...

RMP says: (10/17/17 11:45 AM)
It looks like Velocity condos are selling for $550-$650 / sq foot, roughly? Even if you bump it up and assume $700 / sq ft at Bower, the 1-bedroom floorplans are all really small (670 sq feet and smaller). So 400-550 seems pretty in-line with what I'd expect.

JES says: (10/17/17 11:45 AM)
Gotcha; interesting!

I thought the 2BR numbers looked low, but in looking at the floor plans on the site, their 2BR units seem to be substantially smaller (none of Velocity's 2BR floor plans are under 1,000 SF, for example), so maybe that's why I thought they seemed low.

JES says: (10/17/17 11:46 AM)
Your numbers definitely make more sense to me now that I looked at sizing... I just apparently suck at math today!

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