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Late night items:
* Here is the map from Wednesday's performance parking meeting, showing where the $288,000 in "non-automobile" improvements are going to be spent.
* I received a message today from Potomac Parking, the company that will be running the new surface parking lot on Half Street between I and K (the eventual home of the Plaza on K). They tell me that, once they get their lot finished and permits secured, it will be a 24-hour lot, available for monthly/daily/hourly/gameday parking, which might make it a possibility for residents looking for a place to park where they won't get a ticket and where the space (presumably) won't cost $40,000. Judging from the web site, it looks like it'll be an unmanned lot, with various technologies to handle payments. More information when I get it.
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Rick says: (11/20/09 12:32 PM)
JD - is there anyway of learning what the revenue was from specific multispace meters? Also is the right person for such questions? Unlike certain streets where zone 6 residential stickers were exempt, the multispace meter along I Street SE (the access road paralleling the north side of the freeway) between 6th and 7th SE eliminated all zone 6 residential parking.

The construction of significant residential infill in that neighborhood along with the effect of Results customers created parking problems. This stretch of I Street provided last ditch parking for residents at night. Since the multimeter was installed, I haven't seen one car park there day or night.

Rick says: (11/20/09 12:37 PM)
oops, I mean the meter between 5th and 6th SE on I street. Not 6t & 7th - altho the issue may be the same for that block.

Lovethehood says: (11/20/09 7:49 PM)

Thanks for the above GGW link and all the great info... I was going to post the below message on your site tonight, but after being quoted in the GGW article I had to respond ASAP... (they got my first name wrong but the Mr. Lee was correct) LOL

Also, I would like to ask the ball park resident to please be on the lookout for flyers in your buildings over the next couple of weeks.

Reason: I plan on holding a residential meeting in the near future.. Focusing on a couple issues that have been driving me crazy... Like incomplete construction, providing more green space, dog parks, and maybe using some of this meter $cash$ to buy/rent a abandoned (fenced off) lot and plant some grass and trees... We are spending the $$ for Signs? and trails?? I would rather have green space.... :) I think this is reasonable. They want us to live in city without cars (parking reference)... Well, plant some trees!

My post from: link

I also believe cars are terrible. But, I want to make that decision and If want to have a car available outside when needed. Ever tried coming back from shopping at target on the metro. Yea... It's awesome. :(
Bottom Line: I don't like it when people make our decisions. So I wrote a quick note to Mr. Wells and Mr. Harvey after the Wednesday DDOT meeting discussing a scheduling a -promised- future meeting (we'll see if that really happens). I also provided a parking idea for the residents around the ballpark that are now supplied a -No RPP decals- for the vehicles.
One problem: This idea doesn't make any money for the chamber so it got shot down immediately... Here it is... Pls let me have it if you think its crazy talk.... But, just dont knock it try to better it... :)
Make a parking decal permit for Ball park residents only:
This would be a parking decal for residents of the multi-story buildings around the ball park (Onyx, Velocity, and Capital Yards ect, ect). They would still have the No RPP, but would be exempt from excessive parking fees.
It's more of a zone within a zone (Zone 6: ball park only).
Tommy and Damon you two must keep in mind that my neighbors want to live in DC, but don't make much money. Over half the people I have interviewed in these buildings spend almost have their month salary on rent. These are work force housing residents you want to keep in the district. (right) All we want is we would like -Free- off street parking option after 6:00pm for ourselves or and visiting family or friends! I don't care about baseball we just want to live and drive home and park without being treated like tourists or non-residents... Something needs to change or these struggling -up and coming- condo buildings are going to be as empty as the streets that you are metering around them are!

Positives for you and for the residents:
--DDOT dictates the rules that apply.
--It would differentiate the residents from fans, daytime business people coming in form MD/NoVa.
--Sticker renewal every 6 months if needed.
--It would make residents with underground parking register their vehicle in DC (non DC residents would be exempt from the Sticker)
--Makes the ball park a unique area and the residents prideful of where they live.
--Develop a bonding agent between the Nats and residents. The residents would have some buy in with the stadium. (Cubs, Sox are good city for resident team

This would be a simple act and these parking stickers would be issued to a limited amount of people and changed according to events and posting around
the park. The ball park is special.. lets make the residents paying thousands of dollars to live feel good and still keep the American dream alive. it's a win/win!



JD says: (11/21/09 9:44 AM)
Rick--Yes, Damon would be the person to contact with your questions/concerns about the I Street spaces....

James says: (11/24/09 3:54 PM)
I challenge any of the councilmembers (including Mr. Wells himself) to drive down to Near SE and successfully use those meters. Make sure to bring any change, dollar bills, and as many credit cards as you can find, because odds are that it won't be accepting any or all forms of payment. That is also, of course, assumping that you can figure out what rates apply during which hours/days of the week.

I also challenge the councilmembers, after they are done patting themselves on the back, to justify why residents in other parts of the city, are given more parking rights than residents in the neighborhood. Also, please determine how much of that revenue was generated from tickets given to residents.

Lovethehood says: (11/24/09 7:42 PM)

We need to do something...
Pls be on the lookout for a resident town hall in the near future.

-The way we challenge council memebers is coming together as registered DC voters! They are here for us. Its our job to remind them.


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