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Conte's Bike Shop, a bicycling retailer with nine Virginia locations, will be opening a full-service operation at Arris at the Yards in early 2017, it's being announced today.
But if you can't wait that long, Conte's will be running a 10-day pop-up version in one of Arri's open retail spaces on Tingey Street starting Thursday, May 19 through May 29th, opening on Thursday through Sunday during each of those two weeks. This means that the store will be open during both Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 20 and Tour de Fat at the Yards on Saturday, May 21.
This pop-up version will have bikes for sale or rent, repair services, clothing, gear, and "expert advice."
The permanent Conte's location will be 2,200 square feet in size, located in the 4th Street portion of Arris's ground floor.
Conte's was founded in 1957 in Newport News, and is apparently still a family-owned operation, with locations in Arlington and Falls Church in addition to elsewhere in Virginia.
The press release from Forest City also says:
"Their shops carry a full line of bikes and accessories including hybrids, mountains, cruisers and road bikes by leading brands including Giant/Liv, Eddy Merckx, BMC, Scott and more, as well as offering gear, accessories clothing and lots of expert advice. They also offer a trade-in policy and used equipment for sale. What’s more, Conte’s Bike Shop prides itself on being a community center and resource for the cycling community, offering events, clinics, structured rides and online resources."
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JD says: (5/17/16 4:34 PM)
Also in the press release:

* The Yards Park Marina is expected to open in June
* District Winery construction expected to start in June, with completion in late 2017
* Site work expected to begin "in coming weeks" on the two Parcel O projects, with a completion date of 2018, but no exact start date announced
* Arris has 115 of its 327 units already leased
* Showplace Icon "expected to begin late this year," but until there's an announced deal with DC Water, treat that news lightly.

JD says: (5/17/16 4:36 PM)
Also, the "interim park area" at 1st and M is almost finished, but they REFUSE to call it by its correct name, Spooky Park.

JES says: (5/17/16 4:37 PM)
Completion date of 2018? And they haven't even started? Having a hearty guffaw at that timeline...

JD says: (5/17/16 4:38 PM)
Nah, not really, generally buildings can take 18-24 months on a "normal" timeline. They could start by the end of this year and still make the end of 2018.

JES says: (5/17/16 4:39 PM)
I guess it just SEEMS like it takes so much longer...

conngs0 says: (5/17/16 4:59 PM)
Awesome news about the bike shop! I was pretty bummed that REI went the NoMa route as opposed to taking over that building south of the DOT (Building 170?). I still think that was a better fit, but I suppose between Conte's and Pacers, the neighborhood will be able to get a large amount of their fitness paraphernalia even without REI.

The lag in progress on the Showplace Icon theater resulting from DC Water's reluctance to move is pretty frustrating. Hopefully that can be worked out sooner rather than later.

CJBabyDaddy says: (5/17/16 4:59 PM)
The PN Hoffman Parcel O sales sign at the corner of 4th & Tingey originally indicated that sales would begin in "Spring 2016." In March 2016, the sign was updated to indicate that sales would commence in "2016." In April, we were informed by PNH to expect sales to begin in the first quarter of 2017.

JD says: (5/17/16 5:05 PM)
As I mentioned in a comment somewhere a few weeks ago, I am shifting 100% back to needing to see shovels in the ground before really believing that any project is getting started. Not saying all new projects are going to grind to a halt, but there is just so much residential inventory newly arrived or already under construction, and I just don't believe that projects are a "given" at this point to be getting underway.

Westnorth says: (5/17/16 5:31 PM)
Yeah, I was surprised to see that Parcel O was not mentioned at all in Forest City's annual report to shareholders. PNH is probably trying to wrap up sales at 525 Water in Southwest before starting sales at the Yards.

JD says: (5/17/16 5:33 PM)
A reader told me within the past few days that the Arris leasing office told him that Parcel O won't begin until 2018. I don't tend to take leasing people at their word on this sort of stuff (having heard way too many stories over the years of out-and-out lies at various leasing offices about starting dates at neighboring sites), but it's something to file away as a potentially interesting data point.

snakegriffin says: (5/17/16 5:35 PM)
Heard from multiple realtors that given the demand and the neighborhood they expect the Parcel O prices to be comparable to the other PNH units in SW. At those price points (and at this timeline), we'll be out. I'd rather renovate a rowhouse for that amount of money.

JES says: (5/17/16 6:34 PM)
Are the apartment building and condo building at Parcel O designed to be built at the same time, or could they start one without starting the other? Given that renters and buyers are different markets (and there's a dearth of for sale property in our neighborhood), I don't think the condo building would have any trouble whatsoever selling. With all the new rentals coming online, could be different story for getting the apartments rented though. And if they have to be built together, that could push the entire timeline back I suppose.

JD says: (5/17/16 9:10 PM)
I think they could be built separately, but that's not speaking to financial agreements/construction agreements/etc.

CJBabyDaddy says: (5/17/16 10:55 PM)
The 35% drawings from last year show Parcels O-1 and O-2 sharing an underground parking garage 2 levels below grade. So, I've always assumed that condo building and apartment building construction will be simultaneous.

JD says: (5/17/16 10:58 PM)
That is the plan, but it's not a design that irrevocably requires the two to be built at the same time. Look at Velocity, and how they built the garage for what ended up being the Parc Riverside. With money, and lawyers, all sorts of initial plans can be altered. :)

jdc says: (5/18/16 10:14 AM)
And that's something this area definitely does not have a lot of, money and lawyers ;)

JD says: (5/19/16 2:41 PM)
I haven't gotten a press release on this, so no "real" post on it, but Bisnow says that All-Purpose Pizza has been signed at Dock 79:

Bisnow: link

City Paper on All-Purpose's location on 9th St. downtown: link

JD says: (5/19/16 2:44 PM)

It's from the Red Hen and Boundary Stone folks: link

JES says: (5/19/16 4:05 PM)
...but who's taking the retail bay that has the roof deck thingy?

conngs0 says: (5/19/16 11:08 PM)
I wonder if this will spur Nicoletta to get moving in an effort to gain a foothold in the neighborhood.

I've had a chance to visit Il Parco twice so far. Not bad at all (and the service was significantly better than it was at Park Tavern), but I think the pizza is significantly better when you eat in as opposed to take it home. I suppose you can say the same thing about almost any pizza, but that thin crust really does need to be eaten right out of the oven. So I'm still looking for an upgrade over Papa Johns when it comes to delivery/takeout. Doesn't look like All Purpose will fill that niche, but I'll still look forward to giving it a shot!

JES says: (5/20/16 10:53 AM)

Yeah, I'm not sure what it is about delivery pizza around here, but almost all of it sucks. Pizza Bolis isn't bad though, and We the Pizza also delivers here.

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