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From today's Washington Business Journal (subscribers only): "The Navy plans to expand its space in Southeast D.C. by perhaps 700,000 square feet, a move that could dramatically boost office demand and foot traffic in the fledging Capitol Riverfront neighborhood near Nationals Park. Thanks to employee transfers and new programs, the Navy intends to hire an estimated 1,100 workers at the Washington Navy Yard by 2011 and as many 2,400 more four years later[.]" They are expecting to issue a Request for Proposals through the GSA to either buy or lease space, though as of now there's no timetable for the RFP.
The article specifically mentions the Yards as a possible beneficiary, since it's right next door. But there's also a quote from Michael Stevens of the bid cautioning that the expansion "would be a huge driver, but it does come with huge security requirements," though Eleanor Holmes Norton is then quoted as saying "These should be GSA-leased buildings. These are not, mostly, [high-level] security employees[.]"
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Dale MacIver says: (1/29/10 10:46 AM)
This is another indication that the ballpark is NOT what has driven renewal in Near Southeast over the past ten years.

Tony D. says: (1/29/10 12:47 PM)
Interesting but not unexpected given the Obama administration push for much increased government acquisitions workforce... the other side of this is a decrease in dependance on support contractors which could also affect officespace on M St.

Any word on whether this will be refurb of existing buildings, or new construction?

JD says: (1/29/10 12:51 PM)
The article says they don't have the space inside the walls for all these people, so they'll be looking for space nearby (or elsewhere in the city, if Cap Riverfront options don't work out).

MJM says: (1/29/10 1:40 PM)
The Navy Yard is not driving that area. It is not good to rely on government to fill-up office space but it is still better than nobody in there. But the main force for that area will always be the stadium and then the bars/shopping.

I'd rather see Nothrup get their HQs down there. That would be a huge steal.

Michael says: (1/29/10 3:59 PM)
We (citizen taxpayers) already forked out $611 mil to a private sports and entertainment corporation... and now we should fork many millions more over to a private military/technology company?

JM says: (1/29/10 4:54 PM)
Michael, can you explain to me how the taxpayers would be forking over money to Northrup, if they moved into one of the office buildings in Near Southeast? I'm confused.

Pat says: (1/29/10 6:58 PM)
Who cares? Northrop in the neighborhood would be a huge boon. The District plays fast and loose with your money on worse stuff, anyway.

Michael says: (1/30/10 12:23 PM)
@Pat Just because some money is spent frivolously in one manner, does not mean I want additional money spent frivolously another way.

@JM Whatever jurisdiction "wins" Northrop will have to provide millions in subsidies and tax breaks.

MJM says: (1/30/10 2:23 PM)
NG = Jobs and lots of them and more people here and less reliance on government (Navy Yard). Show me a military base with a decent/thriving hood near by (minus Pentagon)

ryan says: (1/30/10 3:33 PM)
@MGM show me a military base that is a few blocks from a major league baseball stadium. Or one that is in a big city? located within blocks of mass transit system? etc... def cant compare the navy yard to other military bases, comparing apples and oranges.

MJM says: (1/30/10 7:42 PM)
Did you see the Navy Yard 5 years ago? I don't see lower 8th St any better off even with a stadium. Yeah it has changed but you don't need it to be the dominate feature. Don't rely on the military to bring jobs. Rely on non-govt business.
(I've been in long enough to see my fair share of military communities)

Mark says: (1/30/10 8:04 PM)
10 years on active duty with the Navy - I have personally seen great neighborhoods/ communities grow up around many bases - San Diego, Norfolk, Jacksonville/ Mayport, Kings Bay (Georgia), AND the Capitol Riverfront - The military brings good people and good jobs to the area.

MJM says: (1/31/10 11:23 AM)
As I posted earlier, did you see the Riverfront 5 years ago - if you missed JD has lots of pictures of what the area looked like. :)

Mark says: (2/1/10 8:27 AM)
MJM - I understand, but I believe that the problem with your analysis is the there is a way miltiary communities were - tattoo parlors, sleezy bars, strip clubs, etc., and the way they are now. Seriously, Norfolk, JAX, San Diego - even Newport, RI, were once all nasty Navy/ Marine towns; today, these are all expensive, desireable communities - and perhaps most importantly, communities with high property values.

G St says: (2/1/10 9:35 AM)
ND will probably take over the old USA Today building in Rosslyn, VA (I'd heard). Their HQ staff would only be a few hundred folks anyway.

Navy Yard to expand? Great news for JD Land.

JD says: (2/1/10 1:58 PM)
This WBJ piece from today has a lot of info on the NG possibilities (seem to be looking at two places downtown, plus the National Gateway in Crystal City, and DC considering subsidies):


Bo says: (2/1/10 3:37 PM)
Is there a list of what part of the new construction is compliant with the setback guidelines for buildings housing military personnel?

Chris in Eckington says: (2/1/10 4:07 PM)
I've got 26 years in the Navy, 16 of it in DC, including three years at the Navy Yard. Prior to about 1999, there wasn't a whole lot at the Navy Yard aside from Naval District Washington and Military Sealift Command, but then came BRAC and the moving of Naval Sea Systems Command from Crystal City in 2001 bringing with it over 4000 personnel. Then things really started to take off including the building of office space along M Street to accomodate the contractors who followed. This also precipitated a HUGE change to Barracks Row as contractors, DOD civilians and Navy personnel flooded the area looking for lunch options. I don't think the Ugly Mug, Finn MaCools (now Molly Malone) and others that have opened on 8th Street since 2000 would have made it (or even considered it) without the influx of daytime workers to the Navy Yard. This was before there was ever talk of building a stadium in the area. Potentially adding another 4,000 workers to the area will have a large impact.

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