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Cushing at M, Looking East-Southeast (see more)

The intersection of 11th and O has changed a bit over the past few weeks:
On the left is the old 11th and O looking south-southeast, while the picture on the right shows the new view, with the overpass for the old outbound 11th Street Bridge now a pile of rubble, and the new bridges at left and center, far more visible in person than in this low-res photo, of course. (At right is the path down to the Riverwalk, with the Navy Yard fence at far right.)
Speaking of rubble, there's no shortage of it at 11th and N (at right), where the on-ramp to the old outbound bridge is getting torn down.
These and a number of other new photos from Sunday are now posted on my 11th Street Bridges page. The full photo archives for 11th at M, N, and O may also be of interest to construction and demolition geeks, to see exactly how much this stretch of road has changed over the past few months. (Users of the Riverwalk who haven't ventured to this spot in a few weeks might also like checking it all out.) While I finally made my first trip across the new local bridge by bike on Monday, I haven't gotten up there with a camera yet, but hope too, soon.
(If you like these sorts of disappearing-overpass images, be sure to step into the time machine to see my photos from the demolition of the South Capitol Street viaduct five years ago.)
The rest of the 11th Street bridges project continues to move forward, with the next big milestone being the opening of a new ramp on the east side of the river from southbound DC-295 to the inbound 11th Street Freeway/I-695 bridge. (Page 16 of this June 11 presentation packet says "on or about June 27" for that opening, so maybe this is going to happen really soon, though as of now there's been no announcement.) Then, sometime in the fall, the next big "missing movement" will open, which is the ramp from the outbound freeway/I-695 bridge to northbound DC-295. Following that will be ramps to and from DC-295 and the local bridge. Also in there at some point should be the new ramp from 11th Street to go westbound on the freeway, replacing the long trek down Virginia Avenue to 3rd Street for many people.
And, the wheels have started to turn on the project's second phase, with a $90 million contract awarded to Skanska/Facchina. Page 17 of the presentation packet (seen at right and here) shows in red and blue the additional ramps and movements that will be built by late 2015, including:
* The new "Southeast Boulevard" that will replace the sunken part of the Southeast freeway between 11th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, with signalized intersections at 11th Street;
* A new extension of 12th Street north of M to allow traffic exiting I-695 to continue north to the new Southeast Boulevard and then turn right to go to Pennsylvania Avenue/Barney Circle or left to 11th Street;
* A new flyover ramp from the eastbound Southeast Freeway to outbound I-695, adding an additional lane of volume and presumably being built at the same level as the new inbound flyover, which will allow the taller old outbound flyover to be demolished;
* Additional lanes on northbound 11th between M and the new Southeast Boulevard interchange;
* And probably a few other items that are hard to discern in the drawing.
As I posted a few weeks ago, the new Anacostia Waterfront web site mentions that an environmental review will be coming this fall of a combined Barney Circle/Southeast Boulevard Project that will "reconstruct Barney Circle from a misnomer into a true traffic circle, while transforming the easternmost dead-end section of the Southeast/Southwest Freeway into a boulevard between the circle and 11th Street, SE." It also describes the Southeast Boulevard reconstruction as "converting the roadway from a below-grade freeway into a four-lane at-grade boulevard with a green median and adjacent new multi-use trail to allow bicycle and pedestrian travel not currently possible in this area."
(You know what would be keen? If the improvements to Virginia Avenue that CSX is looking at post-tunnel construction would include bike lanes all the way to Virginia Avenue Park, which could then maybe hook up with some sort of bike path across the north side of the park to 11th Street, where it would then access the Southeast Boulevard trail. Then there'd be a complete bike route from Barney Circle and points north on the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail all the way to Southwest, via a one-block jog from Virginia over to I Street SE at 2nd or 3rd or 4th, since I Street will be built between 2nd and New Jersey within a few years. This also might alleviate the issues with the Navy Yard and Yards portions of the Riverwalk not really being open to bikes.)
For more information on all of this, see my project page, the AWI 11th Street Bridges section, and the latest "Eleventh Street Ledger" newsletter.
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Maelstrom says: (6/26/12 12:15 PM)
I had a good long look at the Phase 2 drawing yesterday. It looks like a bit and an outdated concept (it is labeled "concept only, not for construction"). Some things are just strange or don't look like the drawing when you ride by them in person and take a look. I specifically noticed the entry to the freeway from 11th looks different from the phase 2 drawing. Also, the intersections for 12th street at M and the new boulevard just look strange to me (6 lanes northbound from 12th+the exit reducing to 2 lanes nothbound beyond M). Does anyone have thoughts on what that third flyover to the northeast will be (re-use or a new one), or how the CSX tunnel will affect all these plans? Hopefully they have updated drawings soon for us construction geeks.

JD says: (6/26/12 12:40 PM)
I'm not sure where you're getting 6 lanes northbound at 12th Street? There's four, two on the old 12th and two on the new exit ramp. So, having two straight lanes with two turn lanes isn't that unusual.

JD says: (6/26/12 12:45 PM)
Oh, wait, I see now, they'd expand the exit ramp to four lanes. Two to go left, two to go north. The old 12th street lanes are on a different light cycle (and don't have as much traffic), so they'd feed into M and/or the two northbound lanes on their own light.

B in DC says: (6/27/12 1:06 PM)
Not being a construction geek, this makes my head hurt trying to figure it out. I was not aware of all of these changes taking place in addition to the new bridge being built. This has the potential to be really terrific and would open up the neighborhood to Capitol Hill in a completely different way. And I completely agree, JD, that the CSX post-project improvements should certainly take this project into account. We can't let them be done in isolation from each other.

Maelstrom says: (6/27/12 5:01 PM)
More thoughts on Phase 2: How can they maintain traffic movements during new outbound flyover construction? It was possible for phase 1 since the old flyover is still there. However, the old outbound flyover will have to come down before the new one can be hooked up for Phase 2. Also, maintaining the current SE/SW freeway to Penn while landing the west end of the outbound flyover and its first support pillar looks difficult to impossible if one extrapolates the pillar position of the outbound flyover based on that of the inbound flyover. They would have to do the at-grade boulevard first or shut down the freeway to Penn. Plus, DDoT will have a trench (CSX) cutting right through their contractor's construction site.

Speculations anyone?

JD says: (6/27/12 5:04 PM)
Perhaps this is why those drawings say "Not for Construction." Skanska will just now be starting to work on the actual design/build, which may end up looking different.

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