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Forest City Washington is announcing today that a "modern Mexican" restaurant to be called Agua 301 will be coming to the Lumber Shed building at the Yards next summer.
The 3,600-square-foot restaurant, to be located on the Shed's southwest corner (nearest to the Yards Park's pedestrian bridge) is coming from the creators/owners of Zest Bistro on Barracks Row, and takes its name from the address of the Lumber Shed, at 301 Water St., SE. The menu is being developed by Zest's executive chef, Dot Steck.
The Lumber Shed is already the announced location of Italian restaurant Osteria Morini (on the building's southeastern corner) and has spaces still to lease for three additional restaurants.
The press release from Forest City also says that Bluejacket and Buzz Bakery are still expected to open in the Boilermaker Shops in the "first quarter" of 2013, with Willie Brew and 'Que opening there "by spring." UPDATE: But one thing I am noticing that isn't mentioned in the press release: any reference to Huey's 24-7 Diner, which was one of the originally announced restaurants for the Boilermaker Shops. Hmmm. Anyone close by want to check and see if that banner has been pulled down from the Boilermaker facade?
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NatsFan says: (11/29/12 3:22 PM)
Im assuming "first quarter" and "by spring" mean these places are aiming for Nats Opening Day. I sure hope so....

JD says: (11/29/12 4:34 PM)
I would think so, re: Opening Day.

And, with Huey's presumably now out, it's interesting to note that, other than Potbelly, all Yards eateries are now non-chains. Which goes along with what the Forest City folks said at their meeting on the movie theater, that they are much more about regional retailers. (Though, if the rumor of Nando Peri-Peri is true, then that's another chain, but not a honking huge mega-US chain.)

JES says: (11/29/12 5:00 PM)
Did we confirm for sure that Huey's is out? That would make me sad...

dereknolini says: (11/29/12 5:04 PM)
Great news today from forest city. People have been working today on lumber shed, boilermaker, and harris teeter building!

We need to continue to support these establishments. I love kruba thai.

I was always a bit concerned about Hueys. I would love to have it in the neighborhood; however, not sure we currently have the residents for a 24-hour diner.

Eric says: (11/29/12 6:04 PM)
Kruba is utterly fantastic. That place should be more packed. I don't know how we'll be able to support all these places opening with no new housing opening soon..

MJM says: (11/29/12 6:43 PM)
If they want to meet the spring they need to get moving there is no foundation/floor for most of the Boilermaker shops - just crushed gravel. That might day a week to get down but to see nothing going on makes you wonder if permits are holding things up. The Gordon site is moving along - work permits up and some minor work being done there.

JD says: (11/29/12 6:43 PM)
I think November, right around Thanksgiving, is not a good judge of traffic. All of these places will be banking on getting the vast majority of their business during summer (aka baseball season). Imagine all those people who head to the Yards Park Friday night concert series, looking for somewhere to eat.

And, with Twelve12 opening early in 2014 and Park Chelsea late in the year, that's another couple hundred people. Then you could have three or four more residential buildings coming in 2015 (which isn't as far away as it used to be ;-) ).

Bluejacket will draw people from all over the city, but yeah, places like Kruba will need strong support from Near SE, SW, and Capitol Hill.

Eric says: (11/29/12 6:56 PM)
The Thai at Old Siam is decent, but doesn't compare to Kruba. Do people near Eastern Market really have the incentive to chug it on down to behind the DOT, especially with limited street parking?

Capitol Hill SE says: (11/29/12 8:51 PM)
I live one block east of Eastern Market, and I "chug it on down" to the Riverfront pretty often. When it was warmer out I was at the Yards Park at least once a week, and now I go skating at Canal Park. The only reason I haven't tried Kruba is because I'm waiting for my girlfriend to get back in town from a business trip!

The parking, or lack thereof, is really a non-issue for those of us in SE Capitol Hill. The walk is very pleasant, and there are bike paths running down 4th and 6th streets that will get us there. There's also the Circulator for those that are unwilling or unable to walk a few blocks. There are a lot of good restaurants on Barracks Row, but it's nice to get out of the immediate area a few times a week. :)

Jaybird says: (11/30/12 4:22 AM)
Does anyone know if the new Mexican restaurant will offer sopes and flautas?

Had some the other day in Old Town, wow, delicious!

conngs0 says: (11/30/12 8:54 AM)
JD, as of last night, the Huey's banner is still up on the Boilermaker Shops. Any word on what is slated to replace it? Or is that where Nando's is rumored to be? Despite being a chain, I think Nando's probably would fit in quite well.

Great news about Agua. Pretty incredible that the Lumber Shed is supposed to house five total restaurants. It's great that the two slated to be there are very different from another (as well as the places in the surrounding area), but I sure hope all the places that set up shop are able to succeed! All the more reason to add more entertainment options (like a movie theater) to the area.

I'm also excited to read that the establishments at the Boilermaker shops are still planned to open earlier in 2013, although I would think that a bit more sense of urgency would be apparent at the site by now if that goal is actually to be accomplished.

Jaybird says: (11/30/12 12:08 PM)
The two Nando's I've been to were good experiences. Each one is different, good customer service, and like you say, it does not have a chain feel too much.

Just know that even the Herb Chicken is somewhat spicy!

NatsFan says: (11/30/12 1:04 PM)
@ Eric...also dont forget the aprtment building on South Cap. Technically in SW, but just as close to Yards Park etc as the rest of the area condos. Slated to open in summer 2013 I believe.

Maelstrom says: (11/30/12 1:13 PM)
The one thing that I definitely notice about the Yards Park is that it is a lot more of a destination than a pass-through (with the exceptions of the cyclists). Before I moved to the Near Southeast, I walked past that whole area when walking to work from the metro for over a year since I could not see it past the DOT. You have to know the yards park is there to go to it. I think that will only change really once the movie theater comes in and the NGA building gets replaced with something that has ground floor retail in order to draw people down NJ to Tingey for reasons other than eating. It might also help if the Tingey Street Gate was still used by the Yard.

MJM says: (11/30/12 6:01 PM)
besides the banner being up there is work underway in Bluejacket now (again).

Off topic it appears the "Beer Garden" at 8th St is now a $10 early bird all day parking lot

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (12/2/12 3:40 PM)
Thanks God for all new restaurants that will open in a few months. I am sure people are already tired of the garbage place called Justin's.

NatsFan says: (12/3/12 10:58 AM)
Im sure ZOOBoy is just bitter over getting cut off after one too many wine coolers. Im sure hes in the minority here, but most people I know love Justins. good food, GREAT beer and an awesome local clientele that support it.

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (12/3/12 11:23 AM)
@NatsFan...I am sure your standard about food is very low. The food is terrible and the service stinks and the bathroom is dirty. Why don't you use a better word than minority? I have only been there three times and never had any drink there. I had salad that got me really sick. Awesome local clientele?? Yeah, more like Mitch Mcconnell type of clientele.

Maelstrom says: (12/3/12 11:31 AM)
Save us, great facepalm!

Eric says: (12/3/12 12:00 PM)
Zoolander's just another internet troll trying to get attention. Sad.

NatsFan says: (12/3/12 12:02 PM)
Justins rocks! if you dont like it, then dont go.

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (12/3/12 12:59 PM)
@Eric, I am not trying to be an internet troll. I am just happy we will be getting a descent restaurants. Right now, all we have is a fast food places and one of them happens to have a liquor license. Don't be a hater brother..wink wink

JD says: (12/3/12 1:22 PM)
I need a .jpg of Picard falling asleep after hearing the same argument for the eleventy-billionth time.

Packinblackandred says: (12/4/12 8:52 AM)
How about this, JD?


JD says: (12/4/12 9:07 AM)
Yeah, well, maybe that's a bit of overkill. :)

Maelstrom says: (12/4/12 10:12 AM)
You know, I tried to link that image last night Packinblackandred, but it wouldn't let me post a link to the .gif (said I was trying to post HTML). At least someone managed to get it posted. Hooray for you! Also, Q is the universe's most skilled troll.

tspaquin says: (12/7/12 1:43 PM)
I just love that Picard and Q got a mention on this thread. How random.

re: Justin's -- a great part of the neighborhood, great food and drink and a place to hang out and watch the game. if you don't like it, don't go! more seats for the rest of us.

re: NGA building -- I can't wait to see that monstrosity torn down and replaced with something useful. any news on this front?

PJY03 says: (12/7/12 5:05 PM)
Everyone wants more restaurants. Even Justin's. I highly doubt they want to be forced into being "everything to everyone" forever. My guess is that they will be very happy to return to the intent of their concept, which is a neighborhood cafe and craft beer spot. Even folks who don't like it now will probably like it more when they can develop more of a niche that they can't really develop now.

I don't get the Gordon Biersch hate. If it had another name and it was the only location, people would probably have no complaints. I don't understand the hostility to any place that happens to have multiple locations. Same thing with the Xavier Cervera critiques. The vast majority of restaurants fail in the first couple of years. It seems to me that an owner/manager that has the knowledge and experience to keep a place profitable is a good thing for the neighborhood. Gordon Biersch will be well run, serve consistent food, and be a huge asset to the perception of the neighborhood. Not every restaurant is going to be Meridian Pint, Ripple, or Boundary Stone, and those places have their flaws too.

JD says: (12/7/12 5:26 PM)
@tspaquin - No news on NGA building.

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