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With an agreement to not photograph unfinished areas (which the JDLand camera only grudgingly agreed to), I recently got a hard-hatted first look inside One Hill South, the 383-unit apartment building at 909 Half/28 K* that is on its way to opening in February-ish 2017.
The list of amenities and services is lengthy, even for a neighborhood that might be starting to get somewhat jaded about luxury residential buildings. There's a residents-only fitness center by Equinox, which includes a full-sized basketball court/gymnasium as well as the expected oodles of machines and a private yoga and personal training studio. There's a "Kennel Club" that offers walking, grooming, and day care for residents' dogs. There's street-level storage for 130 bicycles, with a work stand and tools. There's a children's playroom, a private internal courtyard, and all manner of rooftop pool-and-party offerings. Plus there's the more standard billiards room, private dining room, private conference rooms, and communal and private workspaces. And there's 20,000 square feet of ground-floor retail (no, nothing's been announced yet).
My camera did get to see the one- and two-bedroom models that have been completed. Here's the two-bedroom model, showing neither of the bedrooms but the living space and the kitchen:
And the same, in the one-bedroom model:
And a few more shots:
Otherwise, you'll just have to settle for these renderings (though I can confirm that the chandelier shown in the drawing of the two-story lobby has already been hung).
(I also whined and begged enough to get this one shot from the roof.)
According to the official web site, studios start at $2,000 a month, 1BRs at $2,450, and 2BRs at $3,895. (There are also eight 3BR units, but if you have to ask how much they are, you can't afford one.)
The portion of the block fronting South Capitol Street will eventually be another residential building, but there's no timeline on that as yet.
If you are looking for more specifics on the many amenities, services, and features, visit the official web site. And my project page has more details on the history of the site, at least going back to the days when the block was known mainly for being home to a Wendy's and an Exxon.
*The address is actually officially going to be 28 K Street SE. But "909 Half" has been part of the JDLand lexicon for a long, long time, so I figure there needs to be a transition period.
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jdc says: (12/14/16 10:24 AM)
nice view! Might, might, justify prices if you had that view for around 4k in a 2/3BR...But still way to rich for my blood. And I'd also say that all of that glass really brings the outdoors inside, which is not saying much because there really are no attractive views from 909 Half (what a terrible address - 28k?).

JES says: (12/14/16 10:30 AM)
That 2BR rent is literally 600 dollars more than our mortgage in Velocity. INCLUDING the condo fee. *smh*

JES says: (12/14/16 10:31 AM)
@jdc, maybe 28k is what the 3BR units go for...

RMP says: (12/14/16 10:32 AM)
Is it just me or does the model unit look really similar to the Arris model unit that the JDLand camera visited? Maybe it's the same staging vendor? One Hill South might be the only building with gas appliances? That could be worth a few extra bucks in rent if you're a big cook, I suppose.

knavyard says: (12/14/16 11:36 AM)
I find the wood finish a refreshing change from all of the white kitchens, & I'm excited about some of the amenities. The advertised prices are a bit steep, and the views are not at all desirable, but this may generate my interest when my lease comes up this summer.

walt says: (12/14/16 12:23 PM)
With a doggie day care in the building, I might just want to go there (if I get a dog). But I couldn't afford those prices.

As JES says, the 2BR rent is also more than the mortgage on my 4 story townhouse!

Alex B. says: (12/14/16 2:53 PM)
Wow - a gas range.

Ampersand says: (12/14/16 3:34 PM)
Ha, was going to comment my surprise at seeing a gas range, and I'm third to the party! Seriously, that is easily the thing I miss most in my apartment. Roasting peppers under the broiler is just SO inefficient.

RMP says: (12/14/16 4:21 PM)
I definitely prefer a gas range but its not a deal breaker and probably not something I'd pay a big premium to have in a rental. I guess the other question is if that means these apartments also have gas heat, which could be a big deal because electric heat seems to cost more over the course of a winter, or at least it has in the apartments where I've lived.

@walt I'd be careful about reading into it. Just because a doggy day care is in the building doesn't mean unlimited use of said daycare is necessarily included in the rent. These buildings already charge "pet rent" and I wouldn't be surprised if this was another revenue generator for them.

NavyYahd says: (12/14/16 5:52 PM)
The dog care will be run by Baroo, so definitely something one would pay for. Baroo advertises their pet walking services in other buildings as well.

MJM says: (12/14/16 10:25 PM)
Who are they targeting with amenities and price range?

Between paying for parking, paying to use the amenities and a pent fee in a 2B/2B it could run well over $4000 a month. Why rent there? That's nuts.

walt says: (12/15/16 11:07 AM)
@RMP - no worries there. If I can't afford to house myself, I can't afford to raise a pampered pooch either. I'll just have to stay happy with my pet rock.

202_cyclist says: (12/16/16 10:14 AM)
This is outside the great JD Land metro-area but I've said before that as the Capitol Riverfront/Navy Yard and the SW Waterfront continue to develop and be built out, east of the Anacostia is a can't-miss investment, due to having several metro stations, proximity to downtown DC, and cheaper land prices.

700 Units, 1.6 Million Square Feet of Office: Massive Mixed-Use Project Planned For Poplar Point

NavyYardGuy says: (12/16/16 12:39 PM)
Agreed @202_cyclist--EOTR, cap hill, and navy yard are good bets. I have homes in both EOTR, CH, and Navy Yard and its worked out well so far w/ appreciation, etc.

What I would really like to see in Navy Yard is a...Target Express. Target if your reading this..if Rosslyn can have one..we SHOULD have one.

-Happy Consumer

conngs0 says: (12/16/16 1:52 PM)
I love how Washington has become a city of real estate speculators! The prices of houses go up at just the possibility of development. However, I totally agree that the Anacostia area really does have the potential to be not just a good investment but a great place to live, raise a family, etc. Good luck to the folks working that 11th Street Bridge Park to accomplish all of this development while still keeping the real estate affordable!

walt says: (12/19/16 9:57 PM)
Oh, no thank you to Target anything. The reason the neighborhoods are so desirable is in large part due to their walkability. Big box stores kill walkability and they kill local stores. Most of us are willing to pay a little more to have unique stores (Fragers, Gingko Gardens, etc) within walking distance. Anyone who wants to go to Target can still jump into their SUVs and drive across the bridge and be in Va in under 3 minutes. Target, if you're reading this, please stay where there is room to have a big store with a giant asphalt lot ... the suburbs.

NavyYardGuy says: (12/20/16 2:07 PM)
@ Walt: Have you been to a Target Express? The one in Rosslyn is probably the size of the CVS at New Jersey and M. I don't think it would kill the walk ability of the neighborhood but give more shopping options for everyday items without having to hop in our vehicles to VA/MD or on the metro other parts of the city.

202_cyclist says: (12/20/16 10:10 PM)
Did anyone have a chance to hear the wonderful brass band Christmas caroling through the neighborhood? I stumbled upon the band while walking ho,e from Harris Teeter this evening. What a great treat! We live in a fantastic neighborhood.

SWag says: (12/21/16 8:21 AM)
Even a full sized target would work well along M St SE/SW. I don't see how it would kill walkability. Put the garage entrance on a side street like the H St Walmart. Also Fragers and GG are both awesome, but they are north of the freeway (not our hood) and they obv don't carry a full range of options like Target. TBH I'd rather have a full sized Target than an express. An express is just a glorified CVS.

JES says: (12/21/16 3:06 PM)
@SWag, just build a slightly smaller DCUSA... put the Target on the upper floors so it isn't one long expanse of dead streetscape, put eateries and smaller retail bays at street level, and boom. Done.

walt says: (1/3/17 12:42 PM)
@JES - good solution!

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