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Two items being posted Monday that are literally Tuesday Tidbits:
* The first retail offering at F1rst has almost arrived, as salad purveyor Chop't is opening its doors on Tuesday for a "preview," from 10:30 am to 2 pm and again from 5 pm to 7:30 pm (or until they run out of food). It's a "Chop't Gives Day," meaning that for a $2 donation to the DC Central Kitchen, guests will receive a complimentary salad.
I do not have a recent photo of the Chop't exterior, but here's what @JRogers202 sent out on Twitter last week. Also, the official address for Chop't is 1257 1st Street, SE, if yiou are needing exact coordinates.
* A press release has gone out announcing a ceremonial ribbon cutting on Tuesday at the still-as-yet-unnamed DC Housing Authority mixed-income residential project on the south side of L Street between 2nd and 3rd known for now as "Square 769N."
The glitterati will be there to wield shovels to herald the "start" of construction on the next phase of the Hope VI redevelopment of the old Capper/Carrollsburg housing project, which will bring 179 rental units including 36 affordable apartments immediately to the east of the Canal Park ice rink block. (Pay no attention to those piles already in the ground.)
(Also note that in the above drawing, the 769N apartment building is the one on the left, as seen from Canal Park--to the right is the long-planned but still in limbo 250 M Street office building.
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dude says: (5/2/17 8:13 AM)
I want to make sure I'm understand this right without using any political correctivity (not a word, I know). Does "179 rental units including 36 affordable apartments" mean 36 spots for poor people and 143 for regular people?

GoNavy says: (5/2/17 9:11 AM)
@dude link

179 units total. 36 are public housing.

jdc says: (5/2/17 11:22 AM)
So glad to see development begin again around that fantastic park.

JD says: (5/2/17 1:07 PM)
DDOT release:

(Washington, DC) The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will change the traffic pattern on eastbound M Street SE between Capitol and Van Street SE starting Saturday, May 6 at 7 am. The new traffic pattern will be in place for approximately 18 months during the construction of a new building on the unit block of M Street SE.

Two of the existing eastbound M Street through travel lanes will be maintained for the section between South Capitol and Van Street SE. The curbside lane on the southside of M Street between South Capitol and Van Street SE will be used as a six-foot pedestrian path. This temporary pedestrian path will provide safe accommodations while construction is underway.

New and refreshed striping and signage will be installed to guide users along the new right of way.

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are advised to use caution when traveling in the area.

Ampersand says: (5/2/17 3:06 PM)
Holy mackerel! A vehicle travel lane being closed to create a pedestrian path??? I'm flabbergasted! In other news, lots of folks jaywalking across 1st St today to get to the Chopt opening. Lots more folks walking in traffic on the west side of the street.

kalicki says: (5/2/17 7:20 PM)
Not only is the car lane being closed, a 6 foot wide pedestrian path is about 5 feet wider than that sidewalk currently is. Upgrade!

jmauro says: (5/2/17 8:55 PM)
It's near the Nationals Park. It would be mass chaos on game days without the easement into the travel lanes.

jmauro says: (5/2/17 8:55 PM)
Also any word when Chop't will be open full time and not just as a "preview"?

jdc says: (5/2/17 9:21 PM)
Is there a big difference between chopt and sweet green? I've been to neither.

snakegriffin says: (5/2/17 9:55 PM)
Yes, sweetgreen does not allow bacon on salads. They are dead to me.

RMP says: (5/3/17 8:25 AM)
I don't know about the lunch service, but I was very impressed by the Chopt soft opening when I went around 6. Food was great, service was great. They handled the crowd well.

@jmauro Chopt posted on Facebook that they are open today at 10:30am and the first ten customers get free Nationals tickets to go with their salad.

conngs0 says: (5/3/17 10:27 AM)

Glad to see 769N underway. The frightening events of the other day outside Potomac Gardens illustrate how important the developments alongside Canal Park are to our community. The folks who live in Potomac Gardens shouldn't be subjected to the unsafe conditions that have characterized that project for its entire existence. Likewise, the surrounding neighborhood shouldn't suffer from the consequences of such a poorly planned and even more poorly executed subsidized housing complex. I'm optimistic (well, maybe more hopeful than optimistic) that all of the lessons learned from the utterly failed efforts at Potomac Gardens have been taken onboard throughout the "JDLand" area as well as the other parts of DC.

walt says: (5/3/17 1:59 PM)
On the topic of "affordable housing": It is a confusing term to those who are not used to DC housing jargon. I certainly didn't want to move into "unaffordable housing", but didn't realize that the opposite of "affordable" was "market rate".

Westnorth says: (5/4/17 5:06 PM)
Today's FCE earnings release provides a name for Parcel O: "The Guild, a 191-unit apartment community at The Yards in Washington, D.C., is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2018."

Also, didn't know that Forest City was the contracted developer of Square 769-N, which they call (very imaginatively) "Capper 769." I guess it makes sense, though, since the Bixby was also a DCHA-FCE joint venture, and 769-N is a high-rise version of that building.

RMP says: (5/4/17 6:03 PM)
There are some interesting things in today's Capitol Riverfront newsletter. The rooftop open house on June 3 has Arris, Dock 79, Insignia and One Hill South all listed on the Eventbrite registration.

NavyYardNittany says: (5/4/17 6:39 PM)
jdc says: (5/2/17 9:21 PM)
"Is there a big difference between chopt and sweet green? I've been to neither."

Yes - Chop't sucks, and Sweetgreen does not.

Ok, I'm being a LITTLE facetious, but - really. I prefer Sweetgreen hands down. Like their ingredients better (they source almost everything on their board, so you know where it comes from), and the way they build their bowls. Lots of roasted vegetables, grains, good meats, etc. Feels more like a meal than a salad. They toss it all together but don't chop it. Very filling and flavorful.

Chop't is (to me) more a straight salad place. They do chop their greens (kind of have to, don't they?) and for me it makes their salads watery and less flavorful. Also don't like their ingredients as much.

My two cents, others I've talked with feel exactly the opposite. They are of course wrong, but they do feel that way. :)

dude says: (5/4/17 10:12 PM)
Conngs, I agree. We used to live on Potomac Ave between 11th and 12th for over three years until moving back into JDLand. We saw and heard our fair share of the "fun" that Potomac Gardens brings.

A good book, that I'm sure has been mentioned here before, about public housing is Show Me A Hero that was also made into an HBO (I think) miniseries.

conngs0 says: (5/4/17 10:37 PM)
Thanks for the rec, Dude! I'll check it out. I'd be interested to hear from the folks who live in the public housing already established in JDLand (and the children's teachers, DCHA, etc.), but from my vantage point in CQ, the mixed income model has been incredibly positive for all parties. I'm nervous that the plans for the buildings alongside Canal Park (in particular the lack of true integration of the mixed income units) will tip the scales in the wrong direction and ruin what could be a model for the rest of the city.

On the Chop't vs. Sweatgreen debate, I totally agree with NavyYardNittany that Sweatgreen is superior. I've never been able to eat a meal at Chop't without feeling a tiny bit ill afterward. I can only attribute that to the ingredients being just a bit less than fresh. Never had that issue at Sweetgreen.

jdc says: (5/5/17 8:29 AM)
Is it a Chop't or Sweetgreen in Union station? (Not that I would judge any restaurant by a location in a busy transit hub).

conngs0 says: (5/5/17 9:42 AM)
Chop't is in Union Station.

malatesta says: (5/5/17 2:32 PM)
Apropo of new places, I saw staff loading in all sorts of boxes and chairs and tables and such into Slipstream, so hopefully that will be opening soon.

malatesta says: (5/5/17 2:37 PM)
Also Sweetgreen is better than Chop't, for whatever that's worth.

CJBabyDaddy says: (5/5/17 4:20 PM)
Speaking as a devout Sweetgreenic married to an orthodox Chop't, the close proximity of these two restaurants pretty much ensures neither of us has to compromise our deeply-held beliefs.

ttassa says: (5/8/17 12:40 PM)
I am team Chopt. The portions, in my experience, are larger.

RMP says: (5/8/17 9:07 PM)
Just walked my dog past Vida and it was closed with a sign on the door that said they had a fire? Anyone know what happened (other than the obvious fact that there was a fire)?

dude says: (5/9/17 8:22 AM)
Finally tried Shake Shack. Are they known for having the world's smallest chicken sandwiches? It was good, but small for $6.29. Peanut butter shake was pretty good!

conngs0 says: (5/9/17 9:09 AM)
I didn't even notice the chicken sandwich on the Shake Shack menu! But good to know they are a little skimpy. I'll stick with the burgers there and satisfy my chicken sandwich cravings elsewhere in the neighborhood (I had a delicious chicken pita at Nandos the other day!).

But the peanut butter shake raises an interesting question. Good Stuff vs. Shake Shack? I might have to arrange a taste-off sometime soon!

BLT says: (5/9/17 11:43 AM)
Vida had a small fire in the laundry room. Back up and running today but certain areas are closed secondary to damage.

jdc says: (5/9/17 1:18 PM)
As I mentioned before, I had a strawberry Shake Shack shake, and it tasted the same as one from McDonald's. Not at all impressed.

bryan says: (5/10/17 11:37 AM)
The WaPo write up on The Guild (first mentioned by Westnorth, above): link

NavyYardNittany says: (5/15/17 4:23 PM)
Couple of updates from wandering around:

- Slipstream coffee "shooting for next week/end of week" for a soft opening, so likely around the 18th-20th. Lots of folks in there today, furniture in, stuff on shelves, etc.

- Lots of work going on in the Roti spot at F1rst, looks as though they are moving quickly. Steel framing up, air handlers up, etc. work happening at Taylor Gourmet as well - that spot is going to be oddly configured, and pretty tight. Still no visible work being done on Rasa.

As you can tell, I'm anxious for more food options nearby. The slow pace is killing me.

202_cyclist says: (5/16/17 6:32 AM)
I don't think anyone has posted this yet-- the parking lot on the corner of 8th and I St SE (across the street from the Brig) has been fenced off and it looks like development is about to commence. I think there are 45 - 50 residential units planned for this development.

conngs0 says: (5/16/17 9:26 AM)
Interesting updates. I think Taylor Gourmet stands to do very well in the neighborhood. I'm not terribly concerned about the tight confines as long as they figure out a way to configure it to efficiently serve the crowds of people looking to take their sub into Nats Park! I find the food at Nats Park to be quite good (and unlike the beer, a lot of it is reasonably priced), but I definitely plan on grabbing a Race or some other seasonal offering before at least a couple of games!

jdc says: (5/16/17 9:52 AM)
I am eagerly awaiting Taylor and Rasa. As an officer worker who does not eat out much, they seem like easy options to bring back to the office.

Ampersand says: (5/16/17 11:02 AM)
In other food news, I've noticed a pretty impressive pace of work at Bethesda Bagels in the last couple of weeks. I haven't asked any of the workers in my daily pass-bys about an opening date, but I'd be surprised if they weren't open by July.

jdc says: (5/16/17 12:59 PM)
Construction fencing for Parc Riverside Phase 2 has moved closer to the sidewalk. Seems like things might finally get going before midsummer.

JD says: (5/16/17 1:03 PM)
(You all are doing swell. I am knee-deep in the private memorial service for Bill coming in the next few days. So, just keep on with your reportage.)

NavyYardNittany says: (5/16/17 5:10 PM)
Wish you were busy with something else, JD. Continued thoughts with you.

"jdc says: (5/16/17 12:59 PM)
Construction fencing for Parc Riverside Phase 2 has moved closer to the sidewalk. Seems like things might finally get going before midsummer."

Parc Phase 2 excavation scheduled to start the week after Memorial Day. They are busting up remaining concrete slabs this week/next. Not ideal for those of us who live in close proximity. 5 weeks or so of excavation/pile driving, apparently.

malatesta says: (5/17/17 6:46 PM)
Update: Slipstream took the paper down from their windows and look imminently close to opening.

202_cyclist says: (5/19/17 12:23 PM)
A construction fence is also up around the building at 816 Potomac Ave SE. The parking lot on the neighboring property is still open, however.

JD says: (5/19/17 8:45 PM)
My eulogy for Bill:


conngs0 says: (5/20/17 3:31 PM)
Incredibly beautiful sentiments, JD. Thanks for sharing the eulogy. But also, thanks for sharing the little glimpses of your life with Mr. JDLand that you've shared in the past on this blog. It goes to show that you don't even have to know someone well in order to benefit from the fantastic example he or she sets.

Section314 says: (5/21/17 3:36 PM)
It looks like Bozzuto has a construction fence and sign on 801 Virginia Avenue. Could this, too, be starting construction?

stacycloyd says: (5/21/17 4:33 PM)
oh, JD, I am so sorry. What a beautiful tribute. I don't know if this will make you feel one iota better but I was walking by 100 Montaditos yesterday and realized I don't think I will ever be able to think about or be near that place without thinking about Bill. I didn't know him, but the loss of someone lighthearted yet gung-ho enough to take on all 100 montaditos--and tell the world about the quest--is a loss to the world. I am glad you have cats as comforters. I've found that mine are quite absorbent of tears and I wish the same for you.

And now on a totally different note, the Southwester tweeted yesterday "Danny and the @bethesdabagels team estimate their #NavyYard location will open in about a week from Monday! #allthebagels #yum" so perhaps a Memorial Day opening or slightly thereafter.

Section314 says: (5/22/17 5:21 PM)
Heard recently that ETA for Whole Foods is APRIL 2018. Can you believe that?

malatesta says: (5/22/17 6:21 PM)
Ugh, April 2019 seems more likely at this point.

RMP says: (5/23/17 10:44 AM)
Looks like the build outs for the nail salon and Juice Laundry have both started.

I saw the new Steadfast Supply with the IGDC/Destination DC meetup last weekend. Not sure they're going to be up and running in May as the signage says (none of the vendors are in there yet) but I suppose it can't take that long to get it set up.

NavyYardRes says: (5/23/17 10:54 AM)
Whole Foods or WC Smith should come clean and address why the store build-out and opening have continued to be delayed. This was a major selling point for residents of PC and other buildings I would imagine. What we were told was not accurate.

RMP says: (5/23/17 1:36 PM)
In all fairness the Park Chelsea opening was delayed so long it became laughable and WCS was so terrible with communications that it doesn't come at any surprise (to me anyway) that the WF would be similarly delayed.

This article is a few days old but I didn't see anyone else post it so... Salt Line is set for June 1. link I wonder if/when we'll see Ryan Zimmerman there?

NavyYardNittany says: (5/23/17 4:51 PM)
The pace of construction for the Agora/WF building is incredibly frustrating. Middle of the day on a Wed and there might have been 6 guys visibly working. May be more inside, but nothing like the activity level at One Hill South or others at the same point of construction. They are in final build-out, hard to understand why they wouldn't want to push.

On another "how long can it possibly take" note, has anyone seen any updated timelines for the underground work at the water facility? That's been going on for what seems like 3 years. Has to be a very complex project, but still. will be nice not to have that massive construction site between the stadium and the NY core.

Section314 says: (5/23/17 5:23 PM)
DC Water's website indicates the work at the Main Pumping Station is scheduled to be complete in October. The reason why it has taken so long is that there have actually been three separate construction projects going on there. There was the Tingey Street diversion, the termination of the Blue Plains tunnel and the current project, the Main Pumping Station Diversions Project.

malatesta says: (5/23/17 5:53 PM)
Bethesda bagels had a help wanted sign up today.

stacycloyd says: (5/24/17 9:10 AM)
As RMP noted a few weeks ago (and I'd neglected to notice until reading about it in the Washingtonian), there is a "rooftop hop" on June 3: link

knavyard says: (5/24/17 12:10 PM)
Construction on Agora/WF (and PC) is proceeding at a snail's pace...but I'm hoping this means it's top-notch quality work?? Unlike Parc Riverside, that went up in a minute but has had construction issues from day 1.

NavyYahd says: (5/24/17 12:12 PM)
Looks like a digger is out moving some earth on Parc Riverside Phase 2. Maybe soil sampling?

jdc says: (5/24/17 12:35 PM)
I thought soil sampling already took place. This looks like more preparation for full scale earth removal.

jdc says: (5/24/17 12:39 PM)
Bethesda bagel signage going up right now.

JH_105 says: (5/24/17 4:19 PM)
This may be old news, but there's a sign now on the register at Congressional Cleaners in the bottom of Capital Hill Tower building saying they're closing permanently on June 14. Definitely a bummer for those of us not wanting to walk our dry cleaning down to the new guys at The Yards.

202_cyclist says: (5/24/17 5:21 PM)

I've wondered where all the dirt that gets removed for these excavations goes? Is there a huge dirt pile somewhere in the DC region? Presumably, the construction contractors don't want to travel too far to dispose of it.

JD says: (5/24/17 5:25 PM)
There was just a piece somewhere in the past month or so on exactly the subject of where the DC excavation dirt goes. Mr. Google probably can find it.

(and yes, I'm still here. Still on a break. Y'all are doing great. Carry on.)

NavyYardNittany says: (5/24/17 8:21 PM)
"jdc says: (5/24/17 12:35 PM)
I thought soil sampling already took place. This looks like more preparation for full scale earth removal."

Full-scale excavation begins next week.

"Section314 says: (5/23/17 5:23 PM)
DC Water's website indicates the work at the Main Pumping Station is scheduled to be complete in October."

Thanks - light at the end of the sewer pipe, then.

202_cyclist says: (5/24/17 10:20 PM)
I thought it was Uncle Google, but oh well....

Also, I am exited for more residential development but I hope we don't get more 5 AM construction that we had with Phase I of Park Riverside or the 2 AM crane removal.

Also, Nats! Nats! Nats!

dude says: (5/25/17 8:38 AM)
@202 I was there again last night. 5-1 while I'm in the park (14-7 at home overall), if anyone wants to buy me tickets so their good fortune continues, just let me know!

You are right to be excited. We all know there are big ifs in the bullpen, but imagine if they get those worked out through a couple trades and the young guys getting healthy/confident, they might actually win a playoff series.

conngs0 says: (5/25/17 9:10 AM)
dude and 202, I'm excited about the Nats too. This is the first Nats team that has regularly made teams pay dearly for extra outs. The two out rally after Cruz badly misplayed Turner's fly ball that turned into a triple is a perfect example. Previous Nats teams might've picked up a run and then followed it with a pop up to second base to end the inning. These Nats took control of the game with an eight-run outburst. There's definitely something different about this group.

BUT, they have a ton of work to do before I'm going to get too excited. The bullpen is the glaring weakness, but they are also feasting on low-hanging fruit right now, so we don't really even know if/how the hitting will hold up. And they need to tighten up their base-running and defense big time. So hopefully the team isn't satisfied with their NL East lead (another attribute of previous teams) and is focused on something along the lines of dude's post above! It's gonna be a fun baseball summer regardless though!

malatesta says: (5/25/17 3:33 PM)
Slipstream opening day is Saturday, per their social media.

bmooremsu says: (5/25/17 5:19 PM)

Click the following link for more details on the Slipstream opening.


EPM says: (5/26/17 9:47 AM)
Slipstream is open and at least serving coffee this morning.

malatesta says: (5/26/17 12:35 PM)
Apparently Slipstream is also doing a complimentary cocktail thing from 5-7pm this evening. I stopped in today to check it out, and its going to be a great addition to the neighborhood.

202_cyclist says: (5/27/17 8:50 AM)
This is outside of the greater JD Land metropolitan area but this is pretty significant news.


Also, Nats! Nats! Nats!

Also, the Capitol Riverfront BID did a great job with the first Friday concert of the summer last night. The band was great. Bring on summer!

202_cyclist says: (5/27/17 9:04 AM)
Does anyone know why a pair of fighter jets flew over the neighborhood yesterday evening around 6:30? Was there a flyover for the Nats game? Getting footage for Top Gun II?!?!

dude says: (5/27/17 8:32 PM)
Don't think it was Nats related. I got to the ball park as the National Athem started and we didn't see or hear any jets and we of course stayed for the entire game. When was it?

202_cyclist says: (5/27/17 9:29 PM)
Dude-- it was between 6:20 - 6:40. Perhaps it was training for a Memorial Day event. One of the jets came screaming out and then flew nearly straight up.

VelocityChris says: (5/28/17 4:21 PM)
We got to the game around 6:10pm on Friday and didn't see any jets.

Also, went to Slipstream yesterday for brunch. Got the french toast and the coffee flight (Ethopian beans natural and washed) and my wife got the Yucatan-style stew and the coffee two ways (filter and espresso). Everything was great!

RMP says: (5/29/17 11:16 AM)
I am really looking forward to Bethesda Bagels opening.

Philz sells Bullfrog Bagels, which are good, but they seem to have inventory issues. This morning either Bullfrog didn't deliver or they were almost completely sold out by 10:30. A few other times I've gone at like 8am on weekends and they told me Bullfrog hadn't delivered yet for the day.

jdc says: (5/29/17 3:30 PM)
I am also very excited for Bethesda bagel. I'm interested to see how Lot 38 is impacted by Slip stream. Lot 38 is my go to place and I'd hate to see their business suffer.

conngs0 says: (5/30/17 11:57 AM)
jdc, I'm with you on Lot 38. In all honesty, I think that business might suffer due to the novelty of Bethesda Bagels and even Slipstream, but I'm hopeful that Lot 38 occupies a sufficiently different niche that those other places won't displace it as too many folks' "go-to".

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