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A few small items that might be of interest:
* The National Capital Planning Commission at its Thursday meeting should be approving the design of the 611-foot-long floating bridge to connect the Yards Park with Diamond Teague Park. The "delegated action" document says that the bridge will also include an 81-foot-long platform that will be used as a "marine environmental education center" -- the platform is necessary to span three underground pipes at the DC Water pumping station. At the BID annual meeting in December, it was said that construction on the bridge could begin this spring. (UPDATE) And construction is expected to take 6-8 months.
* If you drive into downtown DC across the 11th Street Bridges late at night/early in the morning, be advised that the ramps from northbound I-295 and 13th Street, SE, will be closed between midnight and 5 am on both Friday, Jan. 7 and Monday, Jan. 10 to allow for work with overhead steel girders. But the South Capitol Street Bridge will be open for your Anacostia crossing pleasure.
* There hasn't been much apparent movement by American Water Taxi to get started with its planned service between Georgetown, the Southwest Waterfront, and Teague Park, but an update on their web site within the past few weeks says that "Focus groups and working group meetings to start in January."
* The agenda for the Jan. 11 ANC 6B meeting includes an item on the "Resolution of the Bavarian Beer Garden [Liquor] License Protest." Does this mean that the ANC and the folks wanting to open the beer garden at 8th and L have gotten the voluntary agreement hashed out, after all the concerns recently expressed? We shall see.
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Alan says: (1/4/11 11:20 AM)
OT, but the Foundry Lofts are cruising along; have you heard anything about pricing?

JD says: (1/4/11 11:25 AM)
Haven't heard much on the Foundry Lofts yet--they'll be rentals, but don't know anything beyond that. I imagine they'll start marketing in the spring, when everyone's thoughts turn to getting the heck out of their current hovel into something nicer. :-)

JF says: (1/4/11 11:28 AM)
JD--is there an expected completion date for the floating bridge?

JD says: (1/4/11 11:35 AM)
I haven't heard yet how long it would take to build. I'll see if I can find out.

JD says: (1/4/11 11:49 AM)
A quick response from the BID tells me that with the targeted start of construction being April-May, the bridge would be finished in fall, so figure a 6-8 month rough estimate for construction…

Edna Wellthorpe says: (1/5/11 9:48 AM)
Love how the rendering shows an Asian guy taking pictures. Nothing like stereotyping!

AB says: (1/5/11 11:31 AM)
This is still great news. One step towards having the continious riverwalk of our dreams. Now if only the Navy could get its butt in gear and open up its part.

On a random side note: JD are you planning on doing a year in review post like you did last year? With all of the occupancy rates/population/news stories? BIDs year end report wasn't very good or detailed. I enjoyed your post last year.

JD says: (1/5/11 1:58 PM)
@AB - I'll be posting my annual State of the Hood somewhere around Jan. 19 (the blog's birthday). So I hope to start writing it sometime around 11:59 pm on Jan. 18.

thedofc says: (1/5/11 8:39 PM)
I'm quite disappointed that DC Water isn't willing to let the boardwalk extend along their property (on land). Although it is nice to have the connection to Teague Park, it is also an area with hardly any foot traffic, even before/after ballgames. I assume that this will change with more development, but currently Yards Park is awfully empty when it ought to be full. It seems to me that it is still a place that most people have never even heard of, despite being such a great asset to the city.

JD says: (1/5/11 10:41 PM)
@thedofc - You don't think the fact that it's JANUARY might have something to do with the Yards Park not being brimming with activity? :-) It only opened in September--let it have a spring and summer to get into the city's collective psyche before you declare it a disaster.

(I can always point you to the stories talking about how the MCI/Verizon Center wasn't bringing in the expected crowds to the neighborhood right after it opened if you'd like a gentle reminder that just because something doesn't come out of the gate as a riproaring city-changing success doesn't mean that it's doomed forever.)

I would imagine that there will be some push to get people, after baseball games on Friday nights, to leave the ballpark via the First Street Gate and then walk on the floating bridge to watch the postgame fireworks either there or at Yards Park, to be able to watch the rockets' red glare over the river. And, once there's retail at the park (Phase 2), and people living at the Foundry Lofts, etc. etc.

In other words, patience.....

thedofc says: (1/5/11 11:12 PM)
@JD- I definitely don't think that the park is a disaster, I simply expected some more people through the area around now, or when it opened. Weather aside, it has been a bit quiet in warmer times, too. Regardless, I do expect it too have more foot traffic. I'm not trying to be pessimistic about the future, I just hoped for a bit more in the present. Its a great park, and I expect it to get better soon.

MJM says: (1/6/11 10:08 AM)
I know I feel lonely using the dog run there - its a really big dog run when only one/two dogs are using it (which btw - few months back they replaced the mulch with a very soft packed gravel/sand and the new fencing prevents escapes now)

MGR says: (1/6/11 10:58 AM)
I'd advise everyone enjoy the tranquility of the park as it is today...because once folks start moving in to nearby housing (e.g. Cap Quarter, Foundry Lofts) and the Nats crowds start to discover it, that park is going to be hugely popular!

Jason says: (1/6/11 12:11 PM)
MJM, thanks for the update on the dog run. My dog is prone to mulch eating and was small enough to escape the prior fencing. Will have to check it out on a "warm" day.

Anyone have word on Harry's Reserve? I keep forgetting to look since I have been back from vacay.

Michael says: (1/6/11 6:10 PM)
Did the dog run change the fence, where the fence reaches the ground, and the backwards and difficult to open gate? This dog run had significant problems that prevented easy use and never should have been designed that way. The fencing used is a very bad idea for actual people and dogs and running.

MJM says: (1/6/11 6:33 PM)
Actually just ran by Harry's - the inside except for a few nail boxes being moved around looks like it did in Nov (lots of shelving).

The new fence goes to the ground and the gate opens in but whatever way it opens it still lets you into the run w/o a problem and the new surface is great

C says: (1/9/11 9:19 PM)
Actually the dog park has been modified to project punji sticks to painlessly take out any dog with owners that complain about the free dog park. Punji sticks also track dogs that are unleashed and dig up the beautifully sodded park.

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