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Running down a few things that happened while I was otherwise occupied, but that I want to finally mention in an actual blog post for those who don't camp out in the comments for weeks at a time.
* DACHA: Way back in March it was learned that Shaw's popular beer garden Dacha will be coming to Dock 79, and signage now confirms that. It will occupy the space along the riverwalk on the building's southwest corner--closest to Bardo, for some hot beer garden-on-beer garden action.
* PUNCH BOWL SOCIAL: Less way back, in May, it was announced that "eatertainment" venue Punch Bowl Social will occupy 24,000 square feet on two floors at 1250 Half Street, aka the residential building that will soon fill the Half Street Hole directly north of Nats Park. To quote from the press release, Punch Bowl "has made a name for itself with its remarkably balanced execution of the eat, drink, play concept, pairing a Chef Hugh Acheson designed, southern inspired scratch-made menu and craft beverage program with social activities including pinball, skee-ball, karaoke, vintage video games, bocce, bowling, and more."
* STEADFAST SUPPLY: The "unique marketplace that connects brands with consumers" has opened anew, now at the Boilermaker Shops on Tingey Street in the space formerly occupied by Hugh & Crye. Hours are 12-6 pm Tuesdays-Sundays. (Alas, I got my photo about 24 hours too soon, so it's out of date already, but "progress, not perfection" is the current JDLand motto.)
* OTHER COMING SOONS: While wandering a week ago, I procured photographic evidence of the work going on at Roti at F1rst on 1st Street, as well as some of the recent Coming Soon window signage that I don't think I have posted, for Cava Grill next door to Shake Shack at the Homewood Suites at 50 M, and both the Juice Laundry and Cosmopolitan Nail Salon at Arris. (I didn't get Eighteen Eight Salon because I know I posted that at some point. Not sure if I missed window signage for Shilling Canning Company and/or Chloe, though?)
There. Now I feel a little better.
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Spider57 says: (6/11/17 9:51 PM)
A+ for "hot beer garden-on-beer garden action"

dude says: (6/11/17 10:07 PM)
Beer is everywhere. America!

RMP says: (6/12/17 8:55 AM)
I had a chance to go to Punch Bowl Social on a business trip to Cleveland last year, but the locals who were showing us around said it was a boring chain and we skipped it. I kind of wish I had checked it out, just to see.

You didn't miss any window signage, JD. Shilling Canning Company and Chloe still have the generic Arris window dressing up.

CJBabyDaddy says: (6/12/17 10:10 AM)
Buildout of PN Hoffman's The Bower sales office (Arris SE corner) continues. Interior sneak peeks are available when the 4th Street door is propped open.

202_cyclist says: (6/12/17 11:26 AM)
JD-- thank you for the updates. Construction (dirt removal) for the apartments at 8th & L St SE, across the street from the Brig, appears to be progressing quickly.

Also--- can we start a Go Fund Me site for a new Nats closer.

JD says: (6/12/17 1:20 PM)
Reports on Twitter that Chix is closed?

JES says: (6/12/17 1:33 PM)
I walked by Chix this morning around 11:30am and they were indeed closed.

Also, isn't Dacha coming to the northeast corner of Dock 79? I think the language on the purple banner says "Coming soon to this space," referring to the northeast corner. But I could obviously be wrong.

eyeballz says: (6/12/17 2:32 PM)
not surprised Chix is closed, went there once it I was sorry before I finished ordering. Sort of a less well thought out and executed Nando.

greb22 says: (6/12/17 2:41 PM)
I had chix I thought it was surprisingly good but I'm still not surprised it closed I don't think anyone ever went

jdc says: (6/12/17 3:12 PM)
I've eaten at Chix at least twice (that I can recall) and was happy both times. Food was good and prices were tolerable, made more so by healthy size of portions. I'd be sad to see them go.

conngs0 says: (6/12/17 3:29 PM)
I'm surprised to see Chix go only because it strikes me as premature to pull the plug on a place located in a part of the neighborhood that is still so substantially unfinished. Aside from Nats games and the occasional concert, I don't think that Chix is going to see any regular foot traffic. If they're indeed closing, it's a shame they couldn't hold out to at least see if they could compete in a more finished neighborhood.

jdc says: (6/12/17 4:14 PM)
Chix, and BBW, definitely are on the 'fringe' of the neighborhood, and have been for awhile. And they will continue to be for at least another 2ish years, until a critical mass of residents/office workers descend on that corner of JD land.

king of arabistan says: (6/12/17 4:29 PM)
Hello all my subjects living in JD Land. Parking meters have now been installed on both sides of I Street and on one side of New Jersey Ave that abuts 82 ORE. The meters have not been activated but it is only a matter of time.

Section314 says: (6/12/17 9:25 PM)
Based on other tweets I have seen today, Chix appears to have closed a 14th Street location downtown as well. Has the chain gone belly-up?

JD says: (6/12/17 9:40 PM)
That was my suspicion, that it was going to be a more systemic issue rather than just that one location.

dude says: (6/12/17 9:58 PM)
To be honest I forgot Chix was there. I rarely walk down Half Sreet these days. That's too bad, I never got to try it. Oh well.

@202 - they have to make a trade and soon. Who will they trade away though? Murphy? Roark? Rendon? Gio? Who else could they possibly trade away to get a quality closer?

conngs0 says: (6/13/17 7:09 AM)
Dude, they'll have to trade Robles to get anyone quality. The problem is that right now I don't know if anyone available is really worth the price. I mean, Robertson is an experienced closer but definitely not elite.

It might just be Fedde (recently converted to relief in the minors) and their first round draft pick from last night (apparently tons of talent but he got suspended twice and eventually kicked off his college team, which is why he slid to the Nats' spot in the first round). Plus Ross will almost certainly go to the bullpen in the playoffs. Either way, this isn't a good situation for the Nats.

jdc says: (6/13/17 8:20 AM)
Shame about all of Chix going under. I ate at both locations, but definitely not enough.

RMP says: (6/13/17 9:36 AM)
It's always sad when a business in the neighborhood closes. Chix was just too far for me to travel to relative to Nandos.

walt says: (6/13/17 2:46 PM)
Chix had an amazing mac and cheese. They used spaghetti noodles instead of elbow macaroni and the effect was a crunchier, more grown-up effect. They did a few things that would have worked, but they kept it all a secret. If you ordered by phone or online, they would bring your meal out to your car so you didn't have to park. That could keep add some lunch time business during the off-season.

JD says: (6/13/17 4:51 PM)
I'm not sure I want the responsibility of sending 202 over the edge with excitement, but here is the link for the DC Water HQ live construction cam:


202_cyclist says: (6/13/17 5:16 PM)
Dang! Look at that! This steel-frame construction should go quick.

Does anyone know why WASA is looks like they're keeping the back half of the building (at least it looked like that as of Sunday)? Perhaps they just haven't got around to demolishing that part of the structure.

CJBabyDaddy says: (6/13/17 6:50 PM)
It's always been part of WASA's plan to preserve a big chunk of the old building, according to info I've accessed on or through this website. The riverfront add-on will have the purty, blue glass shell.

BLT says: (6/13/17 8:10 PM)
Tower crane is up at 2 I. And, it's red. Fancy.

jdc says: (6/14/17 9:10 AM)
Digging for phase II of Parc Riverside update - excavation is now about the depth of a grown adult (6/7 feet) and the size of the hole is approximately the footprint of the building. All of this in about a week.

jdc says: (6/14/17 9:12 AM)
Additional thought - DC water sure lucked into a fantastic piece of real estate. I have a feeling the workers transferring to that location - I presume a lot of big wigs - will have some nice views.

conngs0 says: (6/14/17 10:22 AM)
jdc, you're absolutely correct that DC Water is getting a great piece of real estate, which I believe results from the fact that the pumping station can't be moved. And I'm totally ok with that. For one thing, based on the renderings, I think the modern look of the new building will make a fantastic addition to waterfront and will nicely complement the old and/or retro-looking buildings currently in the area. Secondly, I think it's nice to maintain the balance of office workers to residents in the area.

However, as you mentioned, DC Water really does seem to get a windfall in this particular transaction, which is why they should be ashamed that the movie theater isn't close to finished by now. I'm a little surprised that the start of the DC Water HQ construction wasn't tied to the start of that project.

202_cyclist says: (6/14/17 11:13 AM)
JD-- I forget, will there be new public space along the water after the new DC Water headquarters is completed. I think I recall reading this.

jdc says: (6/14/17 12:11 PM)
I may be wrong, but I thought that the area of DC water that will front the water will be a secure area, not accessible (the existing boardwalk will remain open of course)?

JD says: (6/14/17 12:33 PM)
That is correct. There will be ope space, but in a secure area.

CJBabyDaddy says: (6/14/17 1:28 PM)
Which will operate as a publicly fund private waterfront amenity space for WASA executives until a WaPo story exposes the scandal.

JES says: (6/15/17 11:48 AM)
I mean, it's no different from publicly funded courtyards attached to federal buildings that aren't accessible, is it? Other than the water view? Don't get me wrong, it'd be nice if it were accessible, but I don't find it to be scandalous in the slightest.

JES says: (6/15/17 11:50 AM)
Regarding the movie theater, isn't part of the reasoning because they need to use that space for the tower crane for this HQ building? If memory serves me right, they can't put a crane on that site itself because of the presence of the pumping station. Unfortunately, that means we all play the waiting game in the process...

jdc says: (6/15/17 1:09 PM)
I concur w/ JES. There is a lot of waterfront accessible to the public, and the few dozen yards that will be closed off here does not seem like the end of the world.

202_cyclist says: (6/15/17 1:52 PM)
Okay, folk--- time to weigh in on an pressing issue. Which non-seafood dish should I order at Salt Line this evening?

jdc says: (6/15/17 4:52 PM)
I'd say the pressing issue is, are you paying for all of us? ;)

202_cyclist says: (6/15/17 9:20 PM)
Well, Salt Line was great -- great food, great drinks, service and setting but we were leaving and noticed that MPD had several vehicles and a police boat at the park across the river and they were retrieving a body. Unfortunate-- condolences to the person's family.

CJBabyDaddy says: (6/16/17 3:09 AM)
@JES: My 3 dozen years as a Federal employee acquainted me well with nice building courtyards that lack public access. My snark reflects my expectation that D.C. government employees would somehow find a way to turn a benign perk into a source of scandal.

JES says: (6/16/17 11:36 AM)
@CJ: Lol, fair enough!

@202: What'd you get? I got the fried seafood platter (can't remember what it's actually called) with catfish, oysters, scallops, and clams and it was SO GOOD. Service was spotty, but they comped 2 of my drinks, so I wasn't about to complain!

202_cyclist says: (6/16/17 11:55 AM)
My wife got oysters and the lobster roll and I got the roast beef sandwich, which was delicious. I thought the food and service were both excellent and they have a good beer selection. A good addition for the neighborhood.

malatesta says: (6/16/17 6:20 PM)
Now that Jeff Bezos owns whole foods, do we complain to him that the WF in Agora is seemingly never going to happen?

conngs0 says: (6/17/17 1:27 AM)
No. But if the quality of Whole Foods suffers while he tries to undercut Walmart, then we can and should definitely complain about THAT!

dude says: (6/17/17 7:20 AM)
I heard that Whole Food was on the brink of bankruptcy simply because of the delays with the Navy Yard store and therefore Bezos is our savior.

[/alternative facts]

RMP says: (6/17/17 12:26 PM)
Lot L is back open. I assume only for Jazz Fest?

Also does anyone else not particularly like Jazz Fest? I really don't like how they fence off yards park. Feels very unwelcoming. At least it's only a couple days per year.

CJBabyDaddy says: (6/17/17 8:06 PM)
JazzFest is a paid ticketed event, making a fence necessary. They welcome anyone willing to pay for a ticket.

conngs0 says: (6/19/17 10:39 AM)
I understand some of the negative feelings surrounding JazzFest, but it's a once per year thing that generates quite a bit of buzz for the neighborhood (which I think is still needed considering many of the restaurants and retail still seem to experience too many slow nights), so I'm ok with it. There's probably a point where I'd get tired of ticketed events resulting in Yards Park being partitioned from the rest of the neighborhood, but we aren't there yet. Plus, the music at JazzFest is so loud that it's pretty easy to enjoy it from other parts of the park!

JES says: (6/19/17 11:13 AM)
Tour de Fat is also going to be ticketed this year, FYI... it's only one evening (4pm to 9pm on July 22), but I hope we're not headed down a slippery slope...

RMP says: (6/19/17 12:55 PM)
Right now ticketed events in "Yards Park" have mostly been in Parcels H/I and A. I'm OK with that.

Agree with conngs0 and JES that it's not worth making a fuss over Jazz Fest since it's one weekend per year. But yeah, if closing down the park to non-paying customers becomes a more regular thing my opinion will change.

greb22 says: (6/19/17 2:15 PM)
I enjoyed the jazz fest I'm glad they have it there I wasn't a fan of the hard 10oclock cutoff time but I also understand it's not about me it's about the community as whole.

Ampersand says: (6/20/17 12:15 PM)
Last-minute, but apparently Roti is open and giving away free food! Line wasn't even too long.

jdc says: (6/20/17 1:33 PM)
Ampersand just beat me too it! But you had to sign up ahead of time. It's over now

jdc says: (6/20/17 1:34 PM)
And they're apparently closed to new customers.

jdc says: (6/20/17 1:38 PM)
Last post. Peering inside the open bays, Taylor gourmet seems on track to open next.

EnvySquared says: (6/20/17 2:43 PM)
Tower crane is up at Yards Parcel O, with "" branding.

jdc says: (6/20/17 3:23 PM)
Someone is going to have an eye-level view of those smoke stacks.

walt says: (6/20/17 3:43 PM)
I'm not a fan of JazzFest either, mostly due to the music. I really dislike jazz. I cannot understand how anyone enjoys it. Every mystery novel writer must get paid mega bucks to pretend their protagonists love jazz.
If JazzFest were free, I might (might) attempt to endure a few songs just to be social.

RMP says: (6/20/17 3:52 PM)
@EnvySquared your picture reminded me that today is the last official day of spring. So unless the Bower sales are going to start in the next 8 hours, so much for the "sales begin spring 2017" advertising.

CJBabyDaddy says: (6/20/17 4:16 PM)
RMP: There's a May 2 posting in the "Development Updates" thread indicating that mid-July is being targeted for the initiation of sales for The Bower.

Walt: We'll need to get together to help you begin to understand.

RMP says: (6/21/17 5:54 PM)
These notices posted all over Evo Furniture look a little concerning.

RMP says: (6/21/17 5:56 PM)
Also, rumor is that Cosmopolitan Nails is opening July 1st. I'm no construction expert, but it looks like they've still got a good amount of work to do.

snakegriffin says: (6/21/17 11:33 PM)
@RMP Appears to be tax delinquency for Evo.

jdc says: (6/22/17 12:08 PM)
Do people have a sense as to how well the new apartments are filling up? ORE seems to be off to a very good start, and Parc phase I seems full. Not sure how things are going at Park Chelsea or Insignia on M.

malatesta says: (6/22/17 12:32 PM)
Park Chelsea feels pretty full, tbh, but I think there are still 20-30ish units vacant (listed on the website anyway). I don't know what a normal vacancy looks like in this neighborhood while things are still being built out, though.

walt says: (6/22/17 2:19 PM)
When I went to Rooftop Hop a few weeks ago, One Hill South rep told us that they were 48% leased. I'm unfamiliar with how leasing works in new buildings. Do they make apartments available in phases while still building out different floors?
By the way, that rooftop on One Hill South is spectacular and almost made me want to move.

202_cyclist says: (6/22/17 2:25 PM)
@jdc-- a friend's brother is moving into ORE and my friend noted that the building is 90% full.

stacycloyd says: (6/22/17 3:44 PM)
My parents took a tour of Dock 79 last weekend and were told it was about 90% full (I forget the exact percentage) as well. The vacant units they were shown mostly seemed to be very close to Salt Line's patio and All-Purpose's forthcoming roof deck, so I imagine they are harder to lease.

jdc says: (6/23/17 9:26 AM)
@walt - did they say what is happening on the first floor? It's a construction mess with seemingly little work going on. It definitely makes the building look like no one lives there. What makes it so amazing? The view or amenities?

@stacycloyd - wow. That is surprising. I've walked past - admittedly during lunch - and the building does not seem that occupied. Guess I should peer into windows more often haha.

snakegriffin says: (6/23/17 11:47 AM)
Man, those Bardo folks are skilled at public relations! link

JES says: (6/23/17 3:04 PM)
I still don't understand how the Bardo dude gets away with being such a jerk.

JH_105 says: (6/23/17 3:33 PM)
Just got a WBJ email that the owner of A-1 tires at 1st & K (abutting 909 Cap Yards and Scarlet Oak) finally sold. There goes another holdout.

JES says: (6/23/17 3:55 PM)
Finally! Annoyingly though, the article's behind the paywall, does anyone subscribe? Is there any speculation on what the buyer is gonna do with the property?

RMP says: (6/23/17 4:23 PM)
I don't understand the appeal of Bardo. Bad PR aside, $7 is too much to pay for essentially home brew. It's not like we are lacking for drinking establishments in the neighborhood anymore.

202_cyclist says: (6/23/17 5:54 PM)
@RMP-- things are expensive on the waterfront. I enjoyed Bardo the one time we went there.

202_cyclist says: (6/23/17 6:10 PM)
Excellent news about A-1 Tires. What do you think will go there? I didn't realize that the pool for 909 Capitol Yards wasn't above that business. It looks like a new owner could build perhaps two floors on that site.

Shogungts says: (6/23/17 10:51 PM)
@RMP " $7 is too much to pay for essentially home brew."

I agree, I really want to like Bardo as I went to their place in Arlington (Dr Dremos), their other location off Bladensberg Road, and like the atmosphere at their current place, but almost every beer I have had from them at their new location is a disappointment. Most of the time I their beer to be way too flat.

JD says: (6/26/17 1:00 PM)
By the way, I'm lurking, just have been in Wyoming and general environs dealing with stuff that needs to be dealt with. Is Roti now fully open? And Chix is indeed closed? Any progress at Evo? (trying to keep up!)

jdc says: (6/26/17 1:03 PM)
Roti fully open; Chix closed (from what I can see). Evo...anyone else?

greb22 says: (6/26/17 1:57 PM)
I really don't like bardo the beer is terrible. I read about how bad it was but a friend insited I go so I did and I can confirm the beer is in fact terrible. $7 is also to much to pay for nasty beer.

willinrm says: (6/26/17 2:20 PM)
The beer is horrid at Bardo, it is worse than any homebrew's that i have had; they brew it all outdoors how can you have quality control and consistency? I'd only go to Bardo if you want a hipster day on the water under a bridge; in that case it is perfect. Do NOT go for the beer, i would prefer a light drinking beer i.e. budlight over their selection. (disclaimer: I am care way too much about beer...)

RMP says: (6/26/17 2:30 PM)
Those notices were still up on Evo as of Sunday night.

My complaint about Bardo wasn't so much the $7 (Bluejacket has desensitized me to beer prices) but the quality of what you get for $7.

JNB says: (6/26/17 3:53 PM)

walt says: (6/26/17 4:08 PM)
@jdc: Can't speak to the first floor construction, but the rooftop had multiple levels, so it seemed much bigger than most and each area seemed totally private. Many separate areas to do different things. No part wasted. Very very well thought out. A small indoor space with a few couches, a decent sized pool (not for serious swimmers, but long enough for good fun), a private area for grilling with a large table, a raised concrete area for hot-tubbing, one or two grassy seating areas, a booth type table, plenty of great views.

This is the first time I've been on a roof that faces other high-rises. It's like a party in the air up there. There were three other buildings visible, and tons of people out on the roof having fun!

The view of the Capitol and Library of Congress domes were spectacular, and it looked as if nothing else could be built to obstruct this view, but I've thought that before so who knows.

The only thing I question is what it would be like when the coal plant is burning coal. Any thoughts from high-rise dwellers? Have you ever noticed the coal ash when the plant is burning coal?

JES says: (6/26/17 4:30 PM)
@JNB, nice find. That bit about finding the old tree stump was amusing.

@walt, we've lived in Velocity for 5 years and haven't ever had issues with ash, smell, or anything else relating to those smokestacks.

JD says: (6/26/17 4:47 PM)
Not in a position to Google right now, but I'm not sure that plant is burning coal anymore anyway. (I know Nancy Pelosi was trying to have it stopped some years ago.)

Shogungts says: (6/26/17 8:46 PM)
@JD: "The Capitol Power Plant is a fossil-fuel burning power plant which provides steam and chilled water for the United States Capitol, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress and 19 other buildings in the Capitol Complex. Located at 25 E St SE in southeast Washington, D.C., it is the only coal-burning power plant in the District of Columbia, though it mostly uses natural gas."

From Wikipedia and it goes on to say that it only uses about 5% coal as of 2011.

NavyYardNittany says: (6/27/17 12:28 AM)
Funny, just had this conversation yesterday while on the One Hill South rooftop, from whence you can see the pile of coal behind that Capitol maintenance building (between 70 Yards and the McDonald's site). Not obvious from the street, but there's a small side track I'm assuming brings the coal in from cars on the main track, and a pile of it in the back right corner. We were speculating as to whether that property would ever be developed - there's some kind of well/pipehead back there aslo, perhaps a tie-in for the natural gas supply? View from OHS is spectacular. One of the top 2-3 nicest apartment buildings in the city.

jdc says: (6/27/17 9:41 AM)
Below ground fitness center for 99 M? That seems a shame.

202_cyclist says: (6/27/17 11:30 AM)
There was significant construction work this morning at the retail stalls/kiosks at Yards Park. I asked one of the workers and he said he expects some of these businesses to open in a month.

jdc says: (6/27/17 2:13 PM)
In addition to A1 tires news, signage is up on the taxi dispatch on L and nj Ave saying it's for sale or lease. Add in the charter school property and this entire block between first and New Jersey and L and K is going to significantly change.

GoNavy says: (6/27/17 2:26 PM)
@202 That's great news! I wonder if Nioletta pizza is still going down there? I sure hope so.


malatesta says: (6/27/17 3:58 PM)
In re: the capitol power plant I believe it is still in the process of transitioning to a 100% natural gas cogeneration plant, but still maintains coal burning boilers in the meantime. These are only active on a few peak heating days a year, and weren't, IIRC active at all this past winter.

202_cyclist says: (6/27/17 4:06 PM)
Here's an article about the power plant from a few years ago: link .

While on the topic of facilities on the other side of I-395, I would really like to see the former Congressional page dorm that has been vacant for nearly a decade sold and redeveloped into housing. This is a ten minute walk from two metro stations. The federal government could earn revenue from selling this, DC could get another taxable property, and we would gain much-needed housing, not to mention all of the environmental benefits of having more people able to live in a walkable, transit-accessible neighborhood.

willinrm says: (6/27/17 4:14 PM)
Does anyone know why DOT (or whichever correct party) doesn't put up sound barriers on i-395 by chance? There are so many ppl moving to this area now and the interstate causes so much unnecessary noise pollution. It can be deafening at times depending where you are along it.

202_cyclist says: (6/27/17 4:34 PM)

Not only is there noise, but there are harmful health consequences of living right next to the highway.


Chaifetz10 says: (6/27/17 4:58 PM)
While we moved out of DC a few months ago, we still get ALL of the messages from the Dock79 residential group emails (not by choice... once you're on one of those things you're stuck forever because people just copy and paste). Apparently Bardo hasn't exactly been a good (or even neutral) neighbor and has had many many noise complaints. And not just the expected nightlife type noise, but moving their speakers so they only face Dock79, police called, and Kettler had a sit down meeting type noise complaints.

How they see any business by being so abrasive to people astounds me.

Ok, returning to my lurking from St. Louis ways again!

JD says: (6/27/17 4:59 PM)
Just wait until Dacha gets there!

(okay, I'll put up an open thread, this is getting a little long)

jdc says: (6/27/17 8:49 PM)
I've said it before, but two beer gardens outside my windows would be an absolute deal breaker. Even if the rent was less than half of what Dock 79 charges.

202_cyclist says: (6/29/17 12:08 PM)
Come on, folks-- focus. Let's hit 100 comments on this thread.

knavyard says: (6/29/17 2:32 PM)
Happy to be #99 and say that I'm low-key obsessed with the old page dorm and am trying to convince my cap hill police friends to get me an inside tour. It would be a nice little corner to develop, but I don't think there are any conversations about it. I mean, they could turn it into a dorm for members who can't afford DC rent in lieu of giving themselves a housing stipend ;)

JES says: (6/29/17 4:02 PM)

CJBabyDaddy says: (7/1/17 1:40 AM)
Initiation of sales for The Bower now not expected before mid-August.

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Installation of up to six (6) 3-inch diameter direct-push Geoprobe borings to depths of up to 30 feet below grade as part of an environmental assessment.
AH = After Hours; B = Alteration & Repair; D = Demolition; E = Electrical; FB = Boiler; M = Mechanical; P = Plumbing and Gas; PC = Post Card; R = Raze; SG = Sign; TL = Tenant Layout; TN = Tent; RW = Retaining Wall;

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Project Directory
Thompson Hotel ('20)
West Half ('19)
Novel South Capitol ('19)
Yards/Guild Apts. ('19)
Capper/The Harlow ('19)
New DC Water HQ ('19)
Yards/Bower Condos ('19)
Virginia Ave. Tunnel ('19)
99 M ('18)
Agora ('18)
1221 Van ('18)
District Winery ('17)
Insignia on M ('17)
F1rst/Residence Inn ('17)
One Hill South ('17)
Homewood Suites ('16)
ORE 82 ('16)
The Bixby ('16)
Dock 79 ('16)
Community Center ('16)
The Brig ('16)
Park Chelsea ('16)
Yards/Arris ('16)
Hampton Inn ('15)
Southeast Blvd. ('15)
11th St. Bridges ('15)
Parc Riverside ('14)
Twelve12/Yards ('14)
Lumber Shed ('13)
Boilermaker Shops ('13)
Camden South Cap. ('13)
Canal Park ('12)
Capitol Quarter ('12)
225 Virginia/200 I ('12)
Foundry Lofts ('12)
1015 Half Street ('10)
Yards Park ('10)
Velocity Condos ('09)
Teague Park ('09)
909 New Jersey Ave. ('09)
55 M ('09)
100 M ('08)
Onyx ('08)
70/100 I ('08)
Nationals Park ('08)
Seniors Bldg Demo ('07)
400 M ('07)
Douglass Bridge Fix ('07)
US DOT HQ ('07)
20 M ('07)
Capper Seniors 1 ('06)
Capitol Hill Tower ('06)
Courtyard/Marriott ('06)
Marine Barracks ('04)

Anacostia Riverwalk
New Jersey Avenue
M Street
South Capitol Street
The Yards
Lower 8th Street
East M Street
Boathouse Row

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