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It's the summer doldrums, when not only is there not really much news, but even when there is, I can't summon energy from my heat-depleted body to do much about it. But here are a few, plus a fresh new thread for the on-the-ball JDLand commentariat to keep chatting about the latest goings on.
* SHILLING OPEN: It took a while, but the Shilling Canning Company, a "modern mid-Atlantic restaurant." is now open at 360 Water Street, SE, in the ground floor of Arris across from Ice Cream Jubilee. Here's the Washingtonian and Eater pieces on the latest addition to the neighborhood's culinary lineup.
* UPS STORE: Longtime JDLand reader @202FSUNole passed along this shot yesterday of a "UPS Store Coming Soon" sign in the space previously occupied by Capital One on New Jersey between L and M, making it the neighborhood's first shipping store.
* POPLAR POINT RAMP CLOSING: The ramp that leads from Poplar Point and the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail up to the northbound side of South Capitol Street and the Douglass Bridge is being closed as of July 21, DDOT has announced. It's not clear yet whether this means the side path will be closed as well.
* THE KELVIN: When it's this hot, it's particularly apropos to pass along the news that the apartment project at 1250 Half Street (the rental sibling to Envy condos) has been named The Kelvin.
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smitty2k1 says: (7/19/19 12:22 PM)
UPS Store is a VERY welcomed addition!

RMP says: (7/19/19 1:27 PM)
Agree that UPS is a solid addition for that space.

There is also some activity in the former Bower sales office. Looks like they built an interior room in what used to be the model.

202_cyclist says: (7/19/19 1:49 PM)
JD, thank you for the updates.

Over in SWTLQTC-territory, there is a construction blimp that is tethered to the 7-11 parking lot and a water truck there. Is this for the So. Capitol/Frederick Douglass bridge replacement or is there a development in the South Capitol corridor that is imminent?

walt says: (7/19/19 2:12 PM)
Tried El Bebe last night and I was FLOORED by how good the cauliflower taco was. And the blackened fish taco.

walt says: (7/19/19 2:13 PM)
Anybody have any hints/advice for going to watch the Apollo 50 display tonight or tomorrow (Fri/Sat)? Best place to view? Bike or walk? Any restrictions or security BS?

GarfieldPark says: (7/20/19 1:01 PM)
UPS store is a great addition to the hood, one that I wouldn't even have thought of. Now I don't have to travel all the way to Eastern Market for my Amazon returns! Very practical.

SWneighbor says: (7/20/19 3:52 PM)
What is a construction blimp?

202_cyclist says: (7/20/19 8:54 PM)

202_cyclist says: (7/20/19 11:07 PM)
SWneighbor— here is the company that provides the balloons for construction photography.


jdc says: (7/21/19 4:54 PM)
Finally made it to All Purpose - unfortunately, it was too hot for me to be interested in pizza. But everything else on brunch menu that we ordered was delicious and the friends brave enough to eat pizza (and then walk around in 100+ degree heat) said it was excellent.

Capyardsres says: (7/22/19 12:25 PM)
So there is a bit of a thing going on in 70 Capitol Yards.

There was a sign by the elevators last week that said called for an all tenant meeting regarding management ( it said “do you feel your voice isn’t being heard by management here? Are you frustrated with the new direction of the management team?) this Monday at 7pm. Then the sign was torn down and left on the floor. Now there are signs on the wall AND in the elevator.

GarfieldPark says: (7/22/19 11:34 PM)
I saw the cleaners is open underneath Park Chelsea on I Street

202_cyclist says: (7/23/19 1:34 PM)
Is the 11th Street Bridge Park actually going to happen? Although I think it would be a great project, I was skeptical of it being built.


CJBabyDaddy says: (7/23/19 2:45 PM)
@202: I share your skepticism. Even if built, it still seems too isolated from the communities on each side of the river to ever be attractive to either or really serve as a (no pun intended) bridge between them. And if homeless people already occasionally sleep overnight on the current bare-bones pedestrian bridge, a jazzed-up bridge will serve as the Four Seasons of homeless encampments without steady police presence and a curfew.

bdj says: (7/23/19 11:55 PM)
Anyone have any feedback on the new cleaners? I’m looking for a new place. What’s the cost to wash and press a shirt and clean a pair of men’s pants?

NavyYardGuy says: (7/24/19 8:20 AM)
This was probably talked about but the open land behind Eye Street adjacent to 695 has some pretty concrete plans now:


202_cyclist says: (7/24/19 9:06 AM)
Yikes! I didn’t know the Canadians were developing this.... PANIC!!!!

walt says: (7/24/19 10:08 AM)
I'd love to hear ideas or see mockups (JD-style mockups would be great) of what you all think will happen in that space. It's such a strange configuration, I can't imagine how it will be laid out. UNLESS VA avenue north of the lot and south of the power plant is opened up again and there's a public path that connects both parts of VA Avenue.
How will there even be any access to the westernmost part of that plot?

JD says: (7/24/19 11:29 AM)
Ahem: link

JD says: (7/24/19 12:00 PM)
Also, I can't believe that media outlets are credulously reporting a completion date for the 11th Street Bridge Park AGAIN.

conngs0 says: (7/24/19 12:43 PM)
walt, I'm intrigued as well, but I'm very excited about the prospect of using that space in a productive way that avoids it becoming an eyesore or a place for illegal activity.

bdj, I haven't been to this particular cleaners yet, but if it's the same operation as the one previously located on New Jersey Avenue (which I believe was the rumor), the people are fantastic and they do a good job. I was sad to see them close up a couple of years ago.

RMP says: (7/25/19 12:32 PM)
Our former Taylor Gourmet will not be one of the three initially revived. link

conngs0 says: (7/26/19 9:56 AM)
RMP, I can't say I'm disappointed. I thought the quality of Taylor Gourmet dropped precipitously once they expanded from their H Street and City Vista locations (i.e. when they stopped bringing in their rolls from Philly). And their Navy Yard outpost was particularly mediocre (although a sandwich from there was indeed a convenient meal to bring into the ballpark!). I wonder what will come of that space. I don't really know how bankruptcies work, but it seems odd for the landlord to not be able to lease it out to another venture rather than have to wait to see if Grazie Grazie will expand into it from SW.

202_cyclist says: (7/26/19 12:40 PM)
Now if there was a place that made franchesinhas, on the other hand...


jdc says: (7/27/19 8:36 AM)
Having only ever eaten that this Taylor Gourmet location, I was always happy with the quality and portion size. I miss it.

RMP says: (7/27/19 10:20 AM)
The Brig is one of the first three bars to apply for a sports betting liquor license. link

GarfieldPark says: (7/27/19 7:27 PM)
9Round fitness kickboxing is coming to Insignia apts. Saw it on their Instagram today.

ValveetaChz says: (7/29/19 10:04 AM)
So the car wash is staying? That is a major bummer!

Westnorth says: (7/29/19 4:53 PM)
I've been pleased with Grazie^2 the few times I've gone. Nice to have something at that price point at the Wharf.

@walt: there's a curb cut on So Cap under the flyover, though I can't imagine how anyone would roll a crane through there. But the Virginia Avenue construction crews have used it for staging, so there must be some way of rolling stuff onto there -- maybe from NJ Ave by taking it under the highway twice.

CJBabyDaddy says: (7/29/19 5:14 PM)
@Valveeta: I don’t want too many cars in the ‘hood but I do want ‘em all shiny clean.

202_cyclist says: (7/29/19 10:39 PM)
Yes— no hooptie cars in the neighborhood.

202_cyclist says: (7/29/19 10:43 PM)
Besides, where will people work?


GG says: (7/30/19 7:10 PM)
According to an email that went out to 100 I St residents today, construction on the old CSX lots starts August 5.

bdj says: (7/31/19 8:16 AM)
Just saw DCRA permits in the window of the retail unit next to Bonchon. Anyone know what’s going in there?

JD says: (7/31/19 8:19 AM)
Liquor store? Can't remember if they are still going in there.

Ampersand says: (7/31/19 1:39 PM)
I think it's supposed to be a liquor store from the Harry's people, or something like that

jdc says: (7/31/19 1:57 PM)
A second CVS and another liquor store in proximity to existing ones makes zero sense. The question is whether they make enough cents to stay in business.

NavyYardNittany says: (8/1/19 12:44 AM)
The Harry’s guys said the new liquor store isn’t them.

Also, with regard to the western portion of the CSX/Greystar/Oxford property next to the S Capitol ramp, isn’t a redevelopment of that interchange part of the 5-year or 10-year DOT plan? Thought I read somewhere that the plan is to get the bridge and roundabout finished and then work towards the 695 interchange, with a redo in the works in the next few years. That might make any development of that section problematic until it’s finished.

bdj says: (8/1/19 7:41 AM)
Yeah googling the LLC listed, it’s the liquor store. Thought that had died, but they must have just had some trouble getting permits.

walt says: (8/1/19 10:59 AM)
@JD - thanks for the link. That was exactly what I was asking for and answers all of my questions!

So the "applicant has agreed to create a dog park for exclusive use by residents of the project". I wonder if private dog parks are the new parking spaces? This new dog park will be across the street from the Whole Foods dog park.

RMP says: (8/1/19 1:09 PM)
DDOT is piloting a new curbside pickup and dropoff program on Tingey St and 1st St. link

Shogungts says: (8/2/19 12:25 AM)
@Walt - maybe the new dog park will not be a sand park. My friend who lives in Agora won't take his dog their b/c as he will end up with sand all over his apartment.

@jdc - I have to agree; is another liquor store 2.5 blocks away really necessary? I would think if one were to open a new one in the neighborhood they would have done it on the other side of M to have a convenient option for the people living near the stadium and Yards Park.

GarfieldPark says: (8/2/19 12:18 PM)
I saw workers putting up a chain link fence underneath the overpass going to Garfield Park today. Anyone know what that's about?

CJBabyDaddy says: (8/2/19 1:09 PM)
@Shogungts: What are you talking about? Those of us south of M have a wonderful bullet-proof liquor store to patronize at S. Cap & N. Granted, we have to cross border checkpoints into Southwest. And, maybe its wine selection doesn’t yet rival Calvert-Woodley. But it’s full range of Powerball and MegaMillions options served behind glass exposes CW’s inattention to customers’ true needs.

202_cyclist says: (8/2/19 9:15 PM)
Dang! I didn’t realize the Guild has skeeball in their lobby!

CJBabyDaddy says: (8/3/19 1:46 PM)
@202: That‘s nothing. In the Bower lobby, our skeeball table is right next to the rotating BBQ grill in the middle of the Olympic-size infinity pool!

walt says: (8/6/19 11:18 AM)
@Shogungts: ah, yes, the sand at the dog park. It's really bad. My dog likes to lay down in the wet sand (why won't dog parks pour concrete around the water fountains??) to cool off. It gets so deep in his curly hair. I just gave up and now pretend I'm at the beach. Between the humidity in my house and the sand in my sheets, it really feels that way!

@GarfieldPark -- On Saturday, there were a bunch of teens in some type of supervised graffiti event. The wall that was recently pretty cool with some awesome street art now looks like crap. I hope this means the city is going to paint that section because the before was sooooo much more interesting.

RMP says: (8/7/19 1:22 PM)
Smorgasburg is cancelled for August. link

CJBabyDaddy says: (8/7/19 7:14 PM)
Climate change: 1
Smorgasburg: 0

202_cyclist says: (8/8/19 6:01 AM)
.... but we can’t afford to do anything to address climate change.

walt says: (8/8/19 10:38 AM)
Oh no. Smorgasburg was so good and tasty. I'm afraid when the season is over, vendors won't want to come back and will go somewhere more vendor-friendly.

The BID messed up on the execution of this one, I think.

conngs0 says: (8/8/19 10:45 AM)
Too bad about Smorgasburg but not entirely surprising. Considering all of the restaurants in the area that do a good job of taking advantage of their outdoor space plus the abundance of food truck events in DC for the last several years, what little novelty this event had was sure to wear off pretty quickly regardless of the heat despite some very solid (or at least interesting) vendors taking part.

bdj says: (8/8/19 11:15 PM)
I’m actually inclined to take Smorgasbord at their word on this one. DC really is not as shit in August and half the city is gone on vacation. The Tingey Plaza location also doesn’t do much for me in terms of giving a place to hang out.

JD says: (8/9/19 8:30 AM)
The Union Square Hospitality outpost at the new Thompson Hotel at 3rd and Tingey is going to be Maialino Mare, a "Roman style trattoria." link (updated with an Eater link instead of WBJ)

CJBabyDaddy says: (8/9/19 5:13 PM)
Pretty soon, the law needs to be that if they add another good restaurant a block from where you live, you get a free gym membership nearby. Otherwise, I‘m doomed.

JD says: (8/10/19 2:31 AM)
There's been talk that Greystar was about to get in the ground to start work on the ex-CSX site, which I was a bit skeptical of, but I see that the shoring/sheeting/excavation permit has been approved. Time to update the map. Again.

Also, Novel South Cap says that its second phase is getting completed ahead of schedule, and pre-leasing is about to be underway.

GarfieldPark says: (8/11/19 10:34 PM)
DC Vedgefest was today @ Nats Park. A lot of people and a lot of vendors. Was definitely a different feel than years past. Still a good turnout!

GAK says: (8/18/19 8:01 PM)
WestHalf is now leasing and has floor plans and pricing posted on the website: link

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