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For those who haven't visited the neighborhood since, oh, let's say March, progress has not fully ground to a halt. (Even if blogging about it has.) The JDLand auxiliary backup camera (better known as a Pixel 3) took a long-delayed stroll on Friday evening to capture some changes, and to also see that, with a dining landscape built from the beginning to take advantage of outdoor space, most restaurants were pretty hopping with a young crowd. (Not a lot of masks seen on others wandering the neighborhood, I will say.)
Two of the new offerings along Half Street just north of Nats Park are now open--Atlas Brew Works (with Andy's Pizza) and Cold Stone Creamery--even while Half Street itself is still very much not finished with its streetscape remodel. I also scoped out Toastique, which has moved into the old Juice Laundry space on 4th Street SE between Tingey and Water. (I completely forgot to get a photo of Bammy's, the "Caribbean-inspired" restaurant that replaced Whaley's in the Lumber Shed at Yards Park.)
The rest of the new-storefront news is pretty much in the Personal Care category (how apropos!), with the CVS at Half and I SE looking like it is seconds away from opening, in its spot next door to the new(ish) Medstar Primary Care office. Meanwhile, over at 4th and M, Pivot Physical Therapy has now opened. (And there are those of us who would say that the new Hill Spirits liquor store at Half and K next to BonChon also qualifies as Personal Care.)
And while there's no storefront to take a photo of yet, the news came out this week that Scissors and Scotch, the barbershop-slash-cocktail-bar "grooming experience every man deserves" is coming to the ground floor of the National Broadcasters Association headquarters at One M Street, SE.
Meanwhile, there's also a few public space updates worth including, even if the photos from late in the evening aren't really so fab. As mentioned above, the streetscape work continues on Half Street north of the ballpark, and there are indeed stringed lights being installed across it (old zoning restrictions be damned, I guess). And look, trees!
Over at the Yards, Tingey Square is finished (and you can also see the latest progress on the Chemonics HQ in the background). And the new walkway connecting the Tingey Square area to the Yards Park is now open as well, with rough/uneven stones clearly placed to discourage high-speed biking or scootering (watch your ankles, old folks). It also leads to a new plaza on the northwest corner of the Yards Park.
It should also be mentioned that the recent unpleasantness has not been without casualties, with the aforementioned Juice Laundry and also Peet's Coffee at New Jersey and M and the clothing store Willow at 4th and Water closing for good.
At some point I'll pull together a holes-and-skeletons-and-completions construction update, but not until I can do some daytime wandering with collapsing from heat stroke.
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jdc says: (7/19/20 7:12 AM)
I was wondering about Pete's Coffee closing. In all the time it was here, I never made it there (Lot 38 for life). Is it likely that the pandemic pushed it over the edge that it was already on? I know we've got plenty of coffee shops these days, so it seems both odd and understandable that one would close during the pandemic, but Pete's seems the unlikely one to me.

Shogungts says: (7/19/20 11:27 AM)
RE Scissors and Scotch: I never understood the alcohol and haircut combination. I like both of these things, but 1) I am not generally a 'guess I will just have a glass of scotch (or insert other type of alcohol) in the middle of the day person' and 2) I don't want to have to worry about getting hair in my drink and/or asking the person cutting my hair to stop every minute to hand me my drink that I had to place outside of reach so hair didn't get in it (this is especially true if clippers are involved as those little hairs get everywhere!).

The only time this would make sense to me is if they gave it to you while you are waiting for your haircut and I much rather a place that takes reservations and stays on time.

Andres4Mayor says: (7/19/20 11:58 AM)
Whatever is going on with Peet's is bigger than our one location. The company that owns it just went public on the Amsterdam stock exchange like a month ago... and they seem to be closing many DC area Peet's locations simultaneously.

JD says: (7/19/20 12:47 PM)
Guess I forgot GNC on this list. Has it already closed?

conngs0 says: (7/20/20 11:36 AM)
JD, thanks for the update and I'm glad you're doing well (thanks for the good work you're doing with the Washington Post too). I think GNC is still trying to move its remaining stock, so it isn't closed yet.

JES says: (7/22/20 9:48 PM)
Half Street is open! link

Jscott280 says: (7/29/20 1:10 PM)
Rumor has it that silver diner is coming to Half Street.

GarfieldPark says: (7/30/20 12:28 PM)
Which part??!

Jscott280 says: (7/30/20 3:40 PM)
south of M

GG says: (7/30/20 9:30 PM)
So what’s the story with the CVS at Half and I? It’s looked fully stocked and ready to open for a month now, yet hasn’t opened yet. It’s even listed as open on their website.

sharksfansd says: (7/31/20 7:44 PM)
Such a bummer about Peet's, as it was my go to instead of the other large coffee chain across the street. Pre-COVID-19 I usually saw it busy on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but not sure how it was performing on other days/times.

Hopefully Compass Coffee going in on Half St will be a hit and stick around longer.

conngs0 says: (8/1/20 1:34 PM)
sharksfansd, I agree the Peet's closure is a shame as it was a solid option. Not sure if you're typically around the Metro entrance and M Street, but just around the corner beyond the Marriott from Peet's is Lot38, which serves Illy Coffee, and the people who run it are fantastic. Unfortunately the outside isn't super inviting and there isn't outdoor seating, but (after covid), the upstairs seating area is comfortable.

JES says: (8/3/20 10:59 AM)
omg i would kill for a silver diner...

jdc says: (8/3/20 2:24 PM)
Being able to walk to Silver Diner is nice. I miss my routine of taking the morning off work several times a year and heading over there for a long breakfast over a pile of comics.

Sasq says: (8/7/20 12:20 PM)
I don't think I've come across this on the site but, Cracker Barrel announced in March that eatertainment brand Punch Bowl Social has closed all of its 19 locations and laid off most of its restaurant and corporate staff and that it would not prevent foreclosure on the brand.

In these uncertain times, I wonder what will replace it???

JD says: (8/7/20 12:31 PM)
Wow, no, hadn't seen that.

But it is a really good reminder that any expectations that retail that says it's coming will actually get here (or will stay open once it's here) should be tempered, at best.

JES says: (8/7/20 1:59 PM)
It looks like punch bowl isn't completely dead, as they're reopening some locations currently. Maybe that means ours will still happen, who knows. link

GarfieldPark says: (8/7/20 2:10 PM)
Target date of Wed Aug 12th for I ST CVS. Can't come soon enough!

CJBabyDaddy says: (8/7/20 3:07 PM)
La Famosa (1st floor of the Bower) targeting a late August or early September opening.

CJBabyDaddy says: (8/7/20 8:19 PM)
To my fellow New FDMB arch geeks: As of COB Friday, August 7, nine of the twelve pieces of the final center arch are up and the tenth is on site. According to the New FDMB Instagram page, an announcement will be made next week (Aug 9-16) regarding the date on which the final piece is expected to go up. Sign up there or be square.

GarfieldPark says: (8/9/20 8:28 PM)
Wagtime has now turned into Dogtopia? New owners or what?

CJBabyDaddy says: (8/12/20 8:04 PM)
Looks like the final piece of the final arch of the New Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge goes up Thursday, August 13th. If you want to watch the historic moment from the comfort of whatever you sit on while staring at a PC, tablet or phone screen, click on this link for info:


TJ31 says: (8/14/20 2:19 PM)
Did envy open up ? Avidian is at October now.

Jscott280 says: (8/14/20 3:47 PM)
@TJ31 - yea envy is finally doing closings. Good luck on that estimate, we were told May. DC permitting is running really slow (to be understood) in the pandemic. Based off Envy's experience I would plan for end of the year to beg of 2021.

VelocityChris says: (8/16/20 8:51 AM)
New crane up at 41 L St.

TJ31 says: (8/16/20 2:10 PM)
@Jscott280 - i hear ya. it started out being early 2020, then march 2020 and here we are now... praying its not 2021!

tmich93 says: (8/17/20 9:36 AM)
Anyone have any clue what is going on at CVS on I and Half? They put up giant “Now Open” stickers on their windows and then put up new closed signed on their doors and then promptly put black tape all over their new stickers the next day.

dcgent says: (8/17/20 2:37 PM)
Walters sports bar pivots to breakfast place in morning link

conngs0 says: (8/18/20 1:50 PM)
wow, those sandwiches look pretty good....

CJBabyDaddy says: (8/18/20 5:24 PM)
Anchovy Social apparently is dusting off the cobwebs this week.


Sasq says: (8/19/20 9:00 AM)
While this article is a year late, it's still happening. Saw the window coverings for Bearded Goat beside Potbelly's yesterday.


Sasq says: (8/19/20 9:03 AM)

Andres4Mayor says: (8/19/20 10:49 AM)
Bearded Goat Barber coming to the former never-opened 18/8 and former Yards leasing office. link

Between that, Scissors & Scotch, Blackbird Salon, Bang, and Bishops, it seems haircuts is the new boom industry for the neighborhood.

CJBabyDaddy says: (8/20/20 9:31 AM)
Or the Mayor is proud of our gleaming new ‘hood but is sending in the cavalry because she finds us embarrassingly undergroomed.

Andres4Mayor says: (8/20/20 8:52 PM)
The freezers at Jeni's are now fully stocked. Ice cream is imminent.

RAWR says: (8/22/20 7:54 PM)
Staff at Jeni's said that they're opening on Thursday the 27th

202_cyclist says: (8/24/20 8:13 AM)
Some good news— Solace Brewing is opening a location of the ground floor of the Maren (i.e. Dock 80).


ValveetaChz says: (8/27/20 5:35 PM)
Does anyone know if Jeni's at The Bower has opened?

NWtoSE says: (8/27/20 8:33 PM)
@ValceetaChz - according to the Capitol Riverfront BID newsletter that went out today, it is open

NicoRay says: (8/28/20 5:10 AM)
La Famosa opening in September

jdc says: (8/28/20 7:12 AM)
At the rate things are going, I likely will not recognize the area whenever I return to the physical office.

Shogungts says: (8/31/20 1:25 PM)
"Andres4Mayor says: (8/19/20 10:49 AM)
Bearded Goat Barber coming to the former never-opened 18/8 and former Yards leasing office. link

Between that, Scissors & Scotch, Blackbird Salon, Bang, and Bishops, it seems haircuts is the new boom industry for the neighborhood."

Seriously! Living on the Hill just north of Navy Yard for the last ~13 years now I have bounced around to so many places trying to find a decent haircut that didn't cost a fortune (and sometimes they did cost a fortune). There were many times that I was going to Chinatown or even up to Shaw for a haircut, but it is nice to have options that are close. Hopefully demand can sustain them.

I have been going to Bishops since they opened and am very happy with their cuts, pricing and ability to schedule appointments online.

bdj says: (8/31/20 11:12 PM)
@shogungts - what's the price at Bishops? I've been going to Jajo in Eastern Market for years because that's the only $20 haircut I could find in the neighborhood.

Shogungts says: (9/2/20 2:32 PM)
@bdj - There are several factors based on length of your hair, whether you want a shampoo etc, but if you just want a shortcut it's $41 (I am pretty sure this increased since my last cut). All of their prices are listed online.

Obviously that is well north of the $20 you are paying so it probably isn't worth it to you; I am very picky about my haircuts and don't like waiting around so I value the ability to make appointments and especially like when they allow you do so online.

It's also much cheaper than places like Barber of Hell's bottom that were charging $85 or Men's Grooming like places on the hill that were charging $65, but $20 is going to be extremely hard to beat.

CJBabyDaddy says: (9/3/20 10:13 PM)
@NicoRay: If all goes to plan, opening Monday September 14th.

GaryRKarr says: (9/4/20 12:04 PM)
Reporting in that the CVS on I and Half Street is now open.

CJBabyDaddy says: (9/12/20 9:29 PM)
Got a taste of La Famosa tonight on the 5th & Tingey Street corner of the Bower. Another great addition to the neighborhood dining scene. We are truly spoiled. Soft opening Monday the 14th.

JD says: (9/14/20 10:58 AM)
Just letting everyone know the latest from my never-dull world. After 5 1/2 months of working seven days a week, I succumbed to my Dad's desire to do our usual trip to Wyoming, so we took the 2 1/2 days to drive out there. The first full day there, one week shy of his 87th birthday, he went out for a bike ride and, long story short, spent two nights in the hospital with what was determined to be a mild heart attack.

Most 2020 Vacation Possible!

He's doing pretty well now, and we're back in DC, but the batteries did not exactly get recharged....

NavyYardGuy says: (9/14/20 2:02 PM)
I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope your father gets well and you get all the charging you need.

dcgent says: (9/14/20 9:22 PM)
Argh. I hate 2020. Glad he's doing better and I hope you find a better break sometime soon.

jdc says: (9/15/20 8:34 AM)
We miss JD, but family comes first. Best wishes on a speedy recovery for your dad!

tmich93 says: (9/15/20 1:20 PM)
Sorry to hear that JD! Best wishes to your father during his recovery.

tmich93 says: (9/15/20 1:21 PM)
Just tried La Famosa yesterday and it was terrific. Their menu has terrific value and the food and service were spectacular. Beautiful space as well.

JD says: (9/15/20 3:16 PM)
This is why I remain extremely reticent to speak much of expected openings.


(El Rey and American Ice Co. had shown up on promo materials as coming to Dock 79, but I don't know whether that is still happening.)

JD says: (9/15/20 3:17 PM)
And these tidbits from Martin Austermuhle on Twitter:

Yikes: Per data from D.C.’s CFO, the city’s hospitality industry (hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.) saw a 42% decrease in jobs from February to July 2020. (All told, that’s 35k jobs.) In U.S. as a whole, it was a 25% job decrease in that sector.

D.C.’s professional, technical, and management sector, on the other hand, gained 3,500 jobs in that same period, growing 2.8%. Again, if you’re a white-collar worker in D.C. (or many places), your pandemic experience has been very different.

Jscott280 says: (9/15/20 7:50 PM)
Looks like the Hilton brothers are partnering with solace brewing for the retail space under maren via @eatdc

dcgent says: (9/19/20 6:29 AM)
Very cool historical look at the neighborhood link

202_cyclist says: (9/30/20 10:06 PM)
Who should we write in for the ANC 6D02 seat? Kanye? Deez Nuts?

Shogungts says: (9/30/20 10:27 PM)
Cool stuff dcgent - thanks for sharing.

GaryRKarr says: (10/4/20 4:26 PM)
The old Peet's space now has a "Retail Space for Lease" sign on its doors/windows. Also, not sure if this is new but sign on Willie's says "we will be closing this location for remodeling, we hope you will like our new and upcoming concept. Stay turned for more information ... Thank you for all your support over the years ... Hill Restaurant Group." I think the overuse of ellipses would drive The Slot nuts, but anyway, I offer it up without editing.

dcgent says: (10/8/20 4:52 PM)
Can't stop the Detroit style pizza momentum--new at Scarlet Oak link

right-toe says: (10/8/20 5:15 PM)
Lots of little changes around:

Sidewalk has opened up around the DDOT building, and 2nd Place is no longer blocked off.

Sidewalk along I St & part of 2nd St infront of the Garrett has opened, altho some of 2nd St and the road are still blocked.

Construction has started at 1st & N St (between Nats Park Garage & F1rst).

On Half St, the Gatsy signage is up and the Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery is open, with seating outside. Also seems like Basebowl is close, could see a finished serving counter under a partial open front door.

GarfieldPark says: (10/10/20 1:51 PM)
Anyone know what is happening on First st outside of WeWork bldg? They are doing something.

VelocityChris says: (10/10/20 6:38 PM)
They're adding two floors to the top of the WeWork building.

Westnorth says: (10/13/20 2:44 PM)
Navy Museum is fundraising for a $450M new spot outside the Navy Yard gates, forecast to be built 2023-2025. The rendering appears to show a new building at 555 M St SE (SW corner with Isaac Hull Ave), about where the electrical substation currently sits across from Joy Evans Park and half a block east of Harris Teeter.


In Yards developer-speak, the new building shown is on Parcel E3, and the low brick warehouse is Building 74. There was a rumor that FCW/Brookfield was in talks to swap land with the Navy Museum, but that seems impossible since the current museum shares two buildings with high-security Navy operations. Maybe the Navy will just buy the site from FCW (though GSA technically owns the land now).

conngs0 says: (10/13/20 5:06 PM)
Cool news about the museum. It'll be interesting to see how it progresses from that rendering. I do regret the USS Barry was taken away (or not replaced with another ship before the new FDM Bridge closed off access) because it would have been cool to incorporate it into the museum somehow.

CJBabyDaddy says: (10/13/20 11:34 PM)
@WestNorth: Methinks the proposed land swap involves/involved Navy Yard waterfront. My theory is/was for Brookfield to give the Navy Bldg 74 and nearby for the Museum in exchange for receiving, rehabilitating, and maintaining the Navy Yard riverwalk.

I have a neighbor who works for Brookfield. If he were to tell me, he’d probably do so only after fitting me for concrete shoes on a boat in the middle of the Anacostia.

So, I think I’ll wait for public news like everyone else.

Jscott280 says: (10/26/20 5:59 PM)
Basebowl on Half Street opening November 13.

Alex B. says: (10/29/20 11:20 AM)
Reading the tea leaves, the land swap idea isn't about swapping the existing navy museum site within the secure perimeter, but some other portion of DoD-controlled land.


There was an old Navy Historic Society online event that hinted the land swap would be with some DoD land on the other side of the river. They referenced the need to coordinate with the US Park Police regarding their helicopter use, as well as the White House Communications Agency (based in the northern part of JBAB), which implies a swap for some land that's either adjacent to or a part of Poplar Point.

Jscott280 says: (11/2/20 5:33 PM)
Swizzler (old Taylor grommet spot) is opening on Friday.

GarfieldPark says: (11/3/20 6:48 PM)
Declaration has put up a sign saying they will be closed until AFTER the inauguration. :(

202_cyclist says: (11/12/20 8:26 PM)
More neighbors!


GaryRKarr says: (11/16/20 9:36 AM)
Basebowl Ramen on Half Street is now open.

FstSE says: (11/20/20 5:56 PM)
Umm.. have we seen this yet?

202_cyclist says: (11/20/20 6:49 PM)
FstSE— thank you for posting.

It isn’t quite th observation deck at the Willis tower but the overhang on the building onnthe right looks pretty cool.

bdj says: (11/20/20 8:27 PM)
It's a connection to Ore 82, I think JD posted about this 6-12 months ago.

king of arabistan says: (11/21/20 5:42 PM)
So those buildings are planned for the parcel north of DC Water HQ? I guess no more movie theater in Navy Yard then? If I am wrong about the location where will it be built?

FstSE says: (11/21/20 10:48 PM)
@king of Arabistan: this is the greystar site currently under construction across from the whole foods on NJ Ave. Two apartment buildings (214 units & 542 units) and a hotel fronting NJ Ave.

king of arabistan says: (11/23/20 11:58 AM)
@FstSE thanks

bdj says: (11/23/20 11:32 PM)
has Basebowl the other night and it was delicious. Great addition to the neighborhood.

dcgent says: (11/24/20 12:55 PM)
Plans for large surface parking lot left on Buzzard point announced link

Jscott280 says: (11/24/20 1:45 PM)
Wow - that is very impressive!!

CJBabyDaddy says: (11/25/20 11:25 PM)
@king of arabistan: Keep movie theater hope alive!

Maelstrom says: (12/10/20 1:35 AM)
Interesting story about near southeast I just found:

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

Maelstrom says: (12/10/20 10:25 AM)
Looks like the URL did not post on my last comment. I will try it again in this one. If it still doesn't work, look up "Arcgis Navy Yard" there is a story about how the census has determined that the Near Southeast (census Tract 72) is the most gentrified neighborhood in the nation over the last 10 years. It's a good read.


(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

conngs0 says: (12/10/20 2:13 PM)
Thanks, Maelstrom! I agree it's a good read. I wonder how Courtyard Marriott feels about its building being cited as an example of a structure exhibiting minor decay! In all seriousness, it's fantastic how well the neighborhood has come along in the last couple of decades. However, the goal of rehabilitating struggling neighborhoods without excluding so many people who live in them is still (and will always be?) elusive, unfortunately. There are probably lessons from this neighborhood's experiences to help inform subsequent redevelopment efforts.

Westnorth says: (12/18/20 2:02 PM)
was wondering where the Navy Museum came up with $450M, and the answer is probably that the new Army Museum cost $430M. Ahhh, military procurement!

The Marine Corps Museum seems to have cost <$100M, but that was 15 years ago and construction costs have spiraled. The Bible Museum reportedly spent $500M, including $50M for the building.

RAWR says: (12/19/20 4:35 PM)
Looks like a wine store is going in next to Bishop's, according to the notices posted in the window.

RMP says: (12/22/20 8:31 PM)
Kilwins coming soon link

jdc says: (1/5/21 9:00 AM)
Happy new year to all JD land posters! Hopefully 2021 brings a bevy of new announcements and openings as well as folks like me back to the neighborhood.

FedInExile says: (1/11/21 7:58 AM)
Kilwins coming??!!

This poses serious danger to my being able to fit through the doorway...

Seriously good ice cream and other goodies!

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