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I am not in a proper blogging situation and getting terribly behind, so need to get a fresh thread up for the commenters who are doing such a great job keeping the conversation going. The headline basically says it all, but I guess I have to type SOMETHING more:
* Roti is now open in the ground floor of F1rst, on 1st Street SE between M and N.
* Unfortunately, one block away, on Half Street, Chix has already closed, not even a year after opening. (Their third location on 11th Street has closed as well, leaving just the original one on 14th, and their online presence has gone quiet, so something must be amiss.)
Enjoy the conversation below!
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jdc says: (6/27/17 8:48 PM)
Aww JD! We were just 4 comments away from 100!

RMP says: (6/27/17 9:15 PM)
Cosmopolitan Nail Salon is inching closer to opening (I still doubt they'll make it by July 1 but we shall see).

Juice Laundry and 18-8 build outs continue. It looks like they've both still got a bit of work to do.

Bower removed the "spring" language from their website.

Evo is still (temporarily?) shuttered.

Bardo continues to Bardo.

JD says: (6/27/17 10:00 PM)
I guess the Chix on 14th is closed, too. Quite a flame out.

malatesta says: (6/27/17 10:25 PM)
The wife and I walked through yards park after grabbing a beer at Bluejacket. There are two permits posted on the lower kiosk, one of which refers to a new restaurant in existing shell and core.

JD says: (6/27/17 10:32 PM)
It might also be Due South Dockside.

CJBabyDaddy says: (6/28/17 1:13 AM)
Thanks, RMP, for the The Bower sign update. In May, we were told to expect sales to begin in mid-July, and wondered how long it would take for "Spring 2017" to be edited.

JES says: (6/28/17 3:04 PM)
It's probably Due South Dockside, because I'm pretty sure Nicoletta is destined to be a myth forever...

How does that arrangement work? Like, did Nicoletta sign a lease? Does Forest City just keep that space "on hold" for Nicoletta for free, or have they been paying rent all this time for some reason?

Chaifetz10 says: (6/29/17 10:55 AM)
I would assume that if they did sign a lease, there is obviously a term outlined and provisions for delay. Now, if Nicoletta is simply dragging their feet then they would be legally responsible for rent as outlined in their lease. If they're waiting on something from Forest City to do (say build out the space to spec or something) then they could receive damages.

Based upon the situation, as best I can tell without knowing any actual facts, I would guess/assume that Forest City may not have a ton of interest in the space and as such are letting Nicoletta take time moving in for the time being. Now, if Nicoletta eventually decides they don't want to set up shop at all then FC would probably sue for early termination damages or whatnot. I highly doubt their just holding it for free. They either are amending the lease to start later, charging rent even if it's not occupied, or there is no actual signed lease in place. Just my $0.02.

EnvySquared says: (6/29/17 1:04 PM)
Nice update on District Winery from Eater today:

"A full-service restaurant will be helmed by chefs Michael Gordon, an alum of Bouley and the Mandarin Oriental in New York City, and Benjamin Lambert, who has cooked locally at 701 Restaurant and soon-to-be-gone Restaurant Nora. Menu details remain under wraps for now, other than the fact the chefs plan to focus on 'seasonal American fare.'

As for the wine making component, the plan is to source grapes from across the country with an emphasis on California regions; District Winery winemaker Conor McCormack is shooting to produce 20 different wines each year. In addition to theoretically fueling wedding toasts, the wines will also be poured at a tasting bar in the lobby and made available for retail purchase."


CJBabyDaddy says: (7/1/17 1:46 AM)
Pssst, RMP: Did I say "mid-July?" Make that mid-August now.

RMP says: (7/1/17 11:45 AM)
I've moved in to "I'll believe it when I see it" territory re: Bower.

Also, this is a few days old now, but since no one else posted it, the Bardo story continues to live. link

malatesta says: (7/1/17 1:53 PM)
There's paper up on the windows at the (now defunct) dry cleaners in Capitol Hill Tower & a permit posted. If I'm reading the permit right, I think the church next door (Waterfront Church) is taking over the space.

202_cyclist says: (7/2/17 10:41 PM)
I appreciate that people are excited for Independence Day but it sounds like Beruit across the South Capitol Street.

RMP says: (7/3/17 7:38 AM)
Does anyone know the exact launch location for tonight's "freedom fireworks"? I'm trying to figure out where the best sightlines will be.

conngs0 says: (7/3/17 10:36 AM)
RMP, if they shoot them from the same spot as they did in prior years, you'll be in good shape anywhere east of South Capitol Street. I've watched from the waterfront of Yards Park and it felt like I was almost underneath the fireworks. A slightly closer vantage point might be from the Salt Line (not an option last year), but I wonder how many folks from Nats Park will be there. You can't go wrong either way. Enjoy!

Westnorth says: (7/5/17 12:03 PM)
For future reference: the fireworks are launched over the reflecting pool between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. If you have a clear sightline to the former, you're probably OK; if you can clearly see the latter, you're definitely OK.

202_cyclist says: (7/7/17 1:26 PM)
For a good Friday afternoon discussion, what do people think of having a streetcar connect from the Maine Ave fish market in SW to the 11th Street bridge in SE, via Maine Ave and M Street? Admittedly, there have been setbacks for the H Street streetcar and although a streetcar was planned for the Capitol Riverfront/Navy Yard previously, it appears to be a long way off now.

There are a sufficient number of destinations along this route to make such an alignment successful. The route is also approximately 2.5 miles, a good distance for a streetcar that would have stops every 1/4 mile. A streetcar on M Street, which currently has six lanes, would also make this a more pleasant pedestrian route and, unlike the H Street streetcar, this could have dedicated lanes.

NavyYahd says: (7/7/17 1:51 PM)
I like the idea of transit along M St from Fish Market to 11th St, but maybe a circulator bus instead of streetcar. Faster and cheaper to implement.

conngs0 says: (7/7/17 2:37 PM)
In my personal opinion, I agree with NavyYahd that the Circulator is more cost-effective than a streetcar (perhaps even a streetcar that is properly implemented?). But I also recognize that the streetcar seems to lack the stigma of buses, which ostensibly increases ridership.

I like the Fish Market to 11th Street Bridge idea primarily because of the potential to integrate that line to the existing Metro infrastructure plus future streetcar (or bus) lines. For instance, two easy additions would be a streetcar line that connects the H Street streetcar to 8th and M SE. You can also add a short line to/from the new soccer stadium.

On the subject of transportation infrastructure pipe dreams, I'm still holding out hope for the implementation of Metro's 2040 plan... link

stacycloyd says: (7/7/17 3:12 PM)
I think that it would make sense for any transit (and I strongly prefer bus to streetcar so it can go around obstacles in the road and because it's so much cheaper) to terminate not at the fish market, but at an entrance to L'Enfant Plaza. Doing it as a bus could also allow for it to loop down to Buzzard Point on soccer game days. Eventually there will need to be more permanent transit on the Point as more people move in, too.

RMP says: (7/7/17 11:02 PM)
I know this has been discussed here before, but IMO the most pressing transit concern for the neighborhood at the moment is that we're rapidly gaining people and cutting Metro service at the same time. Going from 6 to 8 minutes on the green line during rush hour is huge. I don't know exactly where the tipping point is for the Navy Yard station, but I worry that we're getting close.

If there were a cross-town bus route that went from here to Foggy Bottom or Dupont, I would use that. But right now none of our bus options (P6, V1, A9, Circulator) can take you west of the White House unless there's a route I don't know about.

stacycloyd says: (7/9/17 10:17 PM)
Circulator's long-range plans include a SW to Dupont route (see p.66 of link could be extended to JDland. But the District has to allocate money for it, and I haven't heard Charles Allen pushing much for expanded Circulator service.

eyeballz says: (7/11/17 2:41 PM)
Roti is crushing it! Long lines at lunch every day with great service and tasty food. Looks like Chopt is surviving on overflow traffic.

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