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Some items of note:
* PEET'S COMING VERY SOON: I took this photo yesterday evening, intending to post it today and say "it looks like Peet's Coffee is getting close," but a Twitter follower has now scooped that with a picture of this sign on the door today, which announces the grand opening as Monday, Aug. 13, at 5 am, with a "family and friends" event on Saturday, Aug. 11 from 11 am to 2 pm. For those who haven't been waiting for the opening of the neighborhood's 250th coffee shop, Peet's is located just north of the New Jersey and M entrance to the Navy Yard-Ballpark subway station, in the ground floor of Insignia on M.

* BIKE PATH COMING SORT OF SOON: Work continues to bring Virginia Avenue back to life as the Virginia Avenue Tunnel project wraps up, and the photo at right shows the progress of the new bike path that will run *alongside the pedestrian path.* I would assume that the deep crushed gravel is not the final surface, but it's going to be a very nice alternative to getting between 2nd Street SE and Virginia Avenue Park/points east. I don't have a date for when the paths will be completed, but the entire project is supposed to be finishing in October.

* ALSO COMING SORT OF SOON: Also of note is the arrival of the signage for Barre 3 on 1st Street, though the interior does not look like we have reached Any Minute Now territory. And a peek behind the Bluestone Lane window coverings at 99 M would seem to indicate that the arrival of the neighborhood's 251st coffee shop is not imminent.
* BOOZE COMING AT SOME POINT: As tidbitted last week, there is a hearing sign posted in the ground floor of 1015 Half Street next to Bonchon for a liquor license for a new Retail Class A store that would sell beer, wine, and spirits. (The one that seemed to be coming to New Jersey and L has disappeared, FWIW.)
* CAPITAL ONE CLOSING SOON: Was mentioned by a commenter recently, but here's official notification that the Capital One branch in the ground floor of 1111 New Jersey is closing in September.
And a few other items that don't fit into the pattern:
* Truckeroo returns on Friday, Aug. 10.
* Nationals Park is having its first-ever Farmers Market on Sunday, Aug. 12, from 10 am to 2 pm.
Other than that, it's August. It's hot.
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RMP says: (8/10/18 8:38 AM)
Nice roundup! I wonder if we're all considered "friends" at Peet's tomorrow?

Also, maybe everyone already knows this, but I noticed that Snallygaster is going to be over by the Newseum this year. Could this be the end of the era of beer bashes in Yards parking lots? I still have memories from the 2012 Snallygaster in the grassy area now known as Lot Q.

202_cyclist says: (8/10/18 11:07 AM)
@RMP--- we're all friends of Peet's except for JD, who has made her anti-coffee feelings well known.

JD says: (8/10/18 11:19 AM)

jdc says: (8/10/18 12:40 PM)
I just cannot imagine the neighborhood needs another wine/beer/spirits retailer that close to Harry's (either at 1015 Half or at Insignia on M).

conngs0 says: (8/10/18 12:40 PM)
All fantastic news! Virginia Avenue is really shaping up nicely. I'm sure the folks living in those townhouses will be thrilled when that project is completed, albeit with a bit more rumbling from those trains than before.

On an unpleasant subject, did I miss any updates on the shooting that took place outside the DCHA community center on 5th Street in late July? I guess it's only been three weeks. It just seemed from the post-shooting meeting that the police were of the view that they were on track towards identifying those responsible, so I (unreasonably?) assumed an arrest would be made by now.

NJAve says: (8/10/18 3:48 PM)
The reason the Barre3 barriers are down so soon is the storm this past Monday ripped them off. I have photos but can’t upload them here :(

malatesta says: (8/11/18 1:45 PM)
I know we're all mad and cynical about the grocery store which shall not be named.

BUT: there are now dairy coolers, freezers, indoor signage, and registers, and it looks recognizably grocery store like.

202_cyclist says: (8/11/18 2:11 PM)
The sad thing is, by the time the unnamed store opens, all food will be delivered by drones.

Shogungts says: (8/11/18 2:32 PM)
I can't wait for Amazonfoods to open not b/c I have an affinity for them, but hopefully it will make Harris Teeter step up their game. When it first opened it was great, but now they seem to act like they are the only grocery store option in an area with a ton of people - sadly they are correct. The only think good I can say about them lately is that at least you can get parking there now that they changed to a pay/reimbursement lot.

Even with WF, with all of development going on and given the current amount of people in the neighborhood - or us wildlings north of the 'wall' that shop there - is 2 grocery stores going to be enough?

RMP says: (8/11/18 4:21 PM)
@Shogungts The manager who opened Harris Teeter was awesome and as soon as he left the quality dropped precipitously. Hopefully HT can recognize this and get some sort of "fixer" in over there.

Peet's soft opening was great and I'm likely going to be back this week to use the coupons they handed out.

dude says: (8/11/18 7:46 PM)
The only problem I’ve had with Harris Teeter is that the produce is almost always bad, especially the vegetables.

NavyYardNittany says: (8/12/18 2:45 AM)
As is sadly the case with many of the chains in Navy Yard, that Teeter is the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ve been going to the one near my office in Ballston for well over a year now because I was so fed up. Poor stocking, terrible produce section, rude/non-existent customer service, and the deli staff is nearly always holding a conversation that sounds like a Jerry Springer episode. I would just stand there for a few minutes and finally clear my throat/raise my hand and ask if someone could help me. Every single time the same thing would happen - I would ask for a specific amount of lunch meat, half pound or whatever, and then I would watch while the person didn’t pay attention, talked to one of the other workers, cut far more meat than I asked for, realized their mistake, rung me up for the right amount, and then put the extra in anyway. Which works out for me but would seem to be less than ideal from a store loss perspective. The predictability with which this happened was stunning.

I e-mailed corporate to express all this about 6 months ago and they had the GM of the store call me which seems somehow not the right answer as it’s clearly poor management that’s the issue. He was of course apologetic and was going to take notes and “address these issues” and of course not a thing had changed the next time I went in. Hopefully TSTSNBN forces them to up their game, but I’m not holding my breath.


snakegriffin says: (8/12/18 9:34 AM)
I was chased around Harris Teeter and harassed by an employee until I left the store once. My crime: apparently stepping through an invisible pile of dirt that they were sweeping to pick up an item. I wasn’t even paying attention, nor was there a sign up that there was any sort of restricted access to this item. Then out of nowhere this employee races up to me screaming “OH NO YOU DIDN’T JUST WALK THROUGH THAT DIRT I JUST SWEPT UP”. I apologized but pointed out there was no way for me to know there was a pile of dirt there, which only made it worse. I was initially confused, and then after a minute I thought there was some kind of hidden camera gag going on. After 5 minutes of them following me around and harassing me, even to the self checkout, I chalked it up to someone having a really bad day or perhaps being mentally unstable. I have not seen this person since.

GarfieldPark says: (8/12/18 1:49 PM)
Went to the Nats farmers market this am. Slim pickings, definitely end of season. More options at Canal Park market and that's not saying much. They did have Abe and Teddy there though which made it worth it!

RMP says: (8/13/18 9:05 AM)
Yikes. My biggest gripes about Harris Teeter is that I can never walk out with everything on my list as something is always out of stock and the sales seem to defy all rules of supply and demand. Like, why have hot dog buns on sale 4th of July weekend or avocados on sale Super Bowl Sunday and then have none on the shelves because they sell out instantly? Sounds like others have had way worse times though. Having been a regular at the Potomac Ave store for a few years prior, I don't think the Navy Yard store is the worst in the chain or even close to it.

greb22 says: (8/13/18 10:23 AM)
I've actually been noticing a decline in the produce at TSTSNBN ever since a few weeks after they were bought so as usual by the time we get I may not even want it anymore. Maybe if/when wegmans opens I'll just go there.

JD says: (8/13/18 10:24 AM)
Apropos of nothing, for those who might be planning to do a lot of large-volume shopping at TSTSNBN, the Amazon Prime Visa card now not only gives 5% cash back for Amazon purchases, but TSTSNBN purchases, too.

202_cyclist says: (8/13/18 11:02 AM)
I spoke with someone this morning and he said that 816 Potomac Ave SE should be completed in ten days. I am interested in what rents will be there, since amenities are more limited and it is approximately a half mile from the Eastern Market and Navy Yard metro stations.

Also, there where three fire trucks outside of the Whole Foods this morning. We all can agree that safety is most important and I hope nobody was injured but hopefully this doesn't push back the planned opening for another six months.

202_cyclist says: (8/13/18 11:04 AM)
I was also thinking that if, in the unlikely event that Amazon moves to the neighborhood and Poplar Point, it would greatly increase the likelihood of the Bridge Park being built.

Of course, Philadelphia provides a good example of getting ahead of ourselves with the Amazon Dos speculation. Haha!


202_cyclist says: (8/13/18 11:05 AM)
And, JD, can you post a funny cat photo or maybe a photo of some cute koalas to help us forget about the Nats game last night. Thank you.

JD says: (8/13/18 11:30 AM)
That was the worst. So here's George sitting on Charlie.


dude says: (8/13/18 8:23 PM)
They deserve to lose when Madison pitches like that (hitting guys the worst of it). I do feel bad for Max though.

If (when?) they don’t make the playoffs it’ll at least save me some money.

dude says: (8/14/18 7:39 AM)
Two nights in a row! 7 back and I’m finally starting to give up on them, but maybe, just maybe if they get Strasburg and Doolittle back and everyone else stays healthy...

RMP says: (8/14/18 9:01 AM)
At least we now have Jayson Werth Day to look forward to. link

202_cyclist says: (8/14/18 10:29 AM)
@Dude— I suppose being disappointed in August will save us from the annual October despair.

(oops, image URL included with this comment didn't work!)

Ampersand says: (8/15/18 12:12 AM)
Besides the sometimes insanely long lines, I’ve never really understood the Navy Yard HT dissing. I don’t even live in the area anymore but we’ll still drive down sometimes when we have a lot to get and there are good sales. (Got a great deal on pork shoulder last week!) Can’t speak for the deli counter but the meat counter employees are always friendly and helpful, and the store is spacious, well-lit, and IMO pretty clean. I do think it’s become more crowded as the population has grown, but since the number of groceries is theoretically about to double, that may be mitigated soon. Certainly it far outranks many of my other nearby options: Hechinger or SW Waterfront Safeway, H St Giant, Potomac Ave HT...

snakegriffin says: (8/15/18 9:26 AM)
@Ampersand: You are 100% correct, it is still the best grocery store with proximity to Navy Yard. TJ's in Eastern Market is great, but we can't get all of our shopping done there. I shudder at the mention of any Safeway in DC.

NavyYardGuy says: (8/15/18 1:39 PM)
Agreed @snakegriffin

NavyYardNittany says: (8/16/18 11:04 AM)
I suppose if the comparison you’re using for this Harris Teeter is other DC grocery stores it stacks up reasonably well. Congratulations HT, you’re the least-worst general grocery store option. New slogan: “Hey, we’re not as bad as Safeway!” Perhaps it makes me ungrateful, but having shopped for years at Publix in FL and Harris Teeter in other locations, this one fails a relatively reasonable standard of expectation. When I can drive to locations of the same chain within 10-15 minutes and have a dramatically better experience, that tells me the issue is management. Hopefully competition from the TSTSNBN forces change.

202_cyclist says: (8/16/18 11:17 AM)
Folks-- it looks like there may have been an assault recently on along South Capitol Street, next to the self-storage facility and 1221 Van. There was a large amount of a dried liquid that appeared to be blood. I am no forensic scientist but I've watched enough Law & Order marathons to know it did not look good.

Packinblackandred says: (8/17/18 10:06 AM)
It looks like the dog park just north of TSTSNBN is open! I saw some dogs in there yesterday afternoon. This neighborhood really needed one since there are roughly 100000 dogs that live here.

GarfieldPark says: (8/17/18 10:28 AM)
"The Bark and Go Dog Park" will officially open on Thursday, September 6th at 6 PM. Just received an email on it from Collective.

NavyYardGuy says: (8/17/18 1:45 PM)
Okay I must have missed the memo -- TSTSNBN means ?

JD says: (8/17/18 1:46 PM)
The Store That Should Not Be Named.

NavyYardGuy says: (8/17/18 2:06 PM)
Ahhhh yes! "NO Foods" aka TSTSNBN

JD says: (8/17/18 3:46 PM)
From the tunnel folks:
"Work continues to progress on street restoration and landscaping throughout the Virginia Avenue Tunnel project area, including the placement of sod and trees. Paving along the 200-block is underway and will progress into the 300-block next week. We also expect paving of the specially designed permeable bicycle lane surface to begin next week, weather permitting. CSX appreciates the community’s patience as we get closer to the project’s completion."

202_cyclist says: (8/17/18 4:23 PM)
Speaking of CSX, it looks like they made a mess this morning and spilled some substance on I Street that shouldn't have been spilled. There were several fire trucks there to respond.

With the new bike path that CSX is building, it would be great if they would install one of the pumps and multi-tool stands, like the one at the Wharf.

JD says: (8/17/18 4:26 PM)
Yes, @202, one of those would be a good idea.

I should know the answer to this, but I don't and I'm too lazy to look it up--is there any sort of path through Virginia Avenue Park with this new separated path? In other words, will we be able to be on a path from 2nd St to 11th St, or just to 9th?

Gamble Rogers says: (8/18/18 8:58 PM)
JD: yes, CSX agreed to build the bike path — after sustained community input — from 11th Street all the way to 2nd Street south of Garfield Park.

My family’s home is just off Virginia Avenue Park, so we’ve been active with our ANC reps, the city, and CSX during the planning and design phases of the park. CSX only agreed on paper to return Virginia Avenue Park to the condition in which they found it. But they quickly realized that some basic improvements, including a level grass field free of potholes, a bicycle path, better lighting, and some pedestrian connectivity would be dramatically improving the park. Local Hill landscape architects also contributed the final park design pro bono (see details here: link and the finished park will be a huge improvement.

But of course there’s a hitch: CSX is moving fast and will finish their part of the park this fall — but the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation and other agencies are way behind on their portion of the park. So CSX will probably wrap up and pack up by Thanksgiving. And the city will be arguing about the remaining half of the park.

Gamble Rogers says: (8/18/18 9:04 PM)
Should’ve made this point clear: CSX was only responsible for the portion of the park with the “area of disturbance,” which means the 75% of the park with temporary construction fences around it.

That means CSX would build a new dog park on the eastern side of the park (and one that extends all the way to 11th Street). But they left the community garden untouched, so they won’t do anything there.

The issue is the city has a golden opportunity to make Virginia Avenue Park an excellent resource but they’re dragging their feet while CSX is sprinting ahead. CSX is going to be gone in 2018, which is amazing to think about. But the city needs to move fast or the park design will never come to fruition.

JD says: (8/19/18 4:16 PM)
Looks like "Dryy," a "full service garment care" operation, is coming to the ground floor of 55 M, in the space fronting M Street to the west of the lobby. Here's the new window signage.

malatesta says: (8/19/18 5:06 PM)
In other TSTSNBN news, it looks like they're starting to staff up: link

Whatever, I'm pumped now.

JD says: (8/19/18 5:08 PM)
South Capitol Hill! SoCHill! Exactly what Mr JDLand named the Hood!

A reader just sent me a photo of graffiti on one of the windows, and it says Whole Paycheck.

Gamble Rogers says: (8/19/18 9:35 PM)
“Whole Paycheck” graffiti is the Roman catecomb graffiti of the 21st century. So good!

NavyYardNittany says: (8/20/18 1:24 PM)
Checked out the interior of TSTSNBN yesterday and it looks very close - decorative touches being out in now (tile, paint etc.) One curious thing, I didn’t see a bar area like all the newer stores have. There’s a coffee/juice bar in the very front, but don’t see the typical full bar area. Might be upstairs and out of sight, can’t imagine they won’t have one.

conngs0 says: (8/20/18 5:18 PM)
NavyYardNittany, thanks for the update. I'm glad to see there's some evidence of progress, but I'll refrain from getting too excited since I know the home stretch can sometimes drag out! Regarding the bar area, I do recall several years back, this neighborhood's WF rumor got legs when some reference to the bar area showed up in some zoning documents (at the time, they were retrofitting existing stores and it was pretty unique, so that's how folks knew Navy Yard was almost certainly getting a store). That doesn't mean they didn't nix the idea along the way, but I do believe it was in the plans.

JD says: (8/20/18 7:43 PM)
Grocery Store Bar Actually Has Great Little Happy Hour, Reports Man With A Serious Problem link

CJBabyDaddy says: (8/21/18 8:43 AM)
The WF in the Pentagon City ‘hood has a very popular bar operation. The sight of yupsters and milleniables lounging in the corner of a grocery store sipping from glasses of chardonnay and bottles of random-name-generator beer just makes this newly old codger feel like a really old codger.

greb22 says: (8/21/18 12:51 PM)
I love the bar at the WF in Pentagon City

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