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July 17, 2016
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Another fast casual dining option is being announced today, with word from the developers of the F1rst apartment building that Chipotle has signed a lease and is expected to open in Spring 2017, alongside previously announced options Taylor Gourmet, Chop't, and Rasa Indian Grill.
A new rendering accompanying the press release appears to show that Taylor, Chop't, and Chipotle will be in the three spaces on 1st immediately north of the residential entrance to F1rst.
Also speaking of F1rst, there is now a leasing center at the corner of 1st and N, nestled in the "L" of the Hampton Inn. Residences are also expected to be available in spring 2017.
It's getting hard to keep up with the 2017 lineup of offerings, so check out my Food Map to stay up to date.
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Alex B. says: (10/17/16 12:54 PM)
Speaking of that leasing center nestled into the 'L,' what's the word on the future of that site? I know that was supposed to be a small retail structure; any timeline on that?

JD says: (10/17/16 12:54 PM)
Also, it sounds like leases are pending in two more of the spaces at Insignia on M, leaving just the small corner space at New Jersey and L unspoken for. (I don't know who is doing the leasing, though.)

JD says: (10/17/16 12:55 PM)
Alex, no official timeline. I would guess once they get the main construction out of the way (and can move the leasing center), they'll start, but that's just me surmising.

SWag says: (10/17/16 1:25 PM)

RMP says: (10/18/16 11:20 AM)
It's hard for me to get excited about Chipotle, but Taylor and Rasa both sound great. By the way, does anyone else hate the name F1rst. Might be interesting to have JDland poll of favorite and least favorite building names.

Chaifetz10 says: (10/18/16 12:09 PM)
@JD Minor catch: It appears that the Square 769N Apt star on your Highlighted Projects map has the hyperlink to the Van Ness Elementary page.

JD says: (10/18/16 12:15 PM)
That's it, I'm quitting.


dude says: (10/19/16 8:48 AM)
@SWag YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SWag says: (10/19/16 9:27 AM)
I really appreciate Chipotle as well. Consistently delicious, great price point and filling. I didn't eat them for awhile during and after the scare, but since then they have been A1.

Also the ANC is lame for voting down the digital screens on the Nats Park garages. Those garages are an eyesore. These would be awesome.

202_cyclist says: (10/19/16 10:43 AM)
Some assorted news to share:

*It looks like construction is definitely underway for the new WASA headquarters building. There was a lot of activity on the site this morning and various construction equipment and cranes.

*It looks like there will be temporary landscaping at the vacant lot south of Park Chelsea and across the street from 909 New Jersey Ave.

*I think the construction crew working on K Street SE, across from the Capitol Hill Tower building hit a gas line this morning. Remember--if you are planning on doing any utility work, call before you dig: link .

Chaifetz10 says: (10/19/16 11:08 AM)
@SWag, as a resident of Dock79 I can tell you that any digital screen fronting Potomac Ave would have been terrible for me. Last thing I want is a giant glowing TV screen at night blaring into my apartment... at least let the neighborhood know about the plans ahead of time so we can try to figure out what makes sense.

Had the Nats told the neighborhood ahead of time and gathered input or worked to set boundaries (such as the screens fronting residential buildings will only be on during the day or during home games; will be turned off after 10:00 PM on non game nights; etc...) I probably would be more for them. I'm all for adding the screens to be honest; I just think it was a bad move by the team to try to push it through without any community feedback.

SWag says: (10/19/16 3:43 PM)
@Chaifetz10 - no offense, but should the rest of us care if your apartment has lights shining into it? You moved right across from Nats Park with millions of square feet of imminent development on your heels. The new bridge we have lights. The trees across from Dock79 are strewn with light. Freaking fireworks explode during the season. Two additional buildings are gonna be built right outside your window. Trust me, you'll be ok.

The screens would mask the horrible garages and provide a nice jolt on energy to Nats Park and the surrounding area.

I agree though that there should have been more communication - but as we have seen in the past - allowing residents to have input 8/10 results in NIMBY...

Chaifetz10 says: (10/19/16 4:08 PM)
Offense taken. I would agree with you if they wanted to put in a new neon sign or something static. Or if they approached the neighborhood AT ALL about the plans. But that isn't what they wanted or what they did.

I'm as far from a NIMBY as you can get and we moved to the neighborhood because we do love the activity, liveliness, and growth. Hell, read my previous post: "I'm all for adding the screens to be honest; I just think it was a bad move by the team to try to push it through without any community feedback." That said, giant TV like billboards are not necessary at every single location depicted in their plan. There's a major difference between general light you would assume would be part of living in a city and then having a proposal like this come out of nowhere. You can't equate giant LED billboards with fireworks, strung lights, or street lamps.

SWag says: (10/19/16 4:32 PM)
So your're upset no one involved you in the process? If they asked then added the giant LED billboards (on their property) you would be fine with it. But since they didn't you aren't? Got it. That's pretty much the definition on NIMBY and why everything cool around here is either being watered down or scrapped all together.

I really hope the add them...

JNB says: (10/19/16 4:52 PM)
Can someone share the presentation?

Chaifetz10 says: (10/19/16 4:54 PM)
Actually, yes. I would be completely fine with them adding the giant LED billboards had they asked for input. There is zero need for a billboard to be blasting LED marketing material at 3:30 AM in the morning. That's probably what I would have said...

"Cool. I'm up for adding them. But can we work on some sensible parameters around when they could be dimmed or turned off? Say from 11:00 PM - 7:00 AM in the winter and then in the summer from say 1 hour after night games end to 7:00 AM the next morning?" At least for the one or two which are facing the residential properties such as Dock79 & Camden South.

I get it, you want to label me a NIMBY because it helps you disagree with me. But I am not the reason why things are being watered down or scrapped all together. I really hope they add them too.

Chaifetz10 says: (10/19/16 4:59 PM)
@JNB: Link to the article from Capital Community News here: link
You can see the locations proposed at the bottom of the article.

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

JNB says: (10/19/16 5:22 PM)
Interesting. I did know that there are proposed billboards coming potentially other buildings too. I mean I have no problem with the billboards personally. I mean it is an entertainment venue.

dude says: (10/19/16 6:04 PM)

(I've had two crappy experiences at the one on 8th, though not with the food, so that's why I'm so happy.)

DCisforLovers says: (10/20/16 9:08 AM)
@dude Couldn't agree more with your excitement! I am so pumped for this!

walt says: (10/20/16 1:24 PM)
"By the way, does anyone else hate the name F1rst."

@RMD: YES! Everytime I see it in print, I hear it in my head as "Flirst" God help us when we move from seeing it in print to when we actually try to refer to it in speech.

P1: I'm heading down to First
P2: First what?
P1: First. First, that's the name.
P2: The name of what?
P1: No, not of what. Of Where. First!

walt says: (10/20/16 1:28 PM)
Re: the LED Billboards, you guys do realize that these aren't intended to show ballgames or even anything relevant to baseball right? They are intended to make pedestrians spend money that they otherwise wouldn't.
We are bombarded with enough advertisements in every nook and cranny of our lives. Do we really need more? Besides, when the movie theater is in, they will have tons of blinking digital displays all over the building!

JD says: (10/20/16 1:31 PM)
@Walt, I just call it Frist!

(It helps to have been a political blog commenter in the 2004-06 era to get that reference.)

Shogungts says: (10/20/16 9:13 PM)
All of the billboard and apartment talk, does it make anyone else think of Kenny Rogers Chicken

SWag says: (10/21/16 10:23 AM)
it always baffles me when people move to a developing, vibrant part of the city and then complain about lights and noise?!?

Chaifetz10 says: (10/21/16 6:42 PM)
Oh come on. I'm trying to have a actual discussion about my reasoning on this, while even admitting that I support the darn things, and all you can do is label me a NIMBY and post a gif trying to make fun of me. Obviously this comment thread is not going to end in any civil agreement so I'm just going to avoid the JD comments section for a while.

JD says: (10/21/16 7:20 PM)
Okay, no one should feel chased from the comments. Your opinion is welcome here, please don't feel chased off.

SWag says: (10/22/16 8:00 AM)
Sorry man. I wasn't trying to single you out. My gripe is more with the ANC. I concede you want the screens as well. And parameters for their use seems fair. I just thought the Brittany Spears .gif was hilarious.

I also find it interesting that people used to complain about the area around the ballpark being boring. Now with minor attempts to draw people in, it's already becoming too busy?!?

dude says: (10/23/16 10:32 AM)
That's a great episode of Seinfeld! I too wouldn't want a screen right outside my window. Especially one that is squarish shaped.

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