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Within the past hour, council member Michael Brown released the draft redistricting map for the city (available ward by ward). To not bury the lede, as we say in the news biz, Near Southeast and Southwest remain in Ward 6, with no move across the river to Ward 8. And, in what appears to be a last-minute compromise, Eastern High School and Eliot-Hine Middle School remain in Ward 6, while the rest of the Hill East/Rosedale/Kingman Park areas east of 17th Street shift to Ward 7. Ward 6 also loses its half of Penn Quarter to Ward 2, while gaining a portion of Shaw as well as the section of Southwest south of Independence Avenue that had remained in Ward 2. (If you want to see the current Ward 6 boundaries, here they are.) And you can also read the subcommittee report, with all the reasonings behind the moves (and rejected moves).
This is not the final word on the new boundaries--the three-member redistricting committee will be meeting and voting on this on Thursday at 1 pm, and then there is a public hearing scheduled for June 1 at 6 pm. The full council will then vote on June 7. If the council members hear compelling arguments against these boundaries,the draft map can still be amended.
If you are interested in Thursday's redistricting committee meeting, you can watch it on DC Channel 13 or via live-streaming at Plus I'll be following it on Twitter, along with all the other #reDC regulars.
(And apologies to Facebook and Twitter followers who were bombarded with messages tonight as word of the new maps came out. Breaking news can be high-volume sometimes!)
And then, once this is done, the ANC redistricting can begin!
UPDATE: Here's Mike DeBonis's write-up.
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Bruce says: (5/25/11 9:48 PM)
This is great news for the residents in Capitol Riverfront and SouthWest.
Although not absolutely final, I will continue with my cautious optimism and save the victory dance for June 7th.

MJM says: (5/26/11 8:13 AM)
Thanks for all the hard work Bruce!

F says: (5/26/11 8:43 AM)
Concur. Bruce's effort in raising awareness and getting the neighborhoods organized made a huge diffeence in getting this issue(hopefully) finalized.

Bruce says: (5/26/11 1:40 PM)
Thank you so much but it was a team effort. I'm watching the redistricting and based on what I hear,I'll decide whether or not to testify on 6/1. Not sure I want to rock the boat as we are alright.
As Mendelson mentioned, there was alot of name calling. He got none of that from our community!
Thanks to you for your efforts as well!

Bruce says: (5/26/11 1:44 PM)
It appears that RPP parking regs will remain unchanged!

Bruce says: (5/26/11 1:52 PM)
Barry is still fighting and thinks the river is a divider of class and will continue his fight...


Bruce says: (5/26/11 2:06 PM)
Mendelson expects ugly name calling over the next couple of weeks. Not from our area in Ward 6!)

JD says: (5/26/11 2:08 PM)
Bruce, maybe you need a Twitter feed!

Bruce says: (5/26/11 2:09 PM)
I have one but don't use it!! Lol

Bruce says: (5/26/11 2:14 PM)
So, we won't need volunteers to drain the river at this point?

F says: (5/26/11 2:21 PM)
Mu understanding is that enhancing or reducing diversity can not be a grounds on which to base redistricting decisions.

Can anyone confirm or deny?

JD says: (5/26/11 2:25 PM)
@F, It's not part of redistricting. Mendelson just talked about it.

Bruce says: (5/26/11 2:26 PM)
Mendelson: Barry keeps pushing the diversity argument. Unemployment will not change by shuffling the Ward deck.
Barry is now Interrupting Brown and causing a disturbance, Brown says Barry is out of order!
This is fun!,

Bruce says: (5/26/11 2:28 PM)
Barry lost all credibility. meeting adjourned!!

The Hoff says: (5/26/11 2:28 PM)
Perfect time to tune in. Wow!

Bruce says: (5/26/11 2:32 PM)
Wasn't that great?.

The Hoff says: (5/26/11 2:32 PM)
Did Mendelson turn of Brown's mic?

Bruce says: (5/26/11 2:33 PM)
The mic was taken away from him.

Bruce says: (5/26/11 2:34 PM)
The perfect example of giving someone enough rope and they will hang themselves.
Priceless ....

JD says: (5/26/11 2:35 PM)
{Barry, not Brown}

Both Mendelson and Evans tried to turn off Barry's mic.

Then they voted and adjourned and all mics were turned off.

Bruce says: (5/26/11 2:37 PM)
Thanks JD....

Mark says: (5/26/11 2:55 PM)
Thanks again for all your hard work Bruce!! And thanks JD for the always great information!!

JD says: (5/26/11 3:06 PM)
For those who missed the fireworks, within a day or so the video should be available on-demand: link

jenniferp says: (5/26/11 4:31 PM)
I don't think the diversity argument has any merit based on the suit Kingman Park brought when they were redistricted out of Ward 6 last go around. And I think they had a lot better argument than Barry has. They're still pretty unhappy about being in Ward 7 apparently.

Bruce says: (5/26/11 5:42 PM)
You are very welcome Mark. Thanks for the kind words....

F says: (5/27/11 9:56 AM)
Brown should be commended for maintaining order and decorum in the face that inappropriate behavior. It would have been easier to give in and let Barry say his piece, but Brown enforced the proper procedures for the meeting and ruled accordingly when Barry was way out of line. Barry's bahavior was intolerable at this meeting.


Bruce says: (5/27/11 11:44 AM)

F says: (6/1/11 9:44 AM)
Anyone attending the public hearing on redistricting tonight at 6 PM? Hoepfully the decorum will be better than the subcommittee meeting.

Bruce says: (6/1/11 2:27 PM)
Yes, I will be attending,,

Bruce says: (6/1/11 6:48 PM)
Marion Barry has been on his blackberry phone the entire meeting so far!

Bruce says: (6/1/11 9:58 PM)
Marion Barry left the meeting very early on and decided that going for dinner on Barracks Row (he was spotted) was more important than hearing testimony since he was still harping on wanting Near Southeast in ward 8!

F says: (6/2/11 2:50 PM)
Bruce - Thanks for the update. Onward to the Council vote on 7 June.

F says: (6/7/11 7:49 AM)
DC Council meeting and vote later today on redistricting. Does anyone have a link to watch it live?

Bruce says: (6/7/11 5:17 PM)
The vote was approved with the exception of Marion Barry who voted no
(and called it a "Shameful Day"). Barry believed the "Fix was on" and
is focused on race.
Michael Brown was outraged at the name-calling and the things that
were "made up" and is pleased with the plan.
Based on the recently revised map (per the meeting at the Wilson
Building on June 1), our area will remain in Ward 6.
Council member Mendelson commented at the June 1st meeting as to how
organized our residents in Near SouthEast were in our opposition to
being relocated into Ward 8 when addressing one of the panels.
It took all of us to pull together and oppose this measure and what it
proves is that by working together, we can get things done.

F says: (6/19/11 12:49 PM)
The next and hopefully last redistricting meeting is scheduled for Tuesday. Does anyone have any recent news updates or plan to attend?

JD says: (6/19/11 5:26 PM)
It's not a meeting, it's the council's second vote on the bill to approve the new boundaries. (Every bill that passes the DC council requires two votes.) Without a peep from any quarters about any changes, it's incredibly unlikely that anything will change.

Bruce says: (6/19/11 6:45 PM)

F says: (6/20/11 9:16 AM)
Thanks. I haven't heard anything about Barry's threat for a US DOJ investigation (which is completely unfounded) so I too beleive the vote will be similar to last time.

Hopefully once developers concerns regarding redistricting are alleviated there will be some acccleration of new business arrivals and construction.

JD says: (6/20/11 9:21 AM)
I don't think "concerns regarding redistricting" were causing projects to be delayed. It's also been very clear since May 25 that Near SE was not going to go to Ward 8. (I'd actually say before May 25, since I never thought it was a possibility, but May 25 was when the map came out.)

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