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First, two photos of now-open Chix, to correct yesterday's out-of-date image:
Residential tidbits:
* 1244 TO 1221: The JBG apartment project going up across N Street from Nats Park, known up to now as 1244 South Capitol, has been rechristened as 1221 Van Street (the little street on the building's east side, in case you think someone just made it up). There's now a web site to boot, announcing that leasing will begin in the summer of 2017, which is probably about when the building will be finished.
* NEW JERSEY SIDEWALKS: At some point in the recent past (I'm only just now seeing it), WC Smith built and opened the sidewalk along New Jersey in front of Agora, meaning that you can now walk not-in-the-street-or-behind-a-barrier from I Street all the way to the freeway on the east side of the street. Meanwhile, on the west side of New Jersey, the ORE82 sidewalk is looking close to being finished.
* ORE82 LEASING: Speaking of ORE82 (or ORE 82 or Ore82 or Ore 82 or 82 I or 801 New Jersey), it's now leasing, and even offering building tours. That official web site is here.
* JOULE: The 440-unit apartment building slated to be built upon the Half Street Hole just north of Nats Park is going to be called Joule, which I think I've mentioned before but shockingly people don't always remember every word I've written, so why not mention it again? That official web site is here, with the spiffy marketing brochure for the up-to-70,000-square-feet-of-retail here. Mention is made of a first phase delivering by summer 2018.
Non-residential tidbits:
* DC WATER HQ: The first permit for construction of the new DC Water headquarters on the banks of the Anacostia has been approved, for exvacation and site work.
* 250 M STILL WAITING: WC Smith, developers of the long-planned office building at 250 M Street, have filed with the Zoning Commission a request for another two-year extension to the building's approved PUD, noting that "most of the same factors and circumstances still exist in the Capitol Riverfront office submarket today" that were cited to receive extensions in 2010, 2012, and 2014, namely the tightness of the leasing market and the requirement that the building be 70 percent pre-leased in order to secure construction funding. (This is the building that would front M Street on the south end of the same block where DCHA is expecting to start soon on its next apartment building.) WC Smith appears to remain committed to this being an office building, citing the abundance of residential buildings and the need for the neighborhood to be a "truly mixed-use community."
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202_cyclist says: (9/21/16 11:53 AM)
Thank you for the updates. Unfortunately, one sidewalk where there is no progress to report on is the south side of L Street, between 2nd Place and 3rd St. It looks like DDOT, or its contractor, completely stopped work on the sidewalk improvements there.

MJM says: (9/21/16 11:57 AM)
The excuse from DCHA is a permitting issue with DDOT and PEPCO. Apparently the wrong org issued the permit and then PEPCO got involved. It has to do with utilities but that permit issues should take another couple months to finish and then another few months to finish. So basically the answer form DCHA is yeah we know but its gonna be like that for a while.

jdc says: (9/21/16 12:28 PM)
Great updates, JD! I personally am waiting for sidewalks to be re-opened in front of Homewood Suites on M Street/Half St. JOULE is an interesting name, that's for sure. Top notch location though.

Ampersand says: (9/21/16 1:32 PM)
Girlfriend and I went to Chix last night. Happy to report that the chicken and sides are delicious. Service was friendly and VERY fast - we had our full meal within three minutes of ordering. Soda fountain wasn't hooked up, but they apologized and offered free bottled water, which we appreciated. I look forward to returning regularly!

Ampersand says: (9/21/16 1:33 PM)
Also, just saw in the sidebar - September 21st, 2004, "Baseball Coming to Near Southeast?" link

Section314 says: (9/21/16 2:38 PM)
Any news on permit applications? That's hard to follow from the feed. Last update showed 5 in various stages of permitting prior to construction commencement (McDonalds, Garrett, 10 Van, West Half, Joule).

202_cyclist says: (9/21/16 9:13 PM)
Did anyone else see the impromptu air show this evening over Southeast DC? There was a B17 or B29 bomber, a Mustang (I think), an F15, and a C130. We had a stunning sunset this evening and it was a real treat to look up and see some of the old World War II warbirds.

JD says: (9/21/16 10:17 PM)
@314, no approved permits yet for any of those. Believe me, when anything comes through that signals a step toward the start of construction, I'll let people know! (Also included in that lineup would be Square 769N and the NAB HQ)

Chaifetz10 says: (9/22/16 7:39 AM)
202: We saw the aircraft too. I never realized how many military and federal helicopters use the Anacostia as a flight path as well. There were at least a dozen that flew by yesterday evening.

cdf says: (9/22/16 8:57 AM)
Kudos to WCS for holding out (at their cost) to keep 250M as office. I was disappointed to see Donohoe flip from office at Insignia on M -- too much residential and this area could go from "24-hour mixed-use neighborhood" to "commuter bedroom community."

jdc says: (9/22/16 9:12 AM)
I think it's just becoming a fact of live that DC needs more housing, people are willing to pay more for housing, and the demand for office space is dropping and will continue to drop as businesses downsize (both in terms of SF and numbers of employees). I still think there is a potential that, come the next time to ask for another waiver, they seriously think about flipping to residential. I think that will really be the overall nature of JD Land - residential with great amenities, like the ballpark, soccer stadium, parks and riverfront access, and dining. The few office buildings will slowly, slowly fill up, and those people will be lucky enough to work in such a cool area.

knavyard says: (9/22/16 10:08 AM)
The aircraft was practice for an airshow to celebrate the air force's birthday, I believe, with the actual show being tonight. Pretty cool; I forgot about yesterday but hope to remember tonight!

jdc says: (9/22/16 2:11 PM)
Not sure if this qualifies as a scoop, since it's listed in the 'recent permits' section, but it looks like 2 new (joint?) tenants are coming to 1015 Half ST - a physical therapy business and "Om Yoga". Looking at DC Permits website for 1015 Half ST, it's hard to tell if these will be ground floor tenants or not. I suspect yes, since 1015 likely is pushing to do something with all of that visible vacant space. But who knows. The permits website also indicated movement on a permit for construction on floor 7 for a new tenant - Konica Minolta is mentioned, but it's hard to tell if they are the tenant or somehow involved in the construction.

Section314 says: (9/23/16 6:10 PM)
202. You missed the B2 stealth bomber at the end. That was exciting and slightly terrifying to think of what it can do!

202_cyclist says: (9/24/16 5:32 PM)
As the kiddos say, does anyone have any deets about the new urban vegetable garden at 7th Dt/K St/VA Ave SE? This is a partnership with UDC. It is always good to have more urban agriculture. We saw this garden while walki g back from the Barracks Row festival today.

202_cyclist says: (9/26/16 3:01 PM)
Regarding my post above, Cultivate the City is operating this garden. We all missed out on FREE!!!! Chipotle.


GG says: (10/12/16 3:11 PM)
Apologies if this has been answered before, but I noticed the other day that ORE82 has a street address of 82 I Street. With 70 I and 100 I further down the block, this seems um, wrong as far as street numbering goes?

To make things even more confusing, the Railroad area between 100 I and ORE82 is labeled as 82 I street. I just don't want Google to end up being confused for the rest of time.

JD says: (10/12/16 3:19 PM)
Yes, it has been discussed numerous times, but another round never hurts!

There is no official explanation, but my belief is that it was part of a much larger tax parcel that had the (properly located) address of 82 I, then as the parcel was subdivided, the address stayed with the incorrect location.

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