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Now that everyone (meaning me) has recovered from The Great Grocery Store Opening of 2018, we can turn our attention to the newest project to head into the zoning approvals fun factory: a 348-unit apartment building by Forest City on "Yards Parcel I," which is on the south side of N Street west of New Jersey.
If you're having trouble envisioning this location, it's the eastern portion of the big parking lot on the south side of N. (The rendering above is looking toward the southeast from N Street's north-side parking lot, like this.)
The most striking part of the building's design is the "one-story double-height bridge" that runs across the courtyard at the 8th of the building's 11 floors, and which would have the building's pool on top of it.
The bridge and the open courtyard will both face "1 1/2 Street," the new "spine" of Yards West that will run from M Street to Diamond Teague Park. It will be pedestrian-only from M south to the reconstituted Quander Street, and then will be a "shared curbless street" down to its terminus by Diamond Teague Park. You might need your magnifying glass even after clicking on it to enlarge it, but the image at right shows the full Yards West site plan on the left, and a zoom-in on the new Parcel I footprint at right.
(A tidbit of note in the zoning filing mentions that 1 1/2 Street would lead south from M Street "and a potential additional entrance to the Navy Yard Metrorail station.")
Here's some additional renderings, showing the bridge, and 1 1/2 Street, and even the planned Tingey Square at the current intersection of New Jersey, N, and Tingey.
The zoning filing says that Forest City expects to build out much of the new Yards West street grid beginning next year: which includes the two-block segment of Quander Street between 1st and New Jersey and the "curbless street" portion of 1 1/2 Street between Quander and N Place (the little alley-like street south of the big parking lot and north of the DC Water brick building).
The new building would also have about 13,600 square feet of retail, and two levels of underground parking with 243 spaces.
You can see a couple more images on my new Yards Parcel I page, though I imagine that 1 1/2 Street will eventually get its own page.
In the meantime, here's what the intersection of 1 1/2 and N looks like now, to further help you place it.
(Yes, I have 1 1/2 Street already set up in my Photo Archive, if you want to see the full before-and-afters. Though I guess I'd better add Quander Street now, too.)
The zoning hearing is not yet scheduled, and so there's no firm start date for construction of the building as yet.
PS: Don't blame me about "1 1/2 Street."
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malatesta says: (10/19/18 6:05 PM)
No matter what anyone says, I'm calling it "Qwandor the Dragon Street" from now on.

(This makes sense if you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I swear)

CJBabyDaddy says: (10/20/18 12:08 PM)
What’s next? JDLand&1/2?

202_cyclist says: (10/20/18 10:18 PM)
Quit the gun play, people.


JD says: (10/21/18 11:39 AM)
There was a homicide on Saturday in the general vicinity of 5th and Virginia. The Post reports: "Commander Morgan Kane, head of the First police district said on an online community bulletin board that the man was shot indoors in the 900 block of 5th Street SE. Afterward, he ran from there, and collapsed in the 400 block of I Street SE. The site is around the corner from where the shooting apparently occurred." link

The MPD release:

"Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred on Saturday, October 20, 2018, in the 900 block of 5th Street, Southeast.

"At approximately 3:53 pm, members of the First District responded to the listed location for the report of an unconscious person. Upon arrival, members located an adult male suffering from a gunshot wound. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services responded to the scene and found that the victim displayed no signs consistent with life. The victim remained on the scene until transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

"The decedent has been identified as 19-year-old Antonio Dixon, of Southeast, DC.

"The Metropolitan Police Department currently offers a reward of up to $25,000 to anyone that provides information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for any homicide committed in the District of Columbia. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by sending a text message to 50411."

202_cyclist says: (10/22/18 10:41 AM)
Honorable Mention Tower Crane Update: A tower crane was installed this past week as part of the former Coast Guard headquarters residential conversion in Buzzard Point in SWTLQTC-territory.

JD says: (10/22/18 1:54 PM)
MPD: "On 10/21/18 at approximately 11:00 pm, First District officers responded to the 300 block of I St SE for a domestic violence call. While the officers were investigating the domestic violence call, their attention was drawn to a 9mm handgun and ammunition that was within reach of their volatile scene. The officers were able to safely recover the weapon and remove it from the home. One of the adult members of the household was placed under arrest after further investigation revealed that the weapon was illegally possessed. Due to the quick actions of the officers on scene, they were able to remove an illegal weapon and prevent violence from erupting during a domestic incident."

conngs0 says: (10/22/18 3:26 PM)
Thanks for passing on this information, JD. The police reports in the neighborhood have been very troubling lately. I'm glad the police were able to quell that domestic violence incident without additional violence. They really can't be thanked enough for putting themselves at risk to keep folks safe. But with this incident occurring just after the shooting occurring on the 900 block of 5th St (is it clear whether the building was the senior center or one of the homes across the street?), which wasn't too long after the shooting at the Community Center (no arrests, right?), I'm worried that we're witnessing the beginning of a bad trend. I agree with 202's comment above that the gun play really needs to stop.

bmooremsu says: (10/23/18 7:16 AM)
This is terrible. I’m really concerned about the prospect of more violence once the 2nd street pass through is open again. It looks like a prime location to get mugged or worse. Has anyone heard of a plan to make that area more secure? In fact that whole section of Virginia Ave needs to be reworked into some tennis and basketball courts. As is, it will not attract good things.

willinrm says: (10/24/18 12:22 PM)
all DCHA low income housing incidents, the shooting on 5th and now the 300 block of I street. i dont understand, 1. where the dcha police are ( apparently there are some? i've never seen any) 2. why these individuals/ families are still allowed to live in these homes. 3. how in the world, if they can't manage these units, are they going to be able to manage MORE units that they want to build in our neighborhood.

I'm all for helping ppl, but not at the risk of my, or my families life.

JES says: (10/24/18 12:52 PM)
Justin's Cafe has apparently closed for good: link

conngs0 says: (10/24/18 1:06 PM)
willinrm, I could just be behind, but I don't believe it's been reported that the shooting on the 900 block of 5th street occurred in a DCHA facility. The only one I'm aware of on that block is the senior center, no? If the shooting occurred there, that's a HUGE problem considering it's a burned out shell of a building right now, but I don't know if that's what happened.

Regardless, you raise some good questions. My understanding is that the residents of the DCHA units do have to abide by certain conditions. I'm not going to pretend to know all of the rules, but I have to assume that unauthorized residents are prohibited. Considering the shortage of affordable housing in the city, I'd hope that DCHA would be very quick to evict residents who choose not to follow the rules. Perhaps it's worth reaching out to Mr. Allen to see if he has any views on this.

And I agree with you that if DCHA isn't doing its job (which, in my opinion, includes supervising the management company it hires!), then you are rightfully concerned about the impact of additional subsidized housing in the neighborhood (especially since the powers that be stupidly authorized those facilities to be separated out from the other residential buildings on those properties). It's worth noting that DCHA has a responsibility to the overall community to properly police and maintain its facilities. But perhaps most importantly, it has a responsibility to its residents, the vast majority of whom are good people and really just want a safe place to live.

JD says: (10/24/18 1:07 PM)
900 block is the Capper Seniors block and the block that also has some private homes. The community center is in the 1000 block.

conngs0 says: (10/24/18 1:08 PM)
Sad news about Justin's. I remember when it was practically the only game in the Navy Yard part of town! Even with the added competition, it was still a nice place to drop by for a cold beer and friendly company.

ColoradoCane says: (10/24/18 1:40 PM)
I am devastated about Justin's closing. It was one of the best true locals' spots in Navy Yard. Here is to hoping it gets replaced by something very similar.

Niu-Samo says: (10/24/18 1:44 PM)
Regarding the shooting - this is only word-of-mouth information from a nearby resident (not sure how to verify without access to police reports) but I heard that the DCHA housing unit involved in Saturday's deadly shooting incident is the same unit (occupied by the same resident) that was in involved in the June 2016 shooting that occurred in that same corner of the neighborhood. If this information is true, then it would stand to reason that 2 shootings stemming from the same apartment is indicative of a greater problem requiring our attention.

RMP says: (10/24/18 2:46 PM)
So Justin's is done? That's it? Pretty devastating for anyone who wanted one last progressive happy hour.

As for the recent spike in crime, has CM Allen said much about it? It's possible he has and I haven't seen it. Seems like something that ought to have his attention by now.

I went to the Guild website and am now getting a bombarded with re-targeting ads for it, including one here on JDLand. The ad says "Leasing Now" when they are very clearly not leasing now. I don't understand why they are advertising so aggressively for a building that isn't even going to start leasing for months. I am really starting to wonder about Forest City and their ability to manage their growing portfolio...

JES says: (10/24/18 2:56 PM)
The rumor is some kind of tenant-landlord dispute (at least that's what the Velocity GM said he gleaned when he went over there to see what was up), but details are sparse.

jdc says: (10/24/18 3:20 PM)
Restaurants usually close because a) not enough business/not profitable; b) cannot afford rent (close permanently or relocate); or c) owners no long interested/retire. For Justin's, I don't know how busy it's been lately but I wonder if it's a/b, with rising rent playing a roll (though there is plenty of empty retail space and more in the pipeline).

202_cyclist says: (10/24/18 5:01 PM)
The rent is too damn high!

bdj says: (10/24/18 8:10 PM)
Justin’s is consistently busy. @JES probably has more details but the owner (Justin) moved out of Velocity and out of the city (think to NC) a little over a year ago. IMO after that it was only a matter of time before he closed it. I also think the landlord was his uncle? So probably not that either.

JCinDC says: (10/25/18 7:33 AM)
I work in 810 Potomac and have recently seen some activity in the long vacant first floor retail. This space was once upon a time a Quiznos. I stopped in and asked what was going on and was told it is going to be an eye doctor.

Also, looking into the Blue Castle from 7th St it appears there is some construction activity going on inside. I know from looking at the Blue Castle from my 810 window that the school is still very much there, but perhaps the construction on the back side of the building is some early work by the church that bought it.

willinrm says: (10/25/18 8:33 AM)
"Regarding the shooting - this is only word-of-mouth information from a nearby resident (not sure how to verify without access to police reports) but I heard that the DCHA housing unit involved in Saturday's deadly shooting incident is the same unit (occupied by the same resident) that was in involved in the June 2016 shooting that occurred in that same corner of the neighborhood. If this information is true, then it would stand to reason that 2 shootings stemming from the same apartment is indicative of a greater problem requiring our attention."

This highlights my biggest issue, there was tenants involved in housing a suspected murderer, that provoked a drive by shooting in 2016, and they were never removed. Now there is another shooting involving them. I agree that the majority of the DCHA tenants are great its the few that ruin it for the many, but i dont even have to look up if its DCHA housing it has been in EVERY instance since i moved in in 2014. (either tenants, or associates of the tenants, relatives, friends, scorned individuals)

dcgent says: (10/25/18 9:19 AM)
A bit outside jdland but walkable and interesting update: link

dcgent says: (10/25/18 9:20 AM)
Should have included title of article: Owner of Ivy City Smokehouse, Tony & Joe’s to open huge Buzzard Point restaurant

202_cyclist says: (10/25/18 10:50 AM)
This is amazing-- we have the following readers now:


To say nothing of DCCyclist365. Now we need 202Cyclist365.

JES says: (10/25/18 3:24 PM)
UrbanTurf is claiming that JBG's West Half is an apartment/condo hybrid with "249 will be for sale and 215 will be for rent." Is that accurate? I thought that building was all rental...


JD says: (10/25/18 3:29 PM)
It was originally, but I haven't heard condos mentioned for it in a long time.

CJBabyDaddy says: (10/25/18 8:58 PM)
The Urban Turf article has been corrected to reflect no condos, all apartments.

malatesta says: (10/26/18 3:21 PM)
I walked by the big 696 site today, and its getting close to street level on the east side of the site. Do we have any idea what exactly they're building? Is it going to be one connected complex? It certainly looks like they are building connected lower levels.

1000 1st also looks to get above street level any minute now.

JD says: (10/26/18 4:20 PM)
Lululemon is coming to the former Steadfast Supply space on Tingey Street, SE, according to their web site (finally confirming rumors I had been hearing).

JES says: (10/26/18 4:31 PM)
Nothing against lululemon, but I was hoping for a restaurant or bar in that space. Other retail in that particular building just wastes what would be great patio spaces (with the exception of Pacers, which actually put something in their outdoor frontage).

...also, how the hell is that GNC still in business?

202_cyclist says: (10/28/18 5:59 AM)
JES— Even more amazing than GNC still being in business is that through all the years and all of the changes in the neighborhood, Ann’s Wigs is still open. Even more amazing than that, however, is that I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a customer go into Ann’s Wigs.

Dan says: (10/29/18 9:02 AM)
Funny Story- For too long a time after moving here, I read that sign without much thought as Ann's Bull$#!t and Wings. Like, maybe you ordered some tasty chicken wings and then you chat and b/s around with Ann and the other customers while you wait for them to be ready. I assumed it was closed and was upset I couldn't give them a try.

JES says: (10/29/18 11:32 AM)
Ann's is a bit of a special case. To my knowledge, she owns that building, so she doesn't have to deal with any exorbitant rent increases. If she doesn't have a mortgage on it, it doesn't take many customers to at least break even.

202_cyclist says: (10/29/18 11:41 AM)
Dan— Ann’s Bullshit & Wings has my vote for the next JD Land happy hour.

Also, the Pakistani restaurant that is next to Las Placitas has closed and was replaced by a taco restaurant.

monkeyrotica says: (10/30/18 12:58 PM)
Yeah, I spotted that place while headed to Eastern Market. They're doing a $2 Taco Tuesday happy hour from 4-7. Most of the tacos are around $3.

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

202_cyclist says: (10/30/18 3:10 PM)
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Welcome back, monkeyrotica.

Please post a user review of the taco restaurant.

Lambau88 says: (10/30/18 10:23 PM)
@Dan I’ve been calling it “Ann’s Bulls@&$ and Wings” for years. I thought I was the only one!

jdc says: (10/31/18 8:49 AM)
Work progressing at former GSA warehouse. Part of roof has already been removed near where it touches the hotel. Probably just a few weeks until it's just a lot with a wall around it.

dude says: (10/31/18 9:26 PM)
Add us to the list of folks calling it “Ann’s Bullshit and wings” since 2008. I was curious how it was still open then, let alone now. But good for them! I would have likely taken the money offered!

202_cyclist says: (11/1/18 7:36 AM)
I heard some very unfortunate news. I don’t know if it is substantiated but please try to avoid NJ save between L and M St, SE this morning.

UpEarly says: (11/1/18 12:41 PM)
Greystar filed a zoning application for a hotel on the CSX property - a hotel across NJ Ave from Whole Foods. The plans include extending 1st St. up to NJ, and two residential buildings (not in this filing).


willinrm says: (11/1/18 1:34 PM)
@202_cyclist - crazy we were talking about ann's wigs,and something happened right in front, i saw a tarp over something out front walking to the metro this morning, but i didn't get a notification from police, hoping it wasn't another shooting!

202_cyclist says: (11/1/18 3:13 PM)
@willinrm-- It wasn't a shooting but out of respect to the family and friends of those involved, I will defer commenting on it in case they might be reading this blog.

202_cyclist says: (11/1/18 3:23 PM)
Excellent news for the CSX property but that article could be a little clearer. The address in the article in NJ Ave and the photo is NJ Ave. Is the development going to be on the entire lot or along NJ Ave (and not So. Capitol)?

Also, Alex Block had an excellent Twitter thread about this property back in June.


202_cyclist says: (11/1/18 3:26 PM)
Not to sound like a NIMBY (I am really excited for this development) but I think this means that our buddy, the red fox, is not coming back to that area.

This will provide great connectivity on that section of New Jersey Ave, which is not well-lit and can benefit from having more people on the sidewalks at night.

UpEarly says: (11/1/18 6:08 PM)
202_cyclist: the hotel will be on NJ Ave, with back-of-house access on the extended 1st Street. Future residential buildings will be west of 1st street - details tbd.

The plans also show a spot for an "urban feature" across the street from Agora's windmill. Any guesses on what that might be?

202_cyclist says: (11/1/18 7:14 PM)
A statue to JD or a cat park.

Dan says: (11/2/18 9:36 AM)
It's catching on

JES says: (11/2/18 10:34 AM)
Owners of Maketto to open Somewhere, a "an integrated retail and café concept": link

This sounds awesome (I love Maketto), but where in F1rst would this go? The Taylor retail bay and the one other empty bay are pretty tiny... unless it's going into the to-be-constructed 2-story retail building in the crook of the Hampton Inn L?

NavyYardNittany says: (11/2/18 2:07 PM)
Believe last we heard the “Hampton Nook” is going to be the relocation spot for the Bullpen.

bdj says: (11/2/18 2:13 PM)
Stealing this from FB and my wife, but there's a sign up on the corner of NJ and L (in the hotel) for a "Modern Nail Bar." Pretty convenient addition for the north of M, west of canal park side of town.

Side thought - if you had to break the neighborhood into quadrants how would you? M street as the north south divider, canal park as the east west (like I did above)? What would be the names?

202_cyclist says: (11/2/18 3:53 PM)

Upper JD Land
Lower JD Land

M Street would be the dividing line.

202_cyclist says: (11/2/18 3:54 PM)
Why are my posts posting in duplicate?

JD says: (11/2/18 3:54 PM)
Because you're double clicking?

bdj says: (11/3/18 12:39 PM)
@202 those would be halves not quadrants ??

202_cyclist says: (11/3/18 1:44 PM)
So no Amazon II in the neighborhood.

RMP says: (11/3/18 3:00 PM)
@bdj the BID has conveniently subdivided the neighborhood and given them names.

Section314 says: (11/3/18 3:09 PM)
Actually Amazon II will be in the neighborhood big time! Many, many of those folks will want to live in JDLand, SoCHill, Navy Yard, Capitol Riverfront or whatever you want to call it. Only 5 Metro stops away (albeit with a transfer).

Housing construction activity will really have to pick up around here! JD will have to get new walking shoes to document all of the new construction. And, yes, I am being facetious about "picking up". Seriously, it ain't gonna stop now.

JD says: (11/3/18 3:54 PM)
I spoke with a Hood developer recently who basically said the same thing Section314 did. More residents, more growth, but without the omnipresence of AMZN within the DC borders.

RMP says: (11/3/18 4:08 PM)
Imagine a world where we tunneled under the Wharf, East Potomac Park and then made a direct line to Crystal City. Then it would be only 3 stops with no transfer!

malatesta says: (11/3/18 4:20 PM)
RMP: back in 2014, this actually was the plan for future Metro expansion: link

But, uh, something tells me metro isn't doing anything on this scale anytime soon.

JD says: (11/3/18 4:20 PM)
I was actually thinking that this could help ensure that the bike paths get built alongside the new Long Bridge. But you have a better vision than I do!

BTW, kind of have a bunch of stuff going on these days, but hope to get a post up on the new #SoCHill plans and all the various other tidbits at some point. Posting when the mood strikes, as I threatened I would be doing a few months back. :)

jdc says: (11/4/18 4:00 PM)
I think all those BID names work well, except for "North of M Street" because that is not definitive enough - Capitol Quarter is also north of M Street. I'd also use NJ Ave to divide that segment of JD Land from the part around Canal Park, which should be its own little sliver.

202_cyclist says: (11/4/18 6:16 PM)
And what’s up with Maritime Plaza creepin’ up in there? Is that really part of JD Land?

malatesta says: (11/4/18 6:30 PM)
The little triangle between 11th, SE Blvd and the river is on the development map.

Although the Capitol Riverfront BID claims Buzzard Point, the JDLand-Swill accords recognize this as defacto SW territory.

JD says: (11/4/18 8:19 PM)
That's (one of the reasons) why I have never used Capitol Riverfront--because it includes Buzzard Point and I don't.

202_cyclist says: (11/4/18 8:37 PM)
The highways and So. Capitol St are clear boundaries for the neighborhood.

jdc says: (11/5/18 8:11 AM)
Because JD is such a great prognosticator (see location of WF), how about a detailed post discussing burying 695?

202_cyclist says: (11/5/18 9:46 AM)
jdc-- Dan Reed wrote an excellent article in the Washingtonian nearly two years ago about this. This would be one of the best improvements for Washington but I doubt it will happen.


Snacks says: (11/5/18 10:42 AM)
The old signage on the windows of 18|8, the haircut place, is now down and it looks like it's being built out. Or it's possible that's as far as progress got before they pulled the plug.

Either way, anyone have info on what's happening in that space?

202_cyclist says: (11/5/18 2:37 PM)
Will we have the Bridge Park or hyperloop first?


JD says: (11/5/18 3:27 PM)
I'll give them credit, they finally stopped going with "next year."

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