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* TRANSPORTATION STUDY KICK-OFF: On Wednesday, Nov. 28, DDOT and ANC6D are holding the first public meeting for a study of transportation issues in {insert preferred neighborhood name of your choice}. It's at 7 pm at the Capper Community Center at 5th and K Streets, SE. Along with a list of desired changes (such as a stop sign at 3rd and Virginia and protecting the bike lane on 1st south of M), the flyer notes that a stoplight is expected to be coming to the harrowing New Jersey and I intersection in 2019.
And now some of increasingly old tidbits:
* ALBI/MAXWELL: Washingtonian reports news of two restaurants coming to the Yards in 2019: Albi, a "modern American eatery inspired by {chef Michael Lee Rafidi's} Middle Eastern and Mid-Atlantic roots," and another branch of Shaw's "oenophile haven," the wine bar Maxwell. The JDLand commentariat has analyzed the situation and are positing that the new garage door-style panels on the 4th Street side of the Bower might be the home for these ventures.
* CHEMONICS: Not a restaurant, but Washington Business Journal reports behind its paywall that Chemonics, a USAID contractor among other things, is close to a deal to move its 1,200-person headquarters from near Farragut West to Yards Parcel A Yards Parcel G (updated 1/2/19 with the correct location--oops). This northern portion of Spooky Park has long been planned to be Class A office space--as for the rest of the block, I wrote a few weeks ago about the plans for residential along N Street and the new streets coming. This new office building would be north of the hotly awaited Quander Street. (h/t commenter Westnorth)
* SQUARE 696 UNMASKED? With thanks to commenter CL85, we may have our first look at what is coming to Square 696, the block just about out of the ground on the south side of I Street between Half and 1st. (If Clark pulls it down, here is the rendering.) This is going to be an 818-unit residential project spanning the entire block when both phases are complete in 2022. (It sounds like they are going to build the "structure and skin" of the entire project, but will first complete the eastern tower before moving to the interior work of the western tower.)
* NEW BIKESHARE STATION: If you haven't stumbled across it yet, there is now a 19-dock CaBi station on 4th Street SE just north of M (alongside the new Sprint store and kitty corner from Teeter).
* NEW ANC COMMISSIONERS: In local local local election results, ANC 6D07 (the seat left open by Meredith Fascett's retirement) has been won by Edward Daniels, while in 6D02 Anna Forgie clobbered incumbent Cara Lee Shockley.
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GarfieldPark says: (11/26/18 1:30 PM)
Unrelated: Anyone know what was happening today at Courtyard around 1pm? Cops, dogs, undercover all over the place.

202_cyclist says: (11/26/18 2:22 PM)
@GarfieldPark-- the orientation for new members of Congress has been held at the Courtyard Marriott for the past couple of weeks.

Gamble Rogers says: (11/26/18 7:31 PM)
Hey, JDLanders: has anyone taken a walk down Virginia Avenue from the Whole Foods to the Virginia Avenue Park? We heard that CSX finished the streetscaping and the bike lanes that run parallel to Virginia Avenue, and saw some photos that showed CSX finishing work in the park itself.

Has anyone actually walked or taken their bike for a spin down the path? We’re posted overseas and would be interested to see how the project turned out.

jdc says: (11/27/18 7:25 AM)
I am not really thrilled with the design of 696. Oh well. Also, we finally have a drawing but still no name. That seems weird.

caphillguy says: (11/27/18 2:03 PM)
@Gamble Rogers - I just walked down H Street/Virginia Ave yesterday and the sidewalks, street, and bike paths are open between New Jersey Ave and 4th Street. The block between 4th and 5th is complete and open to foot traffic (and presumably bike traffic), but the street was closed off I believe to keep cars away from the wreckage of the Cappers Senior Center. The blocks between 5th and 8th are about 90% done and I would image they'll open before Christmas.

signof4 says: (11/27/18 4:33 PM)
Does anyone know if Virginia Avenue Tunnel Project is done? The website suggests it might be ( link but there doesn't seems to be anything official (or unofficial) at the moment.

Section314 says: (11/27/18 5:34 PM)
signof4: The project is not "done". It is probably 99% complete. Today, there was a Clark gang installing capstones on the loading dock at the DC Building at 3rd and Virginia, for example. Ddot has not signed off on all of the streetscape work so some parking is still fenced off, as is Virginia Avenue from 4th to 6th. Virginia Avenue is still two way between 6th and 8th on the north side of the freeway as a result. It's little stuff like this that has not been completed yet.

CJBabyDaddy says: (11/27/18 6:41 PM)
@jdc: If it’s weird, then it’s been consistently so.

signof4 says: (11/28/18 9:20 AM)
Section314: Thanks!

JD says: (11/28/18 12:21 PM)
Per Washingtonian, "Navy Yard seafood spot Whaley’s is getting a cold weather makeover. From mid-December through March, it will transform into Fuyu (or “winter”)—a modern Japanese restaurant with family-style hot pots, tempura, and charcoal-grilled plates." link

MarkB says: (11/28/18 1:09 PM)
From the Chase website:

Find a Chase ATM or branch near you

Search DC Washington Capital RiverFront M St and New Jersey Ave

Capital RiverFront M St and New Jersey Ave

130 M St SE
Washington, DC 20003
Driving Directions


Estimated Opening Date: December 18, 2018
Now hiring! Learn more.

Branch Hours
Mon 9:00 - 6:00
Tue 9:00 - 6:00
Wed 9:00 - 6:00
Thu 9:00 - 6:00
Fri 9:00 - 6:00
Sat 9:00 - 1:00
Sun Closed

willinrm says: (11/28/18 4:39 PM)
how do you get google maps to update their maps? the corner of 4th st and Virginia ave / I street hasn't looked like that in what.....3 years?

Gamble Rogers says: (11/28/18 7:43 PM)
@caphillguy and @Section314 Thanks for the updates! Would love to see some holiday photos one day of the completed project. Might make for a nice walk on a brisk and sunny winter day... especially for someone with a great camera and a keen eye for change in the SoChill neighborhood.

Know anyone who fits the bill?

JD says: (11/28/18 10:38 PM)
@Gamble, no, there's no one like that around here.

(Once it's all accessible, I will of course photograph it.)

RMP says: (11/30/18 8:52 AM)
The Capitol Riverfront newsletter says Albi/Maxwell is coming to the Guild.

There's also a big box sitting on 2 pallets near the winery with what I assume is this year's Light Yards display.

CJBabyDaddy says: (11/30/18 9:18 AM)
@RMP: The BID newsletter also says Albi/Maxwell will be at/on the (SE) corner of 4th & Tingey, which is NEAR, but not where the Guild is located. As you know, an entirely different building occupies that corner.

Maybe it’s just me, but saying that the Guild is at/on the corner of 4th & Tingey (when the Bower sits there) is like pointing to a globe and saying that Canada sits at the U.S./Mexico border.

JD says: (11/30/18 12:01 PM)
It's been reported to me that the paper is finally off the windows at the Bluestone space, and there appears to be progress inside.

GarfieldPark says: (11/30/18 12:58 PM)
lululemon opening Friday, 12/7.

JD says: (11/30/18 1:00 PM)
Via the MPD-1D mailing list:

Arrest Made in a Homicide: 900 Block of 5th Street, Southeast

(Washington, DC) – Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch announce an arrest has been made regarding a homicide that occurred on Saturday, October 20, 2018, in the 900 block of 5th Street, Southeast.

At approximately 3:53 pm, members of the First District responded to the listed location for the report of an unconscious person. Upon arrival, members located an adult male suffering from a gunshot wound.. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services responded to the scene and found that the victim displayed no signs consistent with life. The victim remained on the scene until transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

The decedent has been identified as 19-year-old Antonio Dixon, of Southeast, DC.

On Thursday, November 29, 2018, 20-year-old Jerome Myles, of Northwest, DC, was arrested and charged with Second Degree Murder While Armed.

conngs0 says: (11/30/18 1:42 PM)
Thanks, as always, for the updates, JD! The report about the rest is particularly good news. I still have a number of questions about what happened, and I'm sure there will be at least a few answers down the road. In the meantime, I'm grateful that the MPD was able to find who committed the homicide!

JD says: (11/30/18 3:14 PM)
From Meredith Fascett: "Capper Community Center Transition Mtg #3 on 12/6, 6:30PM. Join for the conversation w/the @DCDPR team about the programming for 2019 & learn about the permitting process. See you there - Thurs., Dec. 6th at 6:30PM, 1000 5th St SE." link
Also, The community center is hiring "recreation specialists" (full or part-time). Apply by 12/8. Job IDs are: 5644, 5646, 5642. link

CJBabyDaddy says: (11/30/18 6:37 PM)
In response to some email cross-examination, the BID confirms that Albi/Maxwell will be in the Guild, notwithstanding its internally inconsistent assertion that Albi/Maxwell/Guild will be at the corner of 4th & Tingey, which —as we know — is Bower turf.

Ima put my team back on the street to see what‘s up with the street-level garage door style windows on the 4th Street side of the Bower.

RMP says: (11/30/18 9:50 PM)
I don't know how old this rendering is but it sure looks like the garage doors on 4th Street are open.

202_cyclist says: (12/3/18 7:34 AM)
I don’t know if it has been mentioned (the past couple of days have been a blur) but it looks like there has been significant progress to the interior of El Bebe. I’m looking forward to eating at this restaurant.

snakegriffin says: (12/3/18 5:30 PM)
Bluestone Lane is now officially open! Purchased a delicious brew there a few minutes ago. First impression is probably a solid 2nd place for me behind Philz for a coffee.

Also regret to note that this is my last official week in JDLand/Navy Yard/Capitol Riverfront/SoCHill, as the wife and I are departing for Raleigh, NC next week. @JD, your blog has played a very large role during our time in DC, and I wish you the best.

JD says: (12/4/18 11:54 AM)
Attention those of you who like coffee (i.e., not me): the company web site has not been updated, but multiple readers and the BID's Twitter feed say that the new Bluestone Lane coffee shop in the ground floor of 99 M Street is now open.

Gamble Rogers says: (12/4/18 7:39 PM)
@JD: There are some serious coffee options back home. Looking forward to your take on the completed Virginia Avenue tunnel project. My understanding from ANC 6B is that CSX is going to be long gone before DPW lifts the first shovel on its promised renovations to Virginia Avenue Park.

Anyone seen any movement on the new dog park(s) within the park?

malatesta says: (12/5/18 4:24 PM)
Grabbed a coffee at Bluestone today. Coffee is real good, but man is that place tiny!

202_cyclist says: (12/5/18 7:03 PM)
There was discussion of the road that goes under the I-395 tunnel and goes by the skate park a few weeks ago here in the comments. How feasible would it be to open up that road on the other side of NJ Ave, adjacent to the U.S. Capitol generating plant? That would alleviate vehicle congestion on I St and provide more on-street parking for the neighborhood. It would also help connect JD Land together with Capitol Hill.

202_cyclist says: (12/6/18 12:42 PM)


jdc says: (12/6/18 1:31 PM)
I'm working on a Navy Yard trivia game, and so naturally JDLand has been invaluable. I came across this article which made me laugh link because the transit page is again down link

JES says: (12/6/18 2:11 PM)
Eater has a nice write-up and photos of the Punch Bowl Social that's opening in Ballston... maybe a little preview of what ours will eventually be like? link

202_cyclist says: (12/6/18 6:32 PM)
@JDC. — that sounds fantastic. Like Cards Against Humanity JD Land edition? We could play at the next JD land happy hour.

202_cyclist says: (12/6/18 6:46 PM)
It looks like there has been significant construction for Dacha.

JD says: (12/6/18 8:21 PM)
The Capitol Hill Corner blog says that demolition of the Capper Seniors building could start as soon as next week, and that DCHA expects it to take about 2 1/2 years to rebuild: link (hat tip to reader DR)

202_cyclist says: (12/9/18 9:42 AM)
With “Vice” opening in theaters soon, which movies and tv shows have been filmed in the neighborhood? In addition to Vice, House of Cards and NCIS have also have footage from the neighborhood.

RMP says: (12/9/18 10:54 PM)
Luluemon Grand Opening Weekend seems like it was a total bust.

jdc says: (12/10/18 9:49 AM)
@RMP - in what manner? Nothing special, or no one went?

conngs0 says: (12/10/18 4:26 PM)
JD, thanks for passing along the update on the Capper Seniors building. I suppose the cause of the fire hasn't been (can't be?) determined? Also, if the idea is to rebuild the exact same building, I'm a little surprised that it would take 2.5 years to do so. If it's going to take that long, why wouldn't they try to make improvements (you know, improvement beyond functioning fire sprinklers and alarms) to the prior concept?

CJBabyDaddy says: (12/11/18 9:07 AM)
@RMP & @jdc: Sign on the front door says:

“We are waiting on some official paperwork so we can open officially open our doors.”

My money says that the person in charge of getting the paperwork completed on time may have composed the notice.”

202_cyclist says: (12/13/18 3:41 PM)
Exciting news folks! It looks like there was soil testing today for the former CSX site that was recently sold, where the hotel and condos are planned.

JD says: (12/14/18 11:16 AM)
Some details on Walters Sports Bar, still planning on coming to the space below Mission at South Capitol and N this spring: link

(and I am going to come back and blog some, eventually)

caphillguy says: (12/14/18 11:21 AM)
For everyone's information: the intersection at Virginia Ave and 7th Street was open to northbound/southbound traffic this morning for the first time in months.

Alex B. says: (12/16/18 8:49 AM)
That rendering of Walters seems a bit misleading, as it would imply a two story space that would take over Mission...

malatesta says: (12/16/18 8:26 PM)
In neighborhood tower crane news, it looks like the Novel South Capitol crane is down, but the crane at Two Mountain North is up.

caphillguy says: (12/17/18 11:15 AM)
Anyone know if they've completely remediated the gasoline fume issue yet?

walt says: (12/19/18 5:09 PM)
Nice mention of JD in dcist today. Should have been Number 1 instead of No. 9!


RMP says: (12/19/18 5:28 PM)
Also someone on city council needs to do what it takes to make JD the Official neighborhood historian.

JD says: (12/19/18 5:46 PM)
I usually read those things through nearly closed eyes because they're so often a disaster, but that was very nicely done.

NavyYardNittany says: (12/19/18 11:58 PM)
caphillguy says: (12/17/18 11:15 AM)
Anyone know if they've completely remediated the gasoline fume issue yet?

Yeah, gas fumes have been gone for some time. Basically happened any time they were actively taking out soil. They’ve begun to our the foundation now.

202_cyclist says: (12/21/18 7:08 PM)
When our forna walk this evening, we noticed two renderings by Living Classroom for a mixed-use residential building where the kayak rental business is at the end of Yards Park, immediately adjacent to the Navy Yard. Is this a serious plan or just a concept at this point?

CJBabyDaddy says: (12/21/18 10:02 PM)
@202: Sign’s been up for months. There is no residential component to the project. The mixed uses relate to LC’s core mission of training people for employment, operation of the Yards marina, and the possibility of some sort of food service operation. Some project details were presented at the November ANC meeting.

Someone from Forest City told me it’s been in the works for a long time, contingent upon the nonprofit LC’s ability to raise funds for it. I assume FC must have been required to set aside some prime waterfront for the benefit of a public service oriented nonprofit. Using the marina as a vehicle for training people, I suppose, benefits those people, and allows boat owners to get serviced on the cheap. A win-win, I guess.

bdj says: (12/21/18 11:21 PM)
I have a friend working with Lerner on 1000 S Capitol ST. He said that they're aiming to break ground there in February/March.

Apparently according to this (link it's a planned 250 unit apartment building.

JD says: (12/22/18 12:05 AM)
They had originally said end of this year for 1000 South Capitol. My page on it is here: link

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