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Here's a fresh thread, in case there's some trepidation about chattering in the previous comments section.
And, if you haven't gotten the news yet, Shake Shack is now open for business at 54 M St. SE. Have some crinkle fries for me.
I really, truly, appreciate the many wonderful messages I've received in the past week. I hope to have information soon about where to make donations in Bill's memory, and will update this post when I have it.
In the meantime, my vista does not currently include any buildings under construction.
UPDATE: I can now pass along the link for (tax-deductible!) donations to the newly created American Copy Editors Society Bill Walsh Scholarship. (There's a checkbox to specifically target your donations to this scholarship.) I'm so proud to honor his memory in a very tangible way like this, to support students interested in a career in news copy editing. And it was something he was very much wanted to see done.
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dude says: (3/24/17 11:43 AM)
Maybe I'll finally go eat at Shake Shack and see what all the fuss is about.

Though that beach looks more exciting.

Also, baseball is right around the corner!

Marc says: (3/24/17 2:26 PM)
Conte's Bike Shop opened today or yesterday as well!

JNB says: (3/24/17 8:40 PM)
Heard Devon and Blakely is going into 1111 NJ. No confirmation out I do not think.

jdc says: (3/24/17 10:09 PM)
Shake Shack will NOT be conducive to being on a beach in a bathing suit. Oh well. I also look forward to news on where to donate in his memory.

NavyYardNittany says: (3/24/17 10:10 PM)
That would make me very happy. Bethesda Bagel and D&B in the same building - will be spending lots of time there if true.

SWag says: (3/25/17 8:26 AM)
Dean & Deluca to Navy Yard?!?

JES says: (3/26/17 1:49 AM)
@SWag, say what now?

202_cyclist says: (3/26/17 10:11 AM)
Vegetable garden boxes were installed yesterday at the vacant lot next to the Van Ness elementaryschool parking lot. It is nice to see more people, including kids, have an opportunity to take part in urban agriculture.

RMP says: (3/28/17 9:48 AM)
It looks like Willie's upgraded their patio in time for baseball season. They've got some outdoor couches and nicer tables now.

JNB says: (3/28/17 8:02 PM)
Lots of driving piles going on right now in the hood. At least 5 project by my count.

dude says: (3/30/17 8:57 AM)
JNB, is that what makes that lovely sound all day from 8 am onwards?

JNB says: (3/30/17 9:31 AM)
Yup. It will be over in a month or so. Muddy streets are up next. Also drove by DC United site today and wow they are moving a ton of dirt there already.

dude says: (3/30/17 10:15 PM)
It's a good thing I don't work from home. Not sure I could deal with it.

Got our tickets for Wednesday's game off StubHub. It's too bad the Nats won't offer a 15 or 20 game plan in the Club Level seats or I'd be a buyer. Instead they make the club level only available for half or full season plans, then people sell them on StubHub for quite a discounted price. I guess it works out for me, but seems silly. My wife asks the, every year and they always say no.

CJBabyDaddy says: (3/31/17 1:28 AM)
Dude, I'm with you on the Club seats. I have a 20-game plan in the LF Mezzanine, two sections outside the Club in 204. Twenty games is about all I can attend (there's a lot more to life), no matter the price point. I suppose I could split a 40-game Nats Plus plan in the Club with willing partners or put half the tickets for sale on StubHub, but I know me. I don't want the burden of managing 20 StubHub sales transactions and I know I'm too selfish to split playoff tickets with partners.

In the meantime, I'm a Club ticket StubHub vulture. I'll sometimes put my regular tickets for sale there at breakeven and look for opportunities to snag Club tickets from sellers looking to dump their at breakeven or a loss.

Shogungts says: (3/31/17 11:43 PM)
Didn't see anyone post about this:

"Now, Shilling is opening his own Shilling Canning Company. This one, however, will be a restaurant centered around Mid-Atlantic cuisine. It’s slated to open on the ground floor of the Arris Apartments at The Yards development in Navy Yard by early 2018."


dude says: (4/1/17 7:49 AM)
Mid Atlantic cuisine... just what I've always wanted?

202_cyclist says: (4/1/17 8:22 AM)
@Dude --- authentic Delaware I-95 rest stop flavors?

Shogungts says: (4/1/17 2:06 PM)
202_cyclist says: (4/1/17 8:22 AM)
@Dude --- authentic Delaware I-95 rest stop flavors?

Sbarro and Nathan's Hot Dogs?

Although from the article:

"The Baltimore native is no stranger to Mid-Atlantic cooking, having previously worked as a sous chef at the Dabney. But whereas chef Jeremiah Langhorne‘s cooking has southern roots from his time at McCrady’s in Charleston, Shilling’s background leans more French and Californian. His resume also includes time working for famed chef Thomas Keller at Bouchon Bistro in Yountville, California."

Apparently they are talking the other side of the side of the Mid Atlantic (French) and that portion of the Atlantic that is actually the Pacific.

malatesta says: (4/1/17 6:19 PM)
Wait, isn't Chloe also supposed to be in Arris? Are there even that many retail slots left?

RMP says: (4/2/17 2:43 PM)
After Chloe is accounted for, there's still either 1 big or 2 small retail spots left on the Water Street side of Arris, which is where I assume Shilling Canning Company is going.

202_cyclist says: (4/3/17 11:02 AM)

Any predictions this year?

JD says: (4/3/17 3:53 PM)
Have not been paying too close attention to how things went during spring training, but today's game seemed like a good start....

NavyYardNittany says: (4/3/17 9:39 PM)
So it looks as though 99M is finally nearing above-ground status. Rebar columns poking out now above the plywood. They started well over a year ago I believe - anyone know what the hold-up was? Assume it was some complication with the metro tunnel below.

JD says: (4/3/17 10:57 PM)
99 M had a lot of work to do beneath the pad, was what I was told.

I got a photo today of the 99 M hole, along with a few other street level pics and shots from the top of 1221 Van. Alas, my endurance is nowhere near at normal efficiency, and I'm still waiting for enough energy to return to actually write a post and put up the pics. Here's a great panorama from the top of 1221 Van, though, taken during the top of the 2nd inning.

Ampersand says: (4/4/17 12:11 AM)
JD, that's a beautiful photo!

My tidbit is that I saw 2-3 people inside the Orangetheory as I biked by it around 7pm. I guess they're open-ish? I didn't stop to investigate further. Just surprised to see signs of operations in there. (Apologies if this is older news, I don't go up that way too often)

NavyYardNittany says: (4/4/17 3:04 AM)
Great shot JD! That rooftop is going to be amazing. Continued thoughts for you...

Also, heard news today of a new restaurant coming to Arris in 2018. Not sure of proper etiquette, so won't post more, but the restaurant march continues apace...

RMP says: (4/4/17 8:05 AM)
Wow, great pic, JD! Considering how much F1rst has been hyping up their roof deck and views of the ballpark, 1221 Van clearly has the better ballpark views IMO. It's too bad we'll always have those awful parking garages though.

@NavyYardNittany a different restaurant than Shilling Canning Company?

Jaybird says: (4/4/17 10:33 AM)
There's something about that photo of the ballpark -- gives it a better idea of its character, design and sense of place.

Great work JD!

Brich says: (4/4/17 10:49 AM)
Willies food and service is awful, can we please get something even slightly better there?!

conngs0 says: (4/4/17 1:35 PM)
Brich, I'm inclined to agree that Willie's could benefit from some improvement. Perhaps some more consistency among the side dishes and colder beer would be the first area to improve. But overall, I've always had good main dishes there. In particular, I think their ribs rival anything I've had in DC. As to the service, my sense is that they typically seem understaffed, so the quality of service does leave a little to be desired. So although I definitely agree there are shortcomings, I'm not ready to dump the entire place just yet! Here's hoping the additional foot traffic in the neighborhood provides them with the incentive to step up their game!

JD says: (4/4/17 1:36 PM)
If Willie's would just serve Coke products instead of Pepsi products, like normal civilized beings, their traffic would increase a thousand fold.

NavyYardNittany says: (4/4/17 2:21 PM)
@RMP no I was talking about Shilling, didn't see it posted. I'll take a lap haha.

Re: Willie's, funny that this topic came up as I ate there for the first time in months Sun night and proceeded to go on a bit of a rant to my dining partner. That place could and should be so much more (and will be when they close and I take over the lease). They brought in a real Texas Southern Pride smoker, one of the few in the area, which gave me so much hope. Alas, 'twas not to be. Management is terrible, as is the consistency of food quality. One night the ribs are the best in DC, and the next time they're tough as nails, which they were Sunday. Staff is competent at best, but good luck getting a well-made cocktail that involves more than soda and liquor. The place has no character, at all. BBQ joints should have a vibe, a feel of their own. Other than the bar, which was decently done, the rest of the place is blonde-wood, flat screens and white walls antiseptic (no, the street mural on the upper part of the wall doesn't change this). Somehow they manage to make you forget you're in a century-old military facility with exposed brick and steel beams. Bottom line is they don't know what they're doing. Been to BBQ restaurants big and small all over this country - you might even say I'm a bit of a connossieur. Willie's is only passible, and that's disappointing. Could be so much more.

jdc says: (4/4/17 2:36 PM)
I am glad that I have not wasted my time at Willie's. I've always wanted to stop in for BBQ, but now I think I'll go to a spot where a good time/food is guaranteed.

JD says: (4/4/17 2:45 PM)
@NavyYardNittany, no actual JDLand post on Shilling yet. I just got the official press release today. So maybe tonight or tomorrow. (The rooftop post used up my very small allotment of energy available for today!)

NavyYardNittany says: (4/4/17 3:20 PM)
Didn't mean to pre-empt you JD! And you're spot on about the coke. No self-respecting BBQ joint would ever serve Pepsi

conngs0 says: (4/4/17 4:21 PM)
Totally agree with everything said on Willie's, including NavyYardNittany's view that on certain days those ribs can be the best in DC. Also, even though it's a little hokey, the "smoked ice" they used to make was a great addition to some bourbon on occasion (not sure if that's still offered). There's definitely potential there! Hoping they move it in the right direction!

SWag says: (4/4/17 9:39 PM)
Willie's food is terrible...

202_cyclist says: (4/4/17 11:00 PM)
If you are looking for good barbecue, King Ribs is the best in the area.

Shogungts says: (4/5/17 11:48 AM)
Willie's is like every other restaurant that Xavier opened in the area - mediocre at best. His places did well when there wasn't competition, but once better options arrived, their business slows (at least from my observations). Even with the ownership changes (and in some cases ownership changes back to Xavier), they continue to be subpar especially as the rest of DC has stepped up their dining game.

I can't wait for whatever banks keeping giving them money to be sold, refurbished, rehashed, etc to stop giving these guys funding so some good options can go into those valuable spots.

Ok - rant off :)

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