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After all the big news of late, downshifting into a Tidbits post doesn't really seem like much fun, and of course if you're following me on Twitter or Facebook (or checking out the Twitter box on the JDLand home page every so often), you've already been alerted to many of these. But, onward:
* If you're wondering how the ANC redistricting process will work (especially since the ward version was so much fun!), here's the official memo on the procedures going forward. As in previous years, ANC single member districts will have populations between 1,900 and 2,100 residents. Census Tract 72, which covers all of Near Southeast and so includes all of ANC 6D07 plus the small number of houses from 7th Street east to 11th that are in ANC 6B04, was counted at 2,794 residents in the 2010 census.
The Office of Planning has the census-block-by-census-block numbers, but, ahem, I don't actually know which blocks are which, though if I had to guess by looking at the numbers and how the blocks are organized, I'd say that 6D07 probably came in at 2,743 and south-of-the-freeway 6B04 at 51. Ish. (Perhaps an ANC version of the GGW Redistricting Game isn't far off!) It isn't enough to split 6D07 into two single member districts, but it also can't stay as is. The question will also loom large as to whether new boundaries will split the neighborhood even more between ANC 6B (Capitol Hill) and 6D (Southwest), or move it all into one or the other. UPDATE: Thanks to IMGoph in the comments, I got a look at the map, and it appears the actual residential split is 2,767 to 27. Read my comment for details. I'll make a map at some point.
UPDATE 2: And here's a quick and dirty map, showing block by block what the census folks recorded the neighborhood's residential population at, as of April 1, 2010. As I mention in the comments, the residential buildings west of 2nd Street SE add up to 2,054 residents, perfectly within the numeric requirements for an SMD. But how SMDs will actually be divvied up is anyone's guess right now, beyond the fact that there's no way the vast bulk of Near Southeast will continue to be in just one SMD.
Council members are supposed to appoint their ward task force members by Friday, with progress reports due on Aug. 1 and Sept. 1. The entire process has to be completed by the end of 2011.
* The Hill is Home has posted the first of a two-part look at the history of the Washington Canal, which used to run along where Canal Park is under construction. (Speaking of which, I grabbed a quick cellphone shot from above the park last week showing the work on the southern block, where the foundation for the pavilion is being built.)
* Housing Complex writes about the deal finally being finalized for Greenspace to move into the empty retail spaces in the 1st Street facade of Nationals Park, creating a "12,000-square-foot center for green building and design." This has been in the works for nearly two years, but even though there was a "launch" of the space on Tuesday (which I didn't hear about until people at the event started live-tweeting it), Housing Complex says that the project won't come to fruition until Greenspace "is able to raise another $600,000 in cash and in-kind contributions, adding up to the $2 million necessary to build out what's currently a blank shell." Perhaps someday, when Florida Rock is built out to the south and later Yards phases along 1st Street are completed, the "real" retail envisioned for this portion of the ballpark will come to pass. Here's the press release on the Greenspace project.
* Madison Marquette, owner of the Blue Castle at 770 M St. SE, has now apparently completed a joint venture deal with local landowners ICP Group for all ICP's various properties on the east side of 8th Street south of the freeway, including the gray building at 8th and Potomac that houses Quizno's and the other properties along the 800 block of Potomac, and others. No news as to what might be done on those blocks, though if the new Marine Barracks site search ever crops back up, a group owning all of the land on Squares 929 and 930 could conceivably submit a proposal for a public-private partnership.
Coming later today, an equally bulleted post highlighting the slew of upcoming events in the neighborhood, both for this holiday weekend and beyond.
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IMGoph says: (6/29/11 4:50 PM)
if you'd like to dig through some PDF maps showing you the designation for each and every block in the city, here you go:


would have made a link, but i was told no HTML allowed!

IMGoph says: (6/29/11 4:51 PM)
and i see it made a link for me. gotcha. have to remember that for next time.

JD says: (6/29/11 5:31 PM)
This is a full service web site. :)

Thanks muchly for the map. I was a bit off, because I didn't think about residents of the Navy Yard (all 37 of them!), which is part of 6D07.

So, I think this is the numbers:
6D07: 2,767
6B04: 27

Here's the 2010 census numbers for the residential buildings.
70/100 I: 976 residents
Capitol Hill Tower: 402 (would anyone at the Marriott be considered a resident?)
909 New Jersey: 300
Velocity: 39
Onyx: 337
Capper Seniors #1/Marine Barracks: 173
400 M/410 M: 256

I will make a complete block-by-block map at some point, but not right this second. :)

JD says: (6/29/11 6:38 PM)
Following on my own comment, that means that my long-held belief that 6D07 would get split at Canal Park seems a strong possibility, since the residential buildings west of 2nd add up to 2,054 residents. (Lucky hardly anyone had moved into Velocity yet, or this could have gotten really interesting)

That's assuming that South Capitol Street would be a dividing line for SMDs again. And that leaves 713 residents east of Canal Park in 6D07 that would be either moving to 6B (joining up with the part of 6B04 south of the freeway along with probably some portions of 6B north of the freeway), or there will be a much more wide-ranging redrawing of the boundaries, which is possible. But you figure all of the Capper/Capitol Quarter blocks will need to stay in the same SMD.

And would that then put the Yards in the eastern SMD, so that 2nd Street could be the north-south divider the entire way?

But I'm just totally conjecturing. Who knows how it's going to work, other than there's no way that 6D07 alone covers the vast majority of Near Southeast anymore.

(And in 10 years, it'll all change again pretty wildly, when you think of nothing more than the Half Street residential buildings from Monument and Akridge plus the Yards residential stuff--that would probably on its own be a new SMD south of M/east of South Capitol, with the ballpark. And if Florida Rock has built any residential by then, there might be too many people for one SMD south of M. And, and, and....)

JD says: (6/29/11 7:05 PM)
Aaaaaand, here's the map: link

Remember, this was as of April 1, 2010. So the numbers are already be quite different at Velocity and in Capitol Quarter.

Andrew in DC says: (7/1/11 7:24 AM)
I want to know who are the two people living on what-was-then a dirt lot of CQ's phase II ..

Andrew in DC says: (7/1/11 7:34 AM)
... Unless they goofed and put the 0797 people on block 0798 (or, by their numbering system - block 1006 on block 1015) ...Cause I'm pretty sure there was only 2 folk living on the 0797 block (the 300 block of Virginia Ave) at the time of the census.

JD says: (7/1/11 8:42 AM)
I was waiting for someone to catch that! You're probably right about the shifted block. They actually only had one person living at Capper Seniors #1, with 172 on the barracks' field, so I took matters into my own hands there.... :)

Andrew in DC says: (7/2/11 10:57 AM)
I noticed that, too and thought it very strange. Did the census workers miss that whole building? My guess is that the 172 is the population of the Barracks Annex?

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