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On Monday night, ANC 6D gave its support to a series of minor modifications (very minor--did I mention they were minor?) to the previously approved design of the new residential/retail/grocery development planned for the southeast corner of 4th and M, SE.
Because the lease with Harris Teeter has been executed since the project's zoning approvals were received, Forest City needs an okay for the company's signage, which you can see in the updated rendering. An outdoor seating area on 4th Street has also been added, and the design of the residential building's vestibule on 4th has been altered in order to use "structural glass." There were also slight changes to the roof structure, the sunscreens on the residential windows, the design of the trellises shielding the parking deck, and other items that should probably just be read about in the Office of Planning report that supports the proposed changes. (If you want the real nitty gritty of the updated design for this block, you can look through the full submittal to the Office of Zoning.)
Alex Nyhan of Forest City told 6D that he expects excavation on the site to start in about a month, with superstructure work beginning in the spring. This would bring the opening date to late 2013 or early 2014. (The entire block, consisting of the 55,000-square-foot Teeter, 218 apartments, and the as-yet-unnamed health club and other retail spaces at the south end of the site, is being built at the same time.)
There weren't many questions from commissioners. David Garber, who said that this was the first project reviewed by his new 11-member Near Southeast Citizen Development Advisory Committee, did question the project's representatives about the plans for bike parking. (Shocker!) Nyhan said there would be racks on 4th Street, and that they would be working with Harris Teeter to allow bikers to bring their bikes into the store and take them down to the parking level via elevator, but that no biking would be allowed into the parking garage. There was also discussion of whether the entrance to the garage could be expanded to allow for bike racks at street level, but Nyhan said there is not enough room in the design to widen the entrance.
The ANC then voted unanimously to support the project. It will be taken up by the Zoning Commission at its Nov. 28 meeting, having been removed from the Monday night agenda so that the ANC could be allowed to weigh in before the ZC voted.
You can see my Yards Parcel D project page for more details and photos.
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Yard Dog says: (11/16/11 8:31 AM)
Although quite happy to maybe one day have a grocery store a few blocks away, I find the architecture of this building pretty lame, kind of a 70's look. Also, there was not any effort to incorporate the turret, which provides quite an ugly contrast. Speaking of the turret, does anyone else find crossing M street from the turret side extremely dangerous? The sidewalk is like 12" wide and you are completely blinded to oncoming traffic (and pedestrians) by the solid wall.

Rick says: (11/16/11 11:24 AM)
Yard Dog - I'm not complaining about having a grocery store close (in fact extremely happy), but agree with you that the style/look of the building should have incorporated the turret. Especially given that the Yards are doing such a great job maintaining that era by restoring older buildings such as the Loft and the Boilermaker.

R. says: (11/16/11 1:30 PM)
Completely agree with both of the above comments. This building is the worst kind of ugly - boring ugly. If you are going to design an ugly building, at least make it interesting or groundbreaking in some way. Furthermore, the architect(s) clearly made no attempt to incorporate the building's surroundings; namely, the turret and brick wall along M Street. The turret is awesome (although as Yard Dog says, the crossing there is a bit dangerous) and should have been recognized in the design in some way.

I am very concerned about the architectural direction Near SE is heading. I'm pretty sure it's going to end up looking like SW in about 20 years - monotonous, ugly buildings that have been deserted for the next hot neighborhood. It's great that there has been so much development in Near SE in recent years, and the buildings being built are certainly better than vacant lots. But we should strive to create places that are loved, which requires thoughtful architecture that is context-sensitive, not the same old BS.

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (11/16/11 4:19 PM)
Come on, it is not that bad. Having Factory 202 next to it might give you a different perspective. Speaking of Factory 202, when do they plan to start construction? The only Condominium that is still selling is the Velocity which they are pass the 50 percent mark. Not every new comers or existing residents want to rent two or three years from now. There should be a new condominium available for sell for new comers by 2013 or 2014.

JD says: (11/16/11 4:27 PM)
Factory 202 never gets mentioned in any of the Yards First Phase timeline discussions anymore. It's supposed to be a joint project with PN Hoffman, the folks busy with the Southwest Waterfront. Maybe the success of the Foundry Lofts will change that.

Some residents at Velocity have said that Cohen might be thinking about starting the second Velocity phase, but I've seen no indications of it so far (no building permit applications filed, for instance).

SWill says: (11/21/11 4:16 PM)
I heard there are some environmental issues with Factory 202 so that is why that building has not proceeded.

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