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* There's been discussion on Twitter about this, but I guess it needs to be elevated to the blog--last week a sign went up at Five Guys on Second Street saying that it would be closed for maintenance from June 4 - 14. It certainly looks like they're doing work in there, and I doubt that if it were closing for good they would have given a timeframe, but I know people are nervous, given the dearth of other choices. I don't know any additional details, so feel free to post in the comments if you have any scuttlebutt to add.
* The BID's summer outdoor movie season continues tonight (Thursday) with Forrest Gump. Festivities start at Second and M streets, SE, at 7:30 pm, though the movie itself doesn't begin until after sundown. (I'm already making plans for the July 8 showing of Star Wars--if anyone wants to hang out with me, I can regale you young whippersnappers with tales of seeing it at the Uptown in the summer of 1977, and how my mother almost made us leave because she couldn't quite get hip to robots walking around in sand dunes.) Aak! They've taken it off the list, and replaced it with Legally Blonde! Waah!
* From DDOT, a notice about some lane closures this weekend on DC-295, which are technically outside my iron-clad boundaries but which do have to do with the 11th Street Bridges project: "From 9 pm on Friday, June 11 into the evening of Sunday, June 13, DDOT contractors will close one travel lane in each direction of DC 295 between the 11th Street Bridge and Pennsylvania Avenue. The work is part of the 11th Street Bridge Project. In addition, there will be single lane closures Saturday on both the northbound and southbound sides of Kenilworth Avenue (DC 295) at Eastern Avenue. This work if related to the replacement of the Eastern Avenue Bridge." They warn that there could be backups of two miles or more.
* I didn't really blog about Wednesday's phenomenal debut of Stephen Strasburg (though I was at the game and Tweeted here and there) because I figured that there might be one or two other outlets where you could get the latest. But it will be interesting to watch the impact on the neighborhood if he continues to pitch like an alien being--will all of his games bring huge crowds? Will attendance start to lift at games when he isn't playing? Will game-day traffic and transit issues that haven't really been at the forefront become a sore point if more people come to games more often? And will restaurants and bars (and retailers and office tenants and residents) start thinking a little more about being near the ballpark? The Summer of Strasburg (SoS) could get quite interesting....
QUICK ADD: From the Nats: "The Washington Nationals will host their annual blood drive, in partnership with Inova Blood Donor Services, this Saturday, June 12 in the Nationals Park Conference Center from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In addition to helping save a life, blood donors will receive two tickets to a future Nationals game, a limited edition Build-A-Bear Workshop bloodhound and the opportunity to take an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Nationals Park." There will be a second drive on Aug. 28, from 8 am to 2 pm.
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Jason says: (6/10/10 4:01 PM)
Legally blonde? Yuck.

I think that Strasburg's games will continue to be sellouts, or near sellouts for the remainder of the season, provided he continues to pitch at or above the level of "fair." That's likely.

There was no one at the game on Wednesday when I biked by the stadium, so I don't think his presence will help on his off days in the short term. But in the long term, more wins will mean more attendance overall. I know they sold a lot of tickets for June 4, 6 & 9 before it was announced he would pitch on the 8th. Probably a lot of no-shows.

On a side note, anyone have opinions on Onyx, Jefferson and Axiom? I am considering moving into one of those and wanted some insight. I'm sure I can find a way to take the comments off JDland so it doesn't turn into a pissing/bashing match.

Rick says: (6/11/10 10:20 AM)
SoS will likely be fun and I look forward to walking down to the stadium for more games.

The DC gov't is going to have to pick up its game when it comes to enforcing Tommy Well's so-called "Performance Parking" program. After some initial heavy enforcement on the residential streets just north of the freeway on Capitol Hill when the stadium first opened, the City seems to have backed off with the predicable results. I often see VA, MD, and non-ward 6 drivers park on our streets and then head towards the ball park in National's attire. They, like other cars violating the Ward 6 only signs (a cute idea that was never going to work and hasn't), don't get tickets.

1st District Commander Kamperin blew off my posting about this on the MPD's 1D Yahoo group by referring me to 311 and DPW's web site as if people have to complain case-by-case rather than expect the DC gov't to perform on a routine basis as Tommy promised. An hour after Strasburg's first game started, a fleet of shiny, new MPD tow trucks came flying down 4th Street SE heading under the freeway for the ball park. Sirens and lights blazing, they blew thru the stop signs at what had to be way over 50mph. I have to wonder what parking emergency near the ballpark an hour after game time warranted such reckless speed in a residential neighborhood. They should have been in place before the game started anyway. Probably just a bunch of guys wanting to have fun playing with their new toys. So much for public safety in an area with a proven track record of hazardous intersections (grab a chair, Coke, and some peanuts and just watch the near misses at 4th and G SE).

Last night a parking enforcement car drove down our block but the driver wasn't looking at any of the parked cars - she was completely focused on some hand-held computer device and barely looking where she was driving.

Kids, pets, and pedestrians living on residential streets shouldn't have to give up public safety in exchange for the parking enforcement equivalent of a half filled stadium.

JD says: (6/11/10 12:53 PM)
Jason, I guess no one wants to dish on their buildings one way or the other. :-)

B in DC says: (6/11/10 1:34 PM)

Last night on my street, there were several tow trucks and parking officers, and they towed away two cars that were parked in a Ward 6 only block.

CAPT Hill says: (6/11/10 2:05 PM)
Jason -

I know folks at all three buildings and I've only heard positives - the buildings are new, the amenities are nice and the location (I am biased) is great. Personally, I would recommend Jefferson or Axiom, I think the apartments are bigger and the Onyx units seem a little too modern/ cold for my taste.

Welcome to the Hood!

Fran says: (6/11/10 2:12 PM)
From another perspective, if I was dating someone, my order of preference in where they lived would be 1) onyx 2) axion and 3) jefferson.


Michael says: (6/11/10 3:20 PM)
For apartment buildings, Onyx is closest to Metro...

BD says: (6/14/10 3:37 PM)
As far as those three buildings go, I just moved into the Jefferson. All 3 buildings have had a reputation of being full of "frat boys" and I can say I haven't seen much to dissuade this notion. However, the management at Jefferson appears to be aware of the reputation they're building, and are attempting to crack down on the gross offenders. In other words, it's looking up.

Keep in mind, however, that the Jefferson has oversold their parking garage, and you will get waitlisted to get a spot. Plus, all of these buildings are commercially-zoned, so you can NOT get a zone 6 parking permit. I'm currently forced to play "musical cars" or pay at one of the day-lots to park near my own complex. Had I known I couldn't get a zone 6 sticker and that they oversold the parking, I would have rented elsewhere. Not sure if the same situation has occurred at the other buildings, but they all have the same management company, I believe...

JoeNdc says: (6/14/10 8:24 PM)
Ok... I finally got a response from Five Guys. the Navy Yard location really, really, really is re-opening. Fear not oh ye with perfect arteries!!! See thier response below or just go get a hamburger, as they are probably already open by now, or at least they will soon be. LOL!!!



Thank you for writing into Five Guys, we appreciate you taking the time to do so. We have received your inquiry in regards to the Navy Yard location closing.

This store is located at: 1100 New Jersey Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003

I am pleased to inform you that this Franchise is closed for renovations. As we don't have a set day, this store is projected to be back open and operating by next week.

Thank you for your interest in Five Guys and we hope you enjoy us often! J

Micah Clark

Customer Service Coordinator

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