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I am still here, always at the ready to post news of new retail offerings or projects, but the past few weeks have been a bit crazy on the home front as we found out in late January that Mr. JDLand's femur was in danger of snapping at any moment, necessitating the implantation of a titanium nail along the length of his thigh bone. We also found out that one does not recover from a surgery like that overnight. But he is now getting around a bit better, so I can start to be able to focus on things other than his leg for more than a few seconds at a time. And we hope to have some clarity on the next steps in his treatment before too much longer.
I hear that there are a couple of retail announcements expected in the next few weeks, and perhaps some big projects are close to getting underway (I'm looking at you, 1200 block of Half Street). In the meantime, though, the high-quality JDLand commentariat is doing a great job of keeping an eye on things, so keep checking in the comments for tidbits. And I am mucking around on Twitter, too, of course.
Thanks for everyone's continued patience--and good thoughts--through all of this.
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202_cyclist says: (2/7/17 1:47 PM)
From the Capitol Yards listserve. This meeting is tonight. Since Jason Chaffetz is so hot and bothered to get involved in local DC issues, hopefully we can ask the Congressman from Utah some questions about the upcoming construction at this meeting.

"Additionally, our neighborhood ANC commissioner, Meredith Fascett, is hosting a community meeting tomorrow evening to discuss the “2 I St. SE” construction phases. The meeting will be held in the Club Room at 70 Capitol Yards starting at 6:30 PM. Please see the attached flyer from Meredith for more details. We encourage each of you to participate!"

JD says: (2/7/17 2:37 PM)
Not shocked that 1333 M isn't anywhere close to moving forward:


JD says: (2/7/17 4:56 PM)
Ryan Zimmerman is an investor/part-owner of The Salt Line:


JD says: (2/7/17 4:56 PM)
Oh, and 3rd and Virginia is reopened, per Meredith Fascett.

202_cyclist says: (2/7/17 5:51 PM)
Excellent news for the Salt Line. Maybe when Bryce Harper gets his $400M contract, we can get him to be an investor in the second phase of the D.C. streetcar.

dude says: (2/8/17 8:02 AM)

G Street says: (2/8/17 10:08 AM)
Get better soon.

202_cyclist says: (2/8/17 10:14 AM)
Who wants to help purchase this an put it in one of the remaining empty lots?


Chaifetz10 says: (2/8/17 10:45 AM)
I've actually slid down that exact slide (not joking, we moved to DC from St. Louis)... we can find a better one. Love the idea, but this particular slide is not worth the money.

not a neighbor says: (2/8/17 1:17 PM)
Am I crazy or does the google earth image of Nationals Park show an ice rink? The photo was taken in 2017, and the time stamp is correct based on construction in the area.


conngs0 says: (2/8/17 1:35 PM)
I couldn't find the timestamp on my browser, but the google earth view of Nats Park looks a lot like the setup for the Winter Classic from January 1, 2015.


That said, it's possible that one of the 2017 concerts used a similar staging setup?

Chaifetz10 says: (2/8/17 3:00 PM)
Definitely from 2015 as Dock79 is still an empty dirt lot in that image.

not a neighbor says: (2/8/17 3:09 PM)
Ah I was distracted by the projects on M St. I was hoping I could go ice skating in the stadium but I guess not...

Edna says: (2/8/17 3:21 PM)
I thought I noticed more typos in the Post lately.....

BLT says: (2/8/17 8:07 PM)
Fencing went up today around the JBG lot on Half.

JD says: (2/9/17 9:38 AM)
Re: JBG, I don't see the excavation permits as being approved yet, but early spring is when big new holes tend to sprout. :)

jdc says: (2/9/17 11:33 AM)
Took this photo of all of the banners for the upcoming restaurants on 1st Street.

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

jdc says: (2/9/17 11:33 AM)
Redoing the link to image link

202_cyclist says: (2/11/17 4:40 PM)
The sidewalks surrounding One Hill South are now open. It is nice to be able to use them and not have to walk in the streets. It is also nice to see the neighborhood gain a couple more bike racks.

JD says: (2/13/17 6:52 PM)
Five Guys is back:


conngs0 says: (2/14/17 10:27 AM)
Thanks for the heads up on Five Guys! I can't say that my waistline suffered from their temporary closure though....

202_cyclist says: (2/14/17 10:40 AM)
Another blog has a post about a new development in our neighborhood but I will hold off posting in deference to our erstwhile blogger.

Also demolition of the McDonalds continues apace this morning!

JD says: (2/14/17 10:41 AM)
I can tell you are desperate to run this blog, 202!

JD says: (2/14/17 10:42 AM)
I also appreciate your making the effort to be sure I know every day how I'm failing.... :-(

JD says: (2/14/17 11:12 AM)
(Sorry. Bad day.)

This is what 202 is referencing: The first look at the hotel part of the Yards Parcel L, on the southwest corner of 3rd and Tingey:


My stuff on Parcel L, to refresh your memory:

Chaifetz10 says: (2/14/17 11:45 AM)
Absolutely no need to apologize JD! 1) Family always comes first and 2) You've done a kick a-- job with this site as is.

SWag says: (2/14/17 12:03 PM)
it takes soooo much more than simply having a pulse on breaking news to run a good blog. the best blogs IMO have a hint of the writers personality in the articles. and of course that personality has to have SOME captivating trait; funny, sarcastic, cheery, etc. nothing worse than reading a boring article about an interesting subject. in other words - not everyone can run a blog. we don't just read JDland for the news. the news is everywhere

jdc says: (2/14/17 1:08 PM)
Amen Chaifetz10 and SWag. JD is the heart of JDLand.

jdc says: (2/14/17 1:10 PM)
Another hotel, eh? I really am amazed they yet another is in the pipeline.

JD says: (2/14/17 2:49 PM)
And here's a story 202 missed, about 1333 M looking for a PUD extension, because, shocker, they're having a hard time getting financing:


walt says: (2/14/17 2:54 PM)
Glad to have another hotel down here. And I loved the idea that the restaurant can expand into the hotel conference space.

But another building with no parking. Even though I live here, I have to admit I think the fact that there is so little parking is affecting normal everyday people from popping in down at the Yards.

RecoveringResident says: (2/14/17 2:57 PM)
To view the most recent Google Maps photo of the DC Area (taken sometime in December 2016) you will need to turn off the 3-D view under the map options. Google Maps defaults to the new 3-D view. For DC, the 3-D view photo was taken December 2015 (hence why the hockey rink is in Nats Park).

202_cyclist says: (2/14/17 3:52 PM)
@JD, et al:

I didn't mean to upset anyone and I appreciate the care you are providing.

I recall this from the post above:

"In the meantime, though, the high-quality JDLand commentariat is doing a great job of keeping an eye on things, so keep checking in the comments for tidbits."

BLT says: (2/14/17 5:52 PM)
While we are on it...202...your use of the word 'erstwhile' while referring to JD's blogging is, in my opinion, like taking a knife and twisting it. Unnecessary.

202_cyclist says: (2/15/17 7:31 AM)

Me a culpa, I got the definition wrong.

202_cyclist says: (2/15/17 7:51 AM)
@JD-- I meant something more along the lines of formidable. Apologies for any hard feelings.

jdc says: (2/15/17 9:23 AM)
Touching on the issue with 1333 M, here is a story about commercial space in SW potentially transitioning to residential. link

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