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* HELLO, MAXWELL PARK: The wine bar sibling of Albi opened on March 2, in the ground floor of the Guild apartment building at 1346 4th Street SE. Washingtonian has the scoop.The official web site has additional deets, such as menus and current hours of operation (Monday-Thursday 4pm to midnight, Friday and Saturday 4 pm to 1 am, and 4 pm to 11 pm on Sunday).
* GOODBYE GORDON BIERSCH: It was big news when Gordon Biersch opened in the ground floor of 100 M Street SE on Opening Day 2013, when there were so few other options nearby, but time marches on--the company has been doing some downsizing, and, without warning, closed up the 1st and M SE location after service on Sunday, March 1.
* COMING SOON, 9ROUND: There's a tenant now signed for the retail space on the southwest corner of New Jersey and L in the ground floor of Insignia on M, and it is apparently 9Round, a "30 minute kickbox fitness" gym. No word on when it will open.
* G&R: I am probably the last person to inform you that this summer's big concert at Nats Park will be Guns N Roses and Smashing Pumpkins, on Thursday, July 16. Tickets are already on sale.
* SUMMER MOVIE POLL: You have until Friday, March 6 to cast your vote for which movies should be shown at Canal Park for this year's Outdoor Movie Series.
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Jscott280 says: (3/3/20 7:02 PM)
Andy’s Pizza to join atlas brewery on half street. They will have a walk up window...pretty cool.

jdc says: (3/4/20 8:39 AM)
I always appreciate more pizza options, but can the neighborhood really sustain this many pizza joints?

JD says: (3/4/20 9:25 AM)
Assuming it's slices at the walk-up window, they will do amazing business on game days.

Jscott280 says: (3/4/20 10:55 AM)

Jscott280 says: (3/4/20 10:55 AM)

dcgent says: (3/4/20 3:23 PM)
Buzzard point conversion to swap out ground floor retail for charter school? link I worry that's bad for pushing that still desolate area to be a nice residential area. But who knows

RMP says: (3/4/20 6:11 PM)
Walk up windows are the best. I wish they were more common. I used to stop at get coffee at the Velo Cafe (RIP) walk-up window when I was in the area. They are really handy for when you're out walking dog(s) and want something quick to-go.

dcgent says: (3/9/20 9:13 AM)
Some pricey views of nats park! link

JD says: (3/9/20 10:42 AM)
I was going to put up a new post with news of Jeni's Ice Creams coming to 4th and Tingey, Andy's Pizza bringing slices to a walk-up window at Atlas Brew Works on Half Street, and signs pointing to El Rey and American Ice Company coming to the Riverwalk in spaces at the Maren and Dock 79, but with the current news of the world, I think any forward-looking items now need to be viewed through the edges of an N95 respirator and a collapsing stock market.

RMP says: (3/10/20 12:02 PM)
Swizzler taking over the old Taylor Gourmet space link

Ampersand says: (3/11/20 3:40 PM)
Just passed through Canal Park and the ice rink is no more. Soon I will be able to get my pizza, gelato, and croissants without walking all the way around.

jdc says: (3/11/20 4:10 PM)
Tower crane for DC Crossing is being disassembled.

202_cyclist says: (3/16/20 1:25 PM)
So, who's up for a virtual JD Land happy hour?

Jscott280 says: (3/16/20 5:20 PM)
Not sure if this is the right time...but the new retail on N street should be revealed next week.

JD says: (3/17/20 10:29 AM)
As I said in the tidbit above, I think all forward-looking data should be taken with a gigantic grain of salt right now. This neighborhood's retail/food establishment could be pretty decimated in the coming weeks/months.

That said, La Famosa got its building permit for its spot at the Bower.

KLG says: (3/18/20 10:57 AM)
There is new lettering up on the door of the former Whaley's space. It reads "Bammy's". Any buzz on this?

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

bmooremsu says: (3/18/20 2:43 PM)
Per Capitol Riverfront Site Eyed For 900-Unit Development With A Food Hall

Read more at: link

RMP says: (3/19/20 12:48 PM)
Does anyone else feel like they are spending more money on restaurants right now than before? I am devastated by the pain that all of our neighborhood businesses are feeling.

Jscott280 says: (3/20/20 3:29 PM)
Kilwins(ice cream), chicken + whiskey and taphouse 99 coming to N street.

AGH says: (3/20/20 3:31 PM)
Just got notice that the new retail on N street will be: Kilwins (Chocolate, Fudge, and Ice Cream), Chicken + Whiskey, and Taphouse 99 (in addition to Punch Bowl). Not sure how or if any of this will change in the next weeks/months.

CJBabyDaddy says: (3/20/20 9:32 PM)
@RMP: I’m stacking up gift cards so I can celebrate by binging at a couple of my favorite spots when they re-open.

MarkinDC says: (3/22/20 11:30 AM)
This article has some great info for helping out our neighborhood restaurants and bar workers. Pay special attention to the "virtual tip jar" in the article.


(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

RMP says: (3/22/20 4:09 PM)
The Willow space is cleared out :(

202_cyclist says: (4/1/20 10:46 PM)
JD— your brother is doing good work.


Jscott280 says: (4/2/20 1:36 PM)
Construction fences up at 1299 first st, has anyone heard what might go here?

GaryRKarr says: (4/7/20 10:30 AM)
It may be because this is the first spring I've lived in JDLand, but has "The Star-Spangled Banner" always been broadcast over loudspeakers at 8 a.m.? (Noticing it now because our windows are open) I'm assuming this is coming from the Marine Band building.

NWtoSE says: (4/7/20 1:31 PM)
@JScott280- I don't think they have a tenant, but the developer plans to build a 2 story bar-restaurant with a rooftop and basement.

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

NWtoSE says: (4/7/20 1:31 PM)

JES says: (4/7/20 2:10 PM)
@NWtoSE I just saw "Coming 2019 Showplace ICON theatre" on the map in the property marketing flyer, and i got sad

202_cyclist says: (4/7/20 7:09 PM)
Gary— yes, they play that and He revelry every morning at the Navy Yard. Sometimes when I am running, I yell ‘play ball’ afterwards but hey is just too depressing now.

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/7/20 7:40 PM)
@JES: With all the stress and anxiety we’re enduring, you had to go rub salt into our collective movie theater wound? I’d give anything to be able to walk by a shuttered theater nowadays that I could look forward to seeing re-open next year. Bwaaaah ~Sniffle~ Bwaaaah ~Sniffle~ I’m O.K. I just had a moment.

202_cyclist says: (4/7/20 10:20 PM)
2-story retail is such a waste for the 1299 First Street lot.

VelocityChris says: (4/9/20 7:56 PM)
202--or you could look at the silver lining, it's not a 10 story office with no retail! :)

JNB says: (4/9/20 9:25 PM)
That is all they are allowed to build on the site. It has to do with how the lot was bifurcated during the same process.

Jscott280 says: (4/10/20 8:10 AM)
I remember JDland saying that the bullpen might be the tenant for this building. I wonder if the original bullpen lot is about to be redeveloped soon.

JD says: (4/10/20 11:08 AM)
Just to let you guys know I am still alive (and not sick)--just have become the Keeper of the COVID Numbers for my day job, and have been building databases and scrapers and whatnot, so I've pretty much been working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. (by choice! mostly)

Carry on.

Sasq says: (4/10/20 11:28 AM)
@JD...thank you for checking in because I was really starting to wonder... stay safe and thanks for all you are doing to keep us updated and in the know!

NWtoSE says: (4/11/20 7:39 PM)
@202 & @JNB- that's correct, the density from that 1299 was pushed to F1RST Residences and the Marriott Residence Inn.

@Jscott- The Bullpen was very close for a deal at 1299 but that fell apart before it was sold to MGA. The Bullpen lot is probably on hold for any development for a while as the owners will not build until they have preleased 50%.

JNB says: (4/13/20 2:08 PM)
NW to SE the actual reason is that it was not one continuous site at the original closing. There was a spike piece in the assemblage which made the site not contiguous.

jdc says: (4/14/20 6:53 AM)
I, for one, think some height differences make the neighborhood more visually appealing. I think that, for instance, those differences make the Foundry Lofts and Boilermaker Shops buildings so interesting.

king of arabistan says: (4/16/20 9:56 AM)
Medstar has opened a primary care clinic below One Hill South. The sign says pediatrics coming soon. So I guess for now adults only. I guess we needed a clinic for humans in the neighborhood as we already have one for pets. There is already a dentist so now the neighborhood is mostly complete for all human needs I guess. Good timing I guess. Any thoughts?

202_cyclist says: (4/20/20 1:30 PM)
I saw construction equipment at Dock 81 (i.e. the lot next to the Maren). Is there anything planned there or is it just being used to store equipment?

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/20/20 8:22 PM)
Word on the street is that Chloe Restaurant @ 4th &Tingey will open a carry-out operation on April 20-somethingth. Best dining news I’ve heard in weeks.

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/22/20 8:30 AM)
@202: Conceptual renderings of the space between (what is now) Maren and the new FDMB have always shown two more buildings between Maren and the new bridge. One commercial; the other residential. I assume we may have to wait for the bridge to be finished before there’s any real action in that space. Then we can all celebrate the demise of Bard- . . . er . . . I mean . . . what the future has in store.

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/22/20 2:53 PM)
Chloe Restaurant carry-out/pick-up operation is up and running April 23rd. I placed an order on their website today. It’s downright embarrassing how much I’ve missed their cauliflower and gnocchi.

CJ1 says: (4/22/20 3:29 PM)
I was just looking at floor plans for the new Estate building for the heck of it... holy moly, are people really going to pay these prices to rent??

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/22/20 5:06 PM)
@CJ1: Just because you and I don’t have holy moly rent money doesn’t mean that lots of other folks (or their employers) don’t. Lotta $$$ in this town.

CL85 says: (4/23/20 9:59 AM)
Related Properties has released more details regarding the second phase of One Hill South, apparently to be called 10K Hill South. Bowling Alley, indoor pool, and rooftop infinity pool. link

Dan says: (4/23/20 11:27 AM)
@CL85: Because that's the starting rent for a studio, I assume?

202_cyclist says: (4/26/20 9:12 AM)
We gained a new tower crane yesterday at the CSX site but we also lost the tower crane at the DDOT headquarters building.

jdc says: (4/26/20 4:44 PM)
I wonder how different the area will look whenever I get back to it, especially DC Crossing, Phase II of Parc Riverside, and other work going on in that general vicinity (37 L, Metro Chiller, etc).

202_cyclist says: (4/26/20 8:11 PM)
jdc— You will be please to find that both the movie theater and the 11th Street pedestrian bridge have been completed in the past month. DDOT also tore down I-695 and built a grand pedestrian boulevard for social distancing.

202_cyclist says: (4/26/20 8:13 PM)
In all seriousness, K St, SE, which had been closed for the Parc Riverside II construction is now open for vehicles and sidewalk is open for the entire block.

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/27/20 11:22 AM)
@RMP: Ran into one of the Willow principals this (4/27) morning. She was cleaning out the space for good. They did not plan to renew their lease this summer. The current moratorium on “non-essential” retail operations simply accelerated their departure from the ‘hood.

jdc says: (4/27/20 11:42 AM)
To pass the time, how about thoughts on a Willow replacement, either for that location or just what amenity we think is still MIA...(and no, saying a movie theater is not a valid response). I think we're over-caffeinated, but I'd still love a Dunkin Donuts.

Jscott280 says: (4/27/20 12:04 PM)
West Elm would be a gold mine in navy yard.

JD says: (4/27/20 12:27 PM)
I was in Willow around Christmas and they definitely looked like they were on their way out.

conngs0 says: (4/27/20 12:42 PM)
Agree West Elm, Bo Concept, etc. could do well. It does strike me as strange that the retail in the neighborhood is still relatively scattered. I'm not sure where the tipping point is for the area to be a retail "destination", but I don't think we're quite there yet. I still think it'd be awesome if "Building 170" could be used for something - either one large retail store or a few smaller ones would be great, or something that utilizes that entire outdoor space (Smorgasburg didn't work out, but it really did show how much of a focal point that part of the neighborhood could be).

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/27/20 1:26 PM)
RIP, Willow. One has to assume by now that our nostalgic retail fantasies don’t align with the numbers that get crunched by landlords and brick-n-mortar retail operators. Take into account that we live in an area where convenient street parking is precious, we have a major attraction that significantly disrupts auto/pedestrian traffic 80+ days a year (plus another that does the same to a lesser degree another 20 days). Many of us like the convenience of online shopping and live in buildings that ensure secure delivery of orders. The folks who imagine us a West Elm neighborhood might wail if the one large retail store we could actually attract was only a mini-Target, where they’d have to rub shoulders with mere non-West Elmers. I just want the cineplex we thought we’d get in 2018. Damn you, WASA! Grrr.

bdj says: (4/27/20 11:31 PM)
West Elm or CB2 would be a good fit. They have one on 14th street, same type of idea. These places don't really carry merchandise, they're just showrooms for buying stuff online, so they'd even benefit from the amenity rich apartment buildings.

Building 170 should be rehabbed and turned into this
or for something a little closer to home - Eastern Market

You could fit a bunch of food vendors in there, which seating in the plaza just outside (I disagree that Smorgasborg didn't work out). There's a lot of vertical space, so could also have elevated seating for the winter inside.

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