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Ah, the lazy days of summer, when Washington all but shuts down so that its citizens can try to keep cool and take a bit of a break from politics--except this year, when July and August will be filled with a slew of public meetings as the redistricting process that was so much fun at the ward level now filters down to the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.
Tommy Wells posted this afternoon the first details on the process for Ward 6, announcing (somewhat belatedly) that the first meeting of the task force will be on Monday, July 11 at 6:30 pm at Miner Elementary School (601 15th St. NE), which unfortunately overlaps with the ANC 6D July business meeting at 7 pm. (Which meeting do you guys want me at? All that's on the 6D agenda for Near SE is a public space permit for the new apartment building at 880 New Jersey, which could possibly bring additional details from what I posted recently on the project, but which I think probably won't.)
There will then be "community listening" meetings in each of the ANCs, with 6D's scheduled for Thursday, July 28 at 6:30 pm, and 6B's on Monday, Aug. 1 at 6:30 pm. Then there will be meetings on the first draft of the new boundaries, which is scheduled to be sent to the ANCs on Tuesday, Aug. 18. The task force will then make the rounds of the September ANC business meetings, submitting a final draft to Tommy Wells by Sept. 26, which he then will submit to the council by the required Sept. 30 deadline.
The task force (which isn't yet finalized) includes lots of familiar Ward 6 names (including Near SE resident Tyler Merkeley), and is chaired by former ANC 6A chair Joe Fengler. The current list of names, along with the laying out of the process, is available in this memo from Tommy Wells.
As I wrote last week, The vast majority of Near Southeast has up to now been in one Single Member District (6D07), but with SMDs needing to have populations between 1,900 and 2,100 and Near Southeast counted at 2,794 in the 2010 census, it's going to be split: the question is just how, and where. The quick-and-dirty map I posted of the numbers shows that the area west of 2nd Street has a population of 2,054, making it a perfect size for an SMD, but the rest of the population is not enough for a second SMD that is 100 percent south of the freeway, so there's going to have to be an SMD either crossing the freeway or crossing South Capitol Street. We shall see!
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Andrew in DC says: (7/11/11 9:47 AM)
Good luck to Tyler!

I can't make the meeting tonight, but I hope someone brings up the idea of creating a 5th ANC within Ward 6. Smaller ANCs for better local governance.

JD says: (7/11/11 9:50 AM)
I think 20 years from now Near Southeast will have enough residents to be its own ANC...

JD says: (7/11/11 10:20 AM)
And, I've decided I'll go to the redistricting meeting rather than 6D. The 880 New Jersey agenda item is just for public space permits for a curb cut on 2nd Street and a circular driveway on New Jersey, and probably won't have much new detail beyond my first post on the project.

Andrew in DC says: (7/11/11 11:00 AM)
Probably - But for now, I think we should carve out 6E from the neighborhoods south of Penn, east of S. Cap. (If that's enough for a 7 person ANC?)

I think the final Ward 6 pop wound up being like 76-78k or so? At 2k/SMD, we're looking at around 39 SMDs - up from 35 atm (8 + 9 + 11 + 7). We can either make 4 fat ANCs (11/9/11/8) or five skinny ones (7/9/7/9/7) with better regional focus (and no even numbers).

This is all back-of-the-envelope stuff, but I definitely say the latter is the smarter way to go/grow.

Andrew in DC says: (7/11/11 4:42 PM)
I was bored today, so I looked at the rest of 6D:
given their current boundaries, SMD (2010) pops are as follows:

1 - 2094
2 - 1752
3 - 2089
4 - 1916
5 - 1799
6 - 1942
7 - 2767

...For a total of 14359 people. I've got the Excel spreadsheet showing the block-by-block breakout for each of the SMDs as they're currently drawn if anyone cares/wants to save 2h.

At first glance, my idea of drawing a new ANC within Ward-6-SE at S. Cap. is kinda shot because it would leave SW short. Without a skosh over 1.7k pop on this side of S. Cap., the SW Waterfront would be numerically unable to support its own 7 person ANC.

Back to the drawing board...

JD says: (7/11/11 4:51 PM)
I'm hoping to get the numbers for all of Ward 6, and make them available for playing with in some way, if it's not ridiculously difficult to build. (You really can't try to game out the new SMD lineup and Near Southeast's potential new situation without having all of Ward 6 to work with, because shifts in other ANCs well to the north or west or east can have a domino effect across the ward.)

Andrew in DC says: (7/11/11 4:58 PM)
True. I actually wrote to Alpert to see if there was any way i could help him build a Ward-6-Redistricting-Game... but it turns out you need to be able to code.

I have many talents and skills. Java is not one of them.

That said, if I get bored tomorrow, maybe I'll whip up what 6B currently looks like.

JD says: (7/11/11 5:04 PM)
They're supposed to be releasing the data (map and census counts) at tonight's meeting. So don't wear yourself out doing it by hand just yet. :)

JD says: (7/11/11 9:28 PM)
Looks like it might be a day or two before the block by block numbers come out. It seemed like originally they might be only releasing a big PDF map with the blocks and numbers, but someone in the audience suggested an Excel spreadsheet, and OP said they could do that.

While it was said in the meeting that the 1,900-2,100 range for SMD population is not written into law, and there is some amount of leeway, they also can't "take into account" what the population *will* be, or even what it already is in the year since the census was taken.

On the other hand, these are just recommendations that a task force will be making to their council member (Tommy) and the council. The council will then be drafting legislation and going from there.

JD says: (7/13/11 1:49 PM)
Andrew, here's the maps and data, from the Office of Planning:

My dream of building a clickable map of all the Ward 6 census blocks to play around with SMD borders is probably going to fall by the wayside; a big project at work and some other stuff are filling my plate, not to mention that that map gives me a headache just looking at it. :)

Andrew in DC says: (7/13/11 2:35 PM)
wahoo! Something to fill my afternoon!

Andrew in DC says: (7/13/11 7:34 PM)
Can you tell where 6b11 exists in the new boundaries? Its got a tract that has 3600 ppl (the jail) but the smd declares in only has 3100... as the jail went to ward 7, does that leave b11 with negative 500 ppl?

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