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I have been remiss in not passing along news from weeks ago that Greystar is planning two residential buildings and a hotel on the land it purchased last year from CSX, fronting New Jersey Avenue across from Whole Foods. I was waiting for more information, and there's now a teensy bit more, so here we go.
The entire property is nearly 11 acres (as you can see on my terrible graphic), stretching from New Jersey to South Capitol and underneath the freeway to the southern edge of the train tracks. (Here's the Google Maps view.).
Greystar is wasting no time, having already filed for excavation, foundation, and building permits for all three buildings. According to the building permit, Tower 1 is the hotel (more about that below), Tower 2 will be an 11-story 240-unit residential building, and Tower 3 will be another 11-story residential building, with approximately 460 units. There will also be a two-level underground parking garage for all three buildings, with approximately 300 parking spaces.
As to exactly where on the site the two residential buildings are planned, well, We Shall See, though they will apparently be accessed by new extensions of H Street and 1st Street, as my cruddy graphic sort of shows and as can also be seen in this graphic from the filing. (Another graphic has the New Jersey/H intersection tagged with "Proposed All Way Stop," which is sorely needed and which will hopefully come to pass.) The residential buildings are "matter of right" projects, meaning that we won't get any handy zoning filings to give us more details.
A BZA case filed last year and approved at the end of January involves the plans for the 11-story hotel, with approximately 200 rooms and ground-floor retail that will be built along New Jersey Avenue, across from Whole Foods and just north of ORE 82. (But, unlike ORE 82, the hotel will not overhang the sidewalk, so that the ORE 82 residents with balconies do not lose their northward views.) The filing
The approved zoning order includes a requirement that the developer create (at the request of 6D, which supported the request 5-0-2 in December) a Loading Management Plan to deal with the inevitable traffic issues that will arise with hotel patrons being picked up and dropped off right along New Jersey.
The order also says that the applicant has agreed to create a dog park for exclusive use by residents of the project, and also that "The Applicant shall fully embrace and utilize the area underneath the freeway for amenity spaces that will be reserved for use by hotel guests and residents of the project."
It should also be noted that recently Greystar took over the management of the 70 and 100 Capitol Yards buildings, and already manages ORE 82. So the buildings most affected by this new project are operated by the same company.
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jdc says: (2/13/19 9:23 AM)
To say that is a challenging site is an understatement. Great location, terrible views and externalities all around (well, mainly north).

JD says: (2/13/19 9:31 AM)
And if you want a refresher on why this block gets built right up to the sidewalk on New Jersey: link

Edna says: (2/13/19 9:47 AM)
When I look at the BZA filing, it does indeed show a cantilever on the hotel matching the cantilever on ORE82, so those poor residents will have their view impinged upon.

GarfieldPark says: (2/13/19 2:38 PM)
AOC chooses JD Land for her DC digs?


RMP says: (2/13/19 3:26 PM)
Ugh. That article is just further proof that people on both side of the aisle are moving to JDland because there's plenty of availability and it's relatively priced compared to other areas. The line "even a studio apartment exceeds $2,000 a month" makes me want to puke.

RMP says: (2/13/19 5:30 PM)
On a related note, I just went to Steadfast Supply and they have AOC merch.

202_cyclist says: (2/14/19 7:15 AM)
Why is there a need to fly helicopters 100 feet above the roof of our apartment at 4:30 AM?

202_cyclist says: (2/14/19 7:38 AM)
With the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez article, is there any suggestion that she is getting a sweetheart deal like an unnamed former EPA Administrator? Otherwise, OMG someone has to pay $2,000 for rent in a city with an extraordinary high cost of living. Scandal!!!!!

dude says: (2/14/19 8:56 AM)
@202 sounds like a fun morning! Sorry!

As for more buildings, well yeah, it happens. As long as there's empty ground around at least.

malatesta says: (2/14/19 10:53 AM)
This really underlines the fact that DDOT needs to put a light at NJ and I, right?

JES says: (2/14/19 11:09 AM)
Just got an advertising email from UrbanTurf about eNvy. Apparently they plan to start sales this spring, with "One and Two bedrooms starting from the low 400s."

202_cyclist says: (2/14/19 11:29 AM)
@JES-- I also received it. The anticipation builds for a swank condo sales party this spring.

RMP says: (2/14/19 11:35 AM)
Didn't an UrbanTurf article last month say eNvy is delivering by the end of 2019? I just find that timing impossible to believe given the pace of the projects I've seen and that they never seem to hit the advertised deadlines.

JD says: (2/14/19 11:36 AM)
The eNvy web site says that. I didn't. :)

JD says: (2/14/19 11:47 AM)
Amazon pulls HQ2B out of NYC!

VelocityChris says: (2/14/19 6:16 PM)
While Amazon says they're not going to move the 25,000 LIC employees to any one single location, as the WaPo article points out, at least the decision makes it so Arlington is the clear HQ2! I thought it was funny the Arlington official flat out admitted they had no idea what to do about "HQ2" when there were two "HQ2's"...HQ2B, hahaha!

202_cyclist says: (2/14/19 9:08 PM)
Simple request, folks—given the Jeff Bezos photos, can we please not describe Amazon’s decision as “pulling out.”

JD says: (2/15/19 9:32 AM)
Via Twitter, a sign on the El Bebe door saying it will open Feb. 26 at 4 pm: link

202_cyclist says: (2/15/19 9:42 AM)
We’ll let all of you know how El Bebe is next Friday!

RMP says: (2/15/19 10:25 PM)
It would appear that the Bower is now open.

CJBabyDaddy says: (2/16/19 6:43 PM)
@RMP. First move-in was Friday, Feb 15. Kinda freaky to have a 137-unit building to yourself (and the wife) for the first night. Of course, there were scores of construction workers on-site at 7am Saturday with drills and saws to remind you that it’ll be a few months before all of the units are ready for occupancy.

RMP says: (2/16/19 7:31 PM)
So where did the sales office go? It sure looks like they up and left in a hurry.

ATPdc says: (2/16/19 11:34 PM)
I live on 1st, SE by the park. Love urban development but serious creep happening from NJ Ave millennials parking their cars there and humping up the staircase to their assorted rentals. Scary to think a couple thousand more poaching a once manageable park. Normally I’d say fair game but hard as an owner (who is paying good money) with 3 elementary school kids having to circumnavigate the neighborhood after seeing a kid bounding up the staircase having just taken the last spot. As it’s not enough stomaching VA license plates with “temp” parking permits taking up Zone 6 spots as they head to their 9-5 on the house side. Becoming contentious.

CJBabyDaddy says: (2/17/19 1:02 AM)
@RMP: I‘m embarrassed to say I haven’t even been down to the south end of the block since moving in Friday. I’ll have to see what’s up with ye olde sales office. I do know that PNH plans to shift sales to within the Bower itself, with an open house in Unit 304 (overlooking Bluejacket) on selected dates beginning Feb 24th. An email splash to folks on the list is forthcoming. I’m curious to see how they’ve dressed it up. They’re also showing the 304 (and possibly other unsold units) by appointment during the week.

malatesta says: (2/17/19 5:16 PM)
@ATPdc: if RPP permits cost closer to market price (parking for my building is like 150/month), you wouldn't have this problem.

JD says: (2/19/19 11:54 AM)
Atlas Brew Works planning to open a second brewery and tap room, in the ground floor of JBG's West Half building, directly across N Street from the Center Field Gate. Shooting for spring 2020: link

202_cyclist says: (2/19/19 12:00 PM)
Happy Day! This is fantastic news about Atlas.

Lambau88 says: (2/19/19 1:38 PM)
The person behind the counter at Splash Car Wash today told me the worst of the construction is over and that Splash plans to stay open moving forward. Is Greystar project an influence on that?

Also, what happened to that ramen place that was supposed to open up where 100 Mondatidos used to be?

I’ve been a bit out of the loop, so my apologies if this has already been discussed...

JES says: (2/19/19 4:40 PM)
Ramen place is currently building out, judging by what it looked like when I walked past it. No idea about what'll happen to Splash though, that's interesting.

And HELL YES to atlas. That puts our brewery count to 3, right? (Bluej, GB, Atlas).

202_cyclist says: (2/19/19 9:54 PM)
@JES— four, if you count Bardo.

GarfieldPark says: (2/20/19 12:34 AM)
Another AOC JDLand article. Not hard to decipher:


202_cyclist says: (2/20/19 6:55 AM)
The Washington Examiner is such a garbage paper.

RMP says: (2/20/19 8:43 AM)
@JES Does Gordon Biersch brew on premises? Or do all their brewpubs bring it in from a central location? I consider Bardo glorified homebrew at best.

@GarfieldPark Wow. Terrible Examiner article. I do recall making a comment about hitting "peak amenity" when JD post a photo of that pizza oven. I never would have imagined it would have come to this though.

malatesta says: (2/20/19 9:33 AM)
Seems about right that an article pretending to care about affordable housing to score cheap political points would approvingly reference a famously scummy lawyer who pretends to care about gentrification to shakedown developers.

I guess you have to hand it to them -- it takes a particularly unhinged political hack to spin multiple spittle flecked screeds out of "new arrival rents literally the closest available apartment to her new job"

202_cyclist says: (2/20/19 9:36 AM)
@malatesta— The buffoon Chris Otten?

JES says: (2/20/19 1:17 PM)
@RMP I don't count Bardo since it's temporary (and sucks, lol). GB does brew on premises, I've toured their brewhouse before. It's small, but it's where all their beer comes from.

JD says: (2/20/19 2:18 PM)
Skanska announces that a "Wells Fargo Express Center" is coming to its 99 M office building, joining Circa, El Bebe, and Bluestone Lane and filling out all the building's retail spaces. Wells Fargo used to be in 20 M, left a few months ago. (What's an "Express Center"?)

202_cyclist says: (2/20/19 2:56 PM)
Well, not every retail space can be a dry cleaners or a CVS...

RMP says: (2/20/19 3:13 PM)
My guess is that an "Express Center" is a room with ATMs and no humans.

VelocityChris says: (2/20/19 5:41 PM)
I'll take it! (Wells Fargo ATM)

NavyYardNittany says: (2/22/19 1:00 PM)
"Lambau88 says: (2/19/19 1:38 PM)
The person behind the counter at Splash Car Wash today told me the worst of the construction is over and that Splash plans to stay open moving forward. Is Greystar project an influence on that?"

I wouldn't think the construction to the east of Splash would be an issue, but that parcel to the west is interesting. At some point I could see Greystar making an offer Splash can't refuse to consolidate those parcels. The re-do of the S Capitol/695 interchange is pending in the next 5-7 years, though, if I remember correctly, which would seem to make any construction on that western parcel unlikely for a while. Could see DOT using it as staging during construction or even needing it for relocation of roadway.

JD says: (2/22/19 1:03 PM)
I think Splash is staying open going forward until they aren't. I believe that the plans for a self-storage project there are still being bandied about, though perhaps at this point they may also be hoping, as you said, for a Greystar offer.

That Capitol Power Plant strip of land is a bit of a pain, though.

jdc says: (2/22/19 3:27 PM)
The short walls around the former GSA warehouse are coming down/are down, so I guess that permit was granted.

caphillguy says: (2/22/19 4:15 PM)
Walked by Dacha today and the park in front was being torn up. Is that going to be part of the Dacha outdoor space?

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