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It's starting to feel a lot like 2007 around these parts, with all the big news flying. (In fact, today's posts brought JDLand its highest traffic since all the ballpark opening falderal in early April 2008.) But I wouldn't want people to miss a couple little items tweeted over the past few days:
* New Dry Cleaners - Buried in the press release on Osteria Morini is the news that a dry cleaners is now the first non-food retailer signed as a tenant at the Boilermaker Shops. According to Forest City, Wells Cleaners will be taking 800 square feet of space.
* A Theater? Or Even A Theatre? - The Examiner reports that indy-friendly Landmark Theatres is wanting to open a second location in the District to go along with its E Street Cinema. While the article emphasizes that city officials are very much hoping that Landmark will consider an East of the River location, the director of the city's Office of Motion Picture and TV Development says that Landmark "is also looking at the Yards neighborhood[.]" Whether this truly means in the Yards itself or somewhere in the general Near Capitol Ballpark River Yards area, this news is certainly the sort of tidbit that gets residents veeeery excited. (Full disclosure: I see a lot of movies at E Street.)
* Concerts and Pups: The Nats released their 2012 promotional schedule, which includes three post-game concerts, fireworks after the July 3 game, and four Pups in the Park dates. My cat is currently contacting attorneys. Also, single-game tickets go on sale March 8 at 10 am.
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Eric says: (2/14/12 9:07 PM)
How can we pressure Landmark to choose Navy Yard for their new theater? I'm certainly not going to be walking around EOTR at 1AM after a movie gets out.

Robert says: (2/15/12 12:49 PM)
Agreed, development in that area is too spread out and the majority of new Residential developments are either living wage restricted or DCHA replacements. Socioeconomically that area still isn't stable enough to sustain a venue of this nature as a stand-alone facility; Especially if independent movies will be the selling point.
Not only that but:
The half billion homeland security office has its own entrance off the interstate so most employees willl never step foot into the actual neighborhoods.

The infrastructure on Howard road to enter Anacostia is a nightmare with only 2 lanes to get in and out of the area.

To use the Skyland Town Center development, the city would have to overhaul almost 1.5 miles of dilapidated storefronts, boarded up houses, and build rails for street cars. This is just to convince people that they will make it home in one piece due to the current state of Good Hope Road. Moreover, Skyland has no metrorail access. With all of the area movie theaters, none requires patrons to take more than two forms of mass transit to get there (given you live near a rail station). The focus for EOTR needs to be New Market rate Apartments and Condos to help infuse the area with more disposable income.
I think that a theater EOTR will be viable in the distant future, but for now the yards has the resources and momentum to allow the theater to thrive.

PJY03 says: (2/15/12 3:26 PM)
Consider the politics. If you're going to put a new theater in near Southeast, you're going to take flack from people east of the river (people who, I might point out, actually vote in DC elections). So if you're Gray, you need to have a compelling story about how you did everything possible to make this development happen east of the river, but just couldn't get the theater to buy-in. "On the other hand, Now you are only a short metro-ride away from a brand new theater, right in Southeast!"

I've always thought that a cineplex in the old NGIA building across from DOT HQ would be a gigantic tipping point for the neighborhood. Make it happen.

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (2/15/12 5:23 PM)
I had to Google what Cineplex is and found out it is a Canadian movie theater. Well, it can be done but it will take about 4 or 5 year to start construction in the old NGIA building. They can make the first two floors a movie theater and office space on top of it.
I will be a very very happy person if Landmark comes to our neighborhood because I love E street cinema. It is always quiet, clean, no kids or teenagers and the beer is cheaper than the soda. They always have great foreign and independent films.

Eric says: (2/16/12 12:17 AM)
"They always have great foreign and independent films."

Yep, gonna go out of business real fast if it's built in Ward 7/8.

monkeyrotica says: (2/16/12 7:25 AM)
I have to wonder how economically viable a theater in Ward 8 would be. Theater profit margins are razor thin as it is, even in pretty affulent neighborhoods and suburbs; they make almost all their money off concessions. I imagine the cost of the real estate would be lower than locating closer to downtown. But is this something the neighborhood would actually support by going there, or is it one of those things like a used book store that everybody wants nearby but nobody actually goes to?

Anybody remember the theaters in Union Station? Those were always crowded, but with rowdy teens yelling at the screen. Apparently, this is still an untapped market.

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (2/17/12 1:41 PM)
I completely agree with @ Eric. Landmark theater caters to people who have interest in literature and who are interested in foreign and independent films. War 7 and 8 are low income wards and I don't think they care about foreign films. I do understand the Mayor is trying to create jobs and change wards 7 and 8 economic situation. But, I am sure the executives at Landmark theater are not fools and they are smart enough to do the right thing for their company. I will be very disappointed if you they don't build Landmark M street cinema or Landmark Water street cinema. It just makes sense.

lefabe says: (2/22/12 12:37 PM)
Regal should build a theater EOTR and Landmark should build another art house cinema for us fancy folks in Navy Yard.

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