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My focus is now zeroing in on a very targeted area in my world, so I am going to be pulling back from full-sized posts here for the foreseeable future. I may still pop up in the comments, and may find a moment or two to pipe up for whatever reason on Twitter, but for now my time is best spent elsewhere. Continued thanks to the "erstwhile" JDLand commenters for keeping the chatter up in my absence.
But at least before I go I can post links to the news of Dacha coming to Dock 79, and that maybe a bowling alley will go into some of the retail space in the Jair Lynch residential/retail project above the Half Street Hole just north of Nats Park. And a reader reports this morning that steel beams have arrived at the NAB HQ site at South Capitol and M, so work might be starting there.
And thanks to everyone for your patience and good thoughts in these past months.
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MalS says: (3/7/17 2:43 PM)
Please know that our thoughts are with you and Mr. JDLand.

CJBabyDaddy says: (3/7/17 4:41 PM)
Prayers and love to you and yours.

Sally M says: (3/7/17 8:48 PM)
Yes, all our warmest thoughts to you both.

Andrew in DC says: (3/7/17 9:19 PM)
Echoing the thoughts already in the thread - best of luck to you both.

LindaW says: (3/8/17 5:51 AM)
Adding to the warm thoughts and wishes in the thread.

LindaH says: (3/8/17 8:01 AM)
Thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Chaifetz10 says: (3/8/17 8:14 AM)
Sending positive thoughts your way! Family absolutely comes first!!

Also, we have concrete rising above ground at the DC Water location.

stacycloyd says: (3/8/17 11:02 AM)
Thinking of your and your family, and wishing you comfort and peace.

walt says: (3/8/17 1:04 PM)
My thoughts are with you both. Take care of yourselves.

jdc says: (3/8/17 1:27 PM)
I, too, am sending my best wishes and thoughts to Mr. and Mrs. JD Land during this difficult and testing time.

walt says: (3/9/17 9:36 AM)
On a happier note, I am excited for a bowling alley. Now if we could just get a few pool tables too, I'd be thrilled!

JES says: (3/9/17 10:35 AM)
@walt, someone on twitter speculated that it might be Punch Bowl Social ( link which is looking for space in DC. Their website even speculates a 2018 DC opening, though no location has actually been announced. If it's them, then we'll definitely get some pool tables. Even Lucky Strike has a pool table section of their space, so regardless, hopefully we'll get some!

202_cyclist says: (3/12/17 4:17 PM)

The Anacostia Riverkeeper organization will be hosting a clean-up of the mighty Anacostia River on April 8 from 9 - 12 PM at Anacostia Park. I've volunteered with a couple of river clean-up events in the past and this is an excellent opportunity to help give back and improve the health of this great river. If you are interested in volunteering, please RSVP at info@

There will also be coffee and doughnuts for volunteers.


walt says: (3/12/17 9:34 PM)
@JES -- thanks for the info. Love pool and bowling for a fun night out!

jdc says: (3/15/17 1:27 PM)
Shake Shack is opening Thur, March 23. link

Section314 says: (3/15/17 5:09 PM)
Mere words cannot express my sorrow for your loss!

Weaver says: (3/15/17 5:33 PM)
You have my deepest condolences. You are in my family's prayers.

BLT says: (3/15/17 5:49 PM)
Much love to you and your family.

Spider57 says: (3/15/17 6:32 PM)
So very sorry for your loss.

RMP says: (3/15/17 6:48 PM)
So sorry for your loss, JD.

Jesse says: (3/15/17 7:42 PM)
Love your blog on the Navy Yard and bummed to see you taking a hiatus from these wonderful stories and pics. My thoughts are with you and Mr. JDLand!

Jesse says: (3/15/17 7:42 PM)
Any chance someone here can continue JD Land's wonderful blog replete with these informative stories and fun reader comments?

Hastings says: (3/15/17 7:50 PM)
I am a regular reader of the blog. I both live and work in the neighborhood. I have never before submitted a comment, but I wanted to write to offer my condolences on your loss of your wonderful husband.

Sally M says: (3/15/17 7:55 PM)
Oh, JD, what very sad news. So many of us, in so many neighborhoods, have you in our thoughts.

jayhawk202 says: (3/15/17 8:20 PM)
I've been a reader for years and this is my first post...I just wanted to share my heartfelt condolences to you and your entire family

Westnorth says: (3/15/17 8:29 PM)
I'm so sorry to hear about Bill.

CJBabyDaddy says: (3/15/17 8:32 PM)
May we all cross the bridge as loved and respected as Bill Walsh.

jdc says: (3/15/17 8:41 PM)
Amen CJBabyDaddy. Most assuredly he will. My deepest condolences to JD, and to his entire family. May his memory always be a blessing.

202_cyclist says: (3/15/17 9:09 PM)
JD-- I want to offer my condolences. Our thoughts are with you.

Packinblackandred says: (3/15/17 10:42 PM)
I'm so sorry, JD. Wishing the best for you right now.

kalicki says: (3/15/17 11:57 PM)
My condolences. :(

JD says: (3/16/17 12:20 AM)
My post on Facebook about my beloved Mr. JDLand:


(I assume there will be one here before long as well, but not quite yet)

MalS says: (3/16/17 8:39 AM)
Oh JD, there is so much sorrow in JDLand and beyond. You and your family are in all our thoughts. Mr. JDLand was an editor among editors and a man among men. He will be missed so badly.

jg says: (3/16/17 8:48 AM)
Deepest condolences, JD.

jdc says: (3/16/17 9:17 AM)
Such a touching FB post, JD.

AUshutterbug says: (3/16/17 9:32 AM)
So sorry to hear about your husband. Deepest condolences. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

stacycloyd says: (3/16/17 9:39 AM)
JD, I'm so very sorry for your loss and that of your friends and family.

In Bill's memory and your honor, I've donated to link and link in the hopes that more people experience a career like his and fewer experience the Stupidest Thing Ever. I hope that others in JDLand will consider something similar. If there are other ways we can honor him and support you, I hope you will let us know eventually, and that you take all the time you need to do whatever feels right.

knavyard says: (3/16/17 10:01 AM)
My deepest condolences.

nairobs says: (3/16/17 10:35 AM)
JD--there are no words. I am so very sorry to hear this news. As you know, you have a huge community here that supports you.

erhc says: (3/16/17 11:23 AM)
Your lovely tribute brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, and send my deepest condolences to you and your family.

Gemini in DC says: (3/16/17 7:36 PM)
So very sorry to read this sad news, JD. Beautiful FB tribute. My heartfelt condolences.

ttassa says: (3/17/17 11:42 AM)
So sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and family.

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