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The Washington Business Journal is reporting this morning that Washington's fifth Shake Shack outlet will be opening in 2017 in the ground floor of the Homewood Suites currently under construction at Half and M Streets, SE.
The 2,800-square-foot space will of course be only about two blocks away from the neighborhood's other Shake Shack, but this new one will not require a ticket to a baseball game to get your fix of burgers, crinkle fries, shake-like concretes, and other delicacies.
WBJ says that the lease is signed, and that the hotel itself is expected to open later this year. There is one additional retail space in the building that does not yet have an announced tenant.
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jdc says: (8/3/16 11:57 AM)
YES. (*waistline, nooooooooooooo).

DCisforLovers says: (8/3/16 12:47 PM)
Best news I've heard all year! Finally a good burger place coming to the neighborhood. Nice change up from all the pizza and chicken options.

snakegriffin says: (8/3/16 1:00 PM)
I've always considered Five Guys to be pretty good :)

GoNavy says: (8/3/16 1:10 PM)

JES says: (8/3/16 1:12 PM)
According to this tweet, the other space will be a Roti. link

jdc says: (8/3/16 2:11 PM)
hum...interesting..I don't recall some of the other restaurants listed having been announced yet, either...JD?

JD says: (8/3/16 2:15 PM)
"Other restaurants listed"?

If you're talking about on eat_dc, those tend to be rumors. I wait for the official releases.

jdc says: (8/3/16 2:20 PM)
That's what I figured. Another pizza place seems saturation, with the one at Dock 79 and one at canal park (and Nicoletta someday). And another salad place to compete with Sweetgream (Chop't)? Definitely overkill.

JES says: (8/3/16 2:20 PM)
But rumor-mongering is fun!

Also, does this mean that guests at the Homewood will be able to get Shake Shack room service? Because that would be amazing.

conngs0 says: (8/3/16 2:24 PM)
I guess most people have their favorite, but I consider the burgers at Shake Shack, Good Stuff and Five Guys to be more or less equivalent. I think this Shake Shack will be a good addition to the neighborhood either way though - even if only for access to milkshakes.

DCisforLovers, with the caveat that I've only been there once, I found the burger at Scarlet Oak to be pretty good. Definitely a possibility if you're looking for a better quality of meat or something cooked medium-rare.

JES says: (8/3/16 2:31 PM)
I'm with @conngs0 on these types of burger joints. If you put all three of those in front of me with comparable toppings, I wouldn't be able to tell a difference.

That said, I suppose I have nothing against any of them; they all taste fine, they're all better than McD's or Wendy's and the like, but none of them live up to the hype. Gimmie a Ray's or a BGR or some place that cooks nice thick burgers to a juicy medium rare, and then I'll be super excited.

JD says: (8/3/16 2:32 PM)
I like Shake Shack mainly because it's the closest approximation to Culver's, which hasn't yet made it to anywhere close to DC.

And crinkle fries are an easy way to my heart.

jdc says: (8/3/16 3:24 PM)
I haven't seen a shake shake burger in person, but the ones at Five Guys (and the fries) just look so greasy in person.

Ampersand says: (8/3/16 3:33 PM)
JD - I can vouch for Culver's. That frozen custard is good stuff.

dude says: (8/3/16 7:19 PM)
I'll finally have the opportunity to get a shake from them. No way I'm waiting in line before or during a Nats game for one.

Also will be good for when McDonalds closes in regards to shakes.

SWag says: (8/4/16 10:01 AM)
@jdc - why do I remember JD confirming Chop't? JD...

JD says: (8/4/16 10:03 AM)
I broke the news of Chop't and Taylor Gourmet, had it before anyone else.

If you ever want the official list, just click on the Food Map link at upper right and then scroll down:


Announced, But Not Yet Open

Coming in 2016

Chix , an affordable fast casual restaurant serving chicken and vegetarian dishes, opening at 1210 Half St. SE in summer 2016.

2017 and beyond

Shake Shack
The burger/fries/shake outlet is adding a location outside of Nationals Park, in 2017 at the new Homewood Suites.

Coffee, libations, and light eats coming to ORE 82.

All-Purpose Pizzeria
Pizza, meats, and antipasti coming to Dock 79 in Spring 2017.

The Salt Line
Seafood and raw bar coming to Dock 79 in Spring 2017.

Due South "Dockside"
A streamlined version of the Lumber Shed restaurant, housed in two Yards Park retail kiosks, shooting for spring 2017.

District Winery
On-site winery, restaurant, and events space coming to 4th and Water, SE, but probably not before late 2017.

Taylor Gourmet/Chop't
Sandwich and salad outlets signed as tenants at F1rst, but not until probably mid-2017 at the earliest.

Circa/Open Road
Two ventures from the Metropolitan Hospitality Group on the corner of 1st and M in the 99 M Street office building, but not until probably mid-2018.

Pizzeria from Osteria Morini chef Michael White coming someday to the Yards Park. Maybe.

Shogungts says: (8/4/16 11:00 AM)
@conngs0 - I disagree on the burger at Scarlet Oak; I ordered mine medium rare and it came out medium well and tasted like it was from a frozen patty. My sample size is only 1 burger, so maybe it's not fair to draw conclusions, but I was very underwhelmed.

conngs0 says: (8/4/16 11:32 AM)
Shogungts, my sample size was also only 1. I will add that my experience was pretty close to the restaurant's opening. Usually that's not a good idea because restaurants sometimes need some time to get their feet under them in terms of service and kitchen operations, but it's also possible that they've adjusted their sourcing in order to keep costs down, which might result in a lower quality burger? Either way, this sounds like an excuse to tour the neighborhood to sample the burgers!

jdc says: (8/4/16 11:40 AM)
conngs0 - JD Land is definitely suited for a bar crawl/food crawl.

JD says: (8/5/16 5:13 PM)
Look what's cropped up at 2nd and I:

(375 units, 13,000 sq ft of retail)

jdc says: (8/8/16 9:29 AM)
Hum...with Whole Foods right there, and I wonder what retail will come in. Definitely has office building vibe to me.

knavyard says: (8/8/16 10:29 AM)
Interesting choice to put retail in that building rather than in the chelsea building, which from a location standpoint, seems so much better suited for retail. And I agree, looks like an office building and is less interesting than the other two buildings.

dbt says: (8/8/16 1:27 PM)
Looks like the tower crane at that spot (for the Agora) is coming down now.

SWag says: (8/8/16 3:40 PM)
Is that a 4th building, because it doesn't appear that the Agora/WF building will extend all the way back to 2nd street...

Shogungts says: (8/9/16 12:45 PM)
Are we talking about the Garrett looking like offices? It sure looks residential to me - I don't think that I have seen offices with individual balconies in DC before.

Ampersand says: (8/9/16 1:34 PM)
Definitely residential, and apparently with the address 150 I St SE. They have a website already at link - lots of info there.

walt says: (8/9/16 2:15 PM)
Boathouse Row needs a bar. Or at least a few picnic tables and a cooler of beers. It's the perfect spot to stop when biking the Riverwalk loop from Douglas bridge to Benning road. This has nothing to do with the post, I'm just sayin'!

jdc says: (8/9/16 3:49 PM)
Ampersand - I love that from the living room of the demo unit you can see my building (1015 Half St), though slightly blurry.

JD says: (8/10/16 4:37 PM)
Sorry, been out of town. I think what @SWag is seeing with the Garrett's facade down the right side is just a design way to break up the block. If you look at the Agora facade on New Jersey, you'll see the same thing.

202_cyclist says: (8/11/16 10:52 AM)
It might not be anything and I don't know the status of the permits for the building but while running this morning, I saw a crew removing trees behind 816 Potomac Ave SE (link Perhaps this is in preparation for impending development.

jdc says: (8/11/16 3:46 PM)
I think this is the link 302 wanted link

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